Please note this is not Canon.


Stellar cycle – 400 days

Vorn - 83 years

Meta-cycle – 13 months

Deca-cycle – 3 weeks in Cybertronian (1 month in Human time)

Solar cycle – 1 day

Mega-cycle - 1 hour Cybertronian (93 hours Human time)

Orn – 24 hours

Quartex – 1 earth month

Joor – 1 hour

Breem – 8.3 minutes

Nanoklik – 1 second (5 minutes in Earth)

Cybertronian age frame

Sparkling – baby (1st and 2nd frame) [age 0-1]

Youngling – toddler (3rd frame) [age 2-10]

Teen – teenage (4th, 5th, 6th frame) [age 11-20]

Aduling – mid adult (7th, 8th, 9th frame) [age 21-69]

Adult – fully grown (10th, 11th, 12th, 13th frame) [age 70-160]

Elder - [age 161]

So, we everyone from the universe of Bay, Cyberverse, TFP, Armada, IDW, TFA and Rescue Bots.

Chapter 5: Break time and The Last Knight part 1

The scene starts with a man in medieval time talking to a transformers ship, "I will unite transform and the dragon in yours command."

"Wait what?!"

"Are we watching the right thing?"

"Yes, that's just what we are need!" The man shouted,

"Protect this staff." The knight spoke, "One day, a great hero will come for it."

The Transformers transforms into a giant Predacon with three heads, attacking the enemy army knights.

"Go! Attack!"

"It has been said through the ages, without sacrifice, there can be no victory. I've seen it all."

"What the frag was that!"

"This is bullshit!"

"Unfortunately, this is true for the Bayverse." Prim muttered out.

The scene shown Bumblebee driving fast with a solider shooting at him, at to transform and fall part, as his head is shown with his left optics handing out on it wire.

"Oh my god!"

"Bumblebee!" the children shouted.

"No not Bumblebee!"


"No...NO! He just a teen!"

The Autobots were shock, Bumblebee was youngest out all of them, he died at the hands at the hands of humans. They defend them and yet the hunted down,

"You bastard!" Optimus shouted as about to step on the humans, while all the other bots and cons look at Bay Optimus in shock, when Prim shouted.

"Wait, wait! Look at the screen! Look at the screen!"

Bumblebee engine was humming, before arm repair and attached itself. "What was that?" the solider asked.

Cade answer "That was a mistake."

"What the frag!"

"What the fuck…"

"What in the name of Primus?!"

Bumblebee optics place itself back in, his optics turn on, he shot out a hook out of his mouth grabbing the guy led causing him to groan in pain, before twisting his head, causing his hand to fly and the roof a car, his other hand turning into his cannon shooting the enemy humans.

Sending them off flying in the sky as his body start to attach to each other, damage to the human weapons and cars setting of explosions.

The solider shot Bee head, "Oooow" Bumblebee coo as Cade slam bumblebee wing door into the solider, his leg attack the three solider as it was forming, head butting one of them in slow mote before attaching to his main body which cause him to hand stand flip kick a human, as Bee stood up he release some shots.

He did around house kick which made a solider flew breaking some. "Whoa, Whoa!" Cade shouted.

Bumblebee head radio out as his headless body pick up his head,

{Next time you shoot someone body don't go near them until you're sure their die.}

Attaching his head on with the human dangling off the rope wire.

Silent throughout the room when the scene finish before,

"Whaaaat! HOW?! WHEN?!" everyone shouted.

"Okay that was cool!" TFA Bumblebee called.

"Cool! Bumblebee you just die technically and then became back to life!" TFA Prowl shouted,

"I got it, Bumblebee is immortal!" Miko shouted

"That's impossible!" Sentinel yelled, "There no way that bumble can do such a thing!"

Prim glare his blue eye was fill with disgust at Sentinel "And yet is there on the screen."

"How did that happen?" 07 Ratchet asked,

Rue answer "Cade happen," they look at Cade who point at himself, "Cade was trying fix Bumblebee voice but it causes Bumblebee old Sigma to active."

"Old Sigma?" half of them asked.

"Yeah, in Cybertronian culture, on the protoform head when the Cybertronian turns into a youngling, their old life designation will appear in the previous Cybertronian language of who they were. But since their armour frame on it impossible to see or know about. You guys call it Outliners." Veno answer.

"Wait are you saying Bumblebee once had the ability to repair and reattached his broke limbs back together!" RID Sideswipe shouted.

Prim shrugged "Pretty much, all the Bumblebee do."

All the Bumblebee place their hand on their helm bitting their glossa at that information.

Bumblebee drop the guy and place his cannon in the human face, {I'll burn you so bad, you'll wish you died as child.}

Silent throughout the room,

"Geez, a simple I'll kill you would have work Bee." TFA Mirage said.

G1 sweat drop at words, Bumblebee was too cute to say such thing from his intakes even if was from the radio, TFA was unsure to think about their happy bee, but after watching his counterpart taking out Decepticons and ripping them into pieces was scary to say.

Alpha Trion frown something about that ability look familiar.

Armada Cons were really glad that Bumblebee wasn't in their world, a solider to could refix his limbs would very annoying to offline. Could the bug even be offline?

IDW were amaze, over the years Bumblebee grew amazing into a leader, one most of them grew to respects. To think he once had this ability was truly frighting. Bumblebee old life, he must have been quite a fighter, a warrior.

Bayverse Cons was shock at Bumblebee ability, offline Soundwave and leading others into battle. He has grown up a lot in those short years.

07 Ironhide and Jazz felt pride, Ratchet had a small smile, Optimus felt calm knowing his adoptive son could fix himself here, unlike at Tiger Pax.

TFP were amaze about Bumblebee ability, the cons wonder if they copy the ability for their soldiers.

RID were amaze and a bit awe at Bumblebee ability, "I didn't know he could that?" RID Grimlock whisper.

