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Rachel's POV

Rachel was having an awful day. It was the first of May, marking exactly three years since the accident. The first of May was a notoriously difficult day for Rachel. Actually, the first of every month seemed to be cursed where Rachel was concerned. It always seemed like she had terrible luck. Last year, she set her house on fire whilst trying to cook dinner. The year before, her cat was in an accident and had to be taken to the Emergency Vet's, and passed away on the first of June, one month later.

This year, she had a terrible nights sleep, slept through all her alarms, felt extremely sick in the morning, burnt her breakfast, spilt her coffee on her brand new jumper and missed the audition of a lifetime. She had gotten to the theatre, but they had already left, leaving her more frustrated than ever. It was like the universe was trying to tell her not to leave the house on the first day of the month. Which, admittedly, she had done several times.

Apart from all that, the first of May was a very hard day for her. Although she had moved on, she missed Finn very much. He was always her person, and she had never forgotten him.

She sighed as she unlocked the door to her apartment,

"Looks like I'm skipping out on this day," She muttered, putting her bag on the console table and slipping off her heels,

"Jesse?" She called out to the apartment, expecting him to be home,

No answer.

She walked into the kitchen and saw a note addressed to her on the fridge,


I hope your audition went well! I can't wait for you to tell me all about it when I get home! Jason called me into work, something about the understudy quitting, so I'll be home late, unfortunately. I promise I'll make it up to you. Maybe I could make dinner?

Love you,

Jesse xxx.

She sighed again, the director of Jesse's off-Broadway production was always calling him in on his days off. As much as she disliked it, sometimes she liked having the room to breathe. Especially on this day.

She glanced at the rings on her finger guiltily. She really was lucky, one was a simple silver band, the other, holding three small diamonds.

She was fully aware that Jesse was too good for her. She didn't love him the way he deserved. She tried her hardest, and she really wanted to love him, it's just her past kept getting in the way. He was so good to her. He didn't argue too much with her. He tried to cook when she didn't feel up to it, though that usually resulted in the pair of them ordering take out.

They had gotten married in December the previous year, Rachel hoping that she might develop the 'correct' feelings for him. She did love him, just, not as a husband. She wasn't in love with him, however hard she tried.

Her phone dinged in her pocket, and she pulled it out,

'This day will change your life forever, give this number a call to find out how,'- (555) 123 1234,

She rolled her eyes, this number had already been trying to call her for weeks,

"Yeah, that's gonna happen, Mister '123-1234'," She said sarcastically, throwing her phone on the couch and flicking on the television,

"Are you disappointed with how your life turned out?" A voice asked from the TV,

Rachel scoffed, "Just a bit," She replied bitterly,

"Did your high school sweetheart pass away before graduation?" It continued, the man moving his hands as he talked, looking as if he were looking straight at Rachel,

Rachel paused, that was strangely specific, "Yeah..." She replied again,

"Is your name Rachel Berry?" He asked conversationally,

Rachel jumped off of the sofa, "What did he just say?" She asked herself as if she were going mad,

"Call the number on the bottom of the screen for more information," The man invited, gesturing below him,

Rachel fumbled for the TV remote and turned off the TV,

She shook herself slightly, "That was weird," She said to herself, "I need to lie down," She decided, "I have officially gone mad, after all these years, and I am hallucinating," She reasoned, "Sleeping will help,"

She shivered slightly and went into her bedroom to lie down.

Santana's POV

Santana panted slightly and lay back on the bed, trying to catch her breath,

"You're good," The person lying next to her, Santana had forgotten her name, commented appreciatively,

Santana smirked, "Of course I am," She agreed,

She turned to look at the clock and groaned, 11:30 pm, 30th of April,

"Look, I have to go to work really early tomorrow," Santana lied, "I think it would be best if you left now," She told the woman

She looked confused, "You're kicking me out?" She asked with a frown,

"Sorry," Santana said with a guilty smile, "My shift is at 5 am and I think it would be better if you just left," She explained, looking appropriately remorseful,

"Oh, that's okay," She replied with a small smile, getting out of bed and collecting her clothes from around the room,

She turned around to face Santana as she slipped on her dress, "Can I have your number?" she asked hopefully,

"Sure," Santana agreed, taking the proffered phone from Sarah and writing in a fake number, under the name 'Satan' with a devil emoji,

The woman smiled, "Devil in disguise," She said teasingly,

Santana shrugged modestly, "I don't try to hide it," She replied with a smirk,

The woman picked up her shoes and her bag, "I'll text you," She said in farewell with a sweet smile,

"I seriously doubt it," Santana replied in a quiet sing-song voice once she had left the room,

Santana sighed, she didn't really want to go to sleep, because she knew that tomorrow would come sooner, and she really didn't want that.

