The Spider Strikes!

The Spider was created by Harry Steeger and is published by Dynamite Entertainment. Miraculous Ladybug is owned by Zagtoon Method Animation and Toei Animation.

Paris, France. October 1st, 1933

"Reports of vigilante activity across Paris is can no longer be ignored, thanks to the identifying mark of a spider being left at the scene of no more than 7 vigilante executions, which have left the police baffled..."

The radio was turned off as a gangster snorted at the news. It was just rival gangs taking it to each other and clearly had been reading too many pulp magazines to come up with that crazy of a cover.

"A spider? Oh real scary. I'm shakin' in my boots." He said to himself as he stepped out into cool night air, sitting down outside the brothel that doubled as his gang's hideout, to begin his nightly duty of helping to keep an eye out for thieves. His gang had hundreds of cases of opium stored in this little den of depravity which were ready to be shipped across France and England as well. The building was relatively small, chosen to avoid too much undo attention, lest the police find it and decide to do some inspecting, so only the right people with the right connections could possibly find this place. Yet as with any illicit activity one could not be too careful, hence the need for a nightly guard outside the entrance. The only illumination came from a light over the door to the back entrance where the guard currently sat. Unbeknownst to him, an intruder was standing in the shadows. With a whistle coming from the darkness, the gangster leaped up, and drew his gun.

"Who's there? Louie, that you? Don't be scaring me like..." The gangster was cut off as he felt a gun being pushed to the back of his head.

"Make a sound, make a move, I pull the trigger. How many are inside?" A gruff sounding voice asked as he tried to turn to see who it was. Before he could he was put into a headlock, the gun now at his temple as the man behind him was now growling with every breath.

"What did I just say about moving? You're lucky I need you. Now. How. Many. Are. Inside?" The assailant asked, punctuating his every word in a sharp tone.

"I-it's a s-slow night! J-just about twelve or thirteen guys, twenty girls?" The gangster said as he began to feel the pressure around his neck tighten.

"Was that a question?" The gunman at his back asked as he shoved the gangster down and held him to the ground with his foot, the gun still trained on his head.

"I dunno! I just watch for crazies like you! I don't keep tabs on..." The assailant stomped on the gangster's back, making him howl in pain. He turned just in time to see his attacker, who then shot him in the head. Said attacker wore a black wide brimmed fedora, with a silver spider emblem on the front of the hat attached to the band, a black shirt, and black pants and shoes, along with a jet black mask that was covered in a red web-like pattern as well as a black cape that had the same red web pattern as the mask. Under his arms were two pistol holsters that held twin M1911 pistols with a spider emblem emblazoned on the grips.

"The Spider strikes." The man, the Spider, said aloud as he could hear the clambering from behind the door to the brothel, quickly going back into the shadows. The Spider seemed ready to make his move but a man came shambling out of the brothel, his pants unzipped and belt open which he was currently fighting to get fastened with one hand as a revolver pistol was in his other hand. The man waved his gun around at the shadowed area, as the Spider quickly shot him in the head. He entered and fired into the room with both guns blazing, hitting three gangsters square in the head before they even knew what hit them.

Quickly rushing over to the main power switch in the nearby maintenance room he turned off the lights, as the gangsters quickly pulled their pistols. The remaining gangsters heard a clattering sound in the area of the bar and began to shoot at it. Next were the sound was of twin pistols firing as they tried to duck, but not in time. One of the gangsters had managed to get the lights to come back on as the armed marauder rushed up the stairs. He kicked the door open to the first room he saw. The first thing the gangster, who was apparently searching for his gun in the midst of an ocean of bed sheets and scattered clothing, did was freeze in shock which allowed the Spider to effortlessly shoot him in the head. The other rooms opened up and the last few remaining tried to attack, but were cut down by The Spider all the same.

Fortunately for the vigilante, the few that were still standing were drunk out of their skulls so their aim was off. Soon their was one left, who came out of the main office of the brothel. In a rush of movement, the masked man ducked under the pimp's gunshot and shot him gun out of his hand. The pimp tried to punch with his other arm, but was tackled to the ground. The Spider began to beat the man's face with a ferocity not unlike that of a wild animal. The Spider got up and looked down at the quivering filth, and then pulled a photograph out his pocket. It was of a little girl and a woman. The man's eyes widened as he seemed to recognize them.

