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Last Chapter-Unknown POV

"Tell the girls to stay away from them for the night," The older person ordered, "And fix your hair, it's nauseating," They added, looking at the brunette,

The girl and her friend nodded in acknowledgement and left the room quickly.

"Let's hope their ears are working," The person muttered, throwing a dart at the poster on their wall.

Santana's POV

When Santana woke up, she was expecting to have a massive headache from all the drinking she had done the previous night. However, there was none. Then she realised she was lying on the hard floor in the middle of a corridor at McKinley. Great. Absolutely fan-freaking-tastic.

She knew she'd bump into Rachel soon, so as she lay there she tried to think of what they had done wrong the previous night, or, future night, she thought.

At the start of the evening, Finn had approached her in the basement. Angel Finn, that was, not present moment Finn. They'd talked for a few minutes before real-life Finn knocked on the door. She tried to remember what he had said before he'd left...

"I think that's supposed to be you," Santana said when there was a knock at the front door,

"I should go then," Finn replied, "As much as I'd love to see you try to explain this," He joked, gesturing between them, "I think we'll try to avoid that for now,"

"Good idea," She agreed,

"Have fun tonight," He said to her, "Spend time with everyone, okay? And don't tell Rachel I was here," He added as an afterthought,

"Why not?" She asked confusedly, "We don't always need to talk to both of you," He replied, "Today I just wanted to check up on you, I'll talk to Rachel soon," He explained, to which she nodded, "See ya," He farewelled, and he faded away.

After that, Rachel had come downstairs with Finn. Brittany arrived with Quinn, and one by one, everyone else arrived. In the end, Santana had spent the night catching up with Brittany, and Rachel had spent it with Finn. They'd played truth or dare and karaoke, but Santana opted out. Those games usually ended badly anyway.

"Santana?" She heard Rachel calling from around the corner, "Oh, there you are," She realised as she looked at her,

"Hey," Santana greeted as she stood up, brushing off her skirt,

"You know what happened?" Rachel asked curiously, "Last I remember was falling asleep in the basement, then I woke up on the ground of the choir room as per usual,"

Santana shook her head, "Nah, the last thing I did was fall asleep," She replied,

Rachel frowned, "So, what do we change?" She asked, "It's kind of funny actually, with all the changes we've made to the original timeline I've had to write them down so I don't forget," She added with a laugh,

Santana furrowed her brow, "Doesn't the paper stay in the timeline you write it in?" She queried,

Her friend looked at her confusedly for a moment before her eyes widened in realisation, "No, I keep it in my pocket, it always comes back with me," She realised, tapping her dress pocket,

Santana smirked, "That might be helpful, we need to remember that," She pointed out,

Rachel shook her head in disbelief, "I didn't even realise that my plan shouldn't have been working,"

Santana suppressed a smile, "Well, we know now. Anyway, let's do our 'So Emotional' performance before we act too close at school," She reminded, glaring at someone who had stopped to look at the pair questioningly,

"Good point," Rachel realised,

A thought suddenly came to Santana, but she pushed it away. It didn't seem right anyway.

"I do have an idea about what to change at the party though," She told Rachel, who listened eagerly to the plan.

The day of the RBHPTWE arrived once more.

The events prior to the party went as smoothly as they had the previous time. They didn't get shot, they still performed 'So Emotional' and 'If I Die Young' as they were supposed to, Rachel's dads still went away for the weekend and Rachel still accepted Sue's offer to become a Cheerio.

Santana still had to change what they had done at the party. She had an inkling about what she was supposed to change, but she wasn't going to do it just yet. First, she had to test her theory. And pray she was wrong.

"I'm just taking the cups downstairs!" She shouted to Rachel in the other room, "Remember the snacks!" She added, remembering what the girl had said she was looking for the first time,

"Hey, Santana," Finn greeted, startling her slightly,

She frowned in confusion, "We've already had this conversation... Why'd you want to repeat it?" She asked him, putting the cups on the side,

"I just wanted to make sure everything was ready, you know, for the party and all," He explained, looking around the room in what Santana guessed to be false interest,

She nodded sceptically, "Right, well, everything is in order," She assured him,

He nodded back, "Good, well, guess I better leave before current Finn shows up again,"

"Yeah, say hi to Britts for me," She requested,

"Of course, have fun with everybody," He said, fading to nothing after a wave,

Santana shook her head, not bothering to question his appearance or the weird way he had phrased his sentences.

She checked her watch, finding she still had several minutes before people started arriving.

To pass the time, she pulled out her phone and shot off a text to Brittany, then Quinn, then looked through some of the photos in her gallery.

