A was for Amber, the princess of GeneCo.

B was for Body, the most important cargo.

C was for Cure, the thing GeneCo provided so people could live at last.

D was for Death, the thing that, thanks to Rotti, was a thing of the past.

E was for Empire, the thing that GeneCo had become.

F was for Financing, the thing that let all surgeries/organs become affordable to anyone.

G was for Global, the organ failure and then the GeneCo cure had spread this far like an infection.

H was for Healing, the thing GeneCo did to ensure genetic perfection.

I was for Industrialization, the mark of human brilliance that made GeneCo such a 21st century cure.

J was for Jackpot, what anybody said when realizing that with financing, they could buy more and more.

K was for King, the thing that Rotti had become after founding his biotech empire.

L was for Luigi, Rotti's oldest sire.

M was for Medicine, the thing GeneCo had in spades and it could cure any disease.

N was for Nobility, what the elite of GeneCo's were painted as on TV.

O was for Operations, GeneCo had many that they performed, whether it be transplants or cosmetics.

P was for Pavi, Rotti's second son who was quite narcissistic.

Q was for Queen, the thing that GeneCo never managed to keep.

R was for Repo, the necessary, if unpleasant, role of GeneCo to stop an organ thief.

S was for Surgery, the main service that GeneCo had to offer.

T was for Tools, GeneCo had scalpels of silver and sedatives of sapphire.

U was for Upkeep, GeneCo made sure all their loyal patrons were always at their genetic best!

V was for Voice, the thing Rotti had in Blind Mag, the world's best singer who obeyed his every request.

W was for Warehouse, the place where the organs were kept safe and prices were amounted.

X was for X-Ray, after all, it was what was on the inside that counted.

Y was for Youth, with surgery and GeneCo, one could drag this out for years and years along.

Z was for Zydrate, the glowing blue drug Rotti invented to cure his customers and keep them returning for centuries on.