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Last Chapter... Brittany's POV

He nodded in agreement, "And want to go out for dinner afterwards? It's a special day today, after all," He said casually,

She smiled at him, "What day is it?" She asked him excitedly,

"You'll see," He answered mysteriously, "Now come on, let's go see if they figure it out," He said, leading the way to his sitting area with Brittany following closely behind.

Santana's POV

Santana's eyes snapped open the moment she woke up, taking in her surroundings in an effort to determine whether the loop had reset or not.

It hadn't.

'Okay,' Santana thought to herself, sitting up slowly and pressing a hand to her forehead, which, what with the hangover from the night before, was very painful.

It was still dark, though not dark enough that she couldn't see anything. Obviously early morning. She looked around the room to see where she was, and who was awake or not. She found that she, luckily, was the only one still awake. Also, that Rachel was lying right next to her. She actually looked kind of cute, you know, when she was asleep, and not talking a mile a minute.

Never mind.

She carefully moved got up and made her way to upstairs to the kitchen, deciding to grab herself a glass of water and some aspirin for herself and Rachel.

Santana officially knew that, at least for the party, she was always supposed to have avoided Brittany, and Rachel was supposed to have avoided Finn. Now, she didn't know why that was, but it made her uncomfortable none the less. They had managed to make it through the night without resetting the loop, but they had only done so because they had avoided Finn and Brittany.

Her memories of the previous night were still a little fuzzy, especially after she'd started drinking more, but she knew that she had got to spend time with Mercedes. Everything else was little more than a blur.

Actually, she was pretty sure that she remembered Brittany taking her top off at one point... But that could have been a dream.

Anyway... They made it through, that was all that mattered.

After she had grabbed some aspirin out of the top cabinet, she filled a glass with water and took two tablets for herself, grabbing another glass for Rachel and walking back downstairs.

The glee kids were scattered around the room, in sleeping bags or on the couches, so it took a bit of effort for her to reach Rachel without waking any of the others up. When she did, she placed the glass and tablets next to Rachel and lay back down next to her.

Rachel shifted, and for a second Santana thought she was going to wake up, but instead, the smaller girl just turned over and curled up against Santana, sighing slightly in her sleep.

Santana wrapped her arm around her and tried to calm her thoughts about the time loop and angels and all of the other crazy stuff happening around her. She managed to keep all of those thoughts away for long enough to allow herself to back drift into a light sleep.

The next time she woke up, the sun was shining brightly through the thin basement windows, and Rachel was gone, along with several other people.

Quinn and Brittany were in a corner, brushing their hair and generally shaking off that 'first thing in the morning, why am I still so sleepy' kind of thing. Tina was still asleep, sprawled across the floor in some kind of bizarre yoga position, and Mercedes was on the couch, flicking through her messages as she woke up.

That meant that Rachel, along with everyone else, would be upstairs. And judging from the delicious smells in the air, they were cooking breakfast.

As Santana stood up, she was relieved to find out her hangover and excruciating headache had mostly gone away.

She sleepily greeted everyone as she passed them, and made her way upstairs, finding Rachel in the kitchen with Kurt and Blaine (the former looking surprisingly awake for the ungodly hour it was) and the rest of the boys in the living room.

"Hey," She mumbled, walking up behind Rachel and giving her a hug,

"Hey, sleepy head," Rachel greeted back amusedly, "Sleep well?" She asked, turning to look at her,

Santana shrugged, "I was up sometime during the middle of the night but apart from that, not too bad,"

"Well, I'm not too bad either because someone was nice enough to leave aspirin and a glass of water next to me," She grinned teasingly,

"Who?" Santana asked, rubbing her eyes sleepily,

Rachel faltered for a moment, "Uh, I- I don't know. I think it was Finn," She replied with a shrug, turning back to flip a couple of the pancakes,

Santana blinked and turned to Kurt and Blaine, who were sitting at the bar not talking to one another. She could see the tension between the two and tried to broach conversation,

"What about you guys? Sleep okay?" She asked,

Kurt looked at Blaine coldly, "No, because someone was laughing all night talking to Sebastian," He said sharply,

Santana winced, she knew what Sebastian was like. Nothing but trouble. Non-time-loop Santana couldn't have cared less about Blaine and Kurt, never the less their relationship, but time-loop Santana was much more mature and knew she loved her friends. She glanced behind her to see Rachel focusing her attention on the pancakes, not wanting to get involved.

