Please note this is not Canon.


Stellar cycle – 400 days

Vorn - 83 years

Meta-cycle – 13 months

Deca-cycle – 3 weeks in Cybertronian (1 month in Human time)

Solar cycle – 1 day

Mega-cycle - 1 hour Cybertronian (93 hours Human time)

Orn – 24 hours

Quartex – 1 earth month

Joor – 1 hour

Breem – 8.3 minutes

Nanoklik – 1 second (5 minutes in Earth)

Cybertronian age frame

Sparkling – baby (1-2nd frame) [age 0-1]

Youngling – toddler (3rd frame) [age 2-10]

Teen – teenage (4th, 5th, 6th frame) [age 11-20]

Aduling – mid adult (7th, 8th, 9th frame) [age 21-69]

Adult – fully grown (10th, 11th, 12th, 13th frame) [age 70-160]

Elder - [age 161]

So we the

Bayformers from Age of Existence (Optimus Prime, Hound, Drift, Grimlock, Crosshair, Hot rod, Bumblebee) along with 07 Ironhide, Jazz and Ratchet. Megatron…

Humans Sam, Galloway, Cade, Charlotte, Simmons, Sir Edmund.

Animated – Ultra Magnus, Cliffjumper, Sentential Prime, Jazz, The jet twins, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Ratchet, Bulkhead, Rodimus Prime, Ironhide. Megatron, Lugnut, Starscream and clones, Skywarp and Thundercracker. Shockwave, Blitzwing, Swindle, Blackarachnia and Cyclonus.

Human Sari

Armada – Optimus Prime, Jetfire, Blurr, Hot shot, Overload, Red Alert, Scavenger, Sideswipe and Smokescreen. Galvatron, Cyclonus, Demolisher, Thrust, Ramjet, Wheeljack and Starscream.

G1- Optimus Prime, Jazz, Prowl, Ratchet, Ironhide, Bumblebee, Wheeljack, Sideswipe, Sunstreaker and Grimlock. Megatron, Starscream, Skywarp, Thundercracker, Soundwave.

TFP – Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Bulkhead, Arcee, Smokescreen, Wheeljack. Megatron, Starscream, Soundwave, Knockout, Breakdown, Airachnid, Shockwave.

Human Agent Fowler, Jake, Raf and Miko.

MTMTE (IDW) – Rodimus Prime, Ultra Magnus, Megatron, Drift and Cyclonus.

RID: Strongarm, Sideswipe, Drift, Grimlock, Jetstorm, Slipstream, Fit-it and Steeljaw.


"I shall send this seed-"Optimus Prime stated as he disappear.

"What the Optimus!-" soon all the Autobots starter to disappear one by one along with the humans Cade Yeager and Joshua Joyce. Along with Megatron who was on the run.

In another timeline

The humans known as Seymour Simmons, Theodore Galloway, Charlotte Mearing, Sir Edmund Burton and Sam Witwicky disappear from their located causing a panic attack to the people around them. As a white screen was shown in front of them.

In other worlds

TFP Autobots along with their human care and Decepticons went missing, TFA who just finish the battle with Megatron along with Prowl Sacrifice who was welcome as heroes.

"It not fair" Bumblebee mutter,

"I know bud," Bulkhead whisper to comfort his pal.

"Agh" Bumblebee turn his head and froze, then he jump to hug the bot.


"What? How? When?" Sentinel who starter to freak out who just starter disappear along with the elite guards, Optimus crew and most of the Decepticons disappear from the cells.


Armada Starscream who was about leave and faced Galvatron soon glowing white before vanishing along with every Autobots and Decepticons with the human children without Unicorn and his puppet Sideways.

G1 Optimus who was about to offline suddenly was fix and new before he and along with quarter half of his Cybertronian crew vanish from their base.

In a hidden realm with blue mist around.

When the teleporting was completely done with every Cybertronian and the 'chosen' human stare at each other. Blinking at the mirror version in front them until they notice the Autobot/Decepticon symbol. As they went to fire, "Yo!" They all turn to see a young boy barely 18 stare at them.

The young boy was wearing a cap to covering his face along with a dark red jacket with black stirps on it with black leather pants with grey shoes. His eyes was strangely red, probably contracts lens. Other than that he didn't look much.

