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The gathered Avengers could only watch as Naruto' form became washed in golden flames as he activated his new form, this power just so much different than the red energy that usually washed over Naruto.

The yellow and black form of Naruto smirked before he blurred away and crashed through the wall in a burst of speed unlike anything they had ever seen.

"Please don't break the building too much more" asked Tony sarcastically

Naruto released the yellow energy and said "I'll do some more testing on my own time"

"That new form seemed quite powerful" said Vision before he gestured to his forehead "It felt like it was a similar level to the mind stone"

"It is a pulling out all stops type of move" said Naruto "I can only use against someone as strong as the Hulk and up."

"So now what?" asked Banner

"Well the plan is to give a press statement telling Senator Kelly to kiss my ass, then try and locate the missing members of our group" said Naruto as he opened his arms and waved them to the rather limited group of Avengers left.

As much as Naruto didn't want to admit it, Steve was still a close friend who they would need if they ever had a hope of matching Thanos. Besides him, Naruto was hoping to get Rhody, Clint, Wade, and Lucifer back in the fold.

The hint of power that Thanos had wielded in the timeline that Strange had shown Naruto, had made Naruto unsure that even with Tony, Wanda, Banner, Vision, Pietro, and Sam, they wouldn't be enough.

Peter was young at the age of 15, not someone that Naruto wanted to put on the front lines if he could avoid it.

Dr. Strange didn't seem like the person to put everything on the line if he wasn't sure that he could win.

The school that Charles Xavier had started up that was raising Mutants to become heroes, well Naruto would rather die before he put them in danger.

Thor was currently off world and Naruto missed his Asgardian friend, and not just because he would be a massive help for the Avengers when Thanos did eventually arrive.

Pushing all thoughts to the side, Naruto clapped his hands and said "Tony, call a press conference so that I can speak to the public and let them know things are cool."

"Sure, but you have to add that you are cool with SWORD" said Tony

Naruto made a questioning face "I'm beyond cool with swords Tony, I use them in combat all the time"

Tony just sighed as he felt the headache coming on

Across the universe:

Thor was tossed out of the rainbow colored portal and into a large heap of garbage.

He groaned as he picked himself up from the ground, his eyes scanning the area as he made his way back to his feet.

Thor rubbed his head, feeling it sticky from whatever liquid coated the mass of trash.

A ship dropped another load of trash not to far from him and he looked towards where it had came from, seeing a city in the distance.

A pod landed next to him and out walked a series of aliens in robes "Are you a fighter? Or are ya food?" asked the lead alien

"I'm just trying to pass through" answered Thor

"It is food" said the same lead alien in a tone of confirmation

Thor rolled his eyes and stuck out his right hand to summon his hammer, before he managed to remember that it had been destroyed by his new found and previously hidden sister, Hela.

Thor raised his other hand up, in a mock surrender to the group of aliens that surrounded him.

The first one grabbed him and Thor tsk'd before lightning covered his body and he electrocuted the alien for grabbing him.

"Like I said 'I'm just trying to pass through', now let me be or end up like your friend" said Thor as he pointed to the cooked corpse on the ground.

Apparently aliens didn't care about death as they all rushed him, forcing Thor to punch on Alien in the head, the lightning arcing off of his skin as he killed each alien with a single blow.

It was only as the last one had it's neck broken that a single spear flew from through the air and grazed Thor's ribs, causing the God of Thunder to wince in pain as a burning sensation flooded his body.

He dropped to his knees as his body numbed over and he saw a olive skinned girl with white face paint come up to his body.

"I am Thor Odinson, prince of Asgard, I need to get off this planet" said Thor as his breath became to become more and more of an herculean labor

"My apologies your majesty" said the woman before her boot met Thor's face causing him to get knocked out

A tall purple being stood over Naruto and Thor, shaking his head at the duo of blond Avengers. He wore a gold armor set, but it was the large dual sided blade that he was holding that really stood out.

"You were foolish to challenge me, you, the 'mighty' Thor without your hammer and this blond brat with nothing but an ordinary sword" said the purple being

Thor looked around the crumpled up Ironman suit made him want to scream in agony

"Fear not, for in death, both of you shall become my children" said the purple being before slashed his dual sided blade at Thor.