"I told you, he texted me because he couldn't sleep and I replied to make him feel better!" Blaine replied indignantly,

Kurt huffed and crossed his arms, "That's not your job, and I know what Sebastian is like. He always has ulterior motives,"

Blaine groaned in frustration, "Can't you just accept that he's my friend? I like the guy!"

Kurt's eyes flashed dangerously, "Yeah, a friend you screwed once,"

"It always comes back to that, doesn't it. Me fucking Sebastian!" Blaine shouted,

"Is that such a surprise?! You're still best buds with the guy you cheated on me with!" Kurt replied sarcastically,

Blaine just huffed and walked away to go downstairs.

"Am I going crazy?" Kurt asked softly once Blaine had gone, "Am I just being paranoid?"

Rachel took the opportunity to go sit next to Kurt, whilst Santana racked her brain for how their relationship went the first time. Last she heard of Kurt and Blaine, they had gotten a divorce after Blaine cheated, yet again. Not this time.

"You need to leave him," Santana said firmly, interrupting Rachel mid-sentence,

Kurt looked up at her in shock, "Excuse me?"

She took a seat next to him and grabbed his hands, pulling his attention to her.

"You're not being paranoid. Trust me. He has cheated on you before, and he doesn't respect you enough to not talk to the guy he cheated with. Cheaters don't change, Kurt." She said softly, "If you stay with him he's only going to end up hurting you again, and I won't stand here and let that happen,"

Rachel looked stunned but nodded in agreement, "He didn't even apologise for hurting you," She added, "You deserve so much better,"

Kurt sniffed, "Sometimes, I feel like I never should have gotten back with him," He admitted,

Santana smiled sympathetically, "You made what you thought was the right choice at the time, don't dwell on it,"

He managed a watery smile, "Why are you being so nice to me?" He wondered aloud,


"Don't get used to it," She shrugged, smirking slightly,

Rachel smiled at her knowingly and Kurt just nodded once,

"I'll think about it," He agreed,

"Take your time," Rachel added, "It's a lot. Just know that we want the best for you,"

He nodded, "So, when's breakfast?" He asked cheerily, officially closing that conversation,

Rachel smiled, "Few minutes, I think. Santana, could you go and tell everyone?"

"Yep," She replied, and headed into the living room to tell the guys,

"Morning, Tana," Finn greeted with a dopey grin, drawing everyone's attention to her,

"Hey, guys, breakfast is going to be ready soon," She informed, "So, get ready or whatever,"

"Are there pancakes?" Sam asked excitedly,

She nodded, and he pumped his fist in the air triumphantly.

She snorted and walked downstairs to get the others.

"Breakfast!" She announced when she got to the bottom of the stairs,

"Not so loud, San," Quinn grumbled,

"Bit hungover are we?" Santana teased,

"Shut up," Quinn replied, hitting Santana with her t-shirt as she passed, trudging up the stairs reluctantly,

"You don't seem so bad this morning," Mercedes noted with a sly smile, "Have fun with Rachel?"

"Huh?" Santana replied confusedly, clearly missing what Mercedes was hinting at,

"Just saying, after that kiss and all," She held her hands up,

"What kiss?" Santana replied,

"You know, you and Rachel... Spin the bottle?" Mercedes said pointedly,

Fuzzy flashbacks from the night flooded back to Santana,

"Oh, well, that doesn't count as anything," Santana brushed it off, "I could kiss Finn in spin the bottle, doesn't mean I'm going to hit his flabby ass any time soon," She pointed out,

Mercedes laughed awkwardly, "Of course, right,"

Santana practically stormed up the rest of the stairs. How had she kissed Rachel? God. That was totally not okay.

She grabbed two pancakes and went and sat in the lounge with Tina, Quinn and Brittany, who were already halfway through their own meal.

She stabbed at her pancakes and shovelled them into her mouth, trying to think about anything that wasn't Rachel.

