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Naruto had been a ward of SHIELD for 11 long years, and he loved every second of it. It took Naruto a couple of month to learn English to a normal conversation level, but once he knew enough to talk, he never shut up. Naruto had been willing to talk to anyone about anything, something that didn't exactly fly with the SHIELD agents that were tasked with babysitting the young boy, when he first got there.

I mean, who would want to spend every second of the day, talking with a 4 year old boy who wouldn't stop talking and never seemed to get tired. They learned a lot from Naruto, mostly about his home world. How his people had treated him, how nobody was there for him. It was a sad topic for most of the SHIELD agents, because while they willing to killed people, most of them were against harming children.

They didn't tell Naruto that they managed to save some scrolls and books that they had found in his pants when he had arrived, mostly because they wanted to analyze and see what they could gain from them before they reintroduced them to Naruto.

When Fury was forced to give Naruto the option to become a SHIELD agent, because the board members demanded it, he was surprised that Naruto was so willing. Only to find out that Naruto's world was basically full of child soldiers, who were trained for 4 years before getting sent out into the world to do whatever they were assigned.

So, at the tender age of 4, Naruto was put into the grind house, given the toughest training that they could give a 4 year old. They were concerned about the age of Naruto? However, any concerns were put to rest and then blown away when Naruto easily accomplished whatever physical feat that they asked him to do. 100 push ups, done in minutes. 250 sits, Naruto did it before asking for breakfast. Run 10 miles, that was a game of Tag with Naruto.

Fury and the board members were blown away by Naruto's abilities from a young age. It was clear why Naruto came from a world full of child soldiers, if every child was this capable, they would need proper training. Naruto didn't even get 2 weeks to adjust to his first set of training, before he was put into full combat training.

At first, Naruto was a brat that they weren't equipped to deal with. He would skip his lessons, forcing his instructors to search for him. He would pull pranks, some that just required a clean up, that they forced Naruto to do. Others called some more serious damage that hurt the budget of SHIELD. So, one day while Fury was attending to some more hands on level of field work that required his memory, the Board of Directors, decided that Naruto could use a bit of a 'tune up' with his mind.

They wiped the memories of his home world and curbed certain traits of his behavior. Nothing too serious to be extremely noticeable, but after a couple of months, Fury realized that something was different. The argument was so bad, they wouldn't be able to air it on the news, but in the end Fury got his way.

Present Moment (for plot purposes) Late 2006;

"He's late" said an angry male voice

"Sir, he is a little bit behind schedule, but that's to be expected with the situation at hand" said a second voice, this voice being female.

"Do I look like I care about what the situation for him is? I said be here at 2 PM Sharp, it is now 2:03. He is late." Replied the angry male

Thud! Thud! Thud!

There was the sound of something bouncing down the steps and both of the owners to said voices, put their hands on the guns on their hips.

The door to the room opened slowly, and something was kidded into the room, landing at the feet of the angry male.

"Objective complete sir. I have eliminated Jenkins, Harris, and all of their personal guards. I already put in the call for the janitors to clean up all of the aisles." Said a youthful male voice as a figured enter the room as well.

"Hmm, I guess that phone call would explain the 3 minutes and 44 seconds that you had me waiting here for. But I guess that's okay. Congratulations Agent Whiskers, welcome to SHIELD, full time and permanently." Said Shield Director Fury

The figure turned out to be a teenage boy, if you could call him that. He stood 5 feet 5 inches tall, with a head full of blonde spiky hair. He wore a black zip-up leather vest, with nothing underneath it. He wore a pair of pitch black set of pants, made of a fabric, so secret and classified that I'm not allowed to bring it up. His lightweight combat boots were also black, and to complete his look, he had a sword strapped across his lower back.

The teen boy aka Agent Whiskers, dropped to the floor and started punching the ground, muttering something that no one could hear.

Suddenly, the boy jumped to feet, ripping the sword out of his sheath, and used it to point at Director Fury.

"FUCK YOU FURY, TODAY IS YOUR DAY OF RECGONNING! AFTER TODAY, YOU'LL NEVER BE ABLE TO CALL ME AGENT WHISKERS AGAIN!" roared said Agent Whiskers, as he threatened to gut Fury liked a fish.