"AAAAAAHHHHHH!" screamed Thor as he woke up to find himself strapped down to chair in a large throne room.

"Ah, the latest find is awake" said a tanned man with spiky hair, face paint, and yellow robes sitting on the throne in the throne room"Good work 142"

"Where am I?" asked Thor as he tried to wiggle out of the chair.

"Answers will find you in a moment young man" said the man in the throne "It is young man right?"

Thor's face twisted with anger "Of course it is young man"

"Just checking, can never tell with you long haired aliens" said the man before he scratched his chin and said "oh my, where are my manners. My name is the Grandmaster"

Thor stared at the Grandmaster "Very nice to meet you Grandmaster, my name is Thor Odinson. I need to be going back to my home"

The Grandmaster started to snicker "You can't go home, nobody leaves this place. Sakaar is my world, my world is law and the next words out of my mouth are for you to fight to the death in my tournaments"

Thor snarled "That is madness, you can't contain me here. I AM THE GOD OF THUNDER"

As Thor finished roaring, the sky darken and lighting slammed down around the building, seen through the window.

"Hmm, a god you might be elsewhere, but this is my world sweetie" mused the Grandmaster before Thor was injected with something in his neck from behind and his eyes rolled into the back of his head as he was put to sleep.

"You'll never get away with this" huffed Thor as he looked at the purple being, still dressed in his golden armor, still wielding that dual sided blade.

"You humor me Odinson, I admire your willingness to fight to the end" said the purple man "You and your friends put up more of a fight than anyone else in the vast universe had before"

The man paused for a moment "But effort isn't enough to actually stop me."

Thor watched as the man was handed a golden glove, it was seemingly nothing special until the man slipped it onto his hand and his body spasmed as the power of the infinity stones flooded his body

"I want you to know that even if the universe doesn't remember your efforts here today Odinson, I will" said the man before he snapped his fingers.

Thor coughed as he woke up again. He was in a different chair and he wasn't even restrained.

But he wasn't in the throne room anymore, no this was some kind of holding cell or cage.

Stretching his body, he felt a breeze pass by his head and he reached up and found that his long locks had been trimmed down quite a bit.

"You can an Asgardian into slavery, but you don't touch my hair" hissed Thor as he came to grips with his new hair cut.

One of the walls slid up and Thor walked towards the new opening, seeing that it led to the battleground floor of a large arena.

As soon as he stepped onto the sandy ground, the wall slid back down behind him.

The arena was a perfect circle around the large battleground, the stands stretching so high into the sky that Thor wasn't sure where they ended.

Thor walked into the middle of the arena and the crowd started chanting something that he couldn't make out.

But Thor was was sure that they were not chanting for him, as the volume of their chants increased by the second.

"Execute ... Execute ... Execute" shouted the crowd causing Thor's eyes to narrow.

It would take more than a single warrior to put down the protector of Asgard,

A wall on the opposite side of the arena slide up and out walked a figure that was towering over Thor in height, the large man had quite the display of muscle, which didn't mean anything to anyone who actually fought..

The armor that this figure wore was covered in scratches, blood, and dents. It was so heavily damaged that Thor almost couldn't make out that it was familiar to his own armor.

The Asgardian armor did nothing to give away who this helmet wearing man was, but the large axe on his back did.

Thor's eyes were trained on the large battle axe, the twin blades having a crimson tint along the edge of the blades from their constant baths in the blood of those who opposed it's owner.

"You dare wield the legendary Bloodaxe against the Prince of Asgard?" questioned Thor

The figure ripped off his helmet that had covered most of his head and revealed a bald head that black marking that arc'd along the side of his head.

His slick grin at seeing the glare that came from Thor, only pissed Thor off more than he cared to admit.

"I wield this blade against anyone who dares to step in front of me" replied the figure with a arrogant tone that made Thor roll his eyes.

"You talk to much for someone that has been beneath my foot at the ends of battles for too often, hell even Naruto had no issue putting you on your ass" said Thor "Skurge of Asgard, you're nothing more than a disloyal dog nipping at the heels of your betters"

Skurge shrugged "I've never fed my axe the blood of another Asgardian, I'm sure that you will be quite the meal for it"

The crowd roared as the Grandmaster shouted "Fight"

Thor didn't need to be told twice as he rushed forward and ducked under the slash of the mighty axe. He slammed his right fist into the armored torso of Skurge who yawned before backhanding Thor away.