"I bought you guys to watch the true of the Cybertronian history and few alternate universe/reality of your world. No weapon or killing will be allowed. This realm doesn't let you killed or shoot anyone. Now any questions?"

Bay Optimus glare at the boy, which the boy stare back with his own. "I do, how we know you're telling the truth."

He smile but his eyes told a different story, "You don't, but don't worry, I'm only telling the truth of your future, and a special bot."

"Which bot will that be?" G1 Starscream scream.

'That defiantly Starscream counterpart/that my counterpart how childish' the other Cybertronians through.

The boy answer as a spot light landed on the bots "It's Bumblebee!"

"ME!" Some shouted or beeped out in shock.

"THAT BUG!" G1 Starscream shouted.

"Who Bumblebee?"

The Bee's stare at each other. G1 Bee pouted, his own counterparts was taller him, TFA bee stare at Bay and TFP who was taller than him.

"This is so unfair" G1 bee mutter, he yelp as he lift by TFA Jazz.

"Oh Bumblebee your counterpart here is little and cute. He like a sparkling."

G1 Bumblebee optics twitch, causing many G1 counterparts versions of them to actually step back.

This cause the other version stare at the scene at what was going to happen and what will cause them to fear their bee so much.

"Sparkling!" G1 Bumblebee jump out of TFA Jazz and kick him causing Jazz to fall over.

'Holy Primus/what the frag!' was the only going through the others head.

G1 bee glare "I have you know I'm the Autobot top scout, one of their top Espionage agent and the Espionage Director."

"Espionage director?!" TFA bumblebee looked confuse "What an Espied-age thing?"

TFA bulkhead answer "Bee its Espionage, and it means spy or an infiltration."

TFA bee optics went into stars "that is so cool." While the others Bumblebee froze their job was being a just scout.

"That's nice but can we start, I won't have my time waste away by a bug!" TFP Megatron growl.

The other Cybertronians and humans gulp at the demising Megatron in front of them.

"And I thought our Megatron was bad" TFA Ironhide whisper to TFA Rodimus Prime who nodded back.

Ultra Magnus spoke "I'm Ultra Magnus, Leader of the Autobots." The other Optimus' and Megatrons' turn to the smaller version of Optimus in that world, who gulp at their stare and found his feet very interesting.

'He so small' they thought.

TFP and G1 Optimus thought 'He remains of my younger self before I'm became a Prime.'

"This my second in command Sentinel Prime, that's Jazz, The twins Jetfire and Jetstorm, Cliffjumper, Optimus Prime and his crew, Ratchet, Bulkhead, Prowl and Bumblebee, this is their human Sari. Rodimus prime and Ironhide."

"I'm Megatron leader of the Decepticons, second in command Shockwave, third in command Lugnut, that's Blitzwing , Starscream, Swindle, Blackarachnia, Starscream's clones Thundercracker,"

The non-clones version gave a look to the trine leader saying 'is he serious'.

"And Skywarp, and that's Cyclonus."

G1 Optimus Prime introduced himself, "I'm an Optimus Prime, Leader of the Autobots."

"Say what?" the TFA half whisper/yelled along with a few 'saay whaat?' Only to get Ultra Magnus to shut them up with his glare.

"And this is my Second in command and Head of Special Operations Jazz, Third in command and military strategist Prowl, our medic Ratchet, our top spy and scout Bumblebee, our scientists Wheeljack, the twins Sideswipe and Sunstreaker, Security Lieutenant and Weapons Specialist Ironhide."

'That a lot of Autobots' everyone else thought.

"And this-"

'There more!'

"-our Dinobot, the leader Grimlock, the rest are in our world."

'Did that kid really bought half of the Autobot team from that world'

'He only brought a quarter of the Autobots then' G1 Decepticons thought.

"I'm am Megatron, leader of the Decepticons! My second in command, Starscream," Armada Starscream cough at the fact, "my loyal third in command Soundwave, Starscream trine-".

All the other Starscreams' (excluding TFA) gulp in shock. "Skywarp and Thundercracker."

Bay version went next, "I'm Optimus Prime, Leader of the Autobots. My second in command Bumblebee," Many coughs/gasp and 'wwwhhhhaaat?' around the room.