"None of us did." Strongarm replied sadly realizing she didn't know much about Bumblebee past other than the stories in the war.

The human government starter to panic even more, all these weapons and now this.

The scene switches again, showing G1 Sideswipe drawing with G1 Bumblebee as youngling holding a data pen.

"What the frag is this?"

"Everyone knows the twins hates mini-bots!" G1 Cliffjumper shouted.

"…And now were going to add colour here! And explosions! SMACK! And some FLAMES here! And fuse cannons! And then this guy over here is going to sweep –woosh!- over and…"

Sunstreaker walk in as Bumblebee pointer his pen up pointing to Sunstreaker, while Sideswipe continued "…Save his hunchbacked and weak yellow brother-"

The Sunstreakers twitch, while bots especially Sideswipes snicker and laugh.

Before not noticing some bot behind him as Sunstreaker to slap his head with the data pad in his hand.


"Ouch, that gonna leave a mark."

They flinch at the sound,


As Sideswipe head it the table before siding of onto the floor, as Bumblebee was near crying.

Sunstreaker sat down, "Now Bumblebee, the first thing to learn when drawing, is how to hold the pencil. Like this..."

"Hunchbacked weak brother? Oooooh Side~" G1 Sunstreaker sang, G1 Sideswipe ran off screaming.


"Get back here!" Sunstreaker throwing a punch at Sideswipe.

The return scene back to normal showing Cade with a injure Cybertronian about to offline, "The talisman will protect you." He was holding out his servo. Cade took holding it his hands as the Cybertronian offline.

"Right," Cade said slowly, before his place the talisman down and leave. Within the battle happening, the talisman grows legs and moving.

"What the fuck!" Cade shouted as he saw the talisman moving into his future jeep.

Bay verse raise their optical ridge (Eye brow) at the scene.

The scene switch showing Cade, female child and a dark skin male running into an elevator, before dark skin shouted "Oh my god! A leprechaun."

"That's not a leprechaun!"

Cade turn "Who the hell are you?"

The human size bot replied "Leprechaun are tiny, green and Irish, and that is offensive."


The bot bows and said "Hello. Master Cade, I have been sent to collect you."

"Collect me?" Cade questioned.

"That is correct."

"You're not collecting shit" Cade said as threw a punch, the bot counter and the fought within the small room. The bot block each of Cade attack and threw few punches into Cade stomach. "Man! So down!"

"So you want to play rough!" The door opened as a drone flew in and knock Cade out of the glass elevator forcing him to hold on to the drone. The scene fast forward, "My lord, this is not my fault, but he just burst out of the elevator." The scene changes to Sir Edmund, "Ten stories."


"Oh my god dad!" Tessa shouted.

"I'm fine, I've live."

"You don't know that!"

"Did he live?" Edmund asked.

The bot replied "I don't know! He just flew!" as Cade is shown slamming into the roof top siding down, before holding on it the lights. One of the drones shots at him, as he jump down, only to talisman protect where he was shot. Cade ran off and jump onto the mother drone as crash landed, the bot ran over,

"See I live." He rubs her hair as he smiles.

"You almost got stab by a flying drone dad!"

"At least he was catch by a metal hand that could squeeze him in a juice box."

"Not helping, err Veno, right?" Cade replied.

"There you are. Good to find you alive. My name is Cogman, sir. And I am here because of that." Showing the talisman, "and that is here because of you." Cade pick it up.

"It will not leave you until your quest is fulfilled." The talisman melts and attach itself on his wrist. "You have been chosen."

"What do you mean, chosen?"

Cogman replied "I will explain everything if you'll kindly come with me." Crosshair walk behind Cogman.

"Cade, what with this C-3PO rip-off?" Crushing his fists, Cogman grab one of Crosshair digit (finger).

"Don't kill the messenger" Cogman twisted Crosshair digit "or the messenger will kill you." Crosshair fall onto the ground in pain as his digit his shown all broke with sparks.

"Pfft" Bay Bumblebee laugh, Drift hold back a smirk while Crosshair grumble.

The scene change showing a woman getting into her, the word 'Viviane' appear.

Viviane raise her eyebrow, at herself in the screen.

"The 12th Earl of Folgan, urgently requests your presence at High Tea this very moment?" Her car door clicks shut locked; she starts to panic.

The car starts to drive itself. "Stop!" Stepping on the breaks. "Move! Move!" The car almost runs over a man "Oh God! Sorry!" She reaches into the back and starts to hitting the window with the ball hammer.

"Please Mademoiselle, don't do that." The Cybertronian spoke.

Viviane pale, her car was a transformer.

IDW Rodimus laugh "His voice sounds stupid," Bay Hot Rod twitch at that. Some nodded his voice sounds funny.

'That litt' frag'er I show him.'

"What?" Viviane said.

"Je m'appelle Hot Rod"

"WWHHHHAAATTT!" the Rodimus' shouted. 'Why Primus what up with my voice in that world' they mentally cry, while the others who didn't know his old name gave a questioning look, those who did snicker.

"Christ alive, you're one of them!" She roll into the back of the boot.

"Back! Be quiet. Do not hit me again!" The scene went outside as Hot Rod drive past a few cars.

"So which bloody bot are you, then?" Viviane asked "Soundwave? Shockwave?"

"Soundwave is offline from Bumblebee, Shockwave is offline by Optimus lady. And it con not bot" Miko said. "Get your facts right."

Raf laugh "If only you put this much effect into your homework and school work." Miko stick out her tongue, while her teachers glare and sigh softly at Raf's words.

"At least tell me that I've been abducted by one of the famous ones." She opened the boot.

"I am so much better than all of them!" Hot Rod replied, she starts to scream.

"Your ego doesn't hasn't change in any world at all." IDW Ultra Magnus sigh at his prime.

