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.The Year is 1996:

There was organization once known as Supreme Headquarters, International Espionage, Law-Enforcement Division. It was changed in 1991 to Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate. Within another year, the name was changed to Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division.

That name stuck even if nobody called it that, most people just called it Shield. In a way, the name fit what the organization wanted to do. "To protect and serve the world in a time of crisis" was the mission of the group. They wanted to be a unit that would stop crime all around the world, and they did.

S.H.I.E.L.D or Shield, was formed shortly after World War II as a successor to the Strategic Scientific Reserve (SSR), an Allied deep science agency which fought against the Nazi-sponsored special weapons division HYDRA during the war. [

The founders of the new agency were Chester Phillips, the director of the SSR, Howard Stark, an industrialist of great wealth and a scientific genius, and Margaret "Peggy" Carter, the former partner of the American war hero Steve Rogers, better known as Captain America.

Ah, Captain America, the man who stole the heart of the entire nations. He was lost at sea trying to prevent a series of attacks. That was damn near 70 years ago, and Shield had been looking for him ever since. And after 52 years of searching, they had found nothing.

Well, not nothing per say. They found something else while treading the icy waters of the Artic for Steve Rodgers. They managed to find the very thing that Rodgers had been trying to drown, the Tesseract.

That lead us to the moment that we will begin our story with:

Colonel Nicholas "Nick" Joseph Fury was in a bad mood. Now, this wasn't anything new really, and everyone in Shield knew to avoid him when he was like this. However, there were only a couple of people who didn't care about his mood. Unfortunately for Fury, they were the people that he had to answer to.

"Now members of the board, we don't know what this magical cube is capable of, should we really be messing around with it?"

"You're right, we don't know what it can do, which is exactly why we want you to experiment with the cube and find out what it does." Said the lone female board member

"Ma'am, you don't think it's a little bit dangerous to mess with an energy that we know nothing about."

"Listen here Fury, either complete your orders or order a moving truck, now pick one and complete it" said the older male board member

"Yes sir" said Nick Fury, his lone visible eye as cold and hard as stone.

Fury exited the office and moved into the main lab room.

"Okay, listen up people, I want you to run some kind of test on the cube we pulled out of the ocean. I want you to find out what it does, how it does it, why it does what it does, and how we can use it. Get to work!"

As Fury gave out this order, he shook his head.

'These motherfuckers have no idea what they are messing with, I just hope that this doesn't create too much of a mess for me to clean up.'

Meanwhile in Konoha:

Naruto was very young, at the tender age of 4, but he knew a couple of things that were absolute facts. First, was that he had no family or friends, the only person who cared even slightly was the Old Man Hokage, who to be completely honest, was as absent as any parent Naruto could have. Second, was that he lived on the streets, as nobody wanted him. He knew that one from not ever being allowed inside of the Orphanage, so forget getting kicked out, he started off with nothing. The final and third reason was his least favorite, the citizens of the Hidden Leaf Village seemed to not like him for whatever reasons.

Now, if you lived your entire life, being treated a certain way, you eventually become immune to it, however Naruto filled with his child-like emotions and pettiness, made a life altering decision, if they didn't like him, who cares. This would go on to become a trend that would define everything about Naruto and the way he grows up. So that is what lead to this peaceful Sunday in July into a mob. This is where we begin the story.

Naruto was on his way to his mini cardboard fort, the one he had built in the alley next to the bakery, so that he could get first dibs on any and everything that was thrown out from the yummy store. He was headed home after he managed to sneak into the library and steal a bunch of scrolls on how to be a ninja.

You had to be something called a "Joe-nin" to get access to the scrolls, but Naruto was very sneaky. He had stuffed the scrolls into the many pockets that were on the inside of his pants. He used those pockets for whenever he stole something, because nobody knew about them and they only ever made him turn out his outside pockets. Also, with how thick his pants were, nobody could see anything inside the hidden pockets by just looking at Naruto.

