Here's chapter 4, Hope you all enjoy it

{Line Break}

"Sammy-Rose smiled as she sipped her milkshake as she listened to her sister Usagi and the inner Senshi chat about random things mostly boys and clothes though.

"So Chibi-Koneko you start magic school tomorrow?" Came Haruka's voice getting the attention of the inner Senshi as Sammy-Rose nods.

"Yep, it's a school that my parents signed me up to shortly after I was born and also my father's family has been going to it for generations from what aunt Petunia has told me" Sammy-Rose says with a slight smile while Usagi pulls her into a hug and starts wailing about her being gone for months due to her schooling.

"It's okay Onee-chan" Sammy-Rose says as she hugs her older sister.

"So Sammy-Rose what do you plan to do when you're finished magical schooling and you are going to keep up with your non-magical schooling correct?" Ami says as she looks at the younger girl who smiles and nods.

"Yes I do plan to keep up my non-magical schooling and as for what I want to do after I finish school it's simple I'm already set up to join the Military and by the Queen's decree the headmaster once my 3rd year starts will have to let me leave for my training as magical or not they still answer to the Queen of England no matter how much they like to think otherwise" Sammy-Rose says with a small laugh near the end because it was true as most at the British Ministry of Magic thought that they answered to no one but the minister of magic but the fact it was called Ministry of Magic did clue in some of the 'muggle-borns' who didn't go native {Meaning they followed the loudest voice and mostly stopped thinking about things critically themselves}, It was something that Sammy-Rose had herd her aunt complain about when she had asked about her mother Lily and the 'wizarding world' and how her mother Lily told her aunt tales about others who became lazy and used magic for basically everything after graduation just like the 'pure-bloods'.

"Really they think themselves a totally different nation instead of just a minority group?" Ami asks looking up from the school work she was doing.

"Yep" Sammy-Rose says with a nod before she stands up and stretches.

"I need to get home to help auntie" Sammy-Rose says before she gives each of the Senshi a hug and vanishes back to her world grateful that her copies of retained any alterations her presence caused in them along with updating every day.

{Line Break}

Sammy-Rose let out a sigh as her aunt led her to platform 9 3/4 as while she did want to learn her world's magic she really wasn't looking forward to the backwards way of living that her world's magicals had, She even wondered why they kept saying magic caused electronics to stop working when not only was there a major shopping district hidden within London but so was the magicals government building meaning that by their own 'laws of magic' something both she and her aunt snorted at there should have been to very large electronic 'dead zones' so she thought it was a combination of NOT wanting electronics and thus modern technology 'corrupting' their 'pure world' with 'muggle silliness' and them wanting to force 'muggle-borns' to rely on their magic and thus 'follow their betters' something Sammy-Rose was going to break down and drag the 'wizarding world' into the 21st century it wasn't caused by her wanting to keep visiting other world during the school year nope not at all.

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