The first of May was the hardest day of the year for her. Not only was the first of the month, every month, super cursed, but the first of May marked the anniversary of the day Brittany, her girlfriend and love of her life, was killed in a car accident, along with one of her friends.

...30th of April/1st of May, 2012-23:40... (nobody's POV)

The police officer sighed as she looked at the scene in front of her, but turned away, that wasn't her job. He walked over to the officer that was standing in front of the police car and tapped him on the shoulder,

"Just the person I was looking for," He said in greeting,

"What have we got?" She replied questioningly, grimacing as she saw the paramedics pushing a stretcher into an ambulance,

"Hit and run," The officer replied grimly, "Two dead, a young man, maybe in his late teens? And a young woman, aged around 20 also," He elaborated,

"What ID did you get?" Officer Carr asked, hoping for something worthwhile,

"They both had emergency numbers in their wallets," Officer Moore answered with a slightly pained expression,

"Mother and Father?" She checked,

"The guy had Mother and Step-Father, the woman had Mother and Father," He clarified,

She shook her head, this was the least favourite part of her job, "Address?" She asked,

She preferred doing these things face to face,

Officer Moore nodded, "For both," He confirmed,

Finally, some good news.

"Alright, my partner and I will head to the woman's house, and we'll get two officers to go to the young man's house," She decided, saying goodbye to him before walking off.

Rachel woke up around midnight, feeling funny. She sat up in bed and looked around, seeing if something had woken her up, but seeing nothing.

"Maybe I was too hot," She muttered to herself, kicking off her covers and lying back on her bed, feeling really cold afterwards,

Suddenly, her phone rang, and she frowned, looking at the caller ID,

"Why is Carole calling me at this time in the morning?" She asked confusedly, twisting to the side and picking up the phone,

"Hello?" She greeting in a slightly croaky voice,

"Rachel?" Carole sobbed on the other end of the phone,

Rachel sat up in alarm, "Carole?" She replied urgently, "What's wrong?"

She could only hear crying on the other end of the phone,

"Carole?" She repeated firmly,

"It's Finn," Carole gasped out, breaking down in another wave of sobs,

Rachel's blood ran cold, this couldn't be happening. It wasn't. There had been a mistake.

"Where are you?" She asked anyway, jumping out of bed and putting on a jacket,

Rachel heard some shuffling on the end of the line and a new person spoke,

"We're on our way to Lima Memorial Hospital," Burt answered in a gruff voice, "Meet us here," He instructed, and hung up the phone,

Rachel took a couple of deep breaths to calm down. She didn't even know what was happening. Finn had just been in an accident, he was fine. The tears running down her face didn't agree.

She went past her dads' room and paused, they didn't need to come with her. She'd leave a note and call them in the morning.

Across town, Santana was tossing and turning, suddenly, she sat bolt upright in her bed, shaking slightly, beads of sweat running down her face,

She laughed slightly, "That was a horrible dream," She told herself, rubbing her face with the back of her hand,

She had been having the worst dream. She dreamt that-

Her phone rang beside her,

"Who in hell is calling me at twelve thirty in the morning?" She grumbled, and reached for her phone with a huff, not looking at the caller ID,

"I swear to God if this is a prank I will go all Lima Heights on your sorry-" She threatened,

"Santana?" A voice interrupted weakly,

Santana froze, "Mrs Pierce?" She asked in a quiet voice, the resemblance to her dream terrifying,

Mrs Pierce sighed in what sounded like relief, "We've been trying to reach you for ten minutes," She said tiredly,

"And?" Santana prompted,

Mrs Pierce was silent for a moment, "There was an accident," She said gravely,

She was kind of confused, "Are you and Mr Pierce okay?" She asked worriedly,

"It was Brittany," She replied, her voice breaking when she spoke her daughter's name,

Santana pulled the phone away from her and looked at the screen. She had four missed calls from Mrs Pierce, and three from her father, who was on his shift at Lima Memorial,

"Lima Memorial?" She asked, already getting out of bed and going to her wardrobe to get a jacket,

"Yes, you should meet us there," She affirmed,

"I'm on my way," Santana replied, and she hung up the phone,

She ran downstairs and picked up her keys from the table. She considered waking up her mom, or calling her Dad, but decided against it, and ran out of the house and into her car.

Rachel jumped out of her car and ran towards the entrance of the hospital.