"Medic Hound," More coughs

"Drift, Grimlock, Crosshair and Hot rod." more coughs, raise of eyebrows at the coughers.

"Our human care Cade Yeager."

"Along with a few other humans, such as Sam Witwicky"

Bay Bumblebee raise his head, glancing for Sam.

"Seymour Simmons, Theodore Galloway, Charlotte Mearing and Sir Edmund Burton. For three timeline in your universe." The boy added. "Oh yeah, Ironhide, Jazz and Ratchet too."

"I'm Megatron, leader of the Decepticons, my second in command Barricade. The rest of my Decepticons are still in my world or dead." Many Autobots made small laughs and chucks at Bay Megatron.

"Mr lonely there dude" Lost Light Rodimus whisper and half laughed to his Megatron who glared at him.

Armada Optimus spoke "I'm Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots, this my second in command Jetfire, that's Blurr" many eyebrow raise at the silent Blurr. "Hot shot, Overload"

A half yelled 'what?" from Drift.

"Our Medic Red Alert, Scavenger," coughs "Sideswipe and Smokescreen."

"I'm Galvatron," TFA Decepticons cough and stare at their Cyclonus. "Leader of the Decepticons, I was once known Megatron,"

TFA Cyclonus cough, some glance at him.

"My second in command Cyclonus, that's Demolisher, Thrust, Ramjet, Wheeljack"

'Say what?' many voice spoke

"and Starscream."

TFP Megatron declared "I'm am Megatron! Leader of the Decepticons, second in command Starscream,"

Many Decepticons snicker at the Starscream femme frame, while Starscreams frown at their counterpart, who starter to twitch his wings in annoyed.

"Third in command Soundwave,"

IDW Rodimus whistle 'Damn you see less of his face every time'

IDW Drift replied 'that I agree'.

"Medic Knockout and Breakdown,"

'Who's Knockout?' TFA Bumblebee whisper to Prowl,

'No idea, but I guess we haven't met him in our world yet.'

"Airachnid,-" TFP Arcee who was hold back Optimus and Smokescreen.

"-and Shockwave."

TFA bumblebee cringle at that Shockwave who look more menacing than the once in his world. Prowl went to comfort him, which Bumblebee smile at him, which caused the G1 Prowl to stare in shock at the TFA pair, while the Jazz's counterpart grin with Prowl's shock face that they hide behind plain face.

"I'm Optimus Prime, Leader of the Autobots, and this is my crew Bulkhead, Wheeljack, Ratchet, Arcee, Smokescreen and Bumblebee. These are their human partner, Arcee partner is Jack Darby, Bulkhead partner is Miko Nakadai and Bumblebee partner is Raf Esquivel, and Agent Fowler."

The kid waves, Miko was about explore with questions.

They turn to IDW. IDW Ultra Magnus glare at his prime to not mess up.

Rodimus saw the glare,

"Oh right, I'm Rodimus Prime, leader of the Autobots of the Lost Light. The crew with me is Ultra Magnus, Megatron"

A lot of coughs everyone,

"Ratchet, Drift and Cyclonus. The Starscream in our world is the King of Cybertron."

Many coughs and 'say what?!', 'I rule!' and many crushes

'Hey, watch the paint job, pal!'

"The bot once known as Bumblebee was the leader and commander of the Autobots."

More crushes "I need that!"

"My paint job!"

"Wait 'was' what happened to him?"

"Oh Shockwave offline him."

"What?!" Optimus' shouted along with several others.

Rodimus turn around and did the thumb up 'I did good right' while Megatron and Ultra Magus slap their faceplate.

"These guys are from a distant future" the teen pointer behind him.

"Their leader is not here, as he one of the bots in the room right now. Having to two bots from the same timeline with causes problem which is why he not here." He explain before they asked.

"Their Designation are Drift, Strongarm, Sideswipe, Grimlock and Fixit" pointing to each one.

"So any questions?" the boy asked,

"YES!" Miko and Aft face-I mean Sentinel Prime yelled one in anger and delight.

"Why is-Can I named them!" they turn to Miko.


"I gonna name you guys with nicknames, since there so many of us, by us I mean the Autobots and Decepticons."

TFP Bulkhead tried to stop her but she ran off and starter to name them, much to their horror. Miko starter with G1.

