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"Say what?" Casey asked, his eyes nearly bulging out of his head. "You built Hydra… the thing Volkoff uses?"

Stephen shrugged. "I built a lot of stuff over the years that Roark took. I built the computer banks, I built Hydra, and I built a lot of the technology that he sells today. He owes me a lot of money, but I got him." He had a smug look on his face.

"How'd you get him?" Jack asked, trying to figure out where this was going.

"I own half of the land that the computer banks are on," Stephen replied.

"You are the owner?" Casey asked again, not believing his luck. "Are you serious?"

"I was on the original deed, back when we were partners, and he's never changed it," Stephen replied. "I'm gonna go get some of those little barbeque hot dogs." With that he wandered off.

Jack let out a low whistle. "What's wrong with him?" he asked Casey.

Casey shook his head. "I can never prove it, but I think someone did something to him while he worked with Roark. Roark stole the Intersect communications idea from him."

"Wait, he built that?" Jack asked, nearly spilling his drink in surprise. They saw Sarah and Stephen having an animated discussion. "Wonder what's that about?"

"Bartowski," Casey called in Chuck's direction. Chuck came over to them. "What's going on over there?"

"They're talking computers," Chuck replied, shaking his head. "She quite excited." Chuck glanced at Casey, and then at Jack. "What's going on?"

"It's your wedding day, don't worry about it," Casey said. "That's an order."

"Oooo, someone is enjoying their new position."

"Can I fire him?" Casey asked Jack.

Jack shook his head. "Nah, otherwise he'll just freeload off of me."

"Burton, Bartowski would never do that," Casey replied. Jack nodded.

"My bad, guys. I sometimes forget all that you went through, Chuck," Jack said, honestly. "Listen, kid, your dad said something that I need to ask you." Chuck waited patiently. "Is there any chance that your dad could be on a land deed with Roark?"

Chuck stood there, quietly. "I mean, yeah," Chuck admitted. "I don't know what happened to my dad, but something went wrong with him while working with Roark. I have no idea what, but… he's not exactly right in the head." Chuck struggled to find the right words. "Emotions almost are non-existent with him; there's a reason Ellie and I went with my mom. She was a terrible parent, but he… he went to work one day, and not all of him came back."

"I'm sorry, Son," Jack said, a hand on his shoulder. "I had no idea… listen, you enjoy your honeymoon, and we'll figure this out."

"Can't beat him, Jack," Chuck said shrugging. "Volkoff did it, he created the perfect empire to cover his crimes." Chuck walked away, and Jack and Casey just watched him.


Tommy sat in the bar, his back to the wall in a corner booth. He slid down in his seat to not be seen. He had watched Gertrude for a few days, on Roark's orders. Tommy shook his head. Roark was paranoid, but he paid well.

The door opened to the bar, and he saw Casey walk in. Tommy slumped further down in his seat, watching to see where he went, and was stunned to see Casey walk over to the booth that Gertrude occupied. Tommy kept watching, and after they locked lips in a kiss that looked a lot more than casual, he snuck out the back of the bar. He had to get to Roark, and quick.


The next day, Gertrude walked into Roark Industries, a little surprised to hear from Volkoff. She walked into Roark's office, and was even more surprised to see Roark, Volkoff, and Tommy Delgado.

"Verbanski," Volkoff said. "Why?"

"Why what, Volkoff?" she asked, knowing her chances of getting out of there alive were slim to none.

"Why did you betray me… was it because I killed your brother?" Her gun was in her hand, aimed at Volkoff's heart.

"Say something else, you son of a bitch, I dare you," Gertrude hissed.

"Oooo, it's a party," Roark said, grabbing a gun from under the desk and firing at her. Roark was a terrible shot, and Verbanski dove away. Roark glared at the gun. "I thought bigger was better?"

She looked up, and Tommy had a gun pointed right in her face. "Don't," he said softly. "It's over." A grin came over her face. "Why are you grinning?"

"Do you really think I didn't pick up your tail two days ago?" Gertrude asked. Roark's door was kicked open, and Chuck entered, holding a gun, aiming it at Volkoff's head.

"Not this time," Chuck growled. "Tommy, you may shoot her, but I promise you I will put one through his skull before you get a chance to put one through me. A red dot suddenly appeared on Tommy's forehead. "Oh, and that's Zondra Rizzo, so you might consider dropping the gun." The gun clattered to the ground. Molly sauntered in, her gun aimed at Roark's crotch. "Molly, you're aiming too low."

"No, I'm not," she replied. The gun fell from Roark's hand immediately, and Molly adjusted her aim to Roark's head.

"Thank you," he replied. Molly rolled her eyes.

"This is illegal," Volkoff yelled. "You can arrest me, but I want her arrested for pulling a gun on me and threatening me."

