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Burt Gummer had just finished making some graboid bombs in his basement when his wife Heather came into the room, Burt smiled as he looked at her. That long red hair, and her country good looks, and the way she carried an HK-91...Burt let out a sigh. He was damned lucky he married her instead of Jasmine. Heather came over with another three pounds of C4 plastic explosive, "Burt baby, " she started " why so much C4 this time to blow the hell outta the graboids? I mean one explosive- sure. But thats almost too much C4 in those.

Burt just looked and smiled. "Heather, i learned something from that last one that Earl and I dug up. It carries eggs inside of it, and that is how they continue their life cycle. And I aim to stop them. Because, this time if we cannot stop them before they leave this valley, then God help us...we are gonna need some serious help. Avenging help" Then he continued making bombs and ordering cannon fuse buy the spool full, just then his phone rang, it was Valentine and Ronda. "Hey Burt, we gotta problem up north of the valley. We arer eleven miles north of Perfection Valley, and the graboids have literally mutated into some kind of squat, shrieking critters on two legs. Ronda called them Shriekers. We need help now. Call that friend of yours, uh..Tony Stark. Tell him to saddle up and help us. These worms are eating usn alive here."

Burt hung up the phone, and dropped his head. Heather put her hand on his shoulder. "What's wrong Burt sweetheart?" Burt the Avengerswiped tears from his face, and grabbed Heathers hand. "Its happening sweetheart. The worms have transformed again, just like back 4 years ago. God the horror of that that time. We gotta get the heavy guys in here. Val and Ronda are in trouble, Earl and Kate are having trouble too. Time to call Tony." Burt picked up the red cell phone and dialed Tony Stark's number, "Hello, Tony? This is Burt Gummer, we need the Avengers here now. We have a graboid problem, and it is getting worse. Help is needed." Tony listened as Burt explained the situation. Tony assured his friend that help would be there soon.

graboid graboid graboid graboid graboid graboid avengers avengers avengers avengers shrieker shrieker...

Tony and Pepper flew in that afternoon, and were greeted to sounds of gunfire and explosions. Burt met them at the landing strip. "Boy am I glad to see you two!" Exclaimed Burt as Heather launched another RPG at the charging shriekers.

"You guys always this friendly?" asked Pepper, as she saw the shriekers explode. "Heather, this is Tony and Pepper Stark. Mr. & Mrs. Stark, this is my wife Heather." As Burt made introductions, Val called. "Burt! HELP US PLEASE!" was all he heard before the line went silent. Burt traced the call signal, it was just eight miles outside the valley, around the rock intrusion that marked the entrance to the low rock flats. Burt looked at Tony, "did you bring iron man?" ask Burt. "Yeah, and I made one for you too, its called hunter. Burt was impressed. 'A new arsenal!' thought Burt excitedly. Tony put body markers on him, and Jarvis suited him up.

"Whoa! What a rush!" exclaimed Burt as he looked at the scanners and such, buzzing and whirring around him. "Does it fly?" asked Burt. "Yes, and I am also programmed to take out flying threats too. " "What th-" Burt didnt finish, before Jarvis interrupted, :Im sorry, Mr. Gummer. Im Jarvis. computer assistant."

Tony taught Burt how to handle the thrusters, how to fly, and target when flying.

As the day progressed, Heather and Pepper worked on their target practice, and prayed that Earl & kate, and Val & Ronda could hang on until the cavalry had arrived. Tony paged Thor, and the Black Widow Natasha, and the wild card Bruce Banner. He gave the situation, and location. They came as asked. Except for Bruce, he was late as usual. Tony and Burt gave the rundown of what they're up against, what they look like, and what they mutate into. One person stowed away on Stark's plane, Peter Parker, aka- Spiderman. He crawled out of the overhead luggage rack, and looked around, "shriekers? Graboids? Ass blasters? What in the hell is going on here?" Peter would write the best story for the Globe newspaper. Just as he began writing his story, his spider senses went crazy, and he saw a huge shrieker coming for him. He had just finishied working on a new stronger web line for his slingers, he called it 'steel web'. He shot at the graboid and wrapped it up. To his amazement, it did not come undone.

Peter changed into his spiderman outfit and went to join Thor, Stark, Hulk, Black Widow, and Burt Gummer

He soon ran into Heather Gummer, and Pepper Stark. "Well, just who do we have here?" asked Heather. "Im Spiderman. Here to help with your worm problem."

Four hours later...

Heather, Pepper, and Spiderman joined up with Earl and Kate, as the graboids were becoming overwhelming in numbers. Burt and Heather's son, Travis Welker stays in the town of Perfection, and helps Mindy, her mom Nancy, Melvin, and Megan, Grady, Jodi, and Jack hold the town together before the worms have a long feast right through the valley without stopping.

Burt and Tony headed north to help Val and Ronda, Thor headed to the rock flats with Bruce, and Natasha headed south to join Pepper and Heather. Spiderman and Earl were having some conflicting ideas about how best to set a trap, while the gals kept their eyes open watching for trouble. Finally, Kate spoke to break the argument, "why dontcha just dig a big pit and lead them right into it, and then...blow their asses up." Both Earl and Spidey looked at each other and then at Kate. "She is right you know." said Spiderman, Earl just smirked and took a sip of beer. "Yeah, I know she is right, that is why I married her in the first place."

The two men started digging a pit. and finally got the big cat backhoe to dig it up. They made it forty five feet long, and 68 feet deep. The ladies made a cattle running chute, and set it up to go into the pit. Then they got a few barrel fires going for the heat to draw them in. and sure enough those little squat bastards came like a shrieking herd of wild animals. And they followed the chute right into the pit of hell as it was dubbed. Then as if on cue, from the sky, Burt unleashed his weapon of choice, napalm and handgrenades. "FRY YOU BASTARDS!" screamed Burt as he dropped the grenades, showering them with fire from hell.

Pepper spoke up and said "well, one down, two to go." The shriekers were all destroyed, eggs included. Only ashed remained. The valiant group moved to Perfection, where the word was only three worms had come into the area, and were wreaking havoc on the town.

Spiderman went to join Val, Ronda, Burt and Tony. Mindy had to come along.