T'Challa felt the rumblings only seconds before Steve and the rest of the Avengers, his eyes glanced to Shuri before he cracked his neck and rolled his shoulders, his black panther suit covering his body and the helmet morphing into existence around his head.

His claws sprang forward from his finger tips and he snarled, "They've made their first mistake of the day, if they think they can come here and bully us into doing what they want"

Shuri nodded, "Brother, I am almost done, I just need a little more time. Can you buy me that?"

T'Challa nodded and he turned to Steve, "Come with me"

Steve didn't need to be told twice as T'Challa took off running, headed back upstairs. They emerged from the barn floor and headed outside. They passed by a bald woman with a spear that Steve didn't know and T'Challa slowed down and shouted something in his native language before picking up speed once more.

They arrived at a clearing, only to see a series of ships landing right outside the shimmering barrier that protected Wakanda.

"This is not good" commented T'Challa and Steve couldn't find it in himself to disagree with the prince.

T'Challa and Steve walk to the edge of the barrier, where Proxima Midnight and Obsidian Cole stand, along with a very beaten up Loki. The King of Asgard's right eye was swollen shut, a litter of cuts covered his exposed arms. Blood dripped from the bottom of his pant leg, showing that he was bleeding somewhere on his legs as well.

T'Challa's eyes quickly went over the pair of Thanos lackeys, "Where's your other friends? The two that went to New York? Don't tell me that you lost them to my friends over there, because you will find the same fate as your friends here"

Proxima snorted, "You will pay for their lives with yours. Thanos will have that stone, be it from us taking it or you simply handing it over"

Steve interjected, "Yeah, that's not gonna happen"

T'Challa nodded, "You are in Wakanda now. Thanos will have get nothing but the taste of defeat and blood from us"

Proxima allowed a large blood thirsty smile to grace her face, "It just so happens that we…Have blood to spare"

She raises her right arm with a cry, and several large ships emerge from the forest behind her, causing T'Challa to grit his teeth before he relaxed and smirked.

"Quality over Quantity, the more trash you bring here, doesn't change the outcome of your defeat" said T'Challa

Proxima tsk'd before sighing, "You have mere minutes left alive child, go pray your God, thank your loved ones for sharing a life with you, and then prepared to be cut down"

T'Challa and Steve didn't say anything as they turned to walk away, the pair of super humans each growing less pleased with Proxima's words by the second.


"Allfathers, give me strength" prayed Thor

"I don't think you understand, boy? You're about to take the full force of a star. It'll kill you"

"Only if I die" replied Thor

Eitri blinked with confusion, "Yes. That's what killing you means"

Thor took a deep breath before he grasped the handholds and pulls, slowly opening the iris. The stream of light returns and awakens the forge once more, the blast of power flooding through the iris, through Thor's body as it was used by the forge.

The heat that washed over Thor's body was beyond mind numbing, his body couldn't even feel the heat as his nerves were fried by the sheer power of the star.

Eitri glanced at the melting pot, but only the first three bars were melted, the other three needed for Naruto's sword were still solid.

"Hold it! Hold it, Thor!" screamed Eitri as the last three bars of metal finally started the melt like the first three bars of metal had.

Thor's body felt tired and weightless, his arms trembled as they begged him to let go of the handholds. He could feel the heat again, his body finally processing that he was being cooked alive from the power of the sun.

He closed his eyes and he didn't see darkness waiting for him, he saw the scared people of Asgard back on the ship when Thanos had invaded the ship. They're eyes had trained on him, looking to him for strength, looking to him for protection. He couldn't afford to let them down, he couldn't afford to be weak when Thanos was still out there.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!" roared Thor as he used the last of his godly power to pull the handholds down as they far as they could go and the burning beam of sun washed over him more than ever.

Eitri watches the metal finish melting, and tips the cauldron, pouring it into the mold.

"Thor, you've done it, let go!" yelled Eitri as he realized that the power of the sun was still powering the forge.

If Thor heard him, it didn't matter as Thor passed out. The released handholds were stuck in place and the beam of power blasted him out into space, his weakened unconscious form helpless to the power of the sun. Rocket rushed after him in the pod and used the back of the ship to slap the floating Asgardian back to the forge.

Thor landed with a thud! Causing Groot looks up from his game when Thor lands near him. Rocket landed the space pod and raced over to the burnt God, kneeling over Thor.