Suddenly, there was a burst of smoke and Naruto slid in to a ready position with his sword. However, when the smoke cleared, the standard debriefing room that had been bare before, with just a table and a set of chairs, was completely different.

The room now contained a bunch of decorations, all of which said Agent Whiskers. The balloons, the cake, the Banner that said, "Congrats Agent Whiskers". Also, what had been just 3 people had morphed into a group of 20.

"HUH? WAIT A MINUTE, WHERE THE FUCK DID YOU GUYS COME FROM? THERE WAS LIKE 3 OF US IN THIS ROOM!" Screamed Naruto, as he pointed his finger at all of the new people in the room.

"Tsk Tsk, Director Fury, it seems that Naruto here might not be ready to join SHIELD full time. I mean, how could he miss 17 people when he entered a room as bare as this one." Said an agent that Naruto was somewhat familiar with, a Maria Hill.

"What! No, I didn't notice you because you were behind the hologram projected wall with scent blocking" said Naruto.

Everyone looked at him, a little shocked, as despite being a nice and somewhat smart kid, Naruto was a bit of an idiot. It was only through the intense SHIELD training that they had formed this little assassin, well that and his DNA basically made him into a natural born assassin.

"Well, as much as I would like to stay and celebrate with you guys, someone has to run this program, and unfortunately that someone is me" said Fury. He turned, and his trench coat billowed out behind him, and Naruto stared at the cool way that Fury left.

"One day, I'll have a trench coat, and then I will make the best dramatic exits of all time, just like Fury." Stated Naruto, ignoring the faces that he was given.

"Well Naruto, this is 11 years in the making, but officially welcome to SHIELD" said Agent Clint whatever his last name was, Naruto wasn't the best with names.

Everyone raised a cup to Naruto, who couldn't help but think about what led him to this point, a 15 year old super spy who killed people, the dream job.

"So, Mr. Official Agent of SHIELD, any plans now that you have the official title?" asked Maria Hill.

"Hmm, I don't know yet. I mean, I've basically been part of SHIELD these last 7 years. I don't really feel any different. I guess, I will just try my best to continue to do what I have done. I plan on serving SHIELD the best that I can"

Agent Barton snorted and said, "Kid, life is about the finer things in life. The job is the job, but Life is everything else. Don't take the job, so seriously, it's bad for your health."

Naruto frowned, and suddenly alarms went off all over the base.


"What's going on?" asked Naruto, as he snapped into his professional mode, ready for any assignment given.

"We got a situation, it seems that our homegrown weapons maker, one Tony Stark, was attacked, hurt, and kidnapped." Said Fury from the doorway

The SHIELD agents snapped into the Attention Position, and Fury waved them off into a normal position.

"Agent Barton. Hill, and Whiskers, I want Stark found yesterday. The rest of you, I want answers on who did this, where their grandma stays, and what blood type she has. If they so much as question whether to use 2ply vs 1ply, I want to know. You have your orders, now get to work"

And get to work they did, splitting up as they each had their own approach about solving the assignment. Agent Hill started off with traveling to the site of the crime, scanning and investigating anything that looked promising. Agent Barton went with a more technological path and used the tracking satellites to see if he could track the heat signature of Tony Stark.

Naruto did things in a different way from both of them, not investigating or searching for clues and trying to find bread crumbs, he went the way of interrogation. He started by shaking down village by village, doing whatever he had to do to get answers. The other agents went about the more standard protocols about finding out what they needed to.

And after 14 weeks, they managed to find everything that they need to, bring everything to Fury.

"Okay, so you all have a report ready for me?"

"Yes sir" they all stated.

"From what I've gathered, Tony Stark is being held hostage deep in the caves of Afghanistan, he was taken by a budding terrorist organization called the Ten Rings. The aims of the organization are still unknown, but they are stockpiling weapons. The weapons seem to be of the Stark Industry type, despite the fact that Tony Stark says that he wouldn't sell to anyone but the United States." Started Naruto, his report being the most complete.

"Hmm, that is interesting, do we have any idea how they are getting these weapons?" questioned Fury

"Accounting to the way that Stark Industry works, only the two CEO's can make this type of decision. Since Stark is the one that was attacked and kidnapped, we can only assume that it is Obadiah Stane that has been selling the weapons under the table to the Ten Rings." Answered Naruto.