"So true!" others laugh.

"Please, like this bot could surpass me!" multiplied voices shouted.

"Help! I'm being kidnapped!" She waves to the other cars.

"Mademoiselle, sit down!"

The bots and kids starts to laugh at Hot Rod situation.

The human government wanted to slap their faces, just how many of them are hidden on Earth.

The nearing car which was a Lamborghini which Hot Rod scan, "I love this car!"

A Jock shouted "You guys can scan any car and become it!"

"If the mode fit, then yes." Hot shot said.

"That's awesome!"

"Only if match their build program code."

Switch to Bulldog fires a warning shot at Cade and Bumblebee, Sir Edmund turn and said "We have guests! What's wrong with you?"

Bulldog answer as his transform in root form as his armour falls off "Shit! I got bits falling off!"

"Idiot? Hello there!"

Bumblebee made a look, pointing to the field, through the radio, {What the hell?}

Sir Edmund apologised "I'm awfully sorry about that but, you see, he still thinks it's 1918 or 1915, 'Robot Dementia'. It's not all pretty."

Cade spoke "Are you dragging me into some transformer retirement home?" Cade turn "Somebody better start talking or I'm outta here!"

"Whoa! Okay? Bumblebee? We only met when I was a little boy in short pants."

They turn to Bay Bumblebee who shrugged.

"Bee you know this guy?" Cade asked questioning his friend.

{I don't…mess with you} Bumblebee answer.

Sir Edmund answer as he walk closer "Let's have a closer a look at this thing." Pointing the crane top at the talisman, "Very interesting. Yes. You keep a secret for so long, knowing to be true and yet, deep down inside, you begin to wonder. Has my life been wasted?"

Sir Edmund smile bitter, but happy he would finally play a big role.

"Yes, but you want to know, don't you, dude? Why they keep coming here. To Earth, right?" Sir Edmund tease.

Hot Rod is seen speeding down the lane, "Ah, I do so love perfect timing!"

Hot Rod transforms and throws out Vivian, she tries to attack him "Little lady, no!" Hot Rod shouted. Getting hit by the club, the golf head coming off on impact. "Ow!"


"Holy Primus!"

"Ah ahhaahahaah!"

They laugh at Rodimus silliest on the screen, Bay Rodimus face palm, while IDW and TFA pouted they were laughing at him, well technically his counterpart but still him. Armada must admit the human woman as hilarious when it became to her kidnaping.

Cade asked "So, is this a kidnapping sort of situation or her first Transformer experience?"

Sir Edmund answer "Well, it's both really."

Hot Rod yelled "She's very difficult!" Vivian rolls down the hill.

"Lady your killing me!" they laugh, Miko was recording it on her phone.

The scene turn back to Cade and others, "My name is Edmond Burton, 12th Earl of Folgan. Last surviving member of the order of the Witwiccans."

"Order of the What?"


"Wow. What's up?" Viviane asked, "Does he have to loom like that?"

"It's his French accent." Sir Edmund answer.

"Is he French?"

"No, he just likes the accent."

"No, no, no! I hate the accent!" Hot Rodimus shouted, "But I can't get rid of it. I'm stuck with the accent. Ugh."

"Pfft, Hot Rod is French!" The bots laugh.

"He's a soldier, Miss Viviane." Sir Edmund replied, "He swore an oath to your father to protect you."

Viviane froze, her father leave her a giant talking alien car.

Miko sigh in awe, "What an awesome present."

"Ah, these were all my predecessors. They're all Folgans." Sir Edmund said as the wall was decorated with hundreds of pictures.

Viviane is showing hold a glass with bars hold a cybertronian watch. Sir Edmund rush off,

"No, no. Nasty critter. No, no, no, no, no." He took the watch out of her hands, placing it down, "That's the watch that killed Hitler. Don't screw with it." Viviane look in at the watch in shock.


"Is everything that happen is done by you Cybertronians?!" Leo (Sam's roommate) asked, they shrug.

"These are all the Witwiccans." The scene shows a lot of famous people,

All members other than the Witwiccans was shock at how many people in history knew about the Cybertronians.

"In our halcyon days we were quite the club. Brilliant minds, explorers, scientists, artists, world leaders." Sam and his great grandfather picture was shown, "Renaissance thrill seekers."

"It that me!"

"Holy shit!" others shouted.

"They all belonged to a secret society, you see. All united in one cause. To protect the secret history of transformers. Here. On earth."

"Whoa." Every human whisper, while space explore were amaze at the fact.

"Where we're you when KSI was melting them?"

"They were eliminated."

Silent return filling them with dread.

"Now, this is the Witwiccan family tree. Merlin, Viviana. Goes back 40 generations. Go over to that desk. There's a photograph there. Your father was a member."

Viviane crash her hands into fist in anger.

"He very much wanted to tell you that."

Her grip softens a bit, while her mother froze in shock.

"And my own family had some...Small part in all this." Sir Edmund whisper wishfully.

Sir Edmund sigh, but smile knowing his time will finally come.

Cade notice a poster, the screen zooms into the poster, "That looks just like bee."

They turn to the screen back to bay Bee, back to the screen, back to bay Bee.

"No way, that can't be Bumblebee, right?" Miko said look back and forth.

"I think it is" Raf, Sari, and Sam replied.

"You don't know that?" Jack said.

Bay Bumblebee and Hot Rod starter to panic, no way, they were so gonna get scold by Optimus and the others.

"It is." Sir Edmund answer.

"What no way!" A nerd shouted, "That picture dates the World War II that means that Autobot has to be at least hundreds of years old."

"Actually, Bumblebee is the youngest one out of all of us." TFP Bulkhead causing TFA and humans to be in shock at the answer.

"He was attached to the devil's brigade. Pretty vicious military unit. Helped turn the tide of war, you know?" Sir Edmund explain.