A few minutes later, she heard footsteps coming down the stairs and put her phone away to greet Finn,

"Hey, Santana," He greeted with a goofy grin,

"Finessa," She replied fondly,

"So, Brittany and Quinn will be here in three minutes or so, and then we can get this party started!" Rachel cheered.

Santana lay on her back on the hard floor. Completely not wanting to open her eyes and confirm her theory.

"Excuse me," A voice said from above her, and she was forced to sit up,

"Shit," She cursed, putting her face in her hands, "Fucking piece of shit,"

Now, she didn't know exactly what was going on, but she had a bad feeling about it.

The second time they threw the RBHPTWE, Santana and Rachel had spent time with Brittany and Finn, participating in some of the games and chatting with their friends as the night progressed. They still got sent back to the start of the loop, which could, in Santana's mind, only mean one thing,

"Finn," She growled, getting up and brushing off her skirt, ignoring the weird looks people were giving her, "I'm gonna kill him," She swore, walking down the hallway towards the bathrooms,

After checking the stalls were clear she called out to Finn and Brittany,

"Yep?" Brittany said from behind her, and she twirled around to see Finn and Britt standing there,

"Why am I supposed to avoid Brittany at the party?" She demanded, "Don't give me that 'I can't tell you' bullshit, because clearly, I'm not buying it,"

Finn and Britts exchanged a quick glance,

"We don't know what you mean, Tana," Brittany replied,

"Yes, you do, Britts, because you and Finn both know why we were sent back here and why we can't get past the party," She objected angrily, stepping closer to Brittany,

"Look, Santana, we can't tell you," Finn said firmly, moving towards Santana slightly, "There are so many reasons why you can get sent back in the loop. All it means is that the path you were headed towards at that moment wasn't correct," He explained,

"I'm going to kill your Supervisor, I swear I've had it up to here with his bullshit. Why are we even here?" She groaned, sliding to the ground,

"Tana," Britt clucked sympathetically, walking towards her, "It's not our fault," She reminded gently, "We can't tell you, it will mess up the loop and we would lose our jobs," She explained,

"But-" She objected,

"Brittany's right, Santana, if we could tell you, we would. As it stands, our hands are tied," Finn apologised,

She sighed, "I know, it's just I have a really bad feeling about this," She muttered,

Finn looked at her with a look similar to pity, though to a stranger he'd probably just look endearingly constipated,

"It's all going to turn out okay in the end," He assured, "Our supervisor is watching you both very closely. They really want this to work," He added in a conspiratorial whisper,

She snorted, "Yeah, your supervisor must really care about us," She replied sarcastically,

"I know you don't believe it, San, but they do," Brittany whispered, resting her head on her shoulder for a moment,

"Britt, we've gotta go," Finn interrupted quietly, to which the blonde frowned but stood up anyway,

"We'll talk soon," Brittany promised, twirling in a circle before fading away, Finn following closely behind,

"Fuck," Santana cursed when they had left,

Santana sat there for a moment, silently running over what she and Rachel might have to do in order to get past the RBHPTWE, before she realised that Rachel, by now, would definitely be wondering where she was. She stood up with a groan and walked towards the choir room, pausing at the doorway with a small smile.

The Glee kids were all in the choir room. Some were dancing, some were just chatting and laughing, and some were still eating lunch. Santana had missed them. The feeling of family she felt in Glee was something she hadn't felt in years. The only person from Glee that she had kept in regular contact with was Mercedes, and if Santana didn't live with the girl, she wasn't sure they'd speak at all.

She decided at that moment that if she was allowed to change one thing apart from Finn and Brittany's deaths, it would be her friendships with the glee kids. Apart from 'Cedes, she had emailed Quinn maybe two or three times and had accidentally bumped into Puckerman one day at a coffee shop. She knew it was her fault. She kind of figured that Quinn might miss her, but that the girl was giving her space and waiting for Santana to come to her. She was trying to be supportive by respecting Santana's wishes to not speak.

'Not this time,' She thought determinedly,

"San!" Britt's voice called from the choir room, shaking her out of her thoughts,

She looked inside to see Rachel smiling in relief, before schooling her face into one more of indifference, and Brittany gesturing wildly for her to come in, a huge smile on her face.

She laughed and walked in to join her friends, determined to live in this moment the best she could.

"Could you please put the cups downstairs?" Rachel asked Santana as she strolled past,

"Got 'em," Santana replied, heading downstairs to the basement,

The day of Rachel's house party had arrived once more and this time, Santana just knew that she wasn't supposed to spend the majority of the night with Brittany, no matter how much that sucked.