"Also, sir, we have managed to limit the area that they are holding Stark to this 10 mile radius. He has to be in this region because it is close enough to their stronghold that they can report anything or receive orders within minutes, but also far enough that nobody would think to check here because of the closeness to their base of operations." Continued Naruto as he displayed a map of the area that he believed Stark to be in.

"Ok, I want around the clock surveillance on the area that you have circled. If they so much as pass gas, I want to know what if smells like in detail."

Thus, began the process of waiting and observing began, with Agent Barton and Naruto being the primary observers. They weren't watching for long as within a couple of days, they witnessed a massive explosion of fire.

Naruto looked at Barton and said, "Is this above my pay grade?"

"Whiskers, you don't have a pay grade, so let's go check out what that is."

Naruto frowned, but followed the older agent as they raced toward the towering flames. On their way to the flames, they ran into a group of 7 guys. Naruto jumped into the air and spun around and kicked the first one in the face. Using the face of the first man, to launch himself at the second person that he saw.

Kneeing that man in the stomach, Naruto slammed his fists into the back of the man's bent over head. Naruto ran towards the next man, and at the last second, dropped onto a slide. Taking out the feet of the 3rd person that he fought, Naruto jumped up and slammed is knee into the back of the man's head.

Ducking under a wild knife swing, Naruto grabbed the arm of the swinger and slammed his palm into the chest of said man. Driving his elbow into the temple of the wheezing man, Naruto let go of the unconscious man. Naruto looked and saw Barton finishing off the final man of his 3.

"You're getting slow in your old age, Barton. Maybe you should consider retirement" teased Naruto.

"Sure, I'm getting old whatever. I'm 29, sorry that I am not some 15 year old super soldier. I had to wait until I was 21 to become an Agent."

Naruto got ready to retort, when something blasted over their heads and crashed a couple miles away from them.

"Did you see what I just saw?" asked Naruto

"A metal man falling through the sky" answered Barton

"Okay, I'm going to call this one in" stated Naruto as he opened his wrist communicator.

"Omega-17, this is Whiskers, do you have the dial up?" said Naruto as he used the coded language of SHIELD

"Hello Whiskers, the dial is up and the window is wide open" was the response that Naruto got from a generic agent.

"I seemed to have spotted a silver canary, any advice on how to approach it"

"Patches suggest approaching with caution, as canaries are weary of things that have whiskers"

Naruto nodded to himself, and said "Okay, thanks Omega-17"

Barton raised his arms and said "What's the orders?"

"We are to see what it is, approach with an investigation mind set, and capture if we believe that it is what we are looking for or something that we can use to find what we came here for"

Barton nodded and the duo set off, racing towards the place that they saw the figure crash into. They saw a single figure walking in the distance, and then the roar of a jet overhead. Naruto turned to Barton and gave him the signal that it was time for them to disappear. They watched Stark get reunited with his friend, Colonel Rhodes.

"Don't you just love a happy ending, Whiskers?"

"Shut the fuck up Barton, you already know that we're going to hear it from Fury because Stark basically saved himself."

"Oh yeah"

The duo started to sulk, as they had a long way back home. And home wasn't going to be a nice quiet place with Fury finding out about Stark.

In a way they were wrong about Fury, he didn't yell at them. That made it all the worst for them.

"So the two of you are telling me that Stark built himself a robotic super suit and managed to escape on his own?"

Barton and Naruto both nodded in confirmation

"So which one of you was born at night?"

Barton shook his head and Naruto raised his hand. What he didn't expect was for book to be thrown at his head.

"Was it last night, Whiskers? You let Stark get picked up by the very people who lost him. Does that make any sense to either of you?"

Neither of the agents had anything to say to that

"Get out of my office, the sight of you is testing my god damn patience. Oh, and Whiskers, your request forms for a new agent codename will be used to wipe my ass since you and Barton can't follow simple orders."

Barton snickered, and Naruto groaned and hung his head.

The group of field agents gathered in the lounge room, there was about 25 of them.

"So Barton, I heard that you and Whiskers are in the dog house again. What did you do this time, forget to spread the cream cheese on Fury's bagel this morning?" said one Agent Thompkins, a white man with brown hair and eyes. He was a generic white guy, average build, weight, and appearance.

