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A large purple man in a shiny golden armor stood in front of 4 aliens, his eyes trained on the cube in Thor's right hand, ignoring Bloodaxe in his left."Thor Odinson, my name is Thanos, I believe that you have something that rightfully belongs to me" said the purple giant in the front of the new group, Thanos."All I have you, Titan, is death" swore Thor as he raised BloodaxeThanos shook his head "Fine, we do this the hard way" and suddenly both Naruto and Thor's eyes were drawn the gauntlet on his hand and he pointed it the retreating Asgardians and unleashed a purple blast.

The purple wave of energy shot at the retreating Asgardians with deadly intent. Loki stood in front of his people, small magical dagger in hand as he prepared to try and stop the blast. Which he was sure was almost certain death, but as the king of Asgard and it's people, it was his duty to put his life on the line for his people. So, he stood there, dagger in front of his body, ready to die for his people.

However, Loki was saved from certain death as Thor appeared in front of his brother, his use of the cube allowing him to teleport in front of his brother, ready to defend him and their people.

But he didn't need to, as a yellow blur jumped in front of the deadly purple energy and absorbed it. Naruto stood, cloaked in his KCM mode, glaring at Thanos.

"I know all too well what you like to do, there will be no killing of half the population today," said Naruto, his golden eyes trained on the Mad Titan.

Thanos glanced at Naruto before leaning to the right to avoid Thor's wild swing of Bloodaxe at this chest, the one eyed prince having teleported behind him, the weight of the blade making Thor stumble past Thanos who kicked him in the back, sending him crashing to the feet of Naruto. Naruto created a chakra arm from his back to lift Thor back onto his feet, making sure to never take his eyes off of Thanos.

Thor held the large war axe in front of his body, between himself and Thanos as lightning crackled around his body, his anger getting the best of him. Naruto could feel the energy signature of Loki and the rest of the Asgardians flicker away and a quick glance at Thor showed that he no longer had the cube that housed the space Stone.

"You fight a pointless battle, I care not for spilling the blood of you Asgardians" stated Thanos in a bored tone, "I have come simply for the space Stone"

"We no longer have it, the only thing you will find here is a fight to the death" said Thor, the axe in his hands pulsing with hunger. It was all but demanding the blood of the purple Titan before them.

Thanos scoffed, pulling his large double sided blade off his back with both hands, the gauntlet on his left hand sending a purple aura through the blood and Naruto frowned.

There was a flash of blue on his right and a hand clamped down on his shoulder, causing him to glance back over his shoulder. He was pleased with what he saw, it was Loki standing there with one of his swords from back home.

Naruto's eyes lit up and he grasped the sword and turned back to face Thanos only for Loki to barrier into him from behind as he was seemingly yanked forward by his stomach.

Thanos grabbed the King of Asgard by the neck with his right hand as his left held onto his weapon, keeping him lifted in the air. Loki's grasped at the hand around his throat and Naruto's hand twitched, the sword in his hand flooded with chakra as he prepared to make his move.

"Don't move or his neck is broken with a snap" warned Thanos, his hand tightening around Loki's neck.

Thor tensed but didn't move and Naruto felt his father whisper something into his head through the lightning tattoo on his forearm. Naruto mentally nodded and he tried to prepare himself for what he would have to do.

Loki's legs lashed out, kicking at the titan's stomach as the air was choked out of him, his skin growing red.

"The cube, where is it?" asked Thanos once more.

Naruto didn't say anything as he disappeared in a puff of smoke and Thanos flicked his wrist to break Loki's neck, only to see the smoke clear and Loki was standing across from him.

Naruto's limp body hung in his hand, the yellow energy leaving his form as he was tossed aside, his neck broken.

Thor roared in anger and rushed Thanos, Bloodaxe met the blade and Thor grunted as the two locked in a stalemate.

Cull Obsidian moved forward, his large chain hammer on his should, but Ebony Maw shook his head.

"Allow him to have his fun" said Maw as he watched the struggle between Thor and his master, Thanos.

Thor was kicked in the stomach and batted away by the flat of Thanos' doubled edged two sided blade. Thor slid back but tossed Bloodaxe at Thanos who smirked and swung his blade at the flying blade, shattering Thor's magical axe with ease.

