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Emma Stone-Billie Jean Rosco

WWE: Torn Between loyalty and love

The twenty-nine-year-old Billie Jean was looking in her master bathroom mirror, thinking about what has happened in the last eight months. She has been dating all three of the Shield members for the past two years and in a twist of events their relationship Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns wanted to explore their relationship a little bit more, but that didn't involve Billie at all.

She didn't know how it happened and she didn't want to reflect on why it happened, Billie just wanted to get the video done before they came home. She looked at her phone, five hours before they come home. So, she went into their room, pressed record on the camera, sat on the California King bed and sighed. "Hey guys." She had tear stained cheeks and not her usual volumized hair. "I'm sorry, but I have to tell you guys why I am leaving." She said. She thought back to where all of this has started.

Nine months earlier

Billie was lying in bed with Seth, the couple was spent after what they had done earlier that night. She didn't know where Dean or Roman were sadly. What she didn't know was that they were in the same potion the couple was in earlier. She laid on her side facing the fading two toned man, she smiled and moved some of his hair out of his eyes.

Seth looked over to Billie and saw that some of her blush has been going back to its natural color and not a blotchy blush. He kissed her forehead and pulled her into his arms. They have been together for a wonderful two years, but Seth was wondering on how he and the guys were going to tell Billie they were going to be together and see how they were relationship was going to be.

The next morning Billie had her dirty blond hair up in a messy bun, wearing Seth's t-shirt that went to her knees and pajama shorts. She was in the kitchen making omelets for the guys, since they have been together she knew what they liked in the way of breakfast. Roman liked his with spice, Dean liked his with garlic and banana peppers, and Seth liked his plain.

Seth, Roman and Dean walked in the dining room, looking at each other with worried looks. They hated this but it had to be done. Billie came in with four plates of omelets in her arms. She smiled at them once she gave them their plates.

They started to dig in once she sat done. They started talking about what their bosses has planned for them in the way of feuds, Billie was against AJ Lee and Nikki Bella for the Divas Championship and since the Shield broke up they are going their own separate ways. Plus, their feud is funny in her opinion.

Once they were finished and placed in the dishwasher, Dean, Seth and Roman were in the living room watching TV with Billie. She sat on Dean's lap, playing with the curls on the back of his neck.

Dean sighed. "Listen, Billie, we need to talk to you."

She turned to him and asked, "What is it?"

Dean looked over to Seth and Roman, they nodded and he went on. "The guys and I have been talking for a while and we thought about experimenting for a while."

Billie blushed and said, "Kinda like something from that Fifty Shades trilogy?"

They all laughed, they knew that neither of them would ever try that but it wouldn't hurt anyone if they did. The whole BDSM was not their thing.

Dean shook his head and sighed. "No, sweetheart. I'm talking about Seth, Roman and I try our end of the relationship."

She stood up from Dean and placed her hands on her hips. "So, where I am in this experiment?" She asked. Billie was from Louisiana and she had sass for days! Piss her off and held a grudge.

"That's the thing," Roman said. "We want to see if we could try on our own for a bit and see if this could work."

"But, where does that leave me?" She asked with some sorrow in her voice.

They looked at each other and didn't say a word. Seth looked up at her and sighed. "Could you wait for us?" Seth asked. "I mean we just want to see if what we are about to do is ok. But all you must do is wait for us, and if we don't like it then we could go back to what we were originally doing."

Billie nodded. She already had a bad feeling about this experiment, she just knew that she wasn't going to like being only. Growing up with busy parents, barely paying attention had left a bad taste in her mouth. They knew about her situation, but why did they want to try something new, Billie had no idea.

A week later they were on the road again! Heading to Los Angles, California. Billie had lost against AJ Lee, but Dean had won against Seth and Roman in a three-way match. Billie was happy for the guys, but they were pissed that she had to lose. She could always get another shot at the title once she could.

After her shower in the hotel room, she walked out of the bathroom and saw that her space on the bed was gone. Billie has been noticing little things here and there, like if she slept with the guys her spot was in-between Dean and Roman, and even if she was gone for a few seconds she saw that they didn't leave her space open like they used to be and since their talk about wanting to experiment with each other and not her.