Thor's form was smoking, the once fair skin of the Asgardian was burnt and cracked. The nasty smell of burnt flesh filled the forge and Thor's hands were nothing but a mass collection of bubbling blisters.

"Thor! Say something. Come on. Thor, you okay?" pleaded Rocker before the raccoon turned to Eitri, "I think he's dying"

Eitri frowned as he looked at Thor's charred form, "He needs the axe! Where's the handle? Tree, help me find the handle!"

As Eitri started to rummage around looking for the handle to the axe, Groot looked Thor with a sadness rarely seen from the tree. Groot made a snap decison, putting his game to the side as he stands up, extending and grows his arm, weaving it around the axe and hammer, joining them.

Groot hissed in pain as the hot metal burned burned even his tough flesh, but he powered through the pain and roared as he used his other arm to chop through his arm holding the axe together, returning the arm to it's normal length.

Thor's hand opens slightly, and the hammer rises from the ground, small bolts of lightning sparking from it the floating hammer. It sped towards Thor, and the moment that it touched his hand, the very universe shook.

A single bolt of purple lightning exploded out from Thor's body and shot off into the void of space, the light that it created so bright that it blinded everyone at the forge.

When the light created by the bolt faded, Thor was no longer on death's doorstep, not the Asgardian was back to perfect health. He wore his Asgardian armor, the red cape flowing behind him. The large bladed axe with the wooden hand was held loosely in his left hand, his eyes sparkled with electricity and his face with twisted in a cocky smile.

He glanced back at Rocket and Groot before a beam of rainbow colored light consumed the three of them and they vanished from the forge.

Eitri looked around confused, "He left without taking his friend's sword?"

He was drawn from his confused thoughts by the sound of a loud yawn from the space pod.

Naruto climbed out of the space pod and said, "I thought they would never leave"

Eitri looked surprised and asked "Why did you want them to leave?"

Naruto smirked and entered his Kyubi Cloak Mode, "So, we could forge that special sword, of course"


Thanos appears in front of Doctor Strange, who appeared to be the only one there to meet the Titan on his return to his home world.

Strange made an "ok" face, "Oh, you're much more of a Thanos type than the last guy"

Thanos frowned "I take it the Maw is dead. This day extracts a heavy toll. Still, he accomplished his mission and now I have to accomplish my own"

"You may regret that. He brought you face-to-face with the Master of the Mystic Arts" warned Strange

Thanos dismissed the warning instantly "And where do you think he brought you?"

Strange could feel Quill practically vibrating in place behind wreckage with his weapon ready and Peter is above the structure where Strange sits, fidgeting with the right sleeve of his suit.

"Let me guess. Your home?" asked Strange

Thanos nodded while smiling reminiscently, "It was. And it was beautiful beyond anything you've seen on Earth"

Thanos closed the gauntlet on his hand and used the Reality Stone to show Strange Titan before it was destroyed. Strange had to admit that the former state of Titan was one of the most beautiful places he had ever seen.

"Titan was like most planets. Too many mouths, and not enough to go around. And when we faced extinction, I offered a solution" continued Thanos

Strange tsk'd "Genocide is hardly a solution"

"But at random, dispassionate, fair to rich and poor alike, it is a solution, the most kind solution. They called me a madman. And what I predicted came to pass. If they had listen to me, hedded my warnings, I wouldn't be the last of my kind" replied Thanos before he opened his hand and the illusion faded to reveal the true state of Titan

"Congratulations. You're a prophet"

"I'm a survivor"

"A survivor who wants to murder trillions, that doesn't make sense"

Thanos ignored the dig "With all six stones, I could simply snap my fingers, and they would all cease to exist. I call that…Mercy"

"And then what?"

"I finally rest…And watch the sun rise on a grateful universe. The hardest choices require the strongest wills"

"I think you'll find our will" said Strange using his hand motions to summon forth his magic, "equal to yours"

"Ours?" questioned Thanos as he looks up in time to a see a chunk of wreckage coming down on him, and tries to use the Power Stone to stop, but is too late as the wreckage slams into him,

Tony floats above the mass on top of Thanos, it was too easy. This wasn't the baddest man in the universe because something like this could kill him. Tony was of course, proven correct by the next thing that happened.