Thor gasped in shock and his lone eye trained on the pieces of the legendary Asgardian axe on the floor of the ship.

"How? That axe is one of the strongest blades in the universe" asked Thor in bewilderment.

"Few weapons in the universe could withstand the full might of anything made from Uru" answered Thanos before he pointed the gauntlet at Thor and blasted him with a purple bolt of energy that made Thor scream in pain.

"Give me the space stone Loki" warned Thanos as he sent an extra powerful pulse of energy at Thor, his screams filling the ship and Loki winced as he heard his brother scream in pain.

Thanos was sure that watching his brother suffer in pain would make Loki hand over the space stone, but as Thor continued to wail in pain, he was growing less convinced.

"I had assumed that you had a preference between your brother and the stone, but I've been wrong before" said Thanos as he stopped using the power stone to torture Thor, walking over to the one eyed son of Odin, his blade raised.

He was just about to bring it down on the head of Thor, when Loki flinched and called out "WAIT!"

Thanos smirked and asked "What?"

Loki stood up, his hand extending up into the air, as if he was holding something and the shimmering blue cube that housed the space stone appeared in his hand.

"Brother, the sun will shine on the sons of Odin again in the future, but sometimes you have to yield to see the sun again" said Loki to the down Thor was still shaking from the extreme pain that he had suffered.

Loki kneeled before Thanos and basically handed the space stone on a silver platter.

Thor groaned as Thanos took the cube and crushed it with his bare right hand, shifting through the shards of the stone's container before grasping the blue stone, a look of glee on his face.

"Finally" he said as he held the stone up to the gauntlet on his left hand, the stone getting sucked into the correct place on the gauntlet and an arc of blue energy flowed from the metal golden glove all over his body.

"Nobody has ever had the privilege nor the nobility to wield two of the six infinity stones" praised Ebony Maw

Thor flipped onto his hands and knees, "Nobody has ever had the privilege of kissing as much ass as you"

Maw sent the God of Thunder flying through the ship and he crashed next to Naruto's broken form.

"You've gotten what you want, now I'll be taking both of the blond idiots with me and being on my way" said Loki as he tried to walk away from Thanos and his four minions.

But a large hand on his shoulder prevented that course of action and Thanos spoke once more.

"You're not going anywhere Loki, you will be our introducer to the people of Earth. They fear you and you introducing my men will make them fear me more" said Thanos as he held onto Loki.

The Space Stone glowed as it was activated and Loki could feel the portal open up behind them.

Then it was only with horror that he watched the entire ship became encased in purple energy from the power stone before it started to dissolve around them.

"They don't get a second chance to fight me" crackled Thanos as they felt the ship right before it exploded.

On Earth:

The sun was shining in the park as Tony and Pepper jogged through the packed park. They had to wave back to countless people but nobody really bothered the pair of rich celebrities.

As they reached the end of the jogging trail, they slowed down. Pepper was in better shape than Tony who was breathing a little heavier than normal but was overall fine.

"I'm glad that we got out of the base upstate Tony" commented Pepper as she reached into her fanny pack and pulled out a small bottle of water.

"Yeah, the team is great, but with Naruto and Thor off world and Rhodes off doing top secret government stuff, I can only deal with the rest of them so much." agreed Tony

"They're not that bad" said Pepper

"If you have to say they're not that bad" started Tony

"Then they are that bad" finished both Pepper and Tony together, causing a goofy smile to grace Tony's face.

"What's with the smile?" asked Pepper

"I can't just smile at my Fiance?" countered Tony

Pepper rolled her eyes, but couldn't stop the small smile that made it's way on to her face.

"You know when you have one of those dreams that are so lifelike, that you wake up and you can't help but think it was real?" asked Tony suddenly


"Ok, so last night, I dreamt that we had a child, a little girl, named after that one crazy uncle of yours" continued Tony

"So what? You woke up and thought what?" asked Pepper, no longer smiling at Tony.

"Maybe we had something cooking in the oven" admitted Tony

Pepper shook her head and said "If you really wanted a kid Tony, you wouldn't have that triangle on your chest"

"It's not attached to my body, I can take it off whenever I want" countered Tony

"But then why have it?"