"Rachel?" A voice called out from behind her, and she turned to see Santana running towards her,

"What are you doing here?" Santana asked in a terrified tone, which was very unusual to hear,

"Something happened to Finn," She replied quickly, walking towards the entrance with Santana following closely behind her, "Why, what are you doing here?" She replied confusedly,

Santana paused, and Rachel stopped to look at her,

"Brittany was in an accident," She answered in a whisper, and she caught up to Rachel, the pair of them heading through the main doors of the hospital,

As they walked up to the main desk, Rachel looked at Santana fearfully,

"Excuse me?" Rachel asked the receptionist as politely as she could, "We're looking for a Finn Hudson and a Brittany Pierce," She said for both of them,

Santana grabbed her hand and tugged it slightly, and Rachel looked at her questioningly,

"Rachel?" She heard Kurt ask in a small voice, and she turned to see Carole, Burt and Kurt standing next to a familiar looking couple,

"Carole?" She replied, walking straight over to her and pulling Santana with her,

"Mrs Pierce?" Santana said from behind her, knowing she didn't like this situation, and just wanting to see Brittany,

Now Rachel knew where she knew the couple from. They were Britt's parents,

Mrs Pierce looked as though she were about to speak, but she covered her mouth instead as she cried, turning into her husband,

"Mr Pierce?" Santana asked, changing tactic,

"Burt and Carole Hudson-Hummel?" A voice called out, "Whitney and Pierce Pierce?"

Everybody turned to face the person who had spoken,

The man was wearing scrubs and looked at the group in confusion,

Burt seemed to realise his confusion and cleared his throat, "I'm Burt Hudson-Hummel, this is my wife, Carole Hudson-Hummel and my son, Kurt Hummel," He introduced, gesturing to each of them in turn, "This is Pierce Pierce and Whitney Pierce, and this is Rachel Berry, Finn's girlfriend, and Santana Lopez, Brittany's girlfriend," He continued, his voice breaking on the last parts,

The doctor nodded in understanding, a flicker of sadness showing on his face before he spoke, "As you all know, Brittany Pierce and Finn Hudson were involved in a hit and run on their way's home this evening," He said, and he paused to let the information sink in,

Rachel gasped and put one hand over her mouth, Santana gripping her other tightly,

"Ms Brittany Pierce was announced Dead On Arrival, despite the paramedic's best attempts to revive her," He said slowly, "Unfortunately," He added, "Mr Finn Hudson went into cardiac arrest minutes after we received him, our team worked on him for twenty minutes, but we couldn't revive him," He explained softly,

Carole started crying again, and Mrs Pierce walked over to her to hug her. Mr Pierce stood stock still, not crying, and Burt was hugging a sobbing Kurt,

Santana shook her head, "No, this isn't happening," She decided, "Not to Finn and Brittany. This doesn't happen in real life!" She said accusingly to the doctor, "You're lying!"

"Santana," Rachel said tearfully, grabbing Santana by the shoulders and gently turning her to face her, "Santana," She repeated, more firmly,

Santana looked up at her, tears shining in her eyes,

Rachel couldn't speak, she just buried her face in Santana's shoulders and burst into tears. The pair of them cried until Burt and Pierce told them they would like them to help them identify the bodies, just a regular procedural thing.

Rachel hadn't let go of Santana's hand the whole way to the little conference room.

"Rachel," Santana whispered quietly, "I'm scared,"

The defeat in Santana's voice broke Rachel's heart,

"We have to do this, for Finn, Brittany, their parents," Rachel insisted,

"Right," She replied, and gripped Rachel's hand harder,

A woman appeared in front of them, Santana wasn't really sure if it was a doctor, or a police officer or someone who worked in the mortuary, but they were wearing plain-ish office clothes,

"Are we ready?" She asked softly,

A police officer had approached them in the waiting room, stressing the importance of identifying the bodies due to the fact it had been a death as a result of a crime, or something along those lines. They hadn't really been listening.

Burt, Pierce, Rachel and Santana all headed into the room, with Finn and Brittany's moms waiting outside, having cried so much they just looked exhausted,

"Take a seat," The woman advised, to which they did, "I'm Lori," She introduced,

They nodded in acknowledgement,

"About these photos," She started, "Ms Pierce and Mr Hudson may look quite different to how you remember. It's not my job to tell you what happened, but you know they were in a hit and run." She checked, and they nodded, "Mr Hudson suffered from internal bleeding, and Ms Pierce sustained a fatal blow to the head,"

They nodded again, much like robots,

"Okay, are you okay to look at these photos?" She asked one last time,

Rachel took one of the folders from Lori, and Santana took the other,

She opened the folder and gasped slightly. This photo was the final straw. The confirmation that Finn was dead. She knew that she was expecting it, but nothing could have ever prepared her for that photo.