"You be Prime,"

Optimus blink,

"Sunstreaker and Sideswipe can keep their name since their no name here with them."

The twin high-five.

"Jazzy, Bee, Blinky" Wheeljack side lights blink, many snicker from the twins.

"Hide, Cliffjumper can keep his name," he sigh in relief.

"Blurr is Hyper, Smokey, and Alert."

"Grimlock is Grim," Miko turn the G1 with glean in her eyes,

"Megzy" many laughs, Megatron was about to shoot her when he remember he couldn't, he turn his glare at the cap boy.

'Curse you boy'.

Miko tried to continue with her nicknames but was stop by the boy with his hand covering her mouth.

"I forgot how stupid humans are sometimes" the humans frown while Cybertron raise their eyebrows.

"Listen kid, you can't just name Cybertronian."

Miko push the boy off her.

"I'm just nicknaming-" he cut her off.

"I know but since you're clueless about their culture I tell you this. Cybertronian names are important to them. Their name or designation, like" he took a look at a bot.

"Ratchet there, his name translate means The-one-who-heals-all. Or Optimus, which means One-who-will-fight-and-defend-all-with-favourable-outcomes, and Megatron's one means One-who-fight-for-all-with-command."

"Wait, are you saying that their names translated into English?" Jack questioned.

"Pretty much" he shrug.

"Those name are long as heck."

"I know." The boy clean his nail, while the cybertronians wonder how did he knows about their culture so much,

"Moving on." The boy continue on,

"Cybertronians names themselves, their creators or parents don't named them. Nicknames can only be given to them such as Starscream as Screamer, Optimus Prime as OP, and Bumblebee as Bee and so on."

The Starscreams' frown and tick their wings, as the other hold back their laughs.

"Changing their name without permission is taking their identity away."

"Who do you know so much about our culture?" Bay Optimus questioned, he smirk and point to the large screen in front of them; "Watch and fine out then."

Muttering they sat down and watch. And the screen played.

"Let the origin begin" he whisper.

Before the universe was born there was a single being known as 'The One', who soon split into two.

The Bots and Humans muttered.

To explore the fledgling universe, he created the astral being known as Unicron, and then subdivided him, creating his twin, Primus. Both brothers were multiversal singularities, unique in all realities, but whereas Unicron could only exist in one universe at a time, moving between them at will,

Armada Starscream lift up his head at that fact along with TFP and RID universe.

Primus existed simultaneously in all realities at once. It is suggested, in fact, that the two brothers embody the basic concepts of reality—good and evil, order and chaos—and that their continued existence is necessary for the stability of the multiverse.

"Whoa then that means you guys are like first being created!" Miko shouted in shock.

"Please child as if their just machines!" Charlotte shouted, while the Cybertronians and human partner wanted to slap their heads.

As Unicron and Primus ventured through the cosmos, it became apparent to Primus that Unicron was a corrupt being, and then confronted the threat his sibling posed.

"GO Primus!" Prime Wheeljack laugh.

In combat, Primus was no match for Unicron. In cunning, however, he proved himself to be his brother's superior when he shifted their battle to the astral plane,

"Cunning? But Primus isn't the good guy?" Many younger blink with their jaw open, as others shift not knowing how to answer. TFP Megaton laugh, it seem that their so call Holy Father hid a part of himself from them.

And then back to the physical world once more, sacrificing most of his strength to manifest their essences within metallic planetoids, leaving them both trapped. It was with this act of sacrifice that Primus hoped to contain the evil force forever.

Unfortunately, over time, Unicron learned to physically shape his prison into a giant metallic planet, and Primus followed suit, becoming the mechanical world of Cybertron.

"Called it!" Miko shouted causing many Cybertronian to cover their ears.

"And I thought Screamer was loud"

G1 Skywarp grin "I can hear you Skywarp!"

TFA Skywarp whimper at G1 Starscream voice.

When Unicron then learned to transform his planetary form even further, into a gigantic robot form, Primus could also, but adapted the idea, and created The Thirteen, a group of robotic beings that possessed the ability to change shape, like Unicron.

The Cybertronians and humans straighten up and listen not wanting to miss anything.

Primus created the Thirteen, combining elements of both himself and Unicron to allow for more varied attacks to halt the Chaos-Bringer.