"Just incase there is a couple of monsters in the closet"

"Tony, the only thing that should be in your closets is shirts" retorted Pepper as she folded her arms in front of her chest.

"Is this a bad time" asked a voice from off to the side

Tony glanced over and said "little bit"

"Well, things are about to get a whole lot worse" said the voice and Tony actually turned and looked at the man standing in a blue robe, red cape, golden necklace in front of a shimmering circular portal. With him was a black man with armor that kind of reminded Tony of Thor's Asgardain armor. He had his dreadlocks pulled back in a ponytail, but what made Tony pause was his orange eyes that seemingly locked onto his soul.

"Ah fuck" muttered Tony before he turned to Pepper, "We're going to have to continue this conversation later"

He turned back to the man and said "You're , aren't you?"

Despite it being a question, Tony already knew the answer to the question, the man matched the description that Naruto had given him perfectly.

"You know who I am, no doubt Naruto told you who I am" realized Strange from the way that Tony had talked to him.

"Tony, we were having a discussion, you can't just leave" said Pepper with anger into her voice, but Tony didn't dare look back at her.

"TONY!" screamed Pepper as he walked forward and through the portal with , leaving her alone in the park.


A spaceship filled with 6 people were flying through space, headed to a distress signal that had drawn their attention.

"What do you think we'll find?" asked Peter Quill

"I don't know, the screams just said they were in danger" replied a cybernetic infused Racoon named Rocket.

"So, why are we doing this?" asked Drax

"Because we might get paid" answered Quill

"And if they have no money" asked Rocket

"Then we take their ship" answered Quill

The green beauty in the ship, Gamora glared up at Peter, from her seat from the lower deck, who quickly shook his head and mouthed "I'm lying"

She turned back to look through the windshield of the ship with a content smile on her face.

They started to slow down as they went through the last jump and arrived at the location of the distress signal.

There was nothing but carnage left behind as far as the eye could see. Scraps and piece of ship floated through space, warped by whatever had caused the destruction of the signal of the distress signal.

"This is bad" commented Rocket "I think we should get out of here"

"Let's not be so hasty Rocket" said Quill, his hands moving over the controls of the ship, "We should at least scan for survivors, maybe someone survived"

"Unlikely, you were the son of a God and you barely lasted 30 seconds exposed to the vacuum of space" retorted Rocket as he glanced at the radar of the ship.

There was a beep and he had to double check to make sure that he wasn't seeing an error.

"Well, I'll be damned, there is a heartbeat out there" said Rocket as pushed the ship forward, heading towards the survivor.

"Okay guys, I know they threw up a distress signal, but we can't rule out this guy being hostile or the person who did all of this" said Quill, "Everyone get prepared for a possible fight"

"That means you too, Groot" said Rocket as they got closer.

"I am Groot" replied Groot, his respond getting a bunch of "Ayes" from the rest of the crew.

"What have we said about using that kind of language Groot" said Quill, "I'm going to take that game from you if you speak like that again"

"I am Groot" replied Groot

"I don't want to be your dad, you overgrown weed" spat Quill as they stopped right where the signal of a heartbeat ended.

He looked out of the windshield and saw a pair of muscular blond men drifting through space. One of them was cradling the body of the other and Quill frowned.

"Which one is alive?" he asked

Rocket shrugged "I can't tell, I'll scoop both of them up and we can go from there"

Quill nodded and they turned the ship around and used the tractor ray in the back of the ship to pull both of the blond men towards the bay doors. When they were within 5 feet, a 10 foot force field appeared around the bay doors.

The door opened and Drax with a rope attached to his waist jumped out to grab both of the men. He tugged the rope before grasping both men, one in each hand, as he was yanked back into the ship. The doors closed behind him and he walked them into the small medical bay not that far from the bay doors.

He dropped both of them onto the observation table and it became quite clear which one of them was alive and which one of them wasn't. The buff blond with the eye patch was the only one with his chest moving up and down.

The blond with spiky hair and black clothing and sword was clearly not breathing, his skin a sickly gray and his head was bent at an unnatural angle.

Mantis walked over to the one eyed man, placing her hand on his forehead, her antenna lighting up as she read his emotions.

