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Author: Suki90.
Title: I wouldn't mind.
Original language: Spanish.
Characters: Shinoa Hīragi and Shikama-Douji – Little YuuNoa mention –.

"You know? I feel sorry for you, Shi-chan," Shinoa said as she walked aimlessly in the illusion that the demon living within her had created.

Just after that, the mentioned being appeared ambiguously in front of the girl right away, who saw him without much interest but at the same time without indifference.

"What do you mean?" her demon questioned her, intrigued, wondering what was going through that cold and cynical girl's head.

But the only answer he got was Shinoa's smile, although that curve on her lips wasn't enough to change the look of loneliness and coldness that was always on her eyes.

"Just that: I feel sorry for you, because if we think about it I don't have desires nor yearnings," she answered, without moving a single finger from her current position. "I have nothing to feed you with."

Shikama-Douji stayed silent for a few seconds, thinking about everything Shinoa had told him. It wasn't something new for him though, after all... he was born with her, so he knew her perfectly. As a matter of fact, the demon knew things that his vessel wouldn't understand very well right now, but it was pretty fun to see how she didn't know herself that much.

Finally after a few seconds of silence, the demon decided to speak.

"Whether you believe it or not, you also have desires," the demon said, catching Shinoa's attention. "You are not different from others.

"What do you mean?" she asked him, curious.

"Just what I said, you have desires: Sexual desire, fraternal desire, to be acknowledge... to be approved," Shi-chan enumerated, seeing how those infant eyes were opening little by little, blinking several times by the curiosity she felt towards Shikama-Douji's words. "That's all what you want, what you long for, my food. But the person you want to address those desires has not appeared yet, though."

The latter called even more the infant's attention. "The person to whom I will direct these desires?" Shinoa asked.

"That's right. Someday, somewhere you'll meet that special person, the one you'll want to see you more than any other," the demon explained.

"Someday... Like tomorrow?" Shinoa questioned him, letting her curiosity posses her because of that being's arrival.

"No...," Shikama-Douji answered her. "You'll meet him in eight years."

"Eight years? That's too much," she said with certain air of disappointment. "So, for the record... you're saying that I'll meet my destinated person in eight years?"

Shikama-Douji couldn't help but smile at Shinoa's curiosity for the future. She couldn't allow his container to die nor lose interest in life, because if she decided to end her own life, he would disappear too.

"Who knows."

The Hīragi girl began to open her eyes slowly before straightening up. It was still night, so her eyes took a little more of time to adjust to the total darkness that covered them. That was annoying, but it wasn't that important either.

After a few minutes her eyes cleared and it was then that she remembered that they were still in their shelter near the beach. Shes looked around slowly. Mikaela, Mitsuba, and Kimizuki were not there, they would surely be patrolling the area.

Narumi wasn't there either, so she figured he'd be looking for food.

Yoichi on the other hand was reclining in one of the corners of the cabin, resting a little. She smiled, he looked so cute while sleeping.

Finally she settled her gaze on the boy who, despite being tied with chains, slept soundly. It was normal, his body endured these demonic possessions daily, and the worst thing was that the time increased a little more every day.

Why would someone as good as him had to go through all of that?

What sin had he committed to have to deal with these situations?

Many questions appeared in her head, but no answer came to get her out of doubt. And that hurt. She hated to see Yūichirō go through all that. The only thing she wanted was for him to be happy... to have a long and full life.

He deserved it, because in the end it was thanks to him that she could feel the warmth of a true family, a true love for others; something she never thought she would feel or seek to receive.

Yūichirō Hyakuya was a peculiar boy, indeed. There was no one who didn't love him and wanted him to always be that cheerful boy with emerald eyes; and of course she was one of them.

Because yes, she appreciated him, you could even say she liked him; she wasn't sure how much but she did.

And just when she thought of those feelings she remembered her dream.

"That's all what you want, what you long for, my food. But the person you want to address those desires has not appeared yet, though. You'll meet him in eight years."

As she remembered that conversation with her demon, her heart couldn't help to beat even faster than it already did. Why had she dreamed that? From what she remembered, she was a little girl... Did that moment even happen? And if so, why didn't she remember it?

Without giving much thought to that particular issue, Shinoa got up from her place and slowly approached Yūichirō, who had a calm but tired face.

Looking at him for a few seconds in silence, the young Hīragi asked softly to the air, "Are you my destined person, Yuu-san?" After that she carefully accommodated a lock of hair of the Hyakuya face that was out of place. Trying not to wake him up, the girl with brown orbs slowly moved her hand away while smiling. "To tell you the truth you're kinda problematic, and I still don't understand how do I feel about you..., wheter is only affection or if I really fell in love with you, but... I wouldn't mind if it was you."

And without saying anything else, she sat next to Yuu and stared at him for a while in silence..., enjoying the closeness that she only could have from time to time.

Suki: And here I come again with another small text of Owari no Seraph. There was a small mention of YuuNoa. The entire conversation with Shikama-Douji comes from chapter two of Volume Seven of Guren's Light Novel.

Of course one can guess that it is Yuu Shikama-Douji is refering to, but it may well be someone else, although I don't believe it is xD.

The story was written last year in Spanish, so, I'm really sorry if there is any grammar mistake!




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