Who became to known as the Thirteen Original Primes.

"Ultra Magnus sir did you knew about this?" TFA Ultra Magnus shook his head no at Sentinel questioned.

The first Transformer. Created by Primus, he was appointed as the Warrior of Light and given the legendary Star Saber sword, a mighty blade capable of unparalleled destruction; along with the Matrix of Leadership in its hilt. Chosen to lead the Thirteen against their eternal enemy Unicron.

"Damn so tall and white."

"He gives some more colouring and a new paint job" Knockout commented.

The second is Primus's appointed guardian and master of time and space. He's so old that in many timelines, the locals have called him "the First Autobot".

"Holy Primus" many of Autobots whisper in shock and awe while the Decepticons frown at that fact.

Despite his age, he is very powerful, and can warp both space and time. His powers allow him to traverse the multiverse at will, allowing him to track and record events across a countless number of realities.

The humans and Cybertronians jaws drop the second's power. Alpha Trion laugh at their faces, it was always a silly face when they hear about his brother powers.

The fourth was the master artificer and creator of many of the Primes' weapons through use of her incredible Forge. She was the first female Cybertronian.

Strongarm eyes went into stars, she didn't knew they had a femme prime. While the others wonder where the third was.

The fifth was the progenitor of the Mini-Cons. Although he is the smallest member of this venerated group, he possesses boundless reserves of energy and a clever mind, enabling him to predict the actions of his brothers and sisters before even they know what they're going to do.

Armada glance down at their mini-cons, Starscream remember hearing that Unicron said he created them, then again who knows what happened in their history since they were to focus on their war.

The sixth an elemental structure of the natural world, aided in this by his Lenses which were his optics, which allowed him to see further and deeper than anyone, in both material and spiritual senses. His powers straddle the line between science and mysticism. Always in tune with creation, He constantly quest to understand the mechanisms of change means that he thinks of himself as a mere student of the natural world.

IDW Rodimus blink "I think I found Rung Sire!" IDW crew sigh at their Prime actions, but true enough Alchemist Prime did look like Rung a bit.

"Sire?" Jack questioned, the other humans shrug.

He possesses the ability to transmute metals and temporarily alter the properties of any object. While these powerful abilities make him an unpredictable foe on the battlefield.

Seventh was the first and greatest combiner, granted the ability to divide himself into separate forms by his Enigma of Combination. Unpredictable, fascinated by change, and a light-hearted prankster.

The lambo twins high five each other, "A Prime who pranks awesome." While serious Autobots froze and nearly crash as Rodimus was already bad enough.

Eighth the first beast-form Cybertronian, a primitive and spiritual being able to view other times, places, souls, and even the afterlife through his three-faced Triptych Mask. His form was unclear and was blurry. With the image not available.

The Beast forms other than the Dinobots and Predacons glance at the screen, they thought they were curse by Primus for this form but to think that they were part of golden era. While many Autobots froze to hear this, unaware of that. TFA Bumblebee shook his head at shock nature. Others wonder how this Prime look like.

Ninth was the joker of the Thirteen and the first Shifter, unpredictable and easy going. He was first Cybertronian with the ability of transformation, granted him by his Transformation cog, which became the basis for the cogs in all subsequent Transformer life.

"Holy Primus what is that!"

"It looks nothing like a Cybertronian!"

"It was known as the first Shifter for a reason!"

"It looks like a barrel of T-cog and claws stuck together."

"He needs a repaint bad."

Tenth was a daydreamer and perfectionist whose drive to express his ideas led him to become a scientist. His artifact was the Emberstone, which gave him the ability to create life; the Quintessons were among his creations.

G1 and IDW along with Armada growl causing many of allies/counterpart to move away to peace their distance.

The eleventh known as the manipulator. Though his artifact was notionally the toxin-loaded Liegian Darts, his real skill was his ability to talk others into his way of thinking.

"He looks like Loki!" Miko shouted, the rest of the humans nodded in agreement. But the next sentences causes chaos among them.

The third was the holder of the Quill, which he uses to record the past, present, and future of Cybertron in the Covenant of Primus in his role as records keeper of the Primes. And his designation was Alpha Trion.

They turn to Alpha Trion, "Alpha Trion is this true!"