"He feels tremendous loss and pain, he is suffering" she said as she felt the man's emotions wash over her.

"Maybe the other blond is his brother" said Gamora, "Nobody wants to lose their brother"

"Maybe, their both in great shape" said Drax, "These are real men, like myself"

His words struck a cord in Quill who frowned at the shirtless man,"Hey, what about me?"

"Quill, you are our leader, but you are a dude. These two are men" said Drax

"Yeah, you're half a donut away from fat" added Rocket

Quill sniffled and said "Ok, this is a wake up call, I'm gonna commit to losing some weight"

"Yeah right, you have more junk food hidden under your bed than a fat kid" said Rocket

"I am Groot" agreed Groot

"And speaking of wake up call, Mantis, wake up the guy with the eye patch" said Rocket

Mantis nodded and she placed her hands on his head and instantly, Thor's eye shot open and sat up, blinking rapidly as he held his head in his hands.

"Where am I?" asked Thor

"You're on our ship" said Quill

"Where is Thanos?" asked Thor as he regained his bearings

"Thanos? You survived an attack from Thanos?" asked Rocket

"Yes, he fled from me after taking my brother prisoner" said Thor

"After he killed your other brother here?" asked Mantis

Thor whirled around until his eye landed on the broken form of Naruto and tears welled up in his lone eye.

"This is not my brother by blood, but he's a great personal friend, he is my brother in all but title" muttered Thor before he let out a power blast of air from his nose and he snarled "Thanos will pay for this with his life"

Lightning arc'd from limb to limb and Thor grabbed Naruto by the shoulders and frowned, his friend's head was bent at weird angle.

That is not how he would be lain to rest on his home world, with all of the mental strength that he could muster, Thor cracked Naruto's neck back into place.

"Do you know where Thanos could have gone?" asked Gamora

"Knowhere" answered Thor

"He had to have gone somewhere" said Quill

"Knowhere is a location, it is the hiding place for the Reality Stone" said Thor as he stood up

"We've been there before" said Rocket to Quill who made an "oh yeah" face before turning to Thor

"Do you want to come with us? Thanos is a nasty son of a bitch, we could use all the help we could get. If you can match him yourself, we can probably defeat him together" reasoned Quill

"I was using a mystical Asgardian axe before, I used to have a hammer but like the axe it was destroyed. Thanos wields a blade made of Uru, a metal that can cut through anything" said Thor as he started looking around their ship

"That's some serious firepower" commented Rocket

"Correct rabbit, which is why I was hoping to take your pod, so that I may travel to Nidavellir, the forge lit by the power of a dying star. There is a weapon that can be made for me" said Thor

"What kind of weapon are we talking about?" asked Quill

"The Thanos killing kind" answered Thor

"Shouldn't we all get something like that?" asked Quill

"No, it would take the strength of an Asgardian God such as myself to wield the power of any weapon made in Nidavellir" answered Thor "The sheer power of the weapon could drive any normal man mad"

Quill shivered as he remembered his father and how mentally unstable he had been made by power.

"So what? You take our pod and we do what?" asked Quill

"You slow Thanos down, if you can keep him from getting his hands on the Reality Stone, I will be able to kill him with ease" said Thor

"You're not going to be able to fly with one eye, we should split up" said Rocket, "Groot and I will go with the Asgardian. Quill, you take the others and try and stop Thanos"

Quill nodded as he lead Gamora, Drax, and Mantis out of the medical bay to prepare for this upcoming battle with Thanos.

"We take his body with us" said Thor, pointing to Naruto's body

"Sure" said Rocket as he dropped the pod from the ship and Thor scooped Naruto's form up in his arms as he made his way onto the pod.

Rocket and Groot followed after him, Rocket slipping into the pilot seat and made the pod take off.

"So, if you get this new weapon, you really think you can defeat him?" asked Rocket

"Yes, I was able to match him for a time with a much weaker weapon, this new axe will make me unstoppable" replied Thor

"And if it's not enough?" asked Rocket

"Then what does it matter?" questioned Thor "If I fail, what does it matter? The universe will be doomed"

Rocket frowned "Personally, I have a lot to lose"

His rumblings were interrupted by a male voice saying "Fucking shit, my neck is killing me"

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