"This woman and her child are dead. The mother was one of your working girls. Your men shot them both. I want to know why." The Spider asked as he had his gun trained on the man.

"She... She was stealin' cash! What was I supposed to do?! I needed to make an example or else the other whores would..." The pimp was cut off as the Spider shoved his foot down onto his neck.

"AND THE LITTLE GIRL?!" The Spider roared with fury as he let off the man's throat just enough so he could speak.

"IT WAS A LOOSE END ALRIGHT?! LAST THING I NEEDED AS A BRAT CRYING TO THE COPS ABOUT..." The Spider then all but stomped on his neck, severely damaging his windpipe to the point the pimp could barely breath let alone speak as he wheezed. The Spider then pulled a lighter from his pocket, but one with a small brand on it. He lit it, heating the brand as he shoved it into the pimp's forehead, burning him as the pimp let out an agonizing, wheezing, scream. The Spider then shot him dead center where the brand was. Leaving a bleeding whole, and the mark of a spider on his forehead. He then threw the body out the window in his office and to the streets below before turning his attention to the rooms upstairs.

"If you all want to live, you'll leave right now!" The Spider shouted as the prostitutes began quickly run, carrying whatever clothes they could find out the door. As soon as the place was empty, the Spider shot several bottles of liquor and then, grabbing a match, lit it and threw it onto the alcohol creating a fire. The fire spread quickly, which would destroy the opium stores in the building, as the Spider walked into the night.

"Adrien Agreste! You'll be late for school if you don't hurry!" A maid with glasses and her hair in a bun said as she opened the curtains to a large bedroom, large amounts of sunlight spilling into the room, as a blond 17 year old young man groaned in his bed.

"Spiders are nocturnal Nathalie!" Adrien snapped as his maid huffed.

"That may be, but contrary to what you may believe you still need to show up to class." Nathalie said as she yanked the sheets off him, to discover he had fallen asleep in his costume, sans the hat and mask which were slung over his nightstand haphazardly.

"Really Adrien?" Nathalie sighed as Adrien groaned and got up. She looked at his green, tired, eyes and shook her head.

"I regret every single thing I taught you. I hope you realize that." The bespectacled maid said as Adrien stretched and got up.

"What's the point of giving a former assassin a new chance at life if you can't learn how to bust heads?" The young heir said as he headed to his bathroom.

"You know this isn't going to make things better right? It's just..." Nathalie began as Adrien stopped in his tracks, not even looking at her.

"Last night I saw two men murder a woman and her little girl. I killed them, their friends, and the mother's pimp who ordered it done. After that I burned down the brothel which also contained hundreds of pounds of opium ready to be shipped and sold. I gave those two justice when no one else could. Make things better? No. Make things right? Yes."

Adrien's driver pulled to the upscale private school of Francoise Dupont. As he got out of the car he was instantly knocked down by someone, or rather tackled as the unknown assailant tumbled down with him. He looked to see a girl, about his age from the looks of her, black hair, blue eyes, and several features that suggested an Asian heritage.

"I am so sorry! I'm running late and this is my first day and..." The girl began to babble as she then noticed who she knocked down and froze as she looked at him.

"Are you planning on letting me up anytime soon madame?" Adrien asked as the girl scrambled off him quickly, her face as red as a tomato, as she dusted herself off.

"Sorry! I uh, I'm Marinette Dupain-Cheng. Like I said it's my first day, and I got lost on the way here, and it's a really different route from my old school, and..." Marinette began to ramble as Adrien laughed and put his hand on her shoulder.

"It's alright, nothing's broken. At least I don't think so, so let's make this meeting official. Marinette Dupain-Cheng, I'm Adrien Agreste." He took her hand and kissed the top of it, as Marinett's face remained as red as ever.

"Now I believe we're cutting it very close, so let's head on inside. Not a good idea to be late on your first day." Adrien said as he showed the new girl into the school.