Hello I'm Harry Skellington I'm the son of Jack and Sally Skellington. Well adopted son any way. This is how it all happened at least that's what my parents say. I suddenly appeared in the town square of Halloween Town. All the people could hear was crying from the town square. As the mayor approached me he suddenly started screaming and calling for Jack. As soon as Jack heard the scream he was running down the stairs Sally following closely behind. In the town square everyone was frantically running around a skeleton child.

"What is going on here." Jack asked the people. Then he heard the baby's cry. He walked over and saw the baby skeleton he slowly picked up the baby and it stopped crying. As the baby saw jacks face he reached up as if to touch Jacks nose. At this everyone cooed. "Why hello little one who are you." Jack said. "My name Harry." The little baby said. "Why hello harry how old are you." Jack said to Harry "I'm 2." Said Harry.

This is only the beginning of the story but once in a blue moon will the rest of the tale be told.