"Can you confirm that the photo in front of you is in fact, of Mr Finn Hudson?" Lori asked gently,

Rachel nodded quickly, "The photo in front of me is of Finn," She confirmed, closing the folder and pushing it towards Burt, who also confirmed Finn's identity,

She turned to face Santana, who looked like she had seen a ghost, not too far off, Rachel thought sadly,

"Ms Lopez," Lori prompted gently, "Is the photo in front of you of-"

"It's her," Santana interrupted, sliding the folder back across the table and wiping her eyes,

Lori nodded and passed the folder to Mr Pierce, who also nodded as he choked back a sob, passing the folder back to her,

"Thank you, everybody, for your cooperation," Lori thanked, "You can leave when you're ready," She told us, leaving the four of us alone in the room.

...End Flashback...

The next few months had been horrible. The Glee Club was completely devastated by the loss of two of its members Rachel and Santana even more devastated. For Santana, she'd lost her best friend, not just her girlfriend. She'd also suffered from the loss of Finn. Nobody knew quite how much he meant to her, and she intended to keep it that way.

After that night in the hospital, Santana and Rachel had gone home together in Santana's car, completely silent the whole way home. They slept in Santana's bed that night, crying themselves to sleep and trying to comfort each other.

Rachel left in the morning. That was the last time Santana ever spoke to her. The pair avoided each other like the plague until graduation, then, moved to different cities, and had no reason to keep in touch.

Santana didn't know why she stopped talking to Rachel. Maybe it was the fact that Rachel reminded her of Brittany's death or Finn's death. Either way, what was done was done.

Santana woke up on the first of May feeling sick to her stomach, and sat up in bed with a groan,

"I am never drinking again," She decided, putting her 'sick' feeling down to a hangover,

She was dreading this day. All she wanted to do was wrap herself in bubble wrap and stay in bed. That way she'd have half a chance of escaping the day unharmed.

Usually, she spent the day drunk off her ass, maybe leaving the house, only to get injured by walking into a car, or arrested for some crime she didn't commit. Yeah, that happened once.

Today, she had to work at the diner.

"Shit," She grumbled,

There was a knock on her bedroom door,

"Santana! Get up! You're running late!" Mercedes called through the door,

"I'm up!" She called back, rubbing her face tiredly,

She knew that Mercedes was tired of how she was acting, but she didn't see anything wrong with what she was doing. She wasn't hurting anyone, so what was the problem? Mercedes, though, was such a good friend, that she had stuck by her the past few years, regardless of Santana's behaviour. She never asked questions or pushed her too much, but she always pushed a little bit, just enough to keep Santana from giving up.

She swung her legs over the side of the bed and stood up, knocking a glass over as she did,

"Fan-fucking-tastic," She cheered sarcastically, waving her hands, "So it begins,"

She grabbed her uniform out of her wardrobe and sighed. She got the job at the diner as an interim job. Two and a half years ago.

She put on her uniform and went into the kitchen, her phone buzzing in her pocket as she did, and she pulled it out,

"Three missed calls from '123 1234'," She commented in a curious tone,

"Who's that?" Mercedes asked curiously, sipping her coffee,

"I don't know, they've been calling for weeks," Santana shrugged, putting her phone on the surface only for it to ring again,

"Aren't you gonna answer that?" Mercedes asked pointedly, nodding her head towards the phone,

"Are you crazy? You answer the phone once and they'll keep calling," Santana replied as if Mercedes had gone mad,

The phone rang again,

"They seem pretty persistent," Mercedes commented unsurely,

Santana sighed and picked up the phone, clicking on one of the voicemails and holding the phone to her ear,

"Are you stuck in a dead-end job?" A male voice asked rhetorically,

Santana furrowed her brow,

"Have you taken so many wrong turns in your life that you suspect you'll never get it right?" The voice pressed, and Santana nodded, though she knew they couldn't see her,

"Is your name Santana Lopez?" The voice asked conversationally,

Santana pulled the phone away from her ear and looked at it in shock,

"What did they say?" Mercedes asked curiously, smiling,

"Uh, huh? No, nothing, I've gotta-yeah, bye!" She settled with, grabbing her shoes and running out of the house, no doubt leaving Mercedes confused.

After she had arrived at the diner, an advert appeared on the TV, speaking the same words from the voicemail, and she fumbled to change the channel, dropping the remote in her haste, it smashing at her feet.