In his rush to get back to his home, Naruto brushed a young Chunin who was absolutely wasted from the party to celebrate his newly founded promotion to said Chunin level. Maybe it was the alcohol in his system or it could just be that this guy, Rwya, was a bit of a dick, but the drunk teen used his ninja reflexes to snatch Naruto off the ground.

Rwya looked at the struggling young blond boy and with a slurred voice said "What do you think that you are doing brat? You bump into me, and then try to run off before saying sorry or begging for forgiveness. Who do you think you are? I am a Chunin of the Hidden Leaf Village, and you should show me some respect."

Naruto's head snapped up and his eyes narrowed in anger and looked at the drunk teen and calmly said "I barely touched you, I brushed against your legs. If you want me to say sorry, I will do so when you put me down." The drunk teen was seemingly enraged by this and having seen enough, Naruto did something that he once saw a drunk do to another drunk, that had frozen the second one. Cocking his head back, Naruto gathered as much spit as he could and spat right into the drunk teens eyes.

The effects were immediate, Naruto was thrown down, and the Rwya tried to use his hands to rub the spit out of his eyes, Naruto getting up from the ground raced off, desperate to get home. Running through the streets, Naruto never realized that he was being followed by the angry ninja, who was following him from the rooftops. Naruto stopped running. mostly out of breath and turned the corner into his alley and climbed into his boxes. Curling up into a ball, Naruto was ready to drift off to sleep, when a voice whispered from the edge of his mind "Move, get out of the box" and Naruto didn't hesitate, moving as fast as his tiny allowed he scrambled out of his home and back into the alley, just in time to see a large fire ball crash into his home, burning everything that he owed in a matter of seconds. Well, almost everything, he still had the stole scrolls hidden away inside of his pants.

He turned around to see at the entrance of the alleyway was the same drunk Chunin as before. Naruto glared at him and said "Why did you do that? That was my home and all of my stuff, what am I supposed to do now?" The ninja said nothing as he marched slowly toward Naruto. Naruto, in turn began to back up, was getting scared and when the ninja reached into his thigh pouch and pulled out a weapon, a kunai knife. Naruto gulped and then gasped as the kunai was suddenly inside of his palm, pinning him to the wall.

Naruto felt white hot pain shot all throughout his left arm as he tried to pull the kunai out of his left hand with his right hand. He turned to find the ninja standing mere feet away from him, looking at him with utter disgust. Naruto with all of his might, ripped the kunai out of his hand and stood with knife in his hand and blood gushing from the other. He, in his tiny 4-year-old body, stood before the teen ninja and said, "I don't know why you burned my house down nor do I know why you stabbed me, but I will get you back."

Rwya sneered at the tiny boy and said "I find that hard to believe, as young children don't survive stomach wounds. However, if for some reason that you do survive, remember the name Rwya, child. Grow to fear it and remember that I could kill you at any time I wanted for years to come." Naruto puzzled by the stomach wound comment, was not all that surprised by the fact that Rwya lunged forward and stabbed him in the stomach.

Naruto grabbed at his bleeding stomach and began to cry. With tears streaming out of his eyes, he watched the Chunin leapt onto the roofs and raced away. Naruto felt all of his strength leave him as he became dizzy and light headed. With blood leaving the gaping hole in his left hand and dribbling out of the kunai filled hole in his stomach, Naruto knew that this was it. There wasn't much that he could do from here, as he didn't know how to treat this level of injuries and even then, his medical supplies had gone up in flames.

So, he did what almost any 4-year boy would do in that situation, he simply gave up. He leaned against the wall and slowly slid down it and looked up at the full moon. Seeing the clear sky, Naruto gave in and just sat there waiting for the end to come. He wasn't prepared for a flare of heat to rush off of his body. The heat boiled to the surface of his skin and Naruto felt the heat bubbly up on his skin and suddenly, the hole on his left hand hissed as the skins, muscles, and bone all grew back, and Naruto howled in pain as his body over went months of healing in a matter of seconds.