Alpha Trion sigh knowing he couldn't hide it, "Yes, it is true. I'm from the true golden era of our people."

"But didn't you tell us the truth!"

"I did not want the new generation to know about our mistakes!"

"So lie about our history!" Ultra Magnus shouted as he slam his hammer down. "If anything Sentinel or Optimus should be in charge of Cybertronian right!"

TFA Optimus pale, "Wait, I mean know my counter parts are in charge of the Autobot, but it can't be that big right!" turning to his counterparts, who rubbed their neck, or clam their hands to hid their lower face.

TFA Optimus pale even more. "It that serious…"

IDW Rodimus who couldn't read the heavy weight the air answer. "You bet, old Magnus here was meant to become the prime instead of me but I accidently active it on myself, now I in charge of the Autobots, I have to give speeches, check paperwork, make sure the treated run perfectly, lead the Autobots in battle, give my approved for this or that,"

"Instead I do all that" IDW Ultra Magnus answered, causing Rodimus to stick out his tongue.

Megatronus the twelve to created, the warrior of darkness, Prima's opposite number, whose role was as the necessary counterbalance set from his fellow Primes. His artifact was the Requiem Blaster, which is a powerful weapon of the Thirteen that is able to draw power from a quasar's sound waves, a supernova's thermal energy, or a black hole's gravity.

Everyone look at the Megatrons, "What?!"

"Does that mean every Alpha Trion and Megatron are relate in a way?" TFA Bumblebee asked cheeky.

"No!" Everyone else but Bay shouted.

And finally the thirteen whose true name was erase from the records.

Show a Cybertronian whose face was blur out due to the nebula stardust covering his face.

Gasps around the room, Alpha Trion close his eyes, knowing the facts were true.

The mediator of the Primes, the one who united the Thirteen by being the first among them to raise an arm in greeting.

The Thirteen untied along with Primus fought Unicron and defeated him, but at the cost of unknowingly taking a seed of darkness into themselves.

"Oh my"

"Great sawmill!" Alpha Trion raise his eyebrow at this fact, he didn't know about that his brothers and himself took a seed of chaos in them.

Knowing that one day more Cybertronians would emerge, they established a small city and began working on government.

The oldest was an excellent warrior and leader but proved to be slightly paranoid and distrustful. He was self-aware enough not to be pompous towards his fellow Primes but he was always convinced he was right and 'in the right' all the time.

Alpha Trion sigh in annoyed and hearty as he remember that about his older brother.

"And I thought Megatron was bad, I guess it runs in the family." G1 Starscream crackled.



This made him a very difficult bot to deal with, but it did stand him in good stead in a fight. He shunned his "twin" Megatronus and the eleventh and was even paranoid of them after the Chaos-Bringer was defeated.

{Wow-what a-dick!} Bumblebee play from his radio, many nodded after hearing the first actions to his brothers.

"Bumblebee!?" his Optimus said looking at his second in command in shock.

{What-he is!} Bumblebee radio back.

He felt that they were both chaotically evil while he and others were lawfully good.

'No wonder why my master never talked about his brothers' Bay Megatron thought.

Alpha Trion sigh and shook his head, how naïve he was back then. While the Optimus' frown as the first thinking, no being is truly evil.

He concerned himself with government and creating a new society but was highly paranoid and even calculated which of his brothers had greater Unicron-like traits. His group of the Thirteen consisted of himself, Alpha Trion and the second.

He was slightly arrogant,

The boy snort at that fact;

Due to possessing the Star Saber, being the first Prime and the first child of Primus.

"The fool thought he was Primus himself." The boy nickname by Miko as Cap-hat, clench his hand into a fist.

So after the establishment on Cybertron, Megatronus and fourth got close together and form a secret romance.

"Say what?"

"Wow, didn't knew the master had it in"

"All hailed Megatron!"


"Peachy Meg, anything you want to tell us about femme friend?"

"Shut it Rodimus!"

"Hold it, ain't they siblings!"

Everybot stop, not wanting to explain it to the humans how their sibling hood work.

"Not worry it show" the boy added cheerfully.

The oldest paranoid grew while the eleventh was falling and was devour by the seed of chaos, at the time second was given a future vision of his brothers' war.