Unfortunately, the hotel room didn't have a spare room she could sleep in for the night, so she walked over to Roman and poked him in the chest. He opened his eyes and mumbled out a small what.

"Can you scoot over, please? I wanna sleep here with you guys." Billie whispered. He groaned and shook his head. "Why not?" She asked. Roman shrugged and turned towards Dean, he wrapped his arms around the lunatic fringes' waist and went right back to sleep. Billie nodded. "Fine." She whispered dissonantly, so the next best thing was the couch. Billie got the extra blankets and pillow and plopped onto the couch. Thank God, the couch was long enough for her to even sleep, but not comfortable. This was going to be a long and painful night.

Billie has been talking to Randy Orton as of late. He knew about their relationship, but he didn't know that Dean, Seth and Roman were trying something together and not with Billie. They have been friends for a very long time and he hated seeing such a down look on her face. He wanted to talk to the Shield members about the whole situation, but Billie told him to leave it alone so she could see where it would go.

It didn't go so well.

Two weeks. Two weeks this has been going on! Billie had taken up resident in the spare room of Dean's Vegas home. After being kicked out of the bed in all hotel rooms Billie has taken the couch or sleeping with Randy in his room, but it really hurt when they kicked her out of the bed in the house. She was so heartbroken that anytime they were gone she would cry her eyes out, but when they were together she had to put on a brave face.

After WrestleMania the guys and Billie decided to take a week off and they needed it too. Billie was making her famous gumbo with Texas toast and sweet tea. She decided that she needed to talk to the guys about what has been going on. She was going into that pit from when she was younger.

Once everyone was situated with their dinner Billie spoke up, "I wanted to talk to you guys about something." The guys stopped what they were doing and to their "girlfriend". "So, it has come to my attention that I have been feeling alone lately and you guys know about my whole situation about being alone and all of that, so I was wondering if one of you could at least sleep with me?"

The guys looked at each other and sighed. "Listen, Billie," Roman said. "We told you about this. We want you to wait. The experiment isn't quite over yet."

"Then, when is it?" She asked. "I mean, I don't mean to sound like a spoiled brat, but we have been together for two years and y'all spring this on me about not wanting me no more in this relationship." The guys looked down to their plates not wanting to see her face. "Y'all know I grew up without my mom and dad around, and just to be in the same situation again has brought up old wounds, so please can one of y'all spend the night with me?" She pleaded. Billie has never been like this before, she hated pleading for her lovers to pay attention to her, but it had to be done.

The guys looked at each other and sighed. Roman looked to Billie and narrowed his eyes. "No." He growled out. "Just wait for us a little bit longer, ok?"

Billie sighed and covered her eyes. "Sure." She whispered. "I'll wait."

The guys nodded. They hate this too, leaving Billie behind for things, but they just wanted to see how things will work out between them. Even if that means having Billie wait for them.

Later that night after her disappointing talk with them, she decided that she needed a long hot bath and someone to talk to. She called Randy to see if he had anything to say.

"When is your contract due?" He asked.

"Um, at the end of the year I guess. Why?" She asked.

He asked, "Have you been thinking about renewing it?"

"At this point and time, no."

Randy said, "Since you're having a hard time with the guys and don't have a title right now talk to Stephanie and see if you could leave. Leave WWE and your guys."

"I can't leave them." She whispered.

"Why not?"

Billie sighed. There was a lot of reasons why she couldn't leave them, manly she just had to wait for them. That wasn't really working out for her in any shape or form. "I guess I just have hope that they'll notice me again. That maybe what they're doing can be involved with me too."

Randy sighed. "I get it. But, Billie just think about what I am saying and leave them. They're not pay attention to you, yes they'll get mad if you leave the company, but I don't about your love life to say how they'll feel if you left them."

Billie nodded. "I'll think about it, Randy. Thanks. Good night."

He said his goodbye and went to sleep, dreaming of Billie leaving and having a better life without the Shield.