"I don't know Thompkins, how long has your wife been cheating on you with your partner Agent Davis?" retorted Naruto.

Agent Thompkins snorted and was about to snap back when he noticed the scared look on his partner Agent Davis' face.

"YOU SON OF A BITCH!" roared Agent Thompkins before he launched himself at his partner with the intent to murder him.

"Wow, you're an asshole Naruto. How did you know that Thompkin's wife was cheating on him?"

"Caught them in the bathroom almost 2 weeks ago, been holding on to that one until Thompkins was dumb enough to mouth off to me."

"That's crazy, I didn't know that you were capable of keeping your mouth shut for that long"

"Blow me Barton! By the way, when is your real partner getting back? I am a solo act, don't need you slowing me down any longer than necessary."

"Hmm, I don't really know. Nat will be back whenever she gets back, I mean there isn't really a time table for her, she can do whatever she wants."

"I'm glad that you know that Barton, even happier that you know that I am the one carrying this duo" said a third voice, this one belonging to a female agent that they both knew.

Barton and Naruto both turned and looked at the source of the voice and saw Natasha Romanoff, the extremely fine and curvy Red-haired agent.

"Nat, when did you get back?" asked Barton

"Just in time to watch Naruto say that you're slowing him down" said the 21 year old female agent

"Seriously, I am not that old, I am only 29" said Barton with a little bit of fury in his voice

"Bro, I am only 15 years old, I turn 16 in like 13 days, but Nat hasn't even turned 22 yet. Face it man, you're old." Said Naruto

"First of all, I am still young enough to kick your ass, so watch your mouth. Second, you just gave up when your birthday is, Naruto. We spent 11 years trying to figure it out and from what you just said, 13 days from now is October 10th." Said Barton

"Ok, this is going in the Calendar, we now know what Naruto's birthday is" muttered Natasha as she typed something into her SHIELD PDA.

"Yeah yeah, enjoy it while you can, but if you tell anyone, I will kill you." Said Naruto in a dark manner, his eyes turning pitch black and the lights in the room dimming.

"Whatever you say Whiskers" was the response from Nat and just like that the aura of danger around Naruto faded as he pouted and crossed his arm.

"Agent Whiskers, please report to the Director Fury's office ASAP!" came out of the intercom


It turns out that it was actually extremely important for Naruto.

"Naruto, do you remember how you ended up here inside of SHIELD?"

"Um, I remember a large amount of heat, a lot of pain like I was getting stabbed, and then waking up here but I couldn't understand a thing that you guys were saying"

"Well, there is a little bit more to the story, Naruto.

"Then why is this the first time that I am hearing of this Fury?"

"We always intended to tell you the truth, but we were never sure of the right time to tell you. I wanted to tell you as soon as you arrived here, but you didn't speak English. The Board members wanted to never tell you, possibly fearing what your reaction would be. Would you want to stay here? Would you revolt against us?

They had a lot of questions and concerns about what you would say and do, if you were told. So, eventually we managed to come to an agreement. We agreed to tell you when you became an official SHIELD Agent, which is now come to the point."

"Cut the shit Fury! Tell me what you are taking forever to get out" said Naruto with an edge to his voice. He was rarely this serious and Fury nodded slowly as he reached into this desk and pulled out several scrolls and books.

"What are those?" Naruto asked eyeing the weird looking reading material

"If you can read what this says, I will tell you everything that I know" replied Fury

Naruto frowned at hearing that, but took the first book that Fury offered him.

"The title of this book is 'The art of Charka Control by Tsunade Senju'. Sir, what language is this exactly, I remember and know what it means, but you never trained me in this language"

"Naruto, what I am about to tell you will be shocking, but I want you to understand that it doesn't change anything about who you are nor what you mean to SHIELD. You are a SHIELD Agent first and foremost, and anything else second."

Naruto nodded, and Fury continued on

"In the year 1996, SHIELD had an eventful year. We lost the Starks, Howard was one of our founders. We managed to recover a long lost energy cube that could open space and time. And we managed to acquire one, Naruto Uzumaki aka Agent Whiskers, you.

These 3 events may seem random, but they all connected. We recovered the cube, and enemy spies believed that Stark was transporting it. Now, officially they died in a car crash, but we question how said crash occurred. The Cube was being studied and we were able to open up portals for a couple of seconds at a time.