She set the cups down on the table and looked around the room,

"I gots this," She whispered to herself, "Easy as pie,"

She decided this time to walk back upstairs to wait for the others with Rachel, and walked into the kitchen where she presumed Rachel was,

"Hey, need any help?" She asked, and then chuckled when she saw Rachel reaching for something on the top shelf,

Rachel huffed and turned around, "I can't get the plastic shot glasses," She explained, glaring at the top shelf as if it had personally offended her, then turning around to try again,

"Look, you're not getting any taller," Santana pointed out, walking up behind Rachel and grabbing the shot glasses from the top shelf,

She tensed up, suddenly very aware of how close they were standing, and Rachel turned to face her,

"Thank you," She thanked quietly,

"Of course," Santana answered just as softly, still not moving from her position,

They were interrupted (from what exactly, Santana didn't know), by a knock on the door, and Santana jumped away from Rachel, handing the shorter girl the shot glasses,

"That must be Finn," She realised,

"Now, remember the plan for the night," Santana reminded,

Rachel nodded, "Right, avoid Finn and Britt, participate in the games," She relayed,

"Yeah, and get drunk off our asses," Santana added as an afterthought, completely unwilling to go the night without at least a bit of alcohol,

"That too," Rachel agreed,

There was another knock at the door,

"Showtime," Santana said in as strong a voice as she could manage, nodding to Rachel to walk upstairs, and then moving to answer the door,

"Hey, come on in," She greeted when she saw Finn standing on the doorstep,

"Oh, hey, Santana," He greeted with a goofy smile, stepping past her, "Rachel here?" He asked curiously,

"Yeah, I think she's still getting ready," Santana lied, "I'll go and help her, and you can stay down here and answer the door if anyone else arrives," She explained,

"Okay," Finn nodded, "Do you want me to direct everyone downstairs?" He checked,

"Sounds good," She replied, walking up the stairs, and Finn nodded again,

She walked to Rachel's room and knocked on her door, "It's me," She said quietly, hearing no response over the music that was playing, "Rach?" She asked, opening the door and peering inside,

"Ah, Dios mio," She muttered,

Rachel was there, alright. The only problem was that she didn't have her clothes on. So, Santana had just walked in on her best friend in just her underwear. Shit.

Time seemed to slow down for a moment, and she found herself forgetting how to speak or move as she watched Rachel slipping on some stockings.

Then she shook herself and backed out of Rachel's room quietly, taking a deep breath, closing the door, and then knocking for the second time, much louder.

The music was silenced and a small 'come in' was heard,

She pushed open the door slowly and entered Rach's room, pulling out all stops to pretend as if she hadn't just seen what she'd seen, only to find Rachel wasn't in view,

"Hey, you ready?" She asked,

"Yeah," Came her voice from her wardrobe, "Now, Finn was the first to arrive, followed by Britt and Quinn," She explained, "As Finn is here, but Quinn and Brittany aren't, we have around 36 minutes until Puck and Sam get here. So, we have 38 minutes to avoid everyone, want to watch a DVD or something?" She asked, poking her head out from her wardrobe,

Santana nodded, sitting against the back of Rachel's bed, "Long as it's not musical theatre," She agreed,

Rachel smiled deviously, and Santana knew she was doomed.

The alarm next to Santana rang and she pressed the snooze button,

"Damn it," Santana muttered,

"Enjoying Rent?" Rachel asked teasingly,

"No, it's just a good song," Santana denied,

"Come on," Rachel said, standing up and offering Santana her hand, "Now, it's showtime,"

"Yay," She cheered sarcastically, taking Rach's hand and standing up,

"So, who are you going to hang out with?" Rachel asked her conversationally as they walked downstairs,

"Apart from my best friend, I'm going to hang out with Mercedes, I think. Don't tell her, but I kind of miss her," She replied,

"Yeah. I'm just going to go up to Mercedes and tell her that in the future the two of you are the best of friends and share an apartment in L.A, and then, I'll mention that we have both been sent back in time by a couple of dead but now technically not dead angels to save their lives," Rachel deadpanned,

Santana snorted, "Good point. What about you?" She asked,

"I'm probably going to try and spend most of the time with Kurt and Tina," Rachel answered,

They reached the basement and took a deep breath,

"The party don't start 'till I walk in," Santana sang out jokingly in an attempt to lighten the mood,

Rachel rolled her eyes and walked down the remainder of the steps.

A few bad decisions and a whole lot of vodka later, some genius had the idea, just like the previous parties, to play Spin The Bottle. Only this time, Santana had to participate.

"Come on, Santana," Mercedes pleaded before hiccupping, "It'll be fun!"

Santana mentally face-palmed but joined everyone else in the circle.