Thor was sent flying backwards and grit his teeth as he came to a stop on the sandy floor.

"Oh mighty prince, things are so much different now. You and your little earth boy toy may have embarrassed me, but I've only grown stronger since I've left Asgard" said Skurge as he slashed the axe at Thor and the cold icy shards of Hel exploded at Thor.

Thor hissed as his body became covered in lightning and he blurred away, this time his fist slamming into the face of Skurge. Skurge gasped in pain as he stumbled back.

He swung his large axe, but Thor grabbed the haft part of the axe's shaft, bringing the axe to a stop.

Skurge tried to push the axe forward, but Thor's vice grip had the axe frozen in place.

Skurge groaned in frustration before slamming his head into Thor's, causing the prince to release the axe.

Skurge slammed the bottom of the axe into the ground and Thor screamed out in pain as flames washed over his body.

Skurge slapped Thor with the flat of the axe, the flaming blade burning Thor's face.

Thor dropped to his knee, but he was forced to roll away as the blade slammed into the ground, barely missing Thor.

Panting, Thor put his hand up to his face and felt the bumpy form of blisters and the slickness of blood.

Lightning left his body and he felt more tired then before, his body crying out for some kind of energy.

He shakingly climbed to his feet and wiped the blood out of his right eye before he raced forward.

Skurge didn't swing the axe this time, instead this time he put in front of his body like one would a sword.

Thor threw a punch and his fist met the blade, the metal not able to cut through his body but his fist not able to bend the metal to his will.

Hissing, Thor spun around the blade, his back slipping under the blade before he kicked Skurge in the chest.

Dropping to the ground, Thor kicked out Skurge's feet before he rolled back onto his feet and put his foot on the handle of the blood axe.

"Things don't change do they" jested Thor as he pushed down on the handle of the axe with his foot.

Skurge smirked before the handle of the bloodaxe broke and Skurge swung the blade with all of his might, flames covering the blade as it sliced through the air and into the right arm of through, tearing through the skin and coming to a stop only when it hit the bone in the middle of the arm.

Thor roared in pain and Skurge used it to climb back to his feet and landed a mind shattering kick to Thor's head sending him crashing into the metal wall of the arena ground.

"I don't understand what you people want from me" sighed Thanos as he held his large dual sided blade.

Thor glanced around saw that he was on a ship that was filled with what looked like the dead bodies of the people of Asgard. The only people that he could make out was Loki was off to the side in a bow, Naruto was on the ground, his own sword sticking out from his heart.

"I want you to go to hell" Thor heard his own voice sat

Thanos shook his head "You talk like your blond friends fights, unbelievably weak"

Thor could only watch as Thanos raised his left hand and Thor saw the gaunlet that housed only two infinity stone this time. Thanos closed his fist and the entire ship was cloaked in purple energy before everything melted away

Thor's eyes shot up as Skurge came down with the bloodaxe, trying to kill the Prince of Asgard.

Thor instinctively raised his right arm to block the blow and it was much to his horror that the supercharged blade sliced right through his mangled arm, the magic that usually coursed through his body no longer a match for the axe.

His now detached arm had done it's job of deflecting the blade from hitting him in the chest or head as it slammed into the ground to the left of him.

Thor looked at his arm that was lobbed off at the middle of his forearm and let out an ear splitting scream of agony before lightning ripped down through the arena's ceiling and struck the God of Thunder.

"ENOUGH!" he roared before he was was struck again and his arm wound was sealed and when he was struck the third time, he was back on his feet.

Pointing his left arm at Skurge, he blasted him with lighting, the lightning from the sky hitting him and being redirected out at traitor to Asgard.

Skurge tried to redirect the lightning with his axe but the deadly arc twisted around him and raced around him from all directions.

He screamed as the lightning burned through his body until he dropped to the floor, spasming from the pain of being electrocuted.

Thor walked over to the dropped bloodaxe and grabbed it by the handle before slamming it down blade first through Skurge's head.

"And the winner is Thor" said the Grandmaster's voice booming over the cheers of the crowd.

Thor ripped bloodaxe from Skurge's skull, causing the dead man's brain to leak out from the open wound and used the magic granted by the magical blade to fly up to the booth that the Grandmaster was in before pointing the axe at him.