Imagine our surprise, when one of these 2 second portal refused to close. I come down here and a fox like creature spills out of portal and with a single roar, pushed everything in the room back. The creature whines in pain and the red fur sinks back into the body of the fox and the fox turns into a boy."

"And that boy was me? I am a fox?"

"No, we ran a lot of tests on you after we healed you and everything else had settled. No, you are as human as I am. No Naruto, what I am trying to tell you is that you are not from this Planet Earth. You came through the portal and have been here ever since.

Now, you can bitch and moan about how nobody told you, but in the face of everything that has happened since you arrived here, would that have changed anything? What would you have done different? Would you no strive to protect the world? Would you be determined to go back to a world that you know nothing about?"

Naruto listened to Fury, and his words rang true in his head. What would the knowledge that he wasn't born on this planet have changed? He was still Naruto Uzumaki, an agent of SHIELD, and that was something that he was offered and choose to do.

"It would have changed absolutely nothing sir." Said Naruto

"Good, now these books and scrolls are yours to do with as you please, you are the only person on this world that these are of any worth to. Use them as you please." Said Fury as he slid over the 3 scrolls and 2 books.

"Just one question sir, you said that I arrived here in 1996, that was 11 years ago. I would have been 4 turning 5 at the time, why don't I remember anything before waking up here, one day."

Fury hesisated in answering but Naruto couldn't get the grip on, if the eye patch wearing man was lying to him or not.

"There are a couple of theories that my teams had put together. Nobody really knows how the portals work, so we don't know if you were a baby when you fell into the portal or not. It could have been almost unbearable pain traveling through the portal, the resulting trauma could have caused you to repress the memories of any event before the portals. I don't really know, I didn't experience it myself."

While Naruto was okay with the answer and was unable to tell if it was a lie or not, something deep inside of him could tell.

'Hmm, the master spy is lying through his teeth. This could be the beginning of the end of this relationship, if I give it the right push. No, the time is not right at this moment. Let's just plant the seed of doubt for now.'

Naruto walked out of Fury's office with the reading material from his world, when he heard a whisper, it was so close, it was like it was inside of his head.

"He lied to you, he knows why you can't remember being a child in your world. He had always know"

Naruto looked around for the source of the voice, but he saw and heard nobody. Frowning and confused, Naruto continued to his room, as he had some reading to do. Just, what was this Charka and what did it mean for him, how could he use it. Well, this Tsunade person was about to let him know.

Back with Fury:

The board was again not pleased with Colonel Nick Fury, and they were really showing it.

"I see no reason that you should have informed the subject about his origins. As far as he should be concerned, he was born on this planet and will be used to protect it from any threat, regardless of the origin of that threat." Said the female board member.

"What is wrong with you people? The boy came here as an enraged fox with 4 tails swishing behind him. When we pulled and viewed his memories, we saw that he could kill every single agent that we have in our system. He comes from a world where every single being is capable of taking over this world with ease. And guess what, he managed to slay a bunch of those guys with ease when he was covered in that red energy.

Now, I can't see the future nor can I read his mind, but I see no reason to not tell him. It is better that he believes that I will tell him the truth instead of him learning of it through other means. What if, he managed to break through the mental barriers that you put in his mind, thn what? He explodes in anger and we get more than 4 tails?

Not on my watch! You told me to protect this world from any danger, but it seems that you forgot that your actions can be the source of danger as well."

Fury was furious, and he turned off the communicator, unwilling to speak to the idiots in charge any more.

In a SHIELD bed bunker

A female agent was reading her mission report, having returned from a long term mission. She was proof reading the report, when her wrist PDA went off.

She looked confused at the fact that someone was communicating with her through this device, since it was a private line that few people had access to. Answering the call, she came face to screen with the Board of Director's for SHIELD.

"Good Afternoon agent, the time has come"

"Are you sure? Have we reached that point?"

"Ma'am, as we have stated, the time has come. You are to get close to the boy, seduce him, make him love you, and make him loyal to the cause."

The agent brushed her long red hair out of the way, and nodded,

"I understand members of the Board"

"Good, do not fail us, Agent."

And just like that, she had a new mission. Ah, sometimes it sucked to be good at what you do, but you do what you have to do.

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