"Okay," Puck started, "Everyone in this circle needs to agree right now that they are okay to play the game, and are going to fully participate regardless of who spins who. If you are too drunk," He glanced at Brittany who was upside down on the couch, "Or if you are unwilling to kiss whoever it lands on, step out so we can play the game properly," He said, "All good?" He checked, receiving nods from around the circle,

"Let the games begin!" Mercedes cheered,

Sam reached over and spun the bottle. It landed on Brittany.

He glanced nervously at Santana, but she just shrugged. It was just a game, after all. Even with Santana's okay, two only shared a quick peck before they moved around the circle.

Then, Mercedes spun and it landed on Artie. The pair laughed it off and Mercedes knelt forward to give him a chaste kiss on the cheek. After all, they were practically brother and sister, ew.

"My turn!" Rachel sang,

For a moment, Santana had a flashback to the first ever Rachel Berry House Party Train Wreck Extravaganza. After that night, she had tried to forget the game of Spin The Bottle they had played, and she was pretty sure Rachel had also forgotten.

She blinked a couple of times to find everyone staring at her expectantly,

"Hmm?" She acknowledged,

"Rachel spun you," Quinn pointed out,


"It's alright, Santana, you don't have to," Rachel assured her, "I'll pull a Mercedes on you," She offered jokingly, and leant forward to kiss Santana's cheek,

'Screw it,' Santana thought, 'It's part of the game,'

She turned her head around so that Rachel missed and ended up kissing her properly.

It was almost definitely the alcohol, but making out with a hobbit wasn't actually the worst thing that had ever happened to Santana.

A few moments later, as she moved her head, Santana realised that they were still kissing and she pulled away.

"You taste like pink," She told Rachel with a smirk,

"Ha-ha," Rachel deadpanned, laughing and throwing a cup at Santana, and the rest of the glee club joined in on the laughter and continued the game.

Okay, she was still in one piece, and the world hadn't yet ended. No pigs were flying, and she was sure that hell was still nice and warm. The night was still not over, but so far, it wasn't a complete disaster.

After they finished the game of spin the bottle, they played never have I ever, and then truth or dare, and Santana had to admit that it wasn't terrible.

Then, she decided that it was time she hung out with her best friend.

"Hey, Rae," She greeted as she walked over to where Rachel was sitting on the couch,

"Rae," Rachel repeated, smiling slightly, "I like it," She decided,

"Knew you would," Santana replied, shrugging, "Can I sit?" She asked, nodding to the spot next to the brunette,

"Sure," Rachel said, moving slightly as Santana sat down, "Don't you need to spend some time with Quinn?" She asked her curiously,

Santana shrugged, "I've already spent time with 'Cedes, now I just wanna hang out with my bestie," She joked,

"Well, she's right there," Rachel pointed out, nodding to where Quinn was standing,

Santana laughed,

"What?" Rachel demanded,

She shook her head and chuckled slightly before resting her head on Rachel's shoulder,

"You're my bestie dummy," She told Rachel,

She felt her friend tense up slightly,

"Oh," She muttered, "Okay then," She continued, shifting until she was more comfortable, which resulted in her arm being around Santana's waist, "Thank you," She said softly,

The alcohol was definitely getting to Santana by this point because she felt warm and fuzzy, and Santana 'Satan' Lopez did not do warm and fuzzy. Her badass-ness ceased as soon as she uttered the word 'besties', joke or not.

At the same time, Santana decided to let sober Santana worry about her reputation and let drunk Santana throw her rules away.

She snuggled against Rachel's chest,

"No problem," She whispered.

The Supervisor's POV

The Supervisor, as they liked to call themselves, sat at their desk watching the second ever Rachel Berry House Party whatever the fuck that was called.

They watched on as the two girls hung out with their respective friends and each other, all while participating in the games and managing to avoid their partners.

Then, Santana walked over to Rachel, and the two got all cosy on the couch, which, as sickeningly cute as that would have been from any other people in the world, they made it less so.

The Supervisor tapped their fingers against the table, reviewing the night and where they would go from that moment on.

After deciding that the night had panned out perfectly, the supervisor decided she would let them go to the next day, and not reset the loop just yet. As of that moment, they were headed on the right path.

Brittany's POV

Brittany knocked on Finn's door excitedly, and the door swung open moments later,

"Hey, Britt-Britt," He greeted with a smile, "You ready to watch their night?" He asks, stepping aside to let Brittany past,

"Definitely!" She told him, "I have a good feeling about this time,"

He nodded in agreement, "And want to go out for dinner afterwards? It's a special day today, after all," He said casually,

She smiled at him, "What day is it?" She asked him excitedly,

"You'll see," He answered mysteriously, "Now come on, let's go see if they figure it out," He said, leading the way to his sitting area with Brittany following closely behind.

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