I don't own inheritance. Arya is talking to a winged panther.

Takes place three days before Arya becomes ambassador to the Varden

They were both on sitting on a boulder, near a stream, in the forest of Ellesméra. Arya quite enjoyed the winged feline's company, and she assumed the did as well. The winged panther had always been there for her, even when she was nervous to tell her feelings to Faölin. "Don't worry, you'll be fine. If he rejects you, tell me so I can give him a piece of my mind." she had said to the elf. Today Arya had to bring the news that she was planning to become ambassador. How will I do this? Arya asked herself. Especially to my first true friend? Arya had friends before, ones that she could talk to, but nobody understood her like Sahara, the winged panther. Arya felt absolutely horrible that she was leaving her, but she knew it was for the best. It was then that the feline chose to speak. "Arya, what is troubling you? I can feel your discomfort."

"It's nothing Sahara"

"Yes it is"

"You wouldn't understand"

"Yes I will"

"Fine. In three days, I will become ambassador. I'm leaving Sahara"


"Meaning we must part ways"

Arya could feel tears coming, and she already saw them in Sahara's violet eyes. "Why must fate be so cruel to us? Why can't we just be queens of our own kingdoms together?" Sahara asked once she finally had use of words again. Then they instantly went and hugged each other, Sahara's claws retracted. To them they could've stayed there a few hours, or maybe they were just there a couple minutes, they didn't know. Finally the panther pulled away, saying a quick, hardly heard "I'll be right back". When she came back, she was carrying a perfectly round stone, maybe 2 inches big, and one side had a small image carved into it. That image was of Arya, her sword drawn, and next to her, Sahara, in a furious growl. The image showed the time the elves had found a rouge and they went to go deal with them. "What is it" was all Arya managed to say. "This is for you. I made it with magic a few days ago, and it was going to be for your birthday, but since..." Sahara trailed off, not being able to finish the sentence without another wave of tears coming. "I'm going to give it to you, but first, I want to let you know that this will connect our minds until one of us dies. That's why I want to warn you" Sahara said. Arya's response was "there's nobody in the world I would prefer to bond my mind to. You know that". This caused another batch of tears to come from the pairs of violet and green eyes, and once again they were in each other's arms. "I'm so sorry" Arya said at one point. "Don't be. You have nothing to be sorry for" Sahara's answer said. Once they parted ways once more, they grieved for the friends they had lost.

13 years after Arya parted ways with Sahara

Arya snapped back to reality. She was on her way to silver moon, the new island to train the dragon riders. She was excited to see the home of the riders, the home that should have been hers to. What was I thinking when I accepted the crown? She thought to herself. You were thinking you wanted to carry your mothers legacy on came an answer from an all to familiar smart sounding voice.

What would I do without you Fírnen? Arya asked her emerald green dragon.

You would either be sitting on the throne listening to lord Däthedr, or Fírnen stopped at or to show her an image of her and Eragon, while holding hands and smiling.

Fírnen! You know that's not true. There is nothing between us.

Yet. And anyway, this isn't even the worst of it. Do you know that we share dreams? I've seen you dream that you and Eragon-

Look! The island! Arya said, quickly changing the subject. She knew he would bring up the subject later, but she didn't care.

Fírnen roared the loudest he could, and he was answered by a louder still roar from below that came from a sapphire blue dragon below. As soon as Arya took off Fírnen's saddle, both dragons flew off into the sunset, towards the mountains. Arya watched until they were a good distance away, then turned to face Eragon. "I've missed you, Eragon" she said to him. "Aye. It's been a decade since I've last seen you. Would you like a tour around?" Eragon replied. He showed her the city of riders, the place they kept the swords retrieved from Galbatorix's stash, the training arena, and the library. Then they got to the huge forest. He showed her several important places, and Arya could have sworn she saw violet eyes that matched hers several times. Then they got to a clearing in the forest. In front there was a huge cave entrance that was carved into the tallest mountain. "This is where we keep-" Eragon was cut off by a rustling behind them. They both turned and grabbed their swords, but Arya dropped hers and was frozen in complete and utter shock. In front of her, stood a female black panther, with feathered wings and deep violet eyes. The panther then voiced one word:


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