Houses Competition: Year 2, Round 5

House: Hufflepuff

Year: 3

Category: Drabble

Prompt: [Speech]: "Yeah, that would be great if we could afford it!"

Word Count: 500

Beta: Pix, Aya, Zoe

Tags: Jily, Pre-Hogwarts

Home Sweet Home

They settle on Godric's Hollow after a long debate. Lily is convinced they should live in the countryside amongst Muggles, while James whole-heartedly believes being surrounded by magic would be the best way to stay protected.

Ultimately, it is Sirius's idea, and Dumbledore nods sagely with approval. Lily is still apprehensive, preferring to 'stay hidden' amongst throngs of Muggle populace.

"It's a good thing, Evans. Besides, I doubt Prongs' capacity to live as Muggle."

"Shut up, Padfoot."

But when they reach Godric's Hollow to scour the quaint village for a house, Lily's inhibitions vanish.

Snow is falling to the earth in the softest of whispers and Christmas carols drift through the air. She smells the scent of cinnamon biscuits with a touch of vanilla, and she pictures living here, raising a family in this little village.

They are received by Bathilda Bagshot. Lily insists that they look at houses that look as Muggle as possible, and after tea, Bathilda tells them that the village has two houses that have recently become available.

The first house is across the church, made of stone with a flat roof. Lily takes an immediate disliking to it, while James insists that he could transfigure it the way she wanted it. Lily merely rolls her eyes, dragging him away to follow an amused Bathilda down the street to the next house.

Located at the end of the street, this house is much bigger than the first. They stand at the wooden gate for a few minute before stepping onto the gravel pathway, and James watches Lily's eyes widen with awe as she drinks in the sight of that little cottage. She follows Bathilda through the white front door and looks at James delightedly after she catches sight of the fireplace and the large windows that overlook the backyard.

"I love large windows," she chuckles softly, and runnings a finger over the sill. "There'll be so much sunlight!"

"Yeah," says James smiling. "The windows would look great with lace curtains, don't you think?"

She nods and looks at him, eyes shining with excitement. Moments later, they are in Bathilda's house, going over the paperwork. Lily is taken aback at how much the cottage costs and starts to feel disappointment build in her. James's hands fly across the blueprint of the house as he makes plans for more additions, and Lily is surprised that he hasn't yet made note of the expenses.

"Yeah, that would be great if we could afford it!" says Lily ruefully as she stares at the blueprint of the small cottage, imagining the latest addition James had made.

"Evans, you always did underestimate me," replies James mockingly, as he stands up.

"What do you mean?" asks Lily cautiously, because James' claims at being underestimated are always followed by something outrageous or bizarre.

"You will see", he says slyly. Slipping a hand into hers as he disapparates both of them to Diagon Alley, the other hand closes around the key to his Gringotts' vault.