A few nights later, Billie couldn't sleep. Her new room was right next door to Dean, Roman and Seth's room. And all she heard all night was moaning. All night long. She really hated these types of nights, hearing them moan and her being alone in the next room with a very cold king size bed. All she had was their favorite t-shirts they wore as her little reminder of them.

"Maybe I could get a dog." She whispered to herself. She heard another moan coming from Seth and Dean. Roman always liked the Alpha male in the relationship and that's what Billie missed the most. "But I couldn't take it with me, I would have to leave it here." Then another moan. "A fish, no. A cat, nah-I ain't a cat person." One final moan and they were done. But Billie knew that wasn't the end of it. They will be back at it again in another hour or so.

Billie sat up and walked out of her room. Now was her chance to ask one of them to spend the night with her. Two steps later she was in front of their door, Billie knocked and heard them groan on the other side. I guess they forgot their "girlfriend" was still there.

Dean opened the door and gave her a small smirk. "Hi." He said.

"Hi." She replied. "So, I was curious if you wanted to come to my room for a bit and watch TV with me?" She asked.

Dean looked back to the room and nodded towards Billie. She didn't see it, but she guessed that they shook their heads. The lunatic fringe turned back to Billie and shook his head. "Wait." Was all he said and shut the door in her face.

Billie narrowed her eyes at the door. She's had it! Enough is enough, tomorrow morning she is going to go talk to Stephanie and see if she can leave WWE and her so called lovers. She hit the bedroom door with anger and stomped back to her room.

This is not love, this is like being in a relationship with a man and he keeps you around just so you can feel bad about how your relationship was before. So, Billie has had enough and has made up her mind about the future.

Billie was beating the hell out of Nikki Bella. She and Dolph were a tag team against Nikki Bella and John Cena. She learned from Dolph that he was heartbroken over Nikki, so Billie asked if he wanted to team up with her against his ex and her friend. He agreed and now here they were; she was basically beating the hell out of the Bella twin. Billie channeled her anger towards the Shield members and was ready to tear this bimbo a new one.

Once Billie did her finisher on Nikki Bella, she got her win!

Billie and Dolph went backstage and celebrated their victory. What they didn't know was that the form Shield members were watching her. They still cared about her very much and they hated that she gave attention to other men, but they also hated what they were doing to her. They didn't know how to fix things once they decide to stop what they were doing.

Billie and Dolph sat in catering with Sheamus and Cesaro talking about what their plans were for the weekend, Sheamus and Cesaro had plans with their girlfriend for a movie date and such. Dolph had nothin to do, maybe go home to see his parents and sisters. Billie said that she was going to just hang out at home while Dean, Seth and Roman have the guys night. Which was a date night for all of them, but since this stupid experiment they had to leave her behind.

Sheamus could see the sadness in her eyes, they weren't as vibrant as they were before. He tried talking to Randy about what has been going on since they were closer, but the viper has been keeping his mouth shut about the whole drama around them. He put his hand on hers and told her to be strong and don't give up.
She nodded and sighed. Billie was going to try, for her friends.

They were back on the road to their hotel, but the guys weren't saying anything to her. Billie kind of find that disheartening and rude, but it's what they wanted. They wanted to leave her behind so they could explore their relationship.

When they finally arrived at their hotel room Billie had made the couch up into a bed and plopped down onto the couch, she closed her eyes just trying to relax the tension away. Roman, Dean and Seth all stood around her and narrowed their eyes. She opened her eyes and asked, "What?"

"What the hell was that hanging around Dolph of all people?" Roman glowered out.

Billie groaned and rolled her eyes. "Seriously? This is the treatment I get?" She sarcastically said. She stood up and placed her hand on her hips. "So, let me get this straight y'all get to have a loving relationship without me, but I don't get to hang out with my friends?" They shrugged their shoulders and left a heavy pregnant silence in the air. "Are you fucking kidding me!? This is bull shit! You guys know how I felt growing up, but what the fuck ever happened to being loyal to each other and not being left behind!?" She shouted. "I hate this you know? I hate knowing that this might spilt us up. Hell, it already happened, I can see it right in front me."

Billie turned her back to them and placed her hand on her head.