The wreckage on top of Thanos erupts, the debris glowing with a purple aura. He shouts as he uses the Power Stone to force the pieces at Tony. Tony was quick to use his hands to blast away whatever he couldn't dodge.

Peter, seeing Tony get targeted like this, shot his webs at Thanos eyes, forcing him to release the control over the power stone.

Peter shoots his web at the large crashed ship and uses it to swing towards Thanos and kick him in the face. Then Strange summons a blade, but Thanos stops it with his gauntlet wearing hand, and tears the web from his eyes with his other hand.

He advances on Strange, and kicks him just as Strange summons a shield, absorbing the force of his blow, but knocking him back. Quill shoots Thanos from behind, and Thanos uses the Power Stone to shoot balls on energy at Quill while he advances by the magical barriers Strange formed in the air.

He made it to Thanos, flipping over him and electric mine on his back. Thanos turns to Quill, as he disengages his helmet, falls backward into a portal, flipping him off.

Strange sent a mental message to the Cloak of Levitation, 'Do not let him close his fist'

The Cloak shot off his back and closes around Thanos' fist, and the mine on his back goes off and he hissed in pain as his back was hit with a burning pain. Thanos' eyes were closed when Peter appears on his right from a portal

Peter said "Magic" as he landed a kick to the head of Thanos

"More magic" cried Peter as he leapt from another portal, landing a punch. As Thanos tried to recover from the various blows from different directions, Peter had already disappeared through a different portal.

Appearing behind Thanos, before Peter can land this kick,Thanos turns, grabbing him from the air, and throwing him to the ground, with his hand around his neck.

Thanos growled "You pathetic insect!"

Thanos then throws him, about to use the gauntlet, but is interrupted by an explosion caused by Tony shooting a missile at him. As the flames blind Thanos, Peter attaches a web to him, and strains against it. Thanos pulls Peter toward him, but looks up as a ship crashes beside him, and Nebula jumps in front of him

"Well, well, well. Another disappointment appears before me today"

Nebula let an angry scowl spread across her face, "You should have killed me"

"It would've been a waste of parts!" Roared Thanos as he throws Peter away and turns to face his adopted daughter.

Nebula runs at Thanos, attacking him with her sword, which is blocked by the gauntlet, "Where's Gamora?!"

Thanos doesn't answer her as he blasts her away with the power stone. He tries to follow up but Strange an energy ropes that grapple onto the gauntlet. Thanos tries to pull it free, his other hand moving to help him tug on the trapped arm, when Quill shoots a electric magnet onto the ground beside him, holding down his other hand in the same position.

Drax slid out of a portal and kicked Thanos in the back of the knees, forcing his legs to buckle and Drax put him in a full nelson, assisted by the magical rope and magnet holding Thanos' arms in place

Peter lands nearby, and makes a string of web, holding him back, enabling his spider legs to anchor himself, as Strange opens a portal above Thanos out of which drops Mantis, who lands on his shoulders, her hands on his temples. He screams as she tries to put him under with her mental manipulation.

Tony quickly landed and started pulling on the gauntlet, "Is he under? Don't let up"

Mantis was already straining to the point that she was starting to cry, "Be quick…. He is very strong!"

Tony couldn't agree more, "Parker, help! Get over here, she can't hold him much longer. Let's go. We gotta open his fingers to get it off!"

Peter didn't need to be told twice and immediately retracted the spider legs and released the webbing to help Tony pull off the gauntlet.

Quill landed in front of Thanos, joining with the others, "I thought you'd be harder to catch. For the record, this was my plan. Not so strong now, huh? Where's Gamora?"

Thanos, was mentally absent, but he still managed to mutter "My… Gamora…?"

Quill snarled "Oh, bull–shit. Where is she?"

Mantis hissed "He is in anguish!"

"Good" spat Quill

Mantis was suddenly overwhelmed by a tsunami of sorrow, "He… he… he mourns!"

Drax from behind Mantis asked, "What does this monster have to mourn?"

Nebula gasped she suddenly understands in horror what Thanos had done, "Gamora"

Quill glanced at the blue sister of his girlfriend, "What?"

"He took her to Vormir. He came back with the Soul Stone…but she didn't" reasoned Nebula

Tony who was still wiggling the gauntlet off said, "Okay, Quill, you gotta cool it right now, understand?"

Quill slowly turns to Thanos and took a step towards the sedated titan, anger clearly seen on his face.