With his newly healed hand, Naruto pushed himself to his feet as he felt the blood stop leaking from his stomach and then a terrible pressure built in his tummy. Flooded with a pain that left him breathless, Naruto pulled the kunai out of his stomach and saw that this wound healed in seconds as well. The heat inside of him finally stopped bubbling right underneath his skin and exploded out of him. Naruto's hair blow around his head and his nails grew into small claws. His mouth leaked a little blood as his teeth grew larger and sharper. Finally, Naruto hunched over and let loose a growl and then howled as the heat wrapped around him in a way that Naruto had never experienced before. Finally, Naruto realized that he was being covered in some red energy, and whatever it was, it made him feel strong. It was weird that he had gone from the brink of death to feeling like he was the strongest in the world.

However, what Naruto didn't feel was the unbelievable blood lust that he was leaking out. So powerful and angry feeling that it was felt all over the village, and for people older than 14, this was a force that they had felt before and remembered. This was the presence of the terrible Nine Tailed Fox or the Kyuubi. So, while Naruto was trying to wrap his mind around the sudden change in fate for himself, the villagers and the ninja alike had been rallying in secret to go put an end to what they knew was the source of this. Naruto shaking his head began his journey to gather some more cardboard boxes to try and rebuild his makeshift homes, and upon exiting the alley came face to face with a bloodthirsty mob.

With the Kyuubi charka running through him, Naruto was able to faintly sense their negative emotions and who they were directed at. Fearing for his life, Naruto took off running, at speeds on par with a health adult male civilian. Unfortunately for Naruto, the people who were giving chase were not all civilians and the ninjas in the mob quickly caught up to him and one tripped him.

"Oops" snickered one Chunin as another one began to kick Naruto. Civilians finally caught up and Naruto shook with fear at the sight of so many bats and other household items that were going to be used as weapons against him. The beating began with a bat cracking Naruto over his head and a sharpened rake being stabbed into his feet, Naruto roared in pain. Cheers were heard throughout the mob at the sight of the young boy roaring in pain. Naruto gasped as breathing became harder and harder and he felt the heat that was filling him explode outwards once more and a shroud of charka bubbled around him. The charka, red in color and angry in nature, wrapped around Naruto. Fox like ears formed from the charka took their place on the top of his head, and his arms and legs became coated in animal like limbs, and it was something with 4 legs.

Naruto shook his head as the pain became less and less. The shroud had finished covering Naruto and the civilians all took steps back as they noticed the swishing tails behind the young boy. The 3 tails that twirled around Naruto's ass, injected fear into the civilians and the ninjas weren't much better. Naruto realizing that everyone was backing off, slowly made his way to his feet and looked around at the people. And then it happened, the single action that drove away all of the fear in the mob, A shinobi set a blast of fire at Naruto and it connected as a direct hit.

Naruto was pushed on his side and that is where he would be forced to remain as the mob once again began to tighten their circle around the defenseless boy, as their fear subsided, and their anger and other malice-based emotions rose, they jeered and slung curses at the cornered boy. Naruto's head snapped back for a kick and Naruto looked down at his hand that held the kunai and made a decision. He slashed his right hand forward as some women threw a kick at him. The result was Naruto's arm being splashed in blood as the Kyuubi enhanced Kunai sliced right through the generic woman's leg and bone, leaving a stump in its wake.

Naruto jumped to his feet and all of the smiles that had been on the mobs' faces dropped as they realized that they had indeed awaken the demon that they not so secretly feared and hated. Naruto looking around at the countless various people, growled and snarled as they once again began to try and close ranks around him. Naruto screamed, and a shock wave of charka pushed everyone back and most off of their feet. Glaring at the people who had attacked him first, Naruto stood ready to attack whoever came at him next. Naruto had decided that no longer would he stand around and allow these people to bully or use him however they wanted.