"They good?" Rachel asked as she sat next to Santana,

"Fine," She grumbled back,

Rachel pulled back a little with a frown on her face and looked she was about to speak until the others came into the room with their food.

"How was last night?" Rachel asked everybody, changing the subject, "Better than last time?" She asked hopefully,

Quinn laughed, "Definitely, last time didn't feature Santana making out with a hobbit,"

Rachel pulled an exaggerated look of disgust, "Santana kissed Blaine?"

Brittany laughed, "No, don't you remember?" She asked innocently, "You totally made out with San last night, it was kind of hot,"

Rachel turned bright red, and shook her head in denial,

"Yeah, it was in spin the bottle, you should have seen your face," Finn added around a mouthful of pancake,

Santana threw her plate down on the coffee table, "Can everybody stop freaking talking about that stupid kiss?!" She yelled incredulously, "Jesus it was a game, shut up!"

"Santana, they're just teasing," Rachel tried to calm her down,

"God, get out of my face! I'm so sick of you always trying to be the voice of reason, just fucking back me up for once!" She groaned,

"You're being unreasonable," Rachel countered,

"Yeah, and you're just being a fucking bitch," Santana rebuffed, shaking her head, "I don't even know how we became friends," She added, regretting the words as she spoke them,

Rachel stepped back like she'd been slapped, and the rest of the room remained silent, not wanting to get in between the argument,

"And now you're being plain rude," She pointed out, her eyes shining with tears, "Get out of my house,"

Santana didn't even know at that point why she had been so annoyed at everybody,

"I haven't finished my pancakes," She replied, moving to get them,

"Get out of my house!" Rachel screeched, Finn moving up behind her cautiously,

"Santana, just go," He advised, stepping in between the two girls,

She looked to Quinn and Brittany but the two girls were pointedly avoiding her gaze. Then, in her peripheral vision saw Rachel put a hand to her head in pain, her protectiveness for her friend kicking in instantly despite her anger.

"Rachel?" She said, moving to her side instantly and putting a hand on her shoulder, as the rest of the room looked on concernedly, "What's wrong?"

Rachel cuddled into her side, and Santana felt it too just before she blacked out.

"Fuck," Santana cursed when she woke up in the hallway of McKinley High.

So, arguing and lashing out wasn't part of the plan for after the party. Santana probably could have guessed that. She was still pissed though. Nothing about the future... Past? Present? Nothing about anything was making any sense.

"Finn," She muttered to herself as she stood up, deciding to bypass an inevitable argument with Rachel in order to go talk to Angel Finn,

"Finn!" She called out as she entered the girls' bathroom, forgetting to check if it was empty, but thankfully it was regardless,

"Yo," He replied from behind her,

She wasn't even startled anymore. The whole materialising out of nowhere trick had gotten old.

"Did you know that would happen? Last night?" She asked him, praying he hadn't, praying that she still had some sense of free will left after all this,

"What would happen?" He replied,

"You know, the kiss," She elaborated, still feeling uncomfortable about it,

"Ah, right, yeah, no," He assured her, "We rarely know what exactly will happen at any one point," He explained,

"So, it wasn't some planned thing by an all-knowing being forcing us to make that decision?" She clarified,

"San," He chuckled, walking over to her, "You make all of your choices. At the party, for example, it was you and Rachel that decided to put out shot glasses, to watch Rent. You decided to talk to Mercedes, and to turn your head when Rachel went to kiss your cheek," He explained, making Santana wince when he mentioned it, "After the night was finished, your foreseen path was on the right track, meaning that my supervisor decided to not reset the loop. With me so far?" He checked,

Santana nodded dumbly, and he just smiled,

"There are so many ways that the party could have gone that wouldn't have resulted in the loop being reset. You could have decided to not turn your face and the night could have gone unhindered. You made that decision and the path just happened to be on the right track."

"So, I could have changed things that happened last night and still made it through?" She asked hopefully,

He nodded, "You have free will, Santana. Me, Brittany and our supervisor our only here to make sure you don't stray too far." He confirmed,

"You don't mind that I kissed your girlfriend?" She asked cautiously,

"You didn-" He replied, then shut his mouth quickly, "Well, technically... I mean... Uh,"

Santana raised an eyebrow at him quizzically, and he cleared his throat,

"It was just a game," He replied firmly, "You said so yourself, it meant nothing to either of you. Rachel knows it, you know it," He shrugged,

"Right," She replied, "Yeah."