Tony pleaded with Quill, but he couldn't abandon his position with trying to get the gauntlet off, "Don't, don't, don't engage, we've almost got this off!"

Quill didn't listen to Tony, "Tell me she's lying, ASSHOLE! Tell me you didn't do it!"

Thanos sleepily muttered, " I… had… to"

Quill starting to tear up, as he stood face to face with the purple Titan " No, you didn't… No, you didn't. NO, YOU DIDN'T!"

Drax screamed "Quill!"

But Quill was beyond listening to words as used his gun to pound Thanos in the face twice. Tony goes to hold him back, as Peter is left to pull off the gauntlet by himself.

Tony was the struggling to stop Quill. "Hey, stop! Hey, stop! Stop! Hey, stop! Stop!"

Peter gleefully said, "It's coming! It's coming! I got it! I got it…!"

But Quills last hit on Thanos wakes him up. He uses the Power Stone to blast Mantis from his shoulders, and grabbing the cuff of the gauntlet just as it is sliding off his hand, causing Parker to stumble back, and Mantis to go flying.

He ripped himself free of Drax's grip and backhanded him away, a blow that was powered by Power Stone and sent him flying backwards.

Peter seeing Mantis flying, muttered "Oh, God!" as he jumps and hugs her, extending his spider legs which give them a safe landing.

Thanos spun around and pointed the gauntlet at Tony and Quill standing next to him, but a portal opened up and closed around his arm wielding the golden gauntlet.

Thanos roared in pain as the limb was sliced off from his body and gripped his left arm at the elbow, where the limb had been shortened to.

"I didn't give you enough credit, Wizard" said Thanos' panting form, but he dropped to his knees as the gauntlet dropped to the ground from a portal in front of him.

"You're too dangerous to be left alive" said Strange, "I have to defeat you here or you'll cause more trouble than I can allow to rest on my conscious"

Thanos reached out and grabbed his sliced off arm from the ground, the gauntlet was crafted to fit the hand that he no longer had.

"You are equally cunning and foolish" snarled Thanos as he grabbed his arm and the red gem in the gauntlet glowed as his left arm reconnected itself to his body.

"When reality is whatever you want it to be, sometimes you allow people to have hope" continued Thanos as he flexed his left hand and all the stones in the gauntlet glowed with power.

But, Strange wasn't phased by it and summoned a sword racing through the at Thanos. Thanos opens and closed his hand, using the Space Stone to throw him away.

He takes a single step towards Strange, Tony shoots at him, but Thanos bats him down, and uses the Power and Space Stones to pull up the surface of the moon, raining massive meteors down on Tony.

Tony tries to fly away, but a large chunk pins him down, the storm of meteors trapping him in a corner as he is forced to sit still.

The planet was falling apart from the usage of the Stones by Thanos, causing Peter to try and juggle Quill, Mantis, and Drax to prevent their deaths.

Strange threw up a spell and leveled out the playing field per say as he glared at Thanos, a small cut on his forehead leaking blood down the left side of his face.

"You're more resourceful almost anyone that I've faced in years" complimented Thanos as Strange sent a blast of red hot lava at him,

Thanos flicked it away with the Space Stone and sent a blast of purple energy at Strange, only for Strange to warp the reality in front of him into glass.

Sending the cracked barrier of glass back at Thanos, Thanos punched through it and the gauntlet sucked up all the shards in a black hole that Thanos shot at Strange.

Strange made a circle motion with both of his hands and the black hole exploded into a mass of butterflies.

Thanos looked on as Strange's form shimmered with magic and hundreds of Strange's emerged from the single one. They flew up all around him in the air and they all latched out another red magic rope at him, the same as the one that Strange had used earlier.

But this time, Thanos didn't humor him and he sent a powerful wave of energy out, that mixed with the Soul Stone, pushed Strange's soul out of his body.

By the time that Strange could enter his body once more, Thanos was already holding Strange by the neck.

"You're full of trips wizard, but you never once used your greatest weapon" said Thanos as he crushed the fake Eye off its chain, before blasting away Strange, sending him crashing to the ground head first.

Much to his surprise, a red and gold device slaps into the palm of the Infinity Gauntlet, bracing the fingers open; and a red and gold colored Avenger drops down in front of Thanos, making a fast and hard entrance.

