This story is about Meowth working with a different partner instead of working with Jessie and James. I don't own pokemon.

Meredith Kellins, Team Rocket Member

At Team Rocket Headquarters, it seemed a little girl was walking up to Giovanni's office in a Team Rocket's uniform. But this girl wasn't really little. She was really 25 years old, but she looked like a fifteen year old. Her face made her look like a child. Her name was Meredith Kellins. Meredith got to the door and knocked. "Come in" said a voice. Meredith opened the door and entered the office.

There sitting at a front desk was Giovanni, the boss of Team Rocket, and his secretary Matori was standing by his side. "Ah Meredith, I've been expecting you" said Giovanni. Matori handed some sheets of paper to Giovanni; they were facts about Meredith. "You've certainly done well in your Team Rocket training and you know how to put trainees in their place" said Giovanni. "I always like to do what's necessary, especially when it comes to making the other agents not to underestimate me" said Meredith. "A cold tone, the way I prefer it," said Giovanni "I take it you wish to work with no partner?" "Of course, they'll only not take me seriously," said Meredith "especially when they'll still treat me like I'm still a kid because of my face and they'll just get in my way". "Very well," said Giovanni "but there is somebody I want you to work with". Giovanni's Persian meowed, and then a Meowth came in. "Did you want me boss?" asked Meowth. Meredith couldn't believe she was seeing a talking Meowth. "Yes Meowth," said Giovanni "I am going to have you work with Meredith Kellins here". Meowth looked at Meredith. "I'm working with a kid?" he asked. Meredith got cross. "Meredith is really 25 years old, she just has the face of a child" said Giovanni. Meowth gasped and apologized to Meredith. "As Meowth can talk, the boss reckoned he would be useful for you especially since he can understand pokemon languages" said Matori. Meredith stared at Meowth. "Yes a talking Meowth will be useful," she said "I thank you sir". Meowth couldn't believe he was going to work with a partner; he had just been a servant all the while. "Well then since that is settled, off you two go and bring me back some rare pokemon" said Giovanni. "You won't be disappointed sir" replied Meredith. "We won't let you down sir" said Meowth. He and Meredith left the office.

Meredith and Meowth went to Meredith's room so she could pack her stuff. "So Meowth when you started talking like a human?" said Meredith. "It's a bit of a long story but it's like this" said Meowth. Meowth explained that he was abandoned as an infant and nobody cared about him or did anything to help him. One day he saw a film about a Meowth being cared for by a family, and he decided to go to Hollywood to gain happiness there. But even there it wasn't easy for him, especially since he had to still food. He was taken in by a Persian and a pack of Meowths, but that still wasn't much happiness for him. One day he fell in love with a female Meowth named Meowzie and tried to woo her. But she didn't like him because she preferred being with humans. To make her like him, he learnt to walk and talk which wasn't easy of course. After he learnt to walk and talk he tried to woo Meowzie again but she thought of him as a freak and turned him away again. "That must have been hard" said Meredith. "It was and I was also thrown out by the pack I was in" said Meowth. Meowth then explained that the first word he thought himself was Team Rocket and decided coming to the headquarters was the only life for him. "Joining Team Rocket is the only thing I could do too" replied Meredith. "So what's your story?" asked Meowth

Meredith explained that she did live a normal and happy life at first. But while growing up it became a nightmare. During the times when she was from 15 to 18 she got picked on at school because she always still looked younger than her current age. And when she finished school she tried to get work but nobody took her seriously and kept on mistaking her as a school girl. "That sucks" said Meowth. "It did, there were even times when my own parents kept on mistaking my age," said Meredith "I kept on loosing and quitting work because of that". "How did you end up joining Team Rocket?" asked Meowth. "Well by some sort of chance Giovanni met me and he did give me a chance at working for Team Rocket," said Meredith "of course I wasn't sure I could believe him at first. But I went ahead with the chance and worked my way to become an agent". "That's lucky" said Meowth. "That is why we must not let the boss down or our new chance of life will disappear, understand?" said Meredith. "Absolutely" said Meowth.

Meredith packed up some different sets of clothes and took out a pokedex from her draw. "What is that?" asked Meowth. "This is a trainers license;" said Meredith "I had the boss register me as a newbie pokemon trainer. Since I still look ten my plan is to go around looking like a newbie pokemon trainer while searching for rare pokemon. That way no one will notice me as a rocket agent". "Awe I like that plan" said Meowth. "So Meowth when we are around people you must act like a normal Meowth and no talking" said Meredith. "No problem" smiled Meowth. "And another thing I'm calling myself Mary as a pokemon trainer, so no calling out my real name either" said Meredith. Meowth understood.

So after packing up the things she needed, Meredith and Meowth left the headquarters to start their job of searching for rare pokemon.

I've had this idea about Meowth working with a different partner for a while, and decided to write it now. Meowth will do better and learn new moves thanks to Meredith. Meredith does already have pokemon; I'll reveal them in next chapter.