"We're sorry, Billie, but you just have to wait-" Roman implored.

She turned back to her lover and narrowed her eyes. "Fuck you!" She yelled with all her might. "I hate this. If I have to hear wait one more I am going to blow my brains out and make it look like an accident." Billie brushed away fallen tears and breathed in and out. "I fucking hate this. I hate fucking waiting, this is stupid. Sleeping on couches, to the spare room in the house and hearing y'all go at, at all hours of the night-wishing one of you could come to my room and spend the night with me, but no. All I get is a 'no' and 'you have to wait'. Well wait my ass! I am done." Billie brushed her shoulder into Roman's and walked out to go find Randy or Dolph's room.

Billie was sleeping in Randy's room. She was so pissed off that she turned off her phone because she kept getting calls from all three of them. Texts messages even, asking if she was ok and where she was. Randy took her phone and told them to shove it up their asses. Randy would always look out for Billie if need be, so he was happy that she came into his room so she could get away from her so called lovers.

That Friday night, Billie called in Stephanie, Hunter and Vince to talk about her contract. She had to make up something to get out of it. Her lie was that she had to focus on family, so she had to go back home and take care of her aunt, which Stephanie said the ok to.

The Commissioner said that during the months of September, October and November is when Billie would have a small feud with Stephanie and Hunter up until the boss said that if she lost to Hunter that she was fired, if she won Billie would still be fired making it seem like a 50/50 slim chance coming back. She understood and thanked her bosses for the opportunity that she had and will forever be grateful for her time in WWE.

Billie was training extra hard with Hunter to get enough energy so she could try to show what she had left in this world. She was gonna turn her heartbreak into victory, even though it wasn't going to come out that way Billie was going to show what a badass she was.

All through the three months Billie and Hunter was back and forth for their feud and WWE had to say that it was the best feud they have ever seen in their lives. It was November and WWE was in Las Vegas that night and it finally came for her last month in WWE, she had to show how much she had train and how much she gained into showing what WWE will miss.

Hunter gave a mean Pedigree to Billie and counted her out. She knew Stephanie was in Hunter's corner, but no one was in hers.

"Billie, I have two words for you…" Stephanie said. "You're fired!" She shouted. Billie nodded in defeat and sighed. She stood up and was with her boss, she stuck out her hand, he smiled and took her hand in his and shook hands like grown adults.

Once Hunter and Stephanie left, Billie stood in the ring with a mic in her hands, smiling to the audience as they were cheering for her. "So, I know that you guys are broken about what had happened tonight and that I should be angry about what had happened, but guess what?" The crowd cheered 'what' waiting for her answer. "I don't care. I have loved this job from the very beginning until the end, but even though this means I am gone for good it doesn't mean I am not loyal to WWE. It's just I want to do something different and if that means leaving then it means leaving. But I am very grateful for what I have been giving, from the feuds to my friend and partnership to the Shield. I will always remember WWE, my fans and friends backstage. I love you, guys. Keep calm and be a WWE universe! Let me hear you scream for me!" Shouted as the crowd screamed on the top of their lungs. Billie bowed to the audience and left the ring one last time.

Once she got backstage Billie was pampered with her friends, telling her that they will miss her and telling her good luck out there. Saying goodbye to Randy and Dolph was hard, very hard. But she could always talk to them if she needed to.

She knew that that the guys wouldn't be home until after Raw, so she went home, packed her things and left her video ready to be played so that they could see how things weren't going so well for her.

Later when the guys came home they called for Billie and asking her if it was true that she got fired, but they thought that she was already in bed. Roman that his laptop was hooked up to the tv and called over his lovers.

