This story is about Meowth working with a different partner instead of working with Jessie and James. I don't own pokemon.

Kanto Power Plant

Meredith was soon at an old building with Meowth. "This is a power plant?" asked Meowth, who didn't like the look of the building. "Well is used to be but then it got shut down and abandoned," said Meredith "and now its home to many wild electric pokemon. It's a good thing we are here really; I've heard they will be turning this back into a proper power plant in a few years' time". "Well we better start searching for pokemon," said Meowth "what electric pokemon are we going after?" "Well Matori said headquarters already has plenty of Raichus, Magnetons and Electabuzz's, so we don't need to search for them" said Meredith. "That glasses lady knows what pokemon there are at headquarters?" asked Meowth. "Yep;" said Meredith "Matori keeps an eye of everything of what happens at headquarters including what pokemon the other members bring to the boss. When it comes to secretaries they learn everything about companies down to the tiniest bit of detail". Meowth didn't know that, but he did now. "So what pokemon ae we going after?" asked Meowth. "Voltorbs dear Meowth;" answered Meredith "Voltorbs and their evolved forms Electrodes make perfect weapons for attacking with their moves self-destruct and explosion". "Ah yes I've heard about Voltorbs," said Meowth "I wouldn't like to be blasted off by that self-destruct move though". Meredith and Meowth entered the building.

It was a complete ruin inside the power plant; cracks were everywhere on the walls and ceilings, old bits of paper and rubbish laid everywhere and every machine you could find were getting rusty. "It's hard to imagine this dump was a power plant" said Meowth. "Yes but I did just say they'll be turning this back to a power plant again soon, but I don't know when" said Meredith. "I wonder where all the electric pokemon will go if they rebuild this place?" said Meowth. "They'll let the pokemon in this place stay;" said Meredith "power plants always keep electric pokemon in there for power and things, so all the pokemon in here won't be homeless".

Meredith sent out her Ekans. "Ekans we are on a hunt for Voltorbs," she said "Meowth you and Ekans go sniff them out". "Rodger" said Meowth. Meowth and Ekans began sniffing out for Voltorbs right away. At the moment all they saw was Magnemite, Pikachu and Magneton. But then a Voltorb came rolling around a corner. "Finally a Voltorb at last, Ekans use glare" said Meredith. Ekans' glare attack made Voltorb paralyzed and Meredith caught it easily. "Now to find some more". Meredith and the pokemon searched for more Voltorb and caught them until they had 30 Voltorbs in total. "Perfect," said Meredith "these pokemon will get along nicely with Hansson". "Who's that?" asked Meowth. "One of the employees at headquarters who creates explosives for missions," said Meredith "and he also works with pokemon who use self-destruct and explosion". "Awe" replied Meowth.

After capturing the Voltorbs, Meowth and Meredith left the power plant. "It seems a pity that the power plant will get knocked down and rebuilt into a power plant again," said Meowth "especially since it's a home to electric pokemon". "Yes but time always changes things," said Meredith "and anyway there are plenty of other places in Kanto where you can get electric pokemon. Now let's go for some lunch and figure out where to go next". Meowth liked that plan because he was hungry.

As everyone knows the Kanto power plant was rebuilt by gold and silver for the magnet train. Meredith and Meowth will find out about the magnet train when they get to Johto.