Mason strolled through the halls with his cart looking for the good doctor. He filled his cup with water from the fountain, overfilling it, thinking about how his friend had died, and how Marcus had warned him. "Poor Atlas, lost his best friend on the same day Sammy and Tammy dumped it coming though, that guy is the stupidest person at our school." Mason kept pushing his cart taking a sip from his cup every now and then. Entering one of the larger labs Mason put his cart to the side of a large table, opening one of the cabinets overhead, one of the vials filled with an an unknown substance fell out. Mason grabbed it before it hit the floor. "Whew, doctor Dan would have killed me if I'd broken that. Mason pulled out the cork smelled it and shrugged not smelling anything, he put the cork in loosely and placed it back down, and left the cart sitting under the counter. "Wow it's hot in here, better open a window just to be safe." Mason opened the large window next to his cart, and a strong gust of wind flowed through the air, pushing the vial over, the cork falling out and the liquid spilling into his cup, and the vial falling on the floor shattering, the remainder of the liquid burned through the floor. Mason screamed seeing the glass and the small hole burning its way through the floor. "No, no,no! He's going to kill me! Calm down, just breath." Mason chugged the contents of his cup in one swallow only able to note the sour taste of the water for a few seconds, as he acid took affect. He clutched at his throat as the strange liquid burned through his esophagus, his throat started filling with his blood as he tried to cough up the acid, opening his airways, and the acid made its way into his lungs, as he fell to his knees, blood coming out of his nose and mouth, small holes pulsating blood, and a sickly green liquid pulsed from the holes forming in his neck, he clawed at his throat as he felt his life slowly ebbing away, he let out a gurgling scram, and began to foam at the mouth, he noticed the label on the vial. 'Hydrochloric acid' he slumped on the floor spasming as blood and foam leaked out of his mouth. Leaving the young genius dead.

"Number two is dead now too. Do you remember who's next Marcus?"

"What do you mean number two, and who's next?" "Every time in history that someone saw something and prevented death, there has been a order, something simple that death gives out to help you overcome your problems." Brindan gleamed, showing off his crooked teeth. "Your sister would know about that wouldn't she?" "Alice? No, she can't even leave the house anymore, she says I'm lucky to be alive two. I was there during the accident with a large boat sinking, apparently to her I didn't make it on the boat before she saw her vision, so I wasn't affected. But now, death wants me back, and I'm not going to die without a fight, if your correct, we should be able to save hem, if we try hard enough, come on, James should be next."