They played the video and they heard Billie's voice. "Hey guys." She had tear stained cheeks and not her usual volumized hair. "I'm sorry, but I have to tell you guys why I am leaving." She said. "I am leaving because things haven't been going great for us, y'all know that I have problems and when y'all brought up the whole thing about you three exploring the whole relationship without was just heartbreaking for me because I wanted us to work and I guess I wasn't good enough." Billie shrugged and brushed away her wayward tear and gave them a humorless chuckle. "When I first saw you three I thought y'all were the bees' knees and we were gonna be a team once Hunter and Stephanie gave the idea to me about being part of the Shield. It was awesome and we had great times, but I thought we had something special, but I guess it wasn't meant to be and what pissed me off the most was that y'all kept saying 'no' or 'wait for us' and I did, but I stopped. I stopped asking all together because there was no point in asking you time and time again that I missed you. Y'all just pushed me away until I decided to leave y'all. I am letting you go so y'all can have the relationship I wish we had. So, I Billie Jean Rosco hear by letting myself go, letting myself be free from this depressing relationship. I loved you and I will always love you, guys, but I have to go and let y'all be together." Billie sighed and clicked off the video.

For the first time Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns were speechless. They were shocked. They had no idea that Billie was feeling this way, but it was too late.

Seth rushed to Billie's room and saw that it was empty. He leaned against the doorframe and started to cry. Dean threw his lamp against the front door and turned to Roman. "This is all your fault!" He shouted and tackled the Samoan to the ground. Roman pushed Dean onto the ground and punched him in the nose. He was just as mad as Dean and heartbroken as Seth was. They lost their lover, best friend and it was all because they wanted to explore their side of the relationship.

About thirty minutes later, ice to face and alcohol on the coffee table. Seth, Dean and Roman sat on the couch sulking. "I can't believe she's gone." Seth muttered.

"Billie's not gone forever." Roman mumbled. He sat the ice down and took a shot of his whiskey. "We could get her back."

"How?" Dean asked.

Roman looked to his brothers and sighed. "We give her time, some space and then when the moment is right, we go get her and treat her like we should've in the first place." Dean and Seth nodded, following along with Roman's plan to get their girl back.

At the airport

Billie Rosco boarded off the plane from Las Vegas to Savanah, Georgia. She meets her aunt at the front gate, the young wrestler smiled at her aunt Wilma and pulled her in for a strong hug.

"Hi, sweetie." Wilma whispered.

Billie sighed. "Hia, auntie." She pulled away and brushed away her tears.

Wilma smiled and cupped her niece's cheeks. "You're gonna be ok, darling." Billie nodded and both women left the airport. Billie left behind her friends and now she was coming home to her family.

One year later

Billie has changed a lot since the last time. Her hair is now shorter, it goes to her shoulders now then to her lower back, she still goes to the gym every other day and her fake tan is gone. She has her natural classic ivory complexion and she doesn't wear caked on makeup more natural if you can say.
Billie has been working in her aunt's café and bookstore. She has been loving it as of late. Being in a small town where no one knows you were a WWE Diva is amazing! Just meeting new people and seeing the same faces was glorious.

Every now and then she'll get a call from Hunter or Vince, asking her if she has reconsidered about coming back and her answer is always "I am very grateful to have the opportunity of a lifetime, but no. I am very sorry." Then she would talk to them for just a little bit longer and then say her goodbyes. Billie really needs to talk to Stephanie so that her ex-bosses husband and father would stop calling her.

Billie at times does watch WWE just to watch the rookies and her friends. She never expected to see that they would be coming to Georgia the home state of AJ Styles, or her neighbors Allen Neal Jones and his family. She has seen his boys and wife come in and out of the café and bookstore, they are amazing kids and always put a smile on her face. the youngest son to AJ saw how sad she has been and decided to cheer her up with some candy and cards. Now anytime they bring her something she gives them-with permission of their mom-their favorite cookies.

The ex-Diva has never been happier in her life, until a no good very bad day.

It has been a year to the day that Billie left WWE and the former Shield members. She has been feeling a lot better about life and has been happier about things. She has dated a time or too, but nothing concrete. She at times misses the Shield, but then she remembers what they had done to her and the heartbreak would come back.

It was a Thursday when things turned upside down for her.

Billie was working the counter that day and she was setting out some cookies, muffins and macaroons. She had the stereo on and it was playing Don't Come Around Here No More by Tom Petty, Billie had her back to the door when the bell rang, she yelled, "Hi! Welcome to Wilma's Café and bookshop, what can I find for you?"