Standing with his new-found confidence, Naruto began to make his way throw the mostly still downed crowd and felt a shift in the air, resulting in him taking a side step to the right and snapping his left hand out to catch the kunai that had been thrown at him. Snarling in primitive anger, Naruto turned and looked at the sorry ass ninja that had thrown the kunai and flicked his wrist and sent the kunai back from where it came. Shaking his head, Naruto began to walk away and then IT happened. In about a matter of seconds, 20 ANBU dropped onto the street from seemingly nowhere.

Naruto looked around at the new people who clearly had the abilities to kill him and the weapons on hand to do so, but rather than attack, the foremost ANBU pulled out his short sword and dropped it, before raising his hands into the air and framing his dog styled mask, to show that he meant no harm. Naruto began to calm down as these were the same ninja's who always looked out for him before and these guys had most certainly had never attacked him. The red charka began to disappear, and the 3 tails soon became a flickering single tail. Naruto took a deep breath, when a strange ANBU with a blank mask jumped out faster than the eye could see and stabbed his sword straight through Naruto's chest.

'Hmm, it seems that our time here has come to an end. Oh, what is that energy? It pulls to a location, a world, far away from here. Hmm, that wouldn't be the worst thing. It will certainly be more boring there, and once the brat dies, I can go free and remain free. Yes, that works, allow me to pull back.' Thought Kurama as an unfamiliar source of energy passed by the world of ninjas.

Blood gushed around the entry of the life-threatening wound and Naruto looked down at the handle of the sword that was buried deep into his chest. The single flickering tail of red charka exploded into a more solid set that were 4 in terms of numbers. The red shroud grew tighter and tighter around Naruto until it was like a second skin. Once you could not find the point that his skin ended, and the shroud began, the shroud grew incredibly thick and tuffs of fur grew all over the shroud. The Dog masked ANBU (Will be called Dog from now on) jumped forward and sliced the blanked masked ANBU in half, and to his credit the blank masked ANBU didn't try to dodge or block, he just stood and took the slice.

Dog turned back to Naruto, just in time to see a blue light appear under Naruto. Naruto slowly sunk into the light and everyone was shocked at what they were seeing. Naruto finished sinking to the light and the light faded. A weird symbol was engraved on the ground where Naruto once stood.

Nobody got to do anything before an ungodly killing intent flooded the village and everyone, even the ANBU were forced to their knees. The civilians started passing out like flying and those that managed to stay awake, threw up their stomachs. The ANBU that managed to maintain control of their body, just barely, looked up to see a sight that made them flinch in fear.

"I WANT TO KNOW WHY NARUTO IS NO LONGER IN THE VILLAGE RIGHT NOW!" Thunder Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Third Hokage. When the Hokage asked something, no matter what the question and no matter the location, he usually got some kind of answer. But this time, nobody knew what to say as nobody knew what happened other than Naruto disappeared in blue light. And that wasn't the best explanation either.

"Round them up, take them to their cells and then I want each and every mind ripped open until I get some answers. If they are all brain dead in the end, I don't care, I want answers." Commanded the Hokage.

'Naruto, where are you? I pray that you are safe, I will not stop looking for you until the day that I leave this world. Forgive me Minato, I have failed you and your legacy' were the somber thoughts of the 3rd Hokage.

In the Marvel World:

When Fury got word that the Cube was could open portals, he was impressed that his team managed to crack the cube's code so fast. He was happy that he would have something to report to the Board Members. He was even happier when they said that they couldn't hold any portal open for longer than a couple of seconds. Failure wasn't a thing that he tolerated often, but in this moment with the unknown, he didn't need to be too successful nor did he want to succeed at this moment.

"Sir, there is a new development with the Tesseract, it seems that portal has opened and hasn't closed yet." Said one of his more trusted agents, Agent Martin.