The scene turns into WWII, with an old WWII Mercedes car driving up into the base, a Nazi walk over and asked something.

The solider in the car replied, "We're not invited." Before shooting him.

The humans jumped in surprise in horror from the screen, while parents cover their children eyes.

The grandparent's starter to breath heavy, while older parents who was born after war starter to choke remembering the dead bodies on the streets and they learn in school about it.

America soldiers jump out of the car as the boot open itself as the finally soldier got before it transforms showing Bumblebee shooting causing explosions before dropping the gun, pulling out a hammer and blasting the Nazi. Hot Rod appear behind with reinforcement helping them take over the base causing lots of explosions as both destroy the area as the Nazi soldiers died.

"Holy shit!"

"What in the name of Primus!"

G1 Bots were shock from the scene, Bumblebee the number one organic lover, killing humans. What type of world was that? Bumblebee himself was unsettle from the scene that just play.

TFA was very disturb seeing this scene, their sweet, happy, innocence Bumblebee killing humans that was the trait of a Decepticon.

Armada bot unsure about this, Bumblebee has been shown as human lover but he did point his cannons into human faces so many times before. Maybe he'd easy anger…

IDW was very impressed again and a bit alarm, Bumblebee was becoming a great leader, but what did he do on Earth when Rodimus leave for Cybertron stater to make them wonder. All the cons other than reform IDW cons were amaze at the scene, who knew Bumblebee could such con in disguise.

TFP was shaken at the fact Bumblebee could kill a human, knowing how much he love Earth and most of their humans, he was young teen, a teen but still near a youngling age.

The Humans were distress and trouble, Bumblebee has been shown, to act like a child many times throughout the scenes evening after killing cons buts humans too. They let him help train their soldiers for frickin' sakes.

Bayverse was the most shock, they knew Bumblebee, but then they remember. Bumblebee contact them in the year 1950 of Earth. That when Optimus said not to kill or hurt the humans.

RID felt they're tanks twisting and spiralling from the screen. Bumblebee was a good leader, a bit naïve, but kind and just. This was changes everything.

"What was that not killing humans Prime?!" Galloway shouted look over at Bay Prime.

"Bumblebee! Hot Rod!" Optimus shouted walking over, only find the two in altmode. "You answer two transforms and answer this me this instance!"

No replied, he optics twitch. "Bumblebee! Hot Rod! I order you two go into root form at once."

Hot Rod back up while Bumblebee did a donut spin.

"Bumblebee! Stop that and face me" Bay Ironhide, Bumblebee stop his donut spin. "Good, now speak to Prime."

{NNNNNNNOOOO! Nooo…} Bumblebee play Luke Skywalker screaming.

"Bumblebee!" Both shouted causing him to back up with Hot Rod.

"Bee?" Cade asked in disbelief as his voice made them turn back to the screen. "But he's so nice."

Everyone even the cons but IDW and Bay Barricade nodded.

"Behind the lines, during the war, they called him many things." Sir Edmund replied, "Nice was never one of them."

They glance at all the Bumblebees. "Why you looking at us like that?" TFA Bumblebee asked. They turn back to face the screen, but kept their eyes or optics close at the bug bots.

The scene changed show Optimus and Cade in the church as Shane and Tessa making out on the sofa. Cade cough, "Excuse me! Their no smooching in front of me okay?"

"You're so square, who even say smooching?"

"Your dad apparently." RID Sideswipe snicker, while Tessa frown.

"I have no respect, it impossible some times." Cade muttered

Cade nodded at his past-self.

"Yeah, I went through the same thing with Bumblebee." Optimus agree shifting his position lead on the wall.

They turn to face Bay Bee and Optimus. "Is something you'll like to tell us Optimus?" Bay Ironhide asked.

Before Optimus could answer, the scene glitch out to show them.

Showing Bumblebee in his old rusty Camaro is showing facing Barricade while Sam was showing running off as Frenzy gave chase.

Barricade hissed in rough Cybertronian. (Hand over that boy Bumblebee) appear on screen.

-I was obligated to protect him Barricade.- Bumblebee voice to him.

"Well I was obligated to retrieve something from him." Barricade spoke back in English.

Bumblebee quickly went into the stress release room, "What was th't about?" Bay Hot Rod asked. Bay Megatron notices his Barricade was missing too.

Barricade threw a punch, which Bumblebee duck and threw his own.

"Why isn't Bumblebee using his stingers or cannons?" Sam asked.

"I'm not sure." 07 Ratchet replied, while the others shift unease why Bumblebee wasn't killing the con. Seeing how the Bumblebee could easy offline the cop con so far.

A few moment later after a couple of heavy hits, Barricade found himself in top of Bumblebee, the younger mech writhing trying to escape from his grasp, he smirk. "This is so much like last time." Pinning Bumblebee down even more. "Almost…" his digits clawed at the yellow mech chest plate.

All Bots and Cons stare in shock.

"You fragger!" Bay Ironhide shouted marching over to the cons only to found no Barricade. "Where is that fragger?!"

"Why is Ironhide so piss?" Sari asked. The Cybertronians couldn't answer. But Veno answer what all Cybertronians thoughts on the scene.

"Ironhide thinks Barricade is gonna rape Bumblebee."

"What?!" The humans shouted.

Veno explained "Ironhide was all pissy because Barricade was touching Bumblebee chest plate. That the location of a cybertronian spark or also known as their heart is forbidden for anyone to open unless they need a medic or a bonded."

"What's wrong Bumblebee? Don't you miss this?" Barricade asked as he made a wicked smirk on his face plate. "Forget the boy, let's bond now." Pressing his face plate into Bumblebee's. 'Stupid mouth protector.' Barricade curse.

"What?!" Every Autobot and Decepticon, Bayverse the loudest.