Then a familiar voice asked, "Were looking for a tall dirty blond, blue eyed beauty. She left us a year ago. Have you seen her?"

Billie stopped what she was doing and turned to the three people that broke her heart, left her and never wanted to touch her. She let out a deep breath and gave them her deadliest look. "What do you want?" She seethed.

Roman stood tall with his hands in his pants pockets, Dean had his arms crossed and Seth had his around his back.

"You're alive." Roman said.

"Yeah," Billie muttered. "So? You left me."

"But you left us." Dean sneered.

"I had to."

"Why?" Seth demanded.

Billie sighed and pinched her nose bridge. "Fucking because y'all wanted to try and explore that side of your relationship, y'all don't even know what neglect feels like if you had a chance to figure it out." She let out a deep breath and shook her head. "Do you really think that coming back into my life that I would expect y'all back?" She asked sarcastically.

"Uh yeah." Dean said. Billie literally facepalmed herself. She couldn't believe that this was happening.

"At least let us explain over lunch, please?" Roman asked.

Billie narrowed her eyes to the Alpha male in the relationship. She didn't want to do this, but I guess she had to hear what they had to say about literally abandoned and neglected her for nine months of their love life. Hell, she was even jealous of Sheamus and Cesaro with their girlfriend! But Billie had put up with it for the last time, but she was just going to see what they had to say.

"Fine." Billie growled out. The guys smiled at each other and left her aunt's store.

Later that night Billie and Wilma were sitting around the dinner table talking about what had happened.

Wilma looked to her niece and asked, "Are you gonna do it?"

"Do what?" Billie looked to her and shrugged. "I have no idea what you're talking about."

"Oh please, darlin'." Wilma said. She had a Dolly Parton voice to her, both talking and singing. At times it was annoying, but other times she was like a walking talking fortune cookie. Billie loved her aunt, but she didn't need to be lecture right now. "Look I know how it feels to be forgotten at times, but if you give those boys a chance they can give you an answer you deserve.

Billie placed her face in hands and let out a huge groan. "Jesus Christmas." She muttered.

"Don't use the Lord's name in vain, dear." Wilma said. "What I am saying is, just give them a chance to explain why they did what they did and you can see from their point of view." She grasped her niece's hands and smiled. "I hate what they did to you and I am not taking sides, but please go with them with an opened mind."

Billie really wanted to say no and just be a normal person again, but her aunt had a valid point. They had a reason to neglect her, but she was just so bad at what they did that she couldn't get based it. But it was only fair just to hear them out and see if they could fix it. So, she gave in and nodded. She really didn't want to hear what they have to say, but I guess it was the right thing to do.

The next couple of days the Shield got off from their job and stayed so they could talk to her. Billie meet her former lovers at the local Denny's, they were just a few minutes late, but who cared.

Once they sat down and started to catch up they needed to get down to business.

"So, I hope you're gonna listen and see why we did what we did." Roman said. Billie sighed and leaned against her seat. "Ok. We loved you, Billie and we still do. But the guys and I have been talking and we just wanted to try something new. Dean talked to some guys who were in the same relationship and they said that yes they were together with their girlfriend, but once she heard them out on doing what we did she was ok with it." He said. "They still had sex with each other."

"But what you guys did to me was cruel." Billie said. She leaned against the table and got in his face. "You three left me, not wanting to touch me. y'all talked, but never listened and you still won't now."

Roman narrowed his eyes and crossed his arms. "I know, but we are now. We love you and we want to try again and if you let us."

Billie sighed and rubbed her eyes. Seth placed his hand on her shoulder and rubs up and down her back. "I missed you, we've missed you, so much. We have worked on our relationship and we want you back."

She looked to the now faded two toned new heel Seth Rollins, her favorite thing about him was his huge brown eyes and his boyish smile. Billie really hated seeing that sad puppy dog look in his eyes, so she gave in. "Fine, but I am not in any way coming back to wrestling. I had my run, but if we talk and y'all listen to me."

Dean was on the other side of Billie and whispered, "Why don't we go to a more private place and show you how much we missed you." And kissed behind her ear. Billie was blushing and gave out a slight moan. This is what she has been missing two, affection from her cavemen. They got up and they paid for their lunch. Roman was driving back to their hotel to have a proper talk and see what they can do for their future.