"This ... this is your fault" said Thor as he gestured with his short arm, a look of pure rage on his face.

"Aye man, I didn't do that. It was done in the of battle, nothing we can't fix with some elbow grease" countered the Grandmaster

Thor snarled and said "I think not" before he swung bloodaxe with all of his might, the blade ripping through the very fabric of reality and the cut in the air flooded the place with the burning rays of heat from a star.

As the arena was devoured by the liquid heat of the sun, Thor dropped to the ground and put his arm in the crook of his right underarm before he slashed the air once more and saw the living room of the Avenger's headquarters.

Falling through the tear, Thor collapsed forward onto the carpet of the Earth based location as the portal from Sakaar was willed closed behind him.

Thor heard a loud scream and rolled onto his back to look up at a familiar face.

"Oh hello Wanda was it" greet Thor to the shut in Avenger

Naruto blurred into view as he was cloaked in a yellow energy that's very presence filled Thor with energy

"Holy shit, Thor" cried out Naruto as he dropped the yellow energy form and pulled Thor up to his feet.

Naruto's arm was once again covered in the yellow energy as he brought his arm up to Thor's cut off arm and he tried to will the arm to heal, but he couldn't create something from nothing.

"We can get that arm fixed soon, but we have a lot to catch up on man" said Naruto as he once again release the KCM form.

"Catch up" slurred Thor "I just saw you hours ago"

"Hours ago" repeated Naruto "Thor, buddy, it's been nearly 10 months since I last saw you"

Thor looked at Naruto in shock "10 months? But my people ..."

Naruto looked confused about the comment and said "Thor what was the last thing that you remember happening?"

"My father died ... My sister was released ... she destroyed Mjinoir ... I tried to beam back to Asgard and she pushed me out of the beam and I landed on Sakaar"

Naruto frowned at the series of events, Thor and him had gone to see Strange together, but that was almost a year ago.

"I don't really have all the answers buddy, but we can go see Strange and he can probably tell us something about what happened. He can also probably help you with that arm" said Naruto

Thor nodded before his exhaustion hit him all at once and he slumped over in Naruto's arms.

Naruto carried his worn out one handed friend through the building and into a room that simply said Thor on it.

Placing him on the bed, Naruto felt sad seeing his noble friend in such terrible condition, Thor was generally a great guy and didn't deserve this latest series of bad breaks.

Walking back to the living room, Naruto grabbed the battle axe that Thor had dropped and was surprised to hear a roaring in his head from the axe, begging him to unleash chaos throughout the universe.

"weird" commented Naruto as he carried it to Thor's room and placed it just inside by the door before he continued to his own room. There was nothing he could do for Thor given his current situation, he could only help the Asgardian once he was awake again,

Upon entering his room, he was greeted with the sight of Darcy Lewis wearing a large black t-shirt with the Avenger's A on it and given her creamy thighs on display, that was all she was wearing.

"Is everything good out there?" she asked Naruto who's was eyeing her with a certain hunger in his eyes.

"Yeah, Thor is back" answered Naruto before he asked "What are you wearing?"

"First, it's cool that Thor is back, Jane really missed him and things were getting rocky" said Darcy before she spun around to show off the fact that the shirt was loose enough to reveal everything under it with a whirl "Second, I thought that I looked amazing wearing this"

She played with the bottom of the shirt, teasing Naruto another flash of what was underneath before she asked "Are you telling me that you don't like little ol' me in this big shirt?"

Naruto couldn't stop the smile that split his face before he rolled his eyes and replied with "Maybe I do like it a lot, or maybe I'm surprised that you could even wear clothes in my room"

Darcy gasped dramatically and quickly pulled the large shirt over her head, exposing her naked curvy body to Naruto and asked in a playful tone "There happy?"

Naruto didn't respond with words, instead choosing to step forward and claim her lips with his own.

The kiss lasted only a couple of seconds, but it provided the sparked needed for Darcy to hiss "You are overdressed mister" when they parted.

Naruto agreed with the way his clothes were quickly pulled off, because once his shirt was pulled off, he kissed her again as she untied his shorts and pushed them to the ground, before she felt backwards onto the bed, his naked form over her own.

And for the first time in a long time, Naruto could say that he was at peace.

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