Tony trying not to show how he just about done with the Titan, "You throw another moon at me, and I'm gonna to lose it"

"Ah Stark" greeted Thanos

Tony, who was shocked, asked, "You know me?"

"I do. You're not the only one cursed with knowledge" replied Thanos

Tony's face twisted into one of rage, "My only curse is you" as a small rockets popped out of Tony's back and launch at Thanos.

Thanos groaned "Come on!"

The rockets all explode on target, momentarily shrouding Thanos in smoke. Before it clears, Tony piledrives into Thanos horizontally, using his single super-jet boot configuration. As he bounces off, he flips and sticks his landing, immediately reconfiguring his boots into ground clamps for stability and his gloves into rocket-driven battering rams, punching Thanos into a ruined wall behind him.

Thanos shakes it off quickly, reaches forward and tears Tony's helmet off, revealing Tony's surprised expression before the suit recovers automatically and re-forms his head protection. The Titan makes use of the fractional delay and punches Tony back hard, sending Tony sliding meters away, giving Thanos time to rip the brace device off the gauntlet.

He immediately uses the Power Stone to stream furiously lambent energy at his opponent, who forms a shield to kneel behind just as instantly, getting pushed back even further by the incredible force.

Tony slides out from behind the shield, letting the angled energy push him away for a faster start, and whips back to Thanos full thrusters. He kicks at the Titan with his left foot, turning the boot into a ground clamp at the same time to pin the gauntlet, and keeps twisting while his left glove becomes a ram again, slamming into Thanos' face, cutting his cheek.

Thanos who was actually impressed, said, "All that for a drop of blood"

He smiles briefly punches Tony, sending him pinwheeling, then starts beating him with his fists. Tony attempts to block the blows with his forearms, but Thanos is relentless, picking him up by the helmet and blasting his midsection with the Power Stone. The gaps in nanite coverage are now gaping, as the armor loses the ability to recover from the intensity and extent of the damage.

Tony was blasted off his feet, skidding on his back could only watch as Thanos marched closer. But Thanos was forced stop his advance to avoid a flying kick by from Peter who was in the Spider-Man suit that Tony had given him,

"Kid, what are you doing?" asked Tony to Peter, who didn't reply as he charged at the Titan.

Thanos chuckled as he easily batted aside the aggressive flailing of Peter's limbs, the child being no real threat to him. No, the threat to him was the man who the child was trying to protect.

Tony managed to struggle to one knee and fires his right hand repulsor at the inexorable Thanos; the beam is easily deflected by the gauntlet. He gets to both feet as the suit tries to complete repairs, adding the beam from his left hand as well.

Peter didn't have to move much as the blasts weren't aimed at him, but at Thanos. Thanos growled as he blasts Peter away to use the Gauntlet to absorb the blast.

Tony swears as Thanos walks toward him and there is nothing he can do as Thanos backhands the incomplete helmet completely off Tony's head. He crosses his arms to block a blow from Thanos's gauntlet, and has his left hand caught over his head.

Peter jumps onto Thanos' back and starts trying to punch the man anywhere he thought that his fists would be able to deal damage.

In desperation, Tony forms what's left of his right glove into a shortsword, while Thanos is distracted. But Thanos catches the sword that was aimed at his midsection with his other hand.

There was a flare of red as Peter phrased through Thanos and crashed into Tony, the two of them stumbling to the ground. Peter rolled off of Tony and found that Thanos was standing over him. Sword in hand, Thanos stabbed down and Peter closed his eyes as he prepared for his death.

But the blow never came and Peter felt the soft brush of air on his face, opening his eyes to see Tony looking down at him, the blade pushing out of the front of his chest.

Blood started to leak out of the corners of Tony's mouth and Tony cried out in pain as Thanos lifted him by the blade sticking out of his chest.

Thanos walks Tony back until he sits, and places the gauntlet almost comfortingly on Tony's head.

Thanos shook his head, "You have my respect, Stark. To battle me the way you have, to throw yourself over someone else's body to save them, an honorable way ti die. When I'm done, half of humanity will still be alive"

Thanos let go, straightens his body and steps back, "I hope they remember you because I will"

Tony would have said something sassy back, but his mind was distracted with the pain, the blood drooling out of his mouth, and the compromised breathing.