"Urrghh!" She exclaimed, stomping her foot in frustration,

Only on the first of the month would that happen to her.

Two hours into her shift, and she had already dropped three trays of food, broken the coffee machine, and had a run-in with a rude customer.

"Why don't you clock off early?" Her manager, a lovely woman called Marie, suggested,

Santana wanted to object, but at that moment, the knife she was holding in her hand dropped to the ground, narrowly missing her foot,

"I think that's a good idea," She commented in a slight daze, wiping her hands on her apron and taking it off.

Hours later, at 11:35 in the evening, she lay in bed, feeling even sicker than she had earlier. She had spent the day in her room, interspersing vodka with water and chips.

Santana decided to get out of bed and get a drink from the kitchen. When she got there, her phone rang in her pocket, and she pulled it out and answered it,

"Hello?" She answered,

"Santana Lopez?" A chirpy voice replied, a woman, Santana thought,

"This is she," She replied cautiously,

"You're going to feel a little dizzy in a minute, but it'll pass," They told her, sounding as if they were smiling,

"What do you mean I'm going to-" Santana started, before a huge stabbing pain hit her head and she felt as if she might faint. Then, she did.

Rachel's POV

Rachel was sat on her bed sorting through her keepsake box, pausing at photos of Finn and the glee club.

"I'm home!" Jesse called out,

His voice startled Rachel, and she quickly closed the box, shoving it under the bed and pulling the covers over her,

Jesse walked into the room and smiled softly, "How are you doing?" He asked with a supportive smile,

Rachel nodded, "I'm not too bad," She replied, pulling her knees up to her chest,

"You working tomorrow?" He asked conversationally, probably trying to get Rachel's mind off of everything,

She nodded, "Yeah, Barry called, he wants me in for 12, to cover the lunch rush, then he wants me to stay 'till closing," She told him,

Jesse nodded, "Do you want dinner?" He asked with a coaxing grin, "I can make lasagne..." He said in a sing-song voice,

"I'm actually not feeling well," Rachel said with a frown, "I might go to bed early,"

"Are you okay?" He asked concernedly, sitting on the bed next to her and putting a hand to her forehead, "You feel kind of warm..."

"It's probably just a stomach bug or something, I'll sleep it off," She commented dismissively,

Back in the day, Rachel would be horrified at the thought of getting sick. But now, she worked in a diner, meaning she didn't have to reserve her voice, so she only had to be able to sing for auditions, which, as time progressed, became few and far between.

He frowned in concern, "Alright," He agreed, kissing her forehead, "I'll see you when you wake up," He said softly before walking out of the room, turning the lights off and shutting the door behind him.

Rachel lay down in bed and pulled the covers up to her chin, tossing and turning until she fell into a disrupted sleep.

Hours later, Rachel woke up with a groan. Her stomach growled and she wrapped her arms around herself, looking at her alarm clock; 10:30.

She got up and slipped on her slippers, making her way to the kitchen to get a drink, bringing her keepsake box with her to look at.

She sat at the counter sipping a glass of water and sifting through the box. She went through it pretty regularly, after all, it was a much happier time for her. This day was always the hardest though.

She came across a photo of Santana and smiled softly. After the accident, Rachel had avoided Santana like the plague, fearful that she'd remind her of what happened to Finn. It was sad because they had just formed a friendship before the accident, realising that they had wasted their high school years hating each other. Then, after the accident, things went back to the way they were before.

She was startled by the sound of her phone ringing,

"Who on ear-" She muttered to herself, before taking the phone out of her pocket and answering it,

"Hello?" She replied questioningly,

"Hello, is this Rachel Berry?" A chirpy voice greeted,

"Yes, this is she," Rachel replied cautiously,

"Hello, my name is Ashley, I am here to tell you that you may feel a little bit dizzy for a moment and that if you pass out, it's okay. It's all part of the process," The voice informed her very calmly,

"What are you talking ab-"

Rachel gripped her head in pain, "Ouch, ouch, ouch!" She exclaimed, "What's happening? Who are you?" She screeched at the person on the phone,

"Everything will be okay," The voice said reassuringly, hanging up the phone,

"Jesse!" She called out, trying to walk to the bedroom but stopped when a wave of dizziness hit her, holding onto the counter to keep herself upright, "Jesse," She called out weakly, before losing her balance she and felt herself fall down, blacking out.

(Unknown POV)

A tall man stood watching the screen, turning to face a young blonde-haired woman with a fond smile,

"You ready?" He asked her,

The girl spun around in a circle, "Yup!" She replied with a grin, popping the 'p'.

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