"What on this earth could be causing the portal to remain open?" asked Colonel Fury

Agent Martin winced and said, "Sir, that is just the thing. The portal is remaining open because of anything from this world. In fact, the portal is being held open by something on another world, we can't shut it off."

Fury groaned and rushed back to lab, ignoring the running of his agents, he arrived just in time to see the portal expand slightly before it spat out a foxlike creature that was the size of a child and had 4 tails swishing behind it. His agents all pulled out their guns and pointed them at the creature. Fury looked around the room as the creature did the same.

The creature let out a single roar that pushed everything back several inches before it collapsed. What happened next was a major shock to the agents in the room. The 4 tails seemingly melted away, the fur sunk back into skin of whatever this thing was. As the red fur disappeared, the room was very surprised to learn that the creature's other form was that of a small child.

A small child who was covered in filthy and ugly orange clothes. The clothes were sliced and cut up all over, and the boy was leaking blood from several deep cuts. He was absolutely covered in blood from places where he seemingly had no injuries. The wounds that they did see, hissed as they slowly closed on their own. The red-haired boy laid unconscious on the ground and Fury cleared his throat as to draw the attention of his forces.

"At ease agents, I don't think that an unconscious child is the biggest threat in the room. Agent Hugo, see to it that our visitor here makes its way to the medic bay."

Fury sighed as he prepared himself another round of "Who Doesn't Give A Shit More!" with the Shield board of directors. The meeting wasted an hour of his life, and to sum it up quickly, they wanted to know what happened. Fury told them that the cube opens portal that they couldn't make remain open, a portal opened on its own and dropped off a foxlike creature that turned into a red-haired child who had clearly seen better days.

His new orders, to make sure that this small child wasn't a threat to this world and to eliminate him if he was. He was not expecting the news that said child was awake when he exited his meeting but seeing as how his orders were about the child, he made his way over to visit the child.

Upon seeing the child for a second time, he was generally shocked to find out that the child had blond hair. His medics informed him that the child had been covered in so much of his own blood, they were surprised that he was alive, let alone awake. The injury report on the kid was massive; full body burns, broken bones in his left shoulder and both elbows, wrists, and hands. He had recently healed broken ribs., that when Fury asked which side and how many, he was told "All of them sir".

He also had a bunch of scar tissue around his abdomen from what looked like a fatal stab wound. His spine showed that it had seen the same abuse as the rest of his body, showing several healed crakes. His legs were in decent shape, slightly torn muscles and a cracked right ankle that had since healed.

However, you would never know that this kid had suffered like this when you met him.

"Hello, my name is Colonel Nick Fury, the director of SHIELD, what is your name?"

"HUV(UBUIVI IFYUOB IYCVob vyiwb" replied the child.

"What does that mean?" Fury asked one of the medics who had been around the child since he woke up.

"Umm, it means whatever he was trying to say, sir. He doesn't speak any language that we've ever encountered before. The pronounation doesn't match any language on earthm nor can we find a pattern within his speech pattern that matches languages in our database."

Another sigh came out of Fury, as he tried to calm down by gripping his face.

"You know what, I don't care. Someone find Agent Coulson and have him teach this kid; English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, and German. By the order of the Board Members of SHIELD, this kid is now our property."

The rest of the agents looked at him like he was crazy, but nobody was willing to challenge the director of SHIELD, if they valued their life.

"I would like that done today agents. He is to be listed as an agent and an experiment, as we will either study him for research until we can send him back to where he belongs or if he has any desire to remain here, we will make an agent out of him."

"What would you like me to make his file codename sir?" asked one of the desk agents

"Hmm, why don't we go with Experiment Portal Subject Fox, and for his agent code name; surprise me"

As the agents rushed around the base, everyone seemingly having an idea of what they were doing, besides Naruto who was wondering what all the people and signs were saying, because he couldn't understand them.

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