Thanos raises the gauntlet, closing his fist, all four Stones glowing as he prepared to kill Tony Stark

"Stop!" screamed Strange sitting up, sounding like he too was in unbearable pain, "Spare his life... and I will give you the stone"

Thanos couldn't hide his interest, "No tricks"

Strange shakes his head in agreement as Thanos points all four Stones at him instead.

Tony let out a wet cough, one that caused blood to dribble from his mouth in a thicker flow, as tears spilled from his eyes "Don't … please don't!"

Strange reaches up and plucks the Time Stone out of its hiding place in the stars. He opens his hand, the scars on his fingers and their inherent trembling that have been present since his accident were present once more and the Stone floats to Thanos' bare hand.

Strange watches him intently, as he takes the Stone and drops it into the thumb setting, the energy pulse making the Titan wince.

Thanos looking at the gauntlet, "One to go" before a blue portal consumed him and he was gone.

"Why?" asked Tony, tears flowing freely from his eyes at this point, his chest shaking with pain as each breath grew harder and harder to take in.

"Because it needs to happen, we want to win, we need you" said Strange without hesitation.

"Mr. Stark, I'm so sorry" said Peter with a tremble in his voice as he watched Tony's labor breathing.

"Child, I would that again, every single time" whispered Tony as he leaned backwards to lay in his back, looking up at the colorful night sky.

Earth: Wakanda

The assault had barely started and already, they were in trouble. T'Challa's demand for the warriors of Wakanda to defend the city was still in progress as messengers were running around calling onto every single person that they could.

Steve, Rhodes, Sam, T'Challa, and Dora Milaje forces were left to fight the invading forces alone.

T'Challa looked at the monsters that were trying to force their way through the barrier, starting to circle around the dome of protection and realized what he had to do.

'We have to open the barrier' thought T'Challa before putting his comm to his mouth, "On my signal, open North-West Section Seventeen"

The Dome Control member asked, "Requesting confirmation, my King. You said open the barrier?

T'Challa somberly said, "Yes, now"

The slender strip of the dome shimmered and glowed before vanishing and allowing the monsters to race through, bottlenecking the invading forces.

"WAKANDA FOREVER" screamed T'Challa as he led the charge towards the forces. But he never had to do much as in a rainbow-hued light lands in the middle of the opposing forces, and an axe flies out of it, wreathed with lightning and tearing through the invaders, leaving the heroes speechless. It flies back to the light and into its master's hand just as the beam cuts out, revealing Thor, Groot and Rocket.

Thor's body was spitting outs arcs of lightning as the sky darkened and he pointed Stormbreaker at invading forces before blasting them with a bolt of purple lightning that tore them them like nothing.

There was a surge of power coming from behind them and Steve turned around to see the sky was split between a class of red and purple, before the red vanished completely,

"Something is wrong" said Steve as he could no longer make contact with Wanda or Vision.

On Titan:

Mantis opened her mouth to say something but she disintegrates into ash before she could say anything. Drax only had time to turn to Quill as he dissolves. Quill could only stare in horror.

Tony looked around as he winced upon lifting his upper body form his laying position, "What's going on?"

Quill shrugged before he dissolved before Tony's very eyes and Tony turned to Strange. Strange, calmly turns toTony, "There was no other way"

"What do you mean?" asked Tony

"Naruto will know what to do, listen to him Tony" said Strange, he finally gets erased.

Peter realizes people were fading away, cries out "Mister Stark? Things don't feel so good, the world feels like it's crying" Tony trying to be calm, his voice shaking as he looks at Peter in terror, "You're all right, Peter. That's all that matters"

Peter nodded, "I don't know what's- I don't know what's happening. I don't-" Peter fell next to the downed Tony clutching him tight and crying, "Save me, save me! I don't wanna go, I don't wanna go, sir, please. Please, I don't wanna go. I don't wanna go... I'm sorry"

But Peter Parker doesn't disintegrates into ashes in Stark's arms, not his hands that were gripping Tony Stark's hand were suddenly filled with ash.

"NO! PLEASE NO!" cried Peter, " , PLEASE I NEED YOU!"

Tears poured down Peter's eyes as he looked around the destroyed planet and he saw nobody in sight and he dropped to his hands and knees, his tears hitting the ground with little plats as he cried.

Peter slammed his fist into the ground and whispered, "I … I don't know what I'm doing Mr. Stark. I need you, I can't do this by myself"

But when he lifted his head, there was nobody there for him. He was all alone on a crumbling planet … all alone.

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