Bayverse was furious, how could Bumblebee bond with Decepticon, Barricade was the enemy.

TFA, TFP and RID was very distress at the fact Bumblebee was bonded with a Decepticon.

-I can't, have to protect the boy- Bumblebee fought, but Barricade was proven stronger in to strength, prying off the armour with a click hiss showing his prize. He brought his and Bumblebee's sparks together joining them.

"That frickin' slagger!" Bay Ironhide wanted to punch Barricade a lot.

Barricade frame shiver in delight as Bumblebee own frame betray in him in its pleasure. The scene starter to change. With the tittle stating [Cybertron before the war]

"Before the war?!"

A younger Bumblebee who was reverse colour of black and yellow in different frame along with Barricade who was still white and black in Cybertronian alter form are shown racing each other, going out on dates and making out with a few kissed hidden from sight inside some type of big chamber in his original colour frame and finally show Barricade within a large room with carving of some kind, holding an crystal shape like a heart giving it to Bumblebee which he accept.

"The Act of Profference?!" Bay Ratchet shouted in disbelief.

"They were bonded before the war." Bay Jazz sigh in relief as the bond was wasn't new, that would of mean treason.

"The act of what?" Raf questioned looking at the trio.

"Later," Rue replied.

Barricade is shown by himself along with others meeting Megatron and recruited into the Decepticons cause, while Bumblebee was founded by Optimus and join the Autobots. "I don't accept this Bumblebee, the relationship of yours with Barricade." [Well you're not my Creator!]

"Well shit, that's would have been awkward in the battlefield." Simmons said.

Switching back to the present of the battle.

"You should have been a Decepticon, Honeybee." Barricade said in pleasure through their bonding.

"Excuse me!" The Autobots howl. While the humans and cons blinked at Bumblebee nickname from Barricade.

"Honeybee?!" Bay Ironhide threw his chair at the screen, shattering it into pieces.

"Geez fuck Ironhide calm down." Prim shriek, while Veno fix the screen.

"Over protective dad figure." Veno whisper but TFA Bumblebee, TFA Ironhide, TFP Barricade and TFP Optimus optics wide turning to face Bay Ironhide who swearing how he'd rip Barricade arms off.

Bumblebee fist slammed into his face, firing his gun setting explosions off. Barricade threw landing on his back with a very angry Autobot looming over him.



Bumblebee shot him with his electrical stringers, frying him out before crushing the large metal pipers over his arms holding him down. Before he left, he tapped Barricade's cheek with a mischief look in his optics, blowing a tease kiss like humans do in movies before getting to his human charge.

"I didn't need to see Bumblebee flirting with Barricade" "Oh gross!" Another shout as they cover their optics or face palm at Bee's action.

"So Barricade and Bumblebee are dating!" Miko yelled with starry eyes.

"No, they're bonded." Vale answer.

"What is bonded? What is Spark Crystal?" Sari asked.

"Bonded in shorts term means married, a The Act of Profference is the giving of a heartfelt gift. Which in turn is a courting gift to go to the next stage of the relation of married, in other words a human ring, and that crystal is actually one of highest courting gift among the nobles of Cybertron."

"What?" Veno asked noticing as the humans stare at him.

"You serious?" Sam asked.

Veno deadpanned, "Why would I lie?"

"Frenzy?" Barricade groan in pain as electrical sparks flew out.

"The bitch cut my head off," snarled the little Decepticon. "I threw away her cell phone in position. You Barricade?"

"Trashed" he grunted.

"No shit Barricade!" The cons laugh while TFP Barricade growl.

"Call someone. Have them pick me up." As his helm fall on to the floor with gentle thump. There was silent before the cassette replied amuse.

"You got distracted. Work before pleasure. You're damn lucky that I'm the only one know about your relationship with the scout."

"Shut up and call someone."

"Noted." Frenzy laugh.

"So Bumblebee and Barricade are bonded before and on different side of the factions." G1 Ironhide stated slowly.


"And this is important how?"

"Didn't you attention to the places around them and how Bumblebee armour look like."

"No, not really." They said sheepish.

"Well you just have to wait for the next past scene then."

"Wait how come Bumblebee doesn't just tell us?" G1 Cliffjumper asked.

"Simple, causes all Bumblebee will actually goes they're own ways after the War, keep taking their secrets with them forever. It better for all of you to watch." Veno stated flicking the through the mini screen. "However, the random clips are still there." He didn't even bother to fix it, he silently grinned inside as he stops himself from laughing out loud.

"Damn it!"


"Frag it!"

The scene shows the Pendragon HQ, talking and making a negotiation with Megatron,

Megatron transform into his root form as he lands. Megatron walks over drawing out his sword. The humans getting ready. "Do I know you, human?" Megatron hiss. No replied, "I want my crew!"

"Give me names!"



"What up, fellas?" The green con motorbike said. "Man, I want to kill you right now. But I'ma kill you later. Definitely gonna kill y'all mofos later."

"He's cleared!" the female lawyer said.

"Never hear of him."

"Probably new."

"All right."

"Dreadbot." Megatron hiss.

"Dreadbot." Lennox said.

"In for bank robbery." The scene change showing Dreadbot in the bank.

"Wait what?" Agent Fowler blink. "Why in the name of Jasper is a Decepticon robbing a bank for?"

The Decepticons and Autobots shrug, while the odd trio looked at each other.

Veno: -So did Dreadbot ever explain why he rob the bank?-

Rue: -Nope-

Prim: -Why are you guys showing this for?-

Veno: -Just wanna give some cons screen screentime.-

"Aggravated assault. Murder. Double murder. Triple murder. Nine dead."

Dreadbot was shown the bank case, before he shot it. "Didn't even take the money. No. We're not letting him out, no."

"Fleshing you dare say no to Lord Megatron!" Bay Lugnut growl.

