"So hears the deal girls, when we get to Cali, you two are going to compete for my love. Can't date both of you!" "I don't want to fight my sister! Anyways I've already got a boyfriend. And Sammy here, she's so stupid to know which way is up, so she's out." "And that's why I love you Tammy, your assertive! Anyways, we're going on a date when we get to the beach, you can bring your silly little crush Brindan with us too, see if he's stronger than me!" Atlas laughed, as his father stepped behind him and clapped him on the back. "Oh, when did Atlas get here?" Sammy looked up from her phone. "Yeah babe I've been here the whoal time!" Atlas grabbed Sammy and Tammy, and lead them onto the bus. "That's what I'm saying dude! Mason thinks he's so much better than us. All because he's got his fancy motorcycle, and he's officially an adult, and how he's got that internship working at the hospital, doing lab work." "Well it's not like we can do anything, I just wish someone would give him a taste of his own medicine." "Come on, we're going to miss the bus." Isaac dragged Marcus and Brindan onto the bus. "Mr. May, I expect you'll be driving?" "I had plans to Doctor Tanner. You may have your degree in physics, but I'm the only certified bus trivet, AND music teacher, and the football coach." Cameron smiled smugly at James "Get in already, every important member is on the bus already!" James said climbing into the bus waiting for the driver. "Very funny Tanner, about as funny as when Atlas got kicked off the team for using elicit substances." "He was clean and you know it May. If you mention that again I'll have to kick you off this bus." "W-wait for me!" Zach ran trying to catch the bus before it left, barley making it inside before the doors closed on him. "Well done kid welcome to the party." "All if you here, are the best Of the best in your class, or sport. Sammy and Tammy Rivers your cheer team captains. Atlas Tanner, quarterback, for the school football team, previously team captain." "And Isaac and Brindan, leading their class in debate. Marcus, winning district for his one act play." "Drama and debate don't count in my eyes, but you were the one choosing the people allowed to go on the trip." "They're bickering again. Why are they always so angry?" "Because Mr. May stole Atlas's mom, she started cheating on him three years into the marriage, and then divorced, and she married Mr. May." "That's kinda harsh right?" "Eh, he was a bit of a jerk, so he kinda deserved it." The bus lurched forward, as Cameron stepped on the pedal rushing off on their way to Fresno California, Marcus smiled noticing the sign reading route 40. They were almost to their hotel. "This is going to be the best spring break ever!" Mason drove on his cycle, driving past the bus. The night before there was a fatal rollover. Glass and metal shrapnel still littered the ground. Mason drove over one of these pieces, and popped one of his tires, and sending the shrapnel flying. Zach had just opened the window, and the piece of metal collapsed his skull as it met with his face. Mason on the other hand had fallen off of his bike, which fell into the ravine below. The bus drove closer, and not being able to break in time ran the young man over. Father over on the other side over the bridge was a group of construction workers working with pressurized methane "Oh, no no!" James stood up, trying to get away from the boy sitting next to him, but fell over from the moving bus, above him were Zach's bags, including his lucky bowling ball, which fell, crushing the mans's throat. The man working with the oxygen dropped his cigarette absentmindedly onto the ground unknowingly near the leaking methane tank. . The worker was incinerated immediately and the tank shot off like a rocket, smashing into the bus windshield, tearing Cameron to shreds. "What's going on?" Sammy had just woken up by Atlas letting out a high pitched scream, from the lack of control over the bus, and the recent death of his father. "Oh no, come on move!" The bus kept going, heading towards he barricade separating them from the ravine underneath. Tammy grabbed her sister and tried to force the door open, she got it opened but the twins were sucked out from the speed, sending them falling below. The bus spiraled out of control hitting the barrier from the back, the cement block tearing through the spinning bus, smashing Isaac against the side of the bus, and then tipping over, so only the front wheels were dangling on the bridge. Marcus and Atlas were able to grab seats in time, but Brindan fell out of the bus, landing hard on the rapids below. "Hold on!" Atlas climbed seat after seat, making it to the entrance, and escaping, crawling to the edge, shaking in fear, Marcus wasn't so lucky however, trying to pull himself up like Atlas had, his hand slipped and he fell , barley able to grasp the malformed side of the metal husk, his added weight on the back was what it took for the balanced machine to fall into the water, as he fell screaming for his life, he shot awake, seeing the sign for route 40. "What? No, not again. Stop! Stop the bus!" Marcus pulled the emergency brake above his seat. "Whoah! What the heck is Cameron doing?" Mason skidded, stopping behind the bus. "What do you think your doing kid?" Cameron walked back looking Marcus in the eye. "The, the bus is going to crash, I need to get off now!" Marcus shoved past Cameron and Isaac and Brindan followed trying to keep up with their friend. "Brindan wait! Come on Sammy." Tammy guided her sister out of the bus, and Atlas followed after "Come on girls! Don't leave me." "You're not getting off without me Atlas." "Guys, don't leave me!" Zach climbed out of the bus, closing the window behind him. Cameron raised his hands in annoyance. "Know what, all of you leave then! I've got a bus load of people to take to Fresno. You can walk for all I care." Cameron closed the door, and drove off without the people who had gotten off. "Out of the road bozo! I need to reserve my room!" "No, no you don't get it! The bus, it's going to crash!" After saying this a loud boom came from the bus, which drove off into the barriers, and fell off into the ravine. The group stared at the bus that was now smoldering in the bottom of the ravine. "So now how do we get to Fresno. And where's Mr. May?" Sammy asked to no one in particular.