A/N: Okay, so, this is the first time I've ever written something this AU that isn't a crossover. I just, I like my stuff to be canon, you know? Or as close to it as I can get. Anyway, I've always thought it would be fun to see something that's just the domestic side of being an Avenger. What do they do on their days off? How did Steve learn how to use the internet? Does Bucky know what a toaster is? Stuff like that. To be honest, I'd watch a day-in-the-life style movie if they made one. I'd be all over that.

The premise here is that Bucky went on the run after Winter Soldier, but after five or six months or so, came and found Steve. Steve and Sam are helping him get his life back on track, and the three of them share an apartment in New York. The other Avengers will probably pop in and out.

The chapters are one-shots, not happening chronologically, just in the order they occur to me. They'll be mostly fluffy, but there will probably be some h/c and angst from time to time, because it's Bucky. Poor guy's had it rough. I'm open to slash-free suggestions for chapters.

Sadly, they're not my boys. Property of Marvel, Disney, etc.

Sam shut his eyes and threw his head back in a prayer for patience. Going to a baseball game had seemed like a good idea at the time. Part of the whole help-Bucky-adjust-to-civilian-life-by-doing-stuff-he-used-to-like thing that he and Steve had been trying. Which, all things considered, had been working pretty well. And the baseball game…okay, the game itself had been good. They'd even, by some freakish stroke of luck, found a morning game, which, a) was how they did it back in the 40's, and b) meant they didn't have to be out dealing with weekend nightlife, which Bucky still found overwhelming.

What he hadn't counted on, though, was weekend traffic. Even on foot, the crowds were horrendous. It had taken forever to get from the stadium back to the subway. At which point they found out the station was closed for repairs, and it was a long walk to the next one. It was the middle of the afternoon. It was hot. There were way too many people around, and lunch felt like a long time ago. Sam's good mood from earlier had evaporated, and, to tell the truth, he was a little surprised Barnes hadn't punched anyone yet.

"Watch it!" Bucky snapped at some kid on his phone who'd walked right into his back.

The kid looked up, bored. "Quit blocking the sidewalk, would ya?" he replied.

"Okay," Sam said, pulling the kid to the side and giving him a push to keep going as Bucky snarled. "Eyes where you're walkin', kid. Go on."

The kid rolled his eyes, looked back at his phone, and moved on. "You good?" he asked, cocking an eyebrow at Bucky.

This time, it was Bucky rolling his eyes. "Fine," he snapped. "What? I wasn't gonna hit him."

"Didn't say you were," Sam replied. He looked around. "Where's Steve?"

Bucky nodded up ahead. Sam followed his gaze until he found a familiar blond head. Looked like he'd missed the thing with the kid and kept going, and with as fast as he walked, he was already half a block ahead. Sam shook his head—was it too much to ask that the old people he somehow ended up chaperoning stay in a group?

Bucky growled and stumbled as someone bumped him hard enough to knock him off balance.

"Okay," Sam said again, pulling off his backpack and kneeling to open it. "Take a few breaths, man. Don't need you getting cranky in a big crowd like this."

"Wh—" Bucky huffed. "I'm not cranky."

Sam paused in his rummaging through the backpack to shoot him a quick look. "Dude, you just growled at an old lady. You're cranky. Here." He tossed something at Bucky who instinctively raised his hands to catch it.

"What…" Bucky looked at the plastic package in his hands, then glared at Sam. "I'm not a child, Wilson," he snapped.

"No," Sam said calmly. "You're a ninety-nine-year-old former Russian assassin whose blood sugar's gettin' a little low. Eat the fruit snacks."

Bucky continued to glare, but moved to open the package. Steve chose that moment to reappear and popped up over his shoulder. "Whatcha got?" he asked, eyeing his friend's hands. "Ooh!" He looked up at Sam. "You got any more?" he asked hopefully.

Sam rolled his eyes, but pulled another pack of snacks from his bag and tossed it to Steve, who caught it with a grin and tore into it happily. Bucky was refusing to meet Sam's eyes but was smirking in spite of himself. Sam shook his head. "When did I become the mom of this dysfunctional circus?" he asked.

Steve was focused on his snack and wasn't listening, but Bucky snickered at the comment.

The next morning, Sam woke up at his usual time and opened his bedroom door to find a tray on the floor with fresh coffee, bacon and eggs. A pink square of paper propped against the coffee mug read Moms enjoy breakfast in bed, right? Underneath the message was a glittery unicorn sticker.

Apparently the mom thing wasn't going anywhere any time soon. And where in the hell had Barnes gotten a unicorn sticker from? Sam shrugged. At least it came with free food.