I'm going to add a minor crossover in the form of FSN's Zelretch aiding Fate and Destiny by giving 'gifts' from alternate future worlds in the form of games anime/cartoon and movies many of them magical girl based *snickers* but yeah there will be plenty of worlds visited

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6 nearly 7 year old Samantha Rose Potter also known to others as Sammy-Rose sighed in releif as her bully as her bully of a cousin ran past the library she had ran into to hide, Sammy-Rose's aunt Petunia has tried on many ocassions to stop Dudley's bullying of her but her uncle Vernon just ignored it and had after his first attempt to hit her over the head for trackign in mud while ignoring that her shoes were clean and Dudley's was muddy which was seen and stopped by Petunia had given Dudley extra 'allowance' when he herd reports from the school that Dudley had started bullying Sammy-Rose along with other children.

"That was to close" Sammy-Rose says with a sigh as she leans against the wall near the library's door.

"Dudley chasing after you again dear?" the old librarian asks Sammy-Rose who just nods.

"I wonder why Vernon doesn't stop him as Dudley's on the path to being a criminal" the old librarian says with a sigh as she knew Petunia was constantly tryign to curb Dudley's bullying but with most boys Dudley took his cues from his father Vernon who looked to be apathic towards Dudley's bullying.

" I'll be going into the computer section alright?" Sammy-Rose asks as she walks to the old librarian who was sitting at the front desk.

"Very well dear but you know the rules about using the computers" says to Sammy-Rose who nods before walking towards where the libraries computers were located at while humming a song that her aunt used to sing to her when she was a toddler.

I was an hour later when Sammy-Rose was about to get off whena loud crack of thunder filled the air followed by flashes of lightning including a bolt tthat hit a powerline transformer next to the library which sent a surge through the lines where it went through the computer Sammy-Rose was helping and the couple others using them shut them down as per library rules when thunder storms hit and the computer Sammy-Rose was shutting down was the last one in the library, Now the library did have breakers but the shutting down of the computers was a rule instated whent he library got them in order to prevent what had just happened to Sammy-Rose from happening as one of the other library goers went to the phone of the front desk and dialed 999 to get an abulance for Sammy-Rose and it would be a week before Sammy-Rose woke up from her Coma which was caused by magic as the storm was actually magical in nature and the result of destiny and fate trying to get things back on their true track and not what a meddling old goat wanted seeing as James and Lily Potter was supposed to have survived that night as tom riddle was supposed to have walked into a trap but due to lies told by dumbledore about wards interfearing with the fedalius charm that didn't happen.

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"And done" Fate says as she looks over to her sister Destiny who smiles at Fate.

"Indeed and i've downloaded into Samantha's mind who her ability and unlike the book version of the ability what she takes won't cause a 'charing' or 'burning' of the series she takes things from" Destiny says while smirking at what Samantha Rose Potter can get up to now that she can jump into any game, T.V show and movie along with being able to take anything out of them along with people and learn skills while in them also I wonder how happy the young girl will be once she finds an item to revive her parents with.

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Petunia was worried sick about her niece Sammy-Rose who was electrocuted during the freak lightning storm that had lasted only 5 minutes but was safe though the young girl was in a coma and that worried Petunia as the doctors don' know when Sammy-Rose will wake up.

It was nearing 5PM when Petunia who was sitting near her niece reading a book out loud to her hoping that hearing her voice would cause the young girl to wake up when she herd a small groan from the bed and Sammy-Rose's eyes fluttering causing Petunia to jump up and hit the call nurse button that caused a nnurse to come to the room and saw Sammy-Rose starting to wake up causing the nurse to go and get a doctor who came in just as Sammy-Rose opened her eyes.

"Auntie?" Sammy-Rose says with a croak causing Petunia to fill the plastic glass on the bed side table with water and but only tilted it enough to allow Sammy-Rose to slowly sip it.

"I'm so glad you're away Sammy-Rose" Petunia says tearfully once Sammy-Rose was finished her water before hugging her once the doctor was finished checking the young girl overand making sure there was nothing wrong with her.

"As far as i can tell there's nothing wrong though she might be stiff and alittle weak from her week long coma but other then that she should be fit to go home though she might need to use a walker for a week or 2 untill she builds up the strenght in her leg muscles again" t he doctor says as she nurse helps Petunia get Sammy-Rose changed into some clean clothing that Petunia had brought when she had come the 2nd day to visit and read to her as she had been worried when the hospital had called abotu her niece being brought in and now Petunia was just happy her niece was awake and was going to be okay.

"Auntie are you alright?" Sammy-Rose asks once she's dressed getting a shake of her aunts head.

"No i'm fine i'm just so happy you're alright Sammy-Rose" Petunia says before she kisses the top of Sammy-Roses head and leads the girl out to Petunia's waiting car.

"Auntie while i was asleep 2 women calling themselves Fate and Destiny visited me and granted me a gift" Sammy-Rose says getting Petunia to startle slightly.

"Really and what's this gift Sammy-Rose?" Petunia asks her niece who smiles brightly at her aunt.

"They told me that due to a meddling old goat getting mum and dad killed and throwing fate and destiny's wheels off track and to right things they've given me the ability to go into any game , T.V show or movie along with being able to take things out of them, Oh and i can learn skills while in them and i think anyone i bring might be able to as well but i'm not sure on that" Sammy-Rose says brightly as she thinks about the many worlds she could visit where her aunt and herself can learn magic and other abilities.

"If that's true then you'll be taking me with you along with starting out with kid friendly things" Petunia says sternly because if the ability was realy then she was going to do everything to keep her niece safe.

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A week later saw Sammy-Rose was declared recovered from her week long coma when a strange red eyed male appeared in a flash of light.

"Well now so you're the girl that Fate and Destiny are cashing in one of their favors I owe them to aid" Zelretch says before grinning broadly showing his fangs.

"Right now they've asked me to bring you things from worlds that are alternate futures to your own world, Now let me introduce myself I'm called by many as the Wizard Marshell but you may call me Zelretch" Zelretch says before in another flash of light a new T.V and game systems a DVD player and many many DVD's and games appears.

"Have fun with them and while a number of them are a personal favorite of mine Magical girls which should be safe for you and i'm guessing your aunt to go into" Zelretch says as while he may be a troll he will NOT mess with Fate and Destiny when they call in any of the many. many favors he owes them as while he can jump worlds he can't escape beings that exist outside of space and time.