Hello boys and girls, and welcome to... The rewrite of my most popular story! I reread what I previously wrote and decided to change up the scenarios a bit. Adding so much more legends shit, and all the canon crack! So... Yeah let's get on with it!

The gods end had come, they came in swarms, the monsters. They broke through the barrier with ease, ever since Thalia was resurrected the barrier was slowly losing power, even with the golden fleece. They slaughtered the demigods cutting off their form of worship and with the last of their power, they sent Percy Jackson, who was given partial immortality (Not unlike what the Hunter's of Artemis had), back in time.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...

Why the hell did his head hurt so much? Where was he? Who was he? Memories flashed one after another so fast he could barely glimpse them, and then it hit him... The sucker punch.

"Give us the cash, or we shoot you in the head!" What the hell, why did they look so weird? They were like a... Well he didn't know what they looked like. "Hando doesn't want us to kill anyone this trip, but I'm sure he would make an exception!"

Wait they were robbing him, he was so distracted with remembering who he was... "That's it were gonna-" Percy gave the pirate holding what he assumed was a gun, a nasty uppercut, knocking out a few teeth. His gang buddies or whatever they were all drew weird looking somethings, probably guns with how they were holding them. "What was that for, this could've been nice and easy, but now, we need to kill you.

He controlled all the water in the dark, and terrible smelling, alleyway, and he launch them all back. Their dehydrated corpses hit the wall, wait what? How did he just suck all the moisture out of their bodies? He couldn't do that a while ago, then again, who said he was even on Earth.

So how did you guys like the prologue? Hopefully my writing is better this time around. Please leave a review! I will answer all of them by PM!