"What?!" Megatron slammed his sword into the ground and pulling it back giving a mark in the ground.

"You will not touch the humans Megatron!" Bay Optimus shouted.

"I'll kill every one of them Prime!"

"I mean, but we can be flexible. If he wears a GPS tracker, it's fine." She quickly said.

"Okay, okay." The rest nodded.

"Nitro Zeus." Megatron spoke without a second thought.

"Baby, free at last!" Nitro Zeus shouted in joy as he'd dance. "Thank Megatron, I'm free at last! Thank you." He turn to face the human scientist.

They blink, he was rather cheerful for a Decepticon.

"Gonna miss you, Tim. Thank you for your hospitality, Brad. I know where you live, Enrique. Say hello to your wife for me." Brad put his finger up at the Decepticon.


"He has balls of iron to do that to a Decepticon!"

"But the government requests that he does not leave the county."

"And we're serious about that." The male lawyer said.


"Okay." Megatron nodded. "And last but not least, Berserker." The scene show Berserker tie up as a human tried to feed him.

"I'll suck your brains!"






The Autobots and Decepticon grumble.

"Wait your government kills Autobots yet you capture Decepticons?! What is wrong with you people?!" Fowler yelled.

Silent fill the room, Veno broke it "So a wise Ironhide once said "'Why are we fighting to protect the humans.' I mean seriously Optimus, come on."

Prim cough "Moving on please."

"Absolutely not."

They snicker and chuckle at the words matching with Prim's own.

"Yeah. No." Lennox turn to face Megatron. "No. No. There are limits. Pick again."

"Onslaught." Megatron growl in annoyed.

A large gun was threw on to the floor, "You need a bigger door!" the large mech yelled as he head as shown through the small door. Even though it was big enough to fix to Cybertronian to past through it.

"Slag he'd huge."

"I have seen bigger" Prim mutter.

"Uh..." she muttered. "Let me run that up the flag pole real quick." Got her phone out, "I just got to call someone. Great, thank you. Yes. Yes!" She nodded to Megatron requested con.

"Go. Go." The lawyers quickly leave.

"What do you really want, Megatron?" Lennox demand.

"What anyone wants, human." Megatron replied putting his sword away on his back. "To go home."

The Cybertronian mood shifter at the remembered of their dead planet along with the still in habitable one.

"Yeah, that'd be all right with me, too."

"Don't us all." Veno sigh wishfully.

"Maintain your covert embed with turf."

"Sir..." Lennox spoke "They just don't get it. Our history with Bee and the Autobots."

"Oh, what we would all give to have Prime back right now."

The screen glitch out showing a picture of an angry Ratchet. "Autobot Medic. He'll beat you to health with his magic wellness wrench."

"Pfft." All Ratchet patients tried to hide their snickers and laugh was failing miserably.

"Shut up! Or I will beat you with my wellness wrenches!" They straighter up.

"Autobots! Relive the other weapons!" Optimus shouted. Ratchet was standing with his arms cross, Jazz was jumping down, Bumblebee about to jump while Ironhide landed hard cause the black cars to fly off the ground.

"Ironhide you shouldn't have done that."

"Why not?"

"Oh…? What? The?..." Ratchet half yelled as lift his leg to dodge the car but another one hit his other leg, falling on his face. "My nose."

While Jazz slip on a car, Bumblebee got stuck on the bridge while Ironhide stood with his cannons out looking cool.

"Oh sorry man!" Jazz shouted as the car he slip on was kick into Ironhide helm while he landed on the one behind crashing.

"Free~ze" Ironhide groan in pain.

Bumblebee was holding the board written on was 'HELP!' Optimus was face palming.

"OMG this is embarrassing."

"I think you just killed about, there are seven each in those cars. Two by ratchet, two by Jazz plus broken bones from Ironhide so. About twenty eight humans are neither dead or with broken bones." Veno added.


"I did nothing!"

"Hey don't push me!" Ratchet slap Ironhide causing Ironhide fall into Optimus direction with was humans in the car.

"You don't seem afraid? Are you not surprise to see us?"


"Aaaaaa~ Optimuoooo" Ironhide tried to warn his leader and fell on him causing Optimus face to land into the car as the sector seven agents was shown fainted and pale as a ghost.

"Ehh" Ratchet place his servo on over his intake.

"Oh…what have you done man?" Jazz whisper to Ratchet.

Bumblebee was shock as he hold the words "wooow".


"IRONHIDOOO" Optimus growl as the van wheel flew out bounding off.

"Ratchet fault!" They laughed, while Bay bots cover their faces.

Miko grinned "I saving that."



Bumblebee was shown as the helicopters was shown getting ready to capture him.

"No! Not this!" The kids shouted

Only to have Optimus fall with loud crash.

"HUH!" While Bumblebee gasp.

"What this bro?" Optimus frozen is pose.

"I don't know!?" the other helicopter replied.

"It's Optimus as a goof!"

The rest snicker at that statement.

Bumblebee holding his board said 'It's shameful.' With purple clouds over his head.

"Yeah but funny." G1 Sunstreaker grinned.

"Disgusting." Megatron growl as he flick the human with his digits.

"AAAAA!" The human yelled.

"DON'T HURT HUMANS!" Optimus roar as he step on Megatron's servo crushing it with his face darker with only one of his optics glowing brightly.

"Eeeeeee!" Megatron whim his expression in pain as his optics went small and his mouth open.

The Autos snigger at Megatron whimsy sounds. While the Decepticons blink who knew Lord Megatron could even make such sound. Bay Megatron growl in disbelief.

"You will pay for this" Megatron optics were cross with and glowing as red crosses were shown around his head as his step on servo was glowing red.

"Hee hee Sorry, I was overacting." Optimus said rubbing his helm with a sweat drop.

"No! You'll should of step on his face Optimus." 07 Jazz moan.