He turned around and looked at the hand dryer, for what reason Santana had no clue,

"I'm not going to make you answer any questions you aren't ready for, but you know what you need to do the next time around," He said pointedly, turning to look at her,

"Yeah, yeah, don't go total bitch and piss off everyone," She sighed, "I don't even know why I did it,"

"I know," He responded softly, "Just don't do it again,"

She nodded,

"Anyway, I have to go, but are you all good?" Finn checked,

"Yeah, I need to go talk to Rachel anyway," Santana decided,

"See ya," He farewelled before fading into nothing.

Santana sighed, it was probably time to go apologise. She may be a hell of a lot of a better person than she was, but she was never going to like apologising. Santana Lopez was a woman of actions, not words. Rachel, on the other hand, was very much a woman of words. They were just going to have to learn to meet each other in the middle.

She ended up wandering around the school for several minutes as she looked for Rachel. Part of it may have been procrastination, but part of it was that Rachel really did not want to be found, and was sitting on the bleachers

"I was looking for you," She said as she sat next to Rachel,

Rachel stayed silent, keeping her eyes on the field in front of them,

"I'm sorry," She apologised, "I was in an awful mood, and I felt like everyone was attacking me, so I lashed out. I shouldn't have said those things,"

"Are you sure it wasn't because you were ashamed that we had kissed?" She scoffed,

"I would kiss you a thousand times over if it meant you'd accept my apology," Santana told her firmly, "Look, we're friends. I would do anything for you. One stupid kiss in a game of spin the bottle isn't going to change anything between us,"

Rachel laughed softly, "Promise?"

"On my life," Santana swore,

Rachel chuckled, "Does that even count anymore? I'm pretty sure we have unlimited lives in this loop," She pointed out,

"Then, I swear on all the breadsticks in the world," Santana amended,

Rachel fake gasped, "Not the breadsticks! Now I know you're being serious,"

"I'm one loyal ass friend when it counts," She shrugged,

Rachel yawned and put her head on Santana's shoulder, "You were kind of an ass," She mumbled,

"I know," She agreed,

"I think it's up to you to fix the loop this time," Rachel reminded,

"I know."

"You don't seem so bad this morning," Mercedes once again noted with a sly smile, "Have fun with Rachel?"

Santana looked at her confusedly, playing along with what she done said last time, "Huh?" She replied dumbly,

"Just saying," Mercedes held up her hands, "After that kiss and all,"

"What kiss? What do you mean? I didn't kiss Berry..." She stuttered,

Brittany stumbled past them inelegantly and they stopped while she passed them, and then Tina followed suit,

"You don't remember?" She asked sceptically,

Santana shook her head quickly, "No!"

"Well, it was during spin the bottle," Mercedes explained, "So it doesn't exactly mean anything, but it looked pretty steamy to me..." She teased, and they started walking upstairs slowly,

"Spin the bottle?" She laughed in false relief, "That's just a game,"

Mercedes just shrugged, "You don't think Rachel remembers, do you? Wouldn't want things to be awkward between you, you've been getting along really well lately,"

Santana knew that this time she had to be more friendly to Mercedes, as well as not losing her shit once she got upstairs,

"I'm sure she won't," She decided, "But it's okay, I'm sure some lame party game will affect our friendship. Thanks for caring though,"

Mercedes eyed her quizzically as they inched up the stairs one by one, "You guys really are close huh,"

Santana nodded firmly, "Don't ask me how," She laughed, "But Berry is one of my closest friends,"

'Cedes nudged her playfully, "Well if I can put up with her I'm not surprised you figured it out eventually,"

Rachel's head appeared at the top of the stairs, probably wondering why Santana was taking so long this time, "Oh, I was wondering where you were!" She exclaimed, "Hurry up, pancakes are getting cold," She whined, waving at them to move quicker,

Santana and Mercedes laughed and followed Rachel to join the others.