When they finally arrived Roman, Seth, and Dean lead Billie back to their room. Roman and Seth went in first, but Billie stopped. She was scared that something was going to happen, she could just feel it in her gut.

Dean placed his hands on her hips and whispered, "Billie?"

"Yeah?" She asked.

He laid his chin on the crook of her neck and pulled her to his chest. "We have changed, it's ok."

She nodded and placed her hand on his. Billie missed this, she missed being this close to one or all of them. Billie missed her guys, but she just had a feeling that it wouldn't last long.

Dean guided his girl into the grand suite, Seth and Roman were waiting for them. Roman had took off his shirt and pulled Billie to his chest, he started to kiss her lips. Billie melted into Roman and wrapped her arms around his neck, he picked up her legs and wrapped them around his waist. He carried her to the bed and not too gently shoved her down onto the mattress.

Roman let go of Billie and gripped her shoulder. "Stay." He rasped out. Roman turned back to his brothers and started to go to the bathroom. Dean stayed behind and frowned at Billie. "Dean." Roman growled out and dragged Seth to the bathroom. Dean rubbed his head and followed along.

Leaving Billie sitting there with a very sad look on her face. She sighed, she wondered why they invited her back just to leave her alone. This was not how it was supposed to go to plan. She heard the shower running and that answered her questions. They were back to her old ways, they didn't want her to be part of their life, just a presence. A shadow.

They were rejecting here again. That was a sign meaning that she wasn't good enough her them. Not then, now or ever.

She heard moaning was coming from the bathroom, staring at the closed door in shock-well it wasn't that surprising. Obviously, it's what they wanted. But, she has changed, Billie had more anger in her. So, she stood up and charged towards the door. After three moans later, Billie pounded on the door with all her might.

Roman opened the door with narrowed eyes, but didn't expect to be slapped across the face so hard. He groaned in pain and held his face, the Big Dog looked back to Billie with a questionable look.

The former Diva glared at Roman and said, "I would rather be broken hearted than someone burden." She reared back hand and punch him in the nose. "I hope y'all have a great life." She sneered at him and walked away. Leaving them behind.

Billie ran into Randy and Dolph in the lobby and caught up for about ten minutes and bid them goodbye.

When she finally got home to her apartment above her aunt's shop, Billie got a box and put all the Shield's things so that she could send them to Dean's house. Since they didn't want her no more, she wanted absolutely nothing to do with them nor more. If she had it her way she would be blasting their asses on social media, but she was a lady and had class.

Billie had shipped off their crap back to Vegas and was official rid of the Shield. The men who never wanted to be with her again.

Six months later

Billie was saying goodbye to a mother and her twin girls, who were the cutest kids she has ever seen that she had to give them cookies that were shaped like stars. The little girl went crazy and thanked her.

It was twenty minutes later that Billie was wrapping up a book to a man that she swears that she had meet before. He's name was Sami Callihan, he had jet-black hair that swooped to the side and had one red streak in it, he had somewhat tan skin, green eyes and a killer smile. And his height had to be 5'8, which was good for Billie because she was 5'6.

The first two months they became friends, Billie was afraid to open her heart again after what the Shield had done to her, but it was worth the wait for Sami because he knew that once she did open to him that it will be worth it for her.

Four months later Sami declared that they were dating and Billie had never been happier, she was elated. Billie always thought that she was an afterthought to the Shield, but once she left them and found the guy who will care for her then she knew Sami was worth her heart. He might be gone a lot, but she knew that he would always come back for her and only her.

Author's Notes: Well, what do you think? Again, this was just an idea, I love the Shield and they are awesome to the high Heavens, but I always thought "what if they had been in a relationship with someone, but the Shield decided to go farther and forgotten about her." So, again, don't attack what I thought about, this is what's in my mind like 50% percent of the time. But, I hope you enjoyed the one-shot and how the outcome ended for my OC. Do I plan to write another one? I have a feeling that it might be a no, sorry.