Bumblebee was shown "Permission to speak sir"

"Permission granted"

"I wish to stay with the boy."

Everyone blink. "I thought your voice box was damaged!" Sam turn his face his guardian bot.

{} Bumblebee played from his radio.

"Woow Bumblebee you can speak!" Sam said in amazed.

"Not yet…" Ratchet said. "Jazz was speaking." The scene moved across showing Jazz alive.


"I thought I was offline!"

"You are" Veno replied.

"hehe..Hi Ratchet." Jazz said sheepish.

"Why do you used the radio?"

'Me…' Bumblebee hold.

"Yes you."

{I love the sound of radio, *clap, clap*} Bumblebee grinned as his horns flick happy.

"Hey! Not again.." Sam muttered.

The kids giggle at Bumblebee silliest, forgetting that the same Bumblebee offline the Decepticons most dangerous warriors.

"We lost a great comrade." Optimus said holding Jazz broken frame.

"Yes sir…Jazz…" Ironhide said in upset tone runny tears.

"What is this?! I do not cry!"

"But, but I'm not dead." Jazz sob to Ratchet who replied motioning back off.

"Shoo shoo stay away from the camera."

"Wait camera?" 07 Jazz asked. "What camera?"

"That camera." Veno grinned pointing to you.


"Never mind." Veno roll his eyes while snickering.

"Back to the main plot."

"Now, this place was built around the original round table. Percival, Gawain, Tristan, Lancelot. They sat right here." The scene turned showing the castle [Camelot], with the knights walking over. "Twelve in all. And behind them sat the twelve who came from Cybertron."

"Jesus rise, Camelot is real…" Viviane whisper.

"Miko will you stop taking pictures!"

"And miss out my chance to remember these for ever, no way!"

"We fight for honour. We fight for the human race. For all that is good in mankind" King Arthur yelled. "To brothers old and brothers new! To brothers old and brothers new! No sacrifice, no victory!"

"My family motto…" Sam blink.

"Family motto?" Raf asked.

"Yeah, my family has always used that."

"Well that's because Sam and Viviane are distant cousin." Prim help that fact clear up.

"I'm a noble?"



"Twelve alien knights who saw in Camelot what the human race could be at its finest. A race of honour." Sir Edmund then just shouted in annoyed. "Cogman?!"

"Hmm?" Cogman stop playing.

"You ruined the moment again!"

"I was making the moment more epic."

"Just be quiet. What's the matter with you?"

The kids and all Cybertronians younger generations snicker.

Sir Edmund clear his voice. "This belonged to King Arthur himself. Now, legend held that one last knight would someday be chosen and the struggle to save the world would begin. It would appear, Mr. Cade, that last knight is you."

Cade and Tessa blink, "What?"

"What?" Cade look shock "You're saying he travelled the whole universe to find me?"

"That sounds farfetched."

"The staff was buried with Merlin's body. A thousand years we've kept it hidden." Sir Edmund clarify, "If it ever fell into the wrong hands, it would mean the imminent destruction of everything we know and love. The 12 guardian knights combined into a mighty dragon to protect it. And now it is in great danger. Megatron. He was after this. So the battle is upon us. It is why they're here, why they keep coming to earth. And we must claim the staff before it is too late."

"Sensei what should we do?" Bay Drift asked.

"Find the talisman, protect Cade, and get the staff." Optimus stated.

"Wait. We what?" Viviane asked.

"Only a direct descendant of Merlin himself can wield this instrument of absolute power. And you, Miss Viviane, are Merlin's last descendant here on earth, and as such, you are our last hope."

"As is Sam" Prim added.

"Wait am I?" Sam questioned.

"He is?"

Bay Bumblebee made an angry sound.

"Bee what's wrong?" Sam asked. "Shouldn't I be a better choice since I know about the Transformers already and already a member?"

Prim gulp, took a deep breath wiping off his sweat, before speaking. "Sam, when humans starter hunting down Autobots, you were one of the first target as you had a close relationship with each of the Autobots."

Sam crunches his fist, while the kids gasp in horror. Age Bee and Optimus broke their chair handle, while the older humans placed theirs over their mouths.

"They hurt my baby!" Judy shriek hugging Sam close.

"And the fact they knew offlining Bumblebee would hurt Optimus the most. As Bumblebee is the youngest in both factions."

"Really? Just how old is your Bumblebee?" TFA Bumblebee questioned, while his verse looked in amazed and shock at such a wise questioned from their Bumblebee. While this caught all the attenuation of the humans, how old were the Transformers.

Rue answer, "In human term Bayverse Bumblebee is twenty, you're seventeen in about Quartex I believe so sixteen, IDW Bee is thirty since they are from distance alternate future, Cyberverse is nineteen, G1 is twenty, TFP is seventeen and RID from the future is now twenty-three."

"Bloody slag, you're all older than me" TFA Bumblebee look at his counterparts in shock, while TFP Bee pouted being the youngest out of all them.

TFA Bee notice his team was looking at him. "What?"

"You're turning seventeen?" TFA Bulkhead asked in disbelief.

"Yeah…So…." Bumblebee remember, "Oh slag."

"You told us you were turning nineteen." Ratchet said his with optics twitching, while the rest flicker their optics or eyes staring at Bumblebee in surprise.

"In the name of Primus, I can't believe he lie about his age." IDW Rodimus whisper, can't believing it that Bumblebee said such a lie.

Bee gulp "Well I didn't want to bother you Doc-bot."

"Bother me! Bumblebee your frame is far too small for you. No wonder it keeps falling off! It's too small for you. Do you have any one how dangerous it!" Ratchet bail.

"Kinda, since it may have fallen off in battle when fighting the cons…."


"Bumblebee get the slag over here this instance you've glitch! When we get home, you're gonna get a better armour that fit!"