Blaine was absent, and it made Santana wonder if he had been there at the first one or not. She wasn't really paying attention the first time.

Rachel grabbed a plate and put two pancakes on it with some chopped up strawberries, chocolate syrup and some whipped cream, pushing it over to Santana and grabbing herself a plate. Santana was still watching her, stunned. After Rachel put on some strawberries, banana and maple syrup on her pancakes she looked up and paused when she saw San's face,

"What?" She asked self-consciously, "Sorry, I should have let you make it, that's what you did last time, isn't it? It's alright, if you don't want them..." She trailed off,

Santana shook herself out of her stupor, "No, they're great," She insisted, "You did them literally exactly how I like them, how'd you know?" She asked incredulously,

Rachel laughed, "Uh, I have no idea, I just know," She shrugged, and they walked over to sit on the couch,

"I knew there was a reason I kept you around," Santana mumbled after stuffing pancake into her mouth,

"Shit, these are good," Sam moaned, flopping on the couch next to Rachel, "Can I stay here with you?" He pleaded,

"Hey, you know I'm just as good a cook," Kurt huffed, "You just think these are better because you're hungover," He points out,

"You're both good cooks, but Berry is the one who literally just made us delicious pancakes so..." Puck interjected,

"Wow, did Noah just compliment me?" Kurt asked, "Is this hell?" He joked, and Puck hit him upside the head,

Santana noticed immediately that the atmosphere in the room was a lot happier and calmer. She supposed that people had more time to chill and chat before she came up, and she was in a good mood this time.

Finn hummed in approval as he sat down in front of the other couch with his pancakes loaded with chocolate and whipped cream, making Santana turn her nose up slightly in a fond kind of disgust...

"How was the party?" Rachel asked everyone, "Better than the first one?" She added with a laugh,

"My favourite part was when San made out with the hobbit," Quinn snorted,

"Santana kissed Blaine?" Rachel's brow furrowed confusedly, echoing her words from the first time,

Finn laughed, "Oh, her face was hilarious,"

Quinn rolled her eyes with a laugh, "Other hobbit. You don't remember? Spin the bottle?"

Rachel shook her head, and then paused, "Oh... Right. No, I think I remember now,"

"Very entertaining," Tina agreed,

"It was kinda hot," Britt seconded,

"That it was," Santana agreed, winking at Rachel playfully,

"San?" Britt called out questioningly,

"Yes, Britt-Britt?" She replied, looking at her girlfriend,

"We should totally have sweet lady kisses with Rachel sometime,"

Rachel started choking on her orange juice and Santana tried not to laugh as she patted Rachel's back.

By 12 o'clock, they had finally managed to get rid of everyone.

"I think we're good," Santana says slowly,

"You guys are definitely good," Britt interrupts happily, startling Rachel and Santana, and they turn to see Finn and Brittany standing opposite them,

"Finn what did I say about you scaring me like that?" Rachel groaned, "Not cool,"

He chuckled, "There's literally no way for us to appear that will make it less scary,"

Rachel just huffed slightly, making Santana laugh,

"What up? Everything okay?" Rachel asked curiously,

"We just wanted to see you and check how you were doing," Britt shrugged,

"We're fine," Rachel answered, "After the last speed bump, we're all good,"

"Cool," Finn nodded, "Well, we don't need to keep you long, we only wanted to check on you because of how things went last time," He explained,

"I thought you'd be more jealous that I kissed someone else," Rachel said to Finn,

Finn and Brittany laughed, like Rachel and Santana were missing out on some inside joke between the two angels,

Rachel cleared her throat pointedly, and Finn stopped immediately, elbowing Britt gently to get her to do the same,

"It was just a game," He explained, "Plus, I'm not high school Finn," He pointed out, "I don't get all huffy the second something goes wrong,"

Rachel eyed him suspiciously, but the look cleared quickly and she just shrugged. Finn then eyed her curiously for a moment too long and the pair were just looking at each other and not talking.

"H- hey, Finn, we need to go," Britt interrupted apologetically, but Santana was grateful for it.

"You should go then," Santana agreed, "We'll see you soon though, yeah?"

Finn smiled, "We'll be back," He assured them, before they waved, and faded away.

"What was that about?"

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