Chuck ignored Volkoff, as Molly first handcuffed Tommy, and then Roark. Chuck kept his gun leveled on Volkoff the entire time. The other two men were marched out by officers, followed by Verbanski. Chuck handed Molly his gun, and she aimed both directly at Volkoff.

"Tell you what, since we both know you'll be out soon, why don't you tell me about the Intersect communication device," Chuck suggested.

Volkoff chuckled. "You mean the belief your father had that you could communicate using the program?" Volkoff laughed again. "You really mean the way I legally got control of 100% of the company."

"That's true," Chuck replied nodding. "You did get 100% of the company, and that's borderline genius, encouraging your partner to try that upload. But you missed one little thing."

"Nonsense," Volkoff said, shaking his head.

"The servers," Chuck reminded him.

"And?" Volkoff asked smirking.

"The land was owned by my father," Chuck said. "He gave permission to search the property, and he and my computer specialist have downloaded everything off of that server."

"No," Volkoff said just over a whisper.

"It's over, Volkoff. You're done," Chuck said with a smirk. He turned to Molly. "In the end, they're all pathetic." Volkoff moved like lightning, in a split second having his arm around Chuck's throat, his other hand on his head.

"Throw the guns down," Volkoff said. "Or I will break his damn neck."

Molly locked eyes with Chuck. "Shoot him," Chuck said.

"No," Molly said tossing the guns.

"Back up," Volkoff said, and started to steer Chuck toward the door. "I'm getting out of here." They got outside the office, Volkoff dragging a struggling Chuck backwards. "I've worked with the Russian Mayfia for years, you fool… do you think you can match me in strength?"

"Let him go, Volkoff," They heard, all three were stunned to see Stephen walking toward him.

"Ah, Stephen, I destroyed your mind, made your wife my plaything, and now… now I'm going to kill your son, and there's nothing you can do about it," Volkoff goaded Stephen.

"You're wrong," Stephen said, pulling a gun, and putting a bullet between Volkoff's eyes. Chuck spun around, looked at Volkoff, and back to Stephen.

"Did you load that in that thing you put in your head?" Chuck asked.

Stephen shook his head. "Duck Hunt," he replied. Chuck felt his knees give and he feel to the ground.

"CHUCK!" they heard, Sarah running down the hall toward Chuck, and Casey coming slowly behind them.

"Duck Hunt," Molly said. "Oh my God."

"What's Duck Hunt?" Chuck asked, looking up at her.

"Why is Chuck talking about a video game?" Sarah asked. Chuck's eyes widened, and then he passed out.


"He's dead?" Chuck asked Lester, looking over Volkoff's body. Jeff sniffed Volkoff.

"Smells dead," Jeff informed them.

"Jeffery, you know that's not the proper way to tell," Lester scolded Jeff. Lester turned to get something and quickly turned back. "JEFFERY!" he yelled, just as Jeff leaned down and licked the corpse.

"I think I'm gonna be sick," Chuck muttered.

"Let's get out of here, he's dead," Sarah said, pulling him out of the room. "Why did you question if he was dead?"

Chuck grinned at her. "Those movies, and the comics you read… don't the bad guys keep coming back to life?"

Sarah smacked his shoulder. "You know you can't say those types of things to me at work. I'm only human, Chuck." Chuck winked at her. "You okay?" she asked, her hands squeezing his bicep.

"I guess," Chuck replied. "I didn't need Volkoff's graphic description of what he and my mom was doing."

Sarah blanched. "It wasn't that graphic."

"It was graphic enough," Chuck retorted. Sarah snorted, and he gave her a look. He slung an arm over her shoulders. "How was your father-in-law bonding moments at the computer server?"

"Good," Sarah replied. "I really enjoyed it, we were sort of talking the same language."

"Nerd," Chuck accused.

Sarah shrugged her shoulders. "You like it," she said, bouncing her eyebrows.

"Just keep him from turning into Doc Ock, Spidey," Chuck said to her. She shoved him against a wall.

"You need to stop that, or I will attack you right here," Sarah said, staring into his eyes.

"I'd have to arrest you for public indecency," Chuck replied.

"If you wanna use the cuffs, all you have to do is say so," she said, nipping at his chin, and turning and walking off. He stood there a few minutes before his brain worked.


Carina knocked on the door in front of her. "Come in," the voice inside yelled. She walked in and saw Langston Graham sitting behind his desk. "I need a detective in the DA's office. I hear you're available."

Carina grinned at him. "Am I," she replied.


Bryce pulled up to the home in Mexico. He and Vivian got out of the car and headed to the door. "Bryce, Vivian," Jill said, opening the door of the home.

"I tried to tell my father," Vivian said, and Jill nodded.

"I get it, some