"I guess that Bumblebee is wearing a small armour?" Miko asked.

"Pretty much, it important that a cybertronian wears the right armour to protect their spark or it falls or slips off."

"Okay, wait. Go back. You're saying that I'm related to the wizard Merlin?"

"Bit of a shock, isn't it?" Sir Edmund grin "Only you know the staff's location, imparted to you by your father. He had to leave a clue, didn't he?"

"Are you sure?" Cade asked, "She doesn't have that 'I know where the staff is' look."

"Listen, the only thing that my father imparted to me was to get out of his study. Two worlds colliding, only one survives."

"Well shit."

"That sounds important for some reason."

"Is gonna be on a test?"

"Your words exactly. Only lecture time is over. You were born for this. This is the latest image of their world coming here. And you're all that stand in its way. So you'd better find that staff quickly."

The human fighting arrives,

"Get us out of here, bee." Cade shouted as Bumblebee turn into his alt-form.

"Get out of here! My weapon will stop the time!" Hot Rod shouted as fire a gun that slow them down in a type of bubble.

"I get a time gun! Awesome!" IDW Rodimus grinned.

Alpha Trion quickly slap Bay Hot Rod hood hard forcing him back into Root form.

"Hey!" He shouted.

"Where did you get that gun?" Alpha Trion demand.

"My gun?"

They watch unsure what was happening between the two.


"Where did you find them?"

"I found them in this amazin' cham'er with all these cool weapons. I was gonna take the black blaster but my optics caught the atte'tion of this gun, since it was glowing at me, why?"

Alpha Trion felt his body shaking now, "That's impossible that room was sealed off."


"The room you'll found that gun in, did it had a sword blade that look like sphere with four blades attached it,"

Bay Hot Rod nodded.

"The black blaster you saw, was it bigger that you."

He nodded again.

"Was a there a long stick, three green darts, Optics of some kind, two stone one that was green and the other was golden yellow and a grey sword with a blue handle."

He nodded to all the item listed.

"Alpha Trion what is the chamber you are talking about?" TFA Ultra Magnus asked.

"The chamber Hot Rod found belongs to my older brother. He sealed it from our dimensional world using his space and time ability."

Realization fell upon all the Cybertronians, focusing on the gun.

"You're saying the gun Hot Rod have there," pointing to the time gun, "belong to the Prime of Time himself, the guardian and master of time and space, the Second Son of Primus."


"And you" TFP Ultra Magnus turn to Hot Rod, "have been using to do what?"

Bay Hot Rod look away in shame, "I may have been usin' it to slow down bots and make fun of them."

Silent fill the room from his confession, Veno and Rue had dark aura around their heads.

"HOT ROD! You can't so irresponsible with the Prime of Time equipment!" Bay Ironhide shouted, as all the bots and cons look in shock at what Prime of Time creation was used for.

"I'm sorry! I didn't know! But I do treat it properly, I polish every day."

"You better!"

"Come on, come on. Answer me, come on! Damn you, tell me where it is!" Sir Edmund muttered angry.

"Not so fast. I want in." Simmons replied.

"To be a Witwiccan, you have to be a special person. You, sir, are not."

"Read me into the club and I'll tell you."

"Right here, now. Over the phone? That is absolutely barbaric."

Sir Edmund, Rue, Prim, Veno and the rest of the nobles in both worlds nodded.

"Over the phone. Do it, Englishman!"

Sir Edmund sigh in annoyed "As the 12th Earl of folgan, by the power imbued by his majesty King Arthur and his league of Knights of the Round Table, I now Grant you, Seymour Rutherford Simmons... Entrance into..."

"Admittance, not entrance! Don't try to snooker me. Get it right." Seymour shouted.

"Enough, enough, enough. Just tell me! Now!" Sir Edmund move opening a book.

"They knew way back in the dark ages where the end would begin." Seymour explained.


"There is Cybertron and there is Earth. Only they don't call it earth at all, they never did."

"Earth was called something else?"

"What planet was it called then?"

"They called it something else. One will suck the other dry, a giant succubus, until only one remains."

"Wow." Edmund whisper staring at the picture. "Earth is Unicron." He stated.

"WHAT?!" Every Transformers verse including TFP Smokescreen other than TFP verse shouted, shriek or scream in terror.

"One day his horns will rise to fight the mad goddess Quintessa. She will end our planet to resurrect her own."

"Who the frag is Quintessa!"

"Mad indeed she is!"

"Don't worry Optimus will stop her!"

"Who's Unicron?" Cyberverse bots asked.

"Tell me where it goes down."

"I just dropped it to you." Seymour pin.

"The horns are the key to the location. Why are they spread out all over the earth in a jumble? The answer, they aren't. Time and Mother Nature pulled them apart."

"Bloody hell."

"My word."

Showing how the horn came together in circle. "That's Pangaea." Edmund gasp, "The supercontinent. It's the same shape on the round table." Showing the ten circle on the table in the same location of the location.

"Take a gander, Folgers, at what's smack in the centre of that perfect circle."

"Genius! That's Stonehenge!"

"One of the greatest mysteries of the ages." Seymour spoke "No one understood its purpose until now. No one. Except me. That's where it all begins. You're the man behind the man. Do something."

"I'll handle it, Brother Simmons, fear not." Edmund ended the call.

"I never had a brother. Feels nice." Seymour sigh.

Seymour grinned finally he'd a Witwiccan, while all the human scientist gasp discovery of Stonehenge origin.

Part 1 Finish

I mean there has to a reason why Bayverse Hot Rod got a time gun. I just found it super weird that he was able to get that type of weapon. Cause if the transformers of the Bayverse were that great with their technology, that time gun would have been the most wanted thing ever in the war.

To my readers of Master of the Legendaries, I will repeat it again. Master of the Legendaries is going through a rewrite and new story plot.