"He saw it!" Alpha Trion yelled causing many of them to jump at his raise voice. "V̶̡̡̨͍͉̥͉͙͇̩̈̈́͛ȩ̵̣̱̣͌̔c̵̮̟̟̮͕̤̦͈̲̖͛̃̿͑͠t̷̡̘̝̺͉͖͈̦͔̖̓̂ǒ̴͕̑̀̆r̸̝̅̇̏̉̓͠͠ that bastard!"

"HEY! He is not a bastard!" TFA Bumblebee shouted to defend the second honour.

"He is a bastard, when the War between our brothers ended V̶̡̡̨͍͉̥͉͙͇̩̈̈́͛ȩ̵̣̱̣͌̔c̵̮̟̟̮͕̤̦͈̲̖͛̃̿͑͠t̷̡̘̝̺͉͖͈̦͔̖̓̂ǒ̴͕̑̀̆r̸̝̅̇̏̉̓͠͠ said his future sight was clouded." Alpha Trion sigh.

"He said he wouldn't be able to see into the future as the he drain him of his life force."

"And you believe him?" TFA Bumblebee asked.

"Yes, wait, you know V̶̡̡̨͍͉̥͉͙͇̩̈̈́͛ȩ̵̣̱̣͌̔c̵̮̟̟̮͕̤̦͈̲̖͛̃̿͑͠t̷̡̘̝̺͉͖͈̦͔̖̓̂ǒ̴͕̑̀̆r̸̝̅̇̏̉̓͠͠?!" Alpha Trion demand.

TFA Bee nodded, "Yeah, there was this one time when he and this guy known as Logos, Logos tried to passed on his time and spaces to our Megatron, lucky we stop him in time."

TFA Megatron grumble, remembering how close he was getting infinite power of time and space.

Alpha Trion blinked, "He will have been able to deal with someone like that easier, even with the Time and Space powers."

"Well he admitted that Logos power surpassed even his own." Bumblebee answer.

Alpha Trion sat down and took a deep breath. "Will finish this later."

As time went by Megatronus and the fourth bond grew closer,

Many fake kissed from a few bots as the Megatrons' and a few Starscreams' twitch at the fact.

The Eleventh who was finally consume by Unicorn, kill the third and trick Megatronus believing it was the First who kill her stating how the first want her himself, but the truth was that the two couldn't even stand each other.

Many Cybertronians glare at the eleventh but remember it was the seed that cause the problem, while Alpha Trion had a soft smile on his face remembering how Prima and Solus would fight a lot and disagree.

Due to the eleventh silver tongue of lies and the eighth finding the fourth's dead frame, a war broke out between the brothers. Each joining their own side, thus the first Cybertronian civil war began. The ones who join Megatronus were Eleventh, Fifth, Tenth and Seventh, as Alpha Trion, Ninth, Sixth and Eighth joined the first. While reluctantly the Thirteen joined oldest brother side in the battle but the second who buried the fourth.

Optimus' frown, hearing this story didn't made anything cleared only telling them of their hidden history, and nothing about Bumblebee.

Within the battle, the war was set on a foreign dirt planet,

Eleventh sealed his fate and sore his allegiance to Unicron. However Megatronus discover his tricky and Solus fall at his hands and offline him.

"Yeah! Teach that traitor!"

"Death to Unicron!"

The Primes who followed him return to fight with Prima and the others.

Bay Optimus hold back his shock.

After the war ended with of the eleventh death, Megatronus went into self-imposed exile which cause him to consume by Unicorn even faster.

"NO! Megatronus fight the evil!"

"He can't hear you brother!" Jetstorm frown at his answer.

"Still…" he pouted.

But after the war, two both chose to join the well of all-spark.

"All-spark?! What is that?"

"It is the source of all Cybertronian life, Mr Galloway." TFP Optimus said.

Three of the Primes depart Cybertron; and the oldest, Alpha Trion, the thirteen and sixth would remain to shape the growing Cybertronian civilization.

"Wow great history lesson, but I thought we're learning about Bumblebee?" RID Sideswipe said only to get hit on the head by TFP Ultra Magnus.

"It okay" Cap-hat said, "Now that that's out of the way, let's start."


Please note that the origins came from 3 different websites, I merge them together, I don't remember that third one. Also noted comes from Canon, Head-canon and Fandom.