Ok so the blue moon has come and it is time to tell the story.

Jack said that they brought me back to the house to ask me what happened. I said that my relatives had dumped me at the side of the road. Sally suddenly ran and hugged me. Jack went upstairs and found me a small suit just like his."This should work well enough." Then he changed me into the tiny suit. "Hello would you like us to be your parents." I heard sally ask in a kind voice. "I would like that very much thank you miss." I said in a childlike tone so they say. From that day on I was the son of jack and sally Skellington.

I slowly started to grow up and then my eleventh birthday came. Dad and mom had gotten a strange letter in the mail. It was for a school called Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. I couldn't help it I started to laugh most would have been shocked but I had known about magic since I was seven because of the witch's in the village. "Father can I go please." I ask jack. He just nodded and went to find a skelebird to send them a reply.