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Warning: this story contains curse words and depressing matters, if you are sensitive to those then please leave. Also, if you are a fan of The Shield I am very sorry about the story you're about to read, this was just an idea and it grew from there. I love the Shield and always will.

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Emma Stone-Billie Jean Rosco

WWE: Torn Between loyalty and love

Three years later

Billie has been on the road with Sami Callihan for quite some time now and was loving it. She has been keeping in contact with her aunt and helping her with the store when she was home from Sami being on Impact Wrestling. Billie was grateful for Impact to take in Sami and seeing his true potential and his crazy character than what WWE saw...and speaking of WWE. It was the soon to be Hall of Fame ceremony and she got invited by Vince McMahon and his family for her and Sami to come out and see everyone. Billie and agreed and the now married couple is on their way to see everyone, and she was terrified.

Sami was smoothing his hair to the side, noticing that his red streak was losing its color. He looked around and found Billie's extreme red eyeshadow pigment. He didn't see, but his wife walked in the bathroom, watching her husband dap on the eyeshadow to his hair. Billie giggled and shook her head.

"You're crazy, Sami." She said.

Sami looked to his wife with his blue eyes and nodded. "Yeah?"

"Yeah," Billie wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek. "But you're my crazy." Sami turned his head and pecked his wife. Billie smiled and rubbed his chest. "C'mon, we gotta go."

He nodded and finished up his hair, fixed his tie and zipped up Billie's crème colored dress; that was heavily inspired by the 1920s. Her hair was swooped to the side and was held by a hair clip. Billie felt her baby kick, she stopped and rubbed the spot where she felt her baby girl moved. Just after being married for a year Billie got the news that she was pregnant, Sami was excited because he loved his nieces and nephews, so he was happy that she was going to be a new mom and that he was going to be a new dad. She patted her five-month growing stomach, grabbed her clutch and the couple was off to the ceremony.

As they were driving to the stadium Sami kept looking over at Billie with a worried look on his face. he grabbed her hand and held it tight. Billie had told him that she was in a relationship with all three members of the Shield and it was great, but not after they had ditched her to be with each other-which broke her heart for months. Sami always told her that if ever ran into them that he was going to make them pay, she just shook her head and shrugged it off. She knew that he was being protective over her, but she didn't want to coast him his job.

"You ok?" He asked. Billie turned to him and gave him a small nod. "You're nervous, aren't you?" She nodded again. He rubbed his callous thump over her smooth hand and gave her a smile back. "It'll be fine. Yes, they'll be there, but I will make sure that they will never come near you."

Billie nodded and again and kissed his cheek. "This isn't my first Hall of Fame ceremony." She said.

"Oh yeah?" He asked.

She nodded. "Yeah, my first was when I was with the Shield as a group and couple and it was great, fun, exciting. But, my second time going was when they were pulling away from me and making it seem like it was a guy's night out."

"But it wasn't."

She shook her head. "No, it defiantly was not."

Two years earlier

Billie sat in the back of the black Nissan that Hunter had rented for her at such short notice. As she was getting ready back at the hotel, Dean, Seth and Roman left; declaring that since the Hall of Fame ceremony was on their date night they decided to go ahead and leave her behind even though she was already dressed and was walking out with them. So, she called Hunter and he got her an Uber to pick her up and she was forever grateful for her boss. She was so sick of their stupid "waiting for them" policy-which in her opinion sucked balls. She hated this, but she had to think that maybe they'll forget about themselves and focus on her for a little bit, but they didn't.

Hell, they even forgot her birthday-which they never do.

When she finally arrived at the arena she gave the Uber driver, Samantha, a hefty tip for bringing her there when she had better things to do.

Billie was stopped by Mandy Cena and Finn Balor-who were a secret couple and the Shield sister that Hunter was happy to have. Billie really liked Mandy, she fit with her "lovers" well, but she would never tell the small Cena about what has been going on. They were her brothers and she would feel awful if she told her what has been going on. So, Billie laid it to rest and talked to the youngest Cena and her Demon Lover until she got pulled away to do an interview with Renee Young.

Randy Orton and his wife saw the former members of the Shield walk to their sets, but no Billie. Randy's wife, Kim Marie Kessler turned to her husband and asked, "What gives?"

Randy rubbed his shaved head and sighed. "It's complicated, babe. Billie's having a rough time with them and what they are doing."

"What?" She said. "Ditching Billie like she's last week trash and never thinking twice about it? No way, she's my friend and I am gonna go find her." Kim walked off and found Billie talking to Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper. She walked up to Billie and tapped on her shoulder.

Billie turned around with a huge smile on her face and attacked her friend with a huge. "Hi." She whispered.

Kim pulled her way and noticed that her eyes were red and cheeks were semi stained with tears. The former Shield was breaking her and they weren't even paying attention. "Hey, why aren't you with them?" She asked.

Billie shrugged her shoulders and sighed. "It's date night…well it's their date night, so they thought it would be fitting to leave me behind while they went ahead."

"Are you fucking kidding me?" Kim asked.

Billie shook her head and sighed. "Nope. They do this every time and you would think I would be used to it by now, but nope." She gave her friend a humorless laugh and fixed her hair. "I guess I am prone to this sort of things. Being left out and all."

"Do you wanna come sit with Randy and I?" Kim asked. Billie nodded and followed Kim back to their sets. Billie looked over and saw that Seth, Dean or Roman weren't even looking at her. They were ignoring her as if she didn't even exist to them. She sat next to Kim and said hello to Randy.

The whole night the former Shield members never said a word to Billie, even left early to go back to the hotel and make love half of the night. Billie got her things and spent the night with Dolph Ziggler in his room-which he was nice enough to even let her stay the night with him; if he never kept going after Nikki after they broke up Billie would consider him, but he was weeping over another.

Present day

Billie shook out of her daze and noticed that they had arrived at the ceremony. She got out with Sami by her side. Sami placed his hand on her stomach and they were stopped by Rene who was surprised to see her and Sami there. The short haired blond reporter was talking and asking them questions about what they were doing outside of WWE since they both left for Impact Wrestling and to be a new mom.

Billie was happy to answer those question, even Sami was happy to put in his two cents here and there. Once they were done with the surprise interview Hunter spotted them and took them to their sets which luckily were far away from The Shield.

Everybody was so shocked to see Billie and Sami there and seeing her pregnant was crazy too. Maryse and Miz came up to her just to catch up and see how she was doing, saying that she was on the road with Sami and excited to be a new mom. Maryse gave her the news that she gave birth to their little girl. Billie was happy for Maryse and told them congratulations to them, they left and went to their sets once the ceremony started.

An hour later everyone went to go eat at the buffet they had laid out. Sami asked if Billie needed anything to drink, she said no, but he wanted to at least get her something to calm the baby down too, she nodded and watch her sexy as sin husband walk away from her. What she didn't notice was that Dean was watching the couple with hawk like eyes.

The Lunatic Fringe felt guilty for what he and his brothers did to Billie, and he wasn't mad for what Billie did to Roman's nose. She showed them that she was going to be ok without them and yes, he felt guilty about what he did to her, but it was insane just to see her pregnant and with his best friend.

Dean walked back over to his former teammates with a smile on his face.

"What are you so happy about?" Roman asked.

Dean gave him his famous smirk and nodded his head towards the couple. "Just happy to see her."

Both Seth and Roman turned around and saw Billie with a pregnant belly kissing Sami Callihan. The Big Dog narrowed his eyes and turned back to Dean. "Well then." He growled and slapped his hand on the table.

Seth turned back with sad puppy eyes. "I can't believe that she moved on fast."

"What do you think was going to happen?" Dean asked. "That Billi would sit around and wait for us like she used to?" Seth nodded and Roman just sighed. "No way. Are you kidding me? Guys, she was bound to move on and she seems happy, plus Billie is going to be a mom soon." They nodded again and heard her airy laugh. They saw that she placed Sami's hand on her stomach and laid her head on his shoulder.

The Shield saw them as a family and they will always be a family. Yes, what they did was terrible, but they loved her no matter what and always will.

After saying goodbye to everyone, Billie waited outside for Sami to come by with his burgundy Ford Explorer. Suddenly, she felt a tap on her shoulder, it was rough. She turned around and her eyes went huge. Dean stood with his arms across his chest, Roman had his behind his back and Seth with his on his hips.

"Hi, kiddo." Dean said.

Billie let out a huge breath and gulped. She was nervous, she hasn't seen them in quite a while and she always fantasied what she would say to them, but since they are standing in front of her she was scared.

"Hi guys," Billie whispered. She moved her hair out of the way and felt her baby kick, Billie placed her hand on her stomach and rubbed the spot. The guys looked to her stomach and Dean smiled.

"How are you?" Seth asked.

"I'm good. I am married and ready to be a mother." She said. "How about you?"

Dean smiled and ran his fingers through his hair. "We're good. We went our separate ways after you left."

"But, we're still together." Roman muttered out.

"Whoa. That's good. I'm mostly on the road with Sami and helping my ant out with her shop. Can't really do anything right now since this little tyke has been drop kicking me like a bag of sand." Billie chuckled and looked down to her stomach.

Dean smiled and heard a car come around the corner. "Listen, Billie," He said. She looked back up to her former lover with a questionable look. "I…we just wanted to say that we're sorry about what had happened."

"We didn't mean for it to go so far." Seth said. "We loved you and we saw how much it hurt you and we wanted to fix it, but…"

"But?" She asked.

"But, we wanted to try something new and see if it could work." Roman said.

"And it sure as hell did." Sami said behind Billie. She jumped five feet in the air and turned to her husband. She hit him in the stomach and narrowed her eyes. "You guys did a number on Billie. She wouldn't even date me for months until she finally got over your asses." Billie grabbed onto Sami's arm and tried to get him to the car so they could go home. "Well, as it turns out Billie was happier to find someone like me who actually gave a damn about her." He got right in Roman's face and hissed out. "I actually loved her like she should've been loved in the first place."

What Billie didn't expect was Sammi to punch Roman in the jaw. She gasped and grabbed onto his arm. "For Christ sake, Sami! Enough of this. They were apologizing about what they did to me, don't go killing them."

Sami narrowed his eyes towards he Shield and sighed. He rubbed his knuckles and pulled Billie in for a kiss. "I am sorry, lover."

She cupped his face and sighed. "it's fine. Just don't do that again." He nodded and watched his wife go over to the Shield. Billie said, "Look, I know that you guys aren't too happy with what had happened, but I am. I am happy and I just hope that we could stay friends and not have bad blood."

Dean nodded and pulled Billie in for a hug, Seth did the same and Roman just narrowed his eyes above Billie's head to Sami. Sami flipped off Roman and pulled his wife back towards him, she said one last goodbye to her former lovers.

Sami and Billie were finally back home and showed how much they loved her each, he hated how sad Billie was before and during their relationship, but once it finally came around as a normal love affair to becoming married and soon to be parents. They were happy with their lives and their future looked brighter.

Four months later little Fiona Jean Johnson was born on August 3, 2018. She had red hair with bright blue-grey eyes, she had Sami's smile and sadly Billie's hobbit ears, Billie was happy to finally meet her little girl. She promised to protect and care for Fiona, to show her how much she loved her. To the moon and back.

The end!

Author's Notes: Well, what do you think? I hope you enjoyed part 2, I loved writing it and it has a heartfelt warm feeling that is supposed to be there. I loved writing it and I hope you enjoyed that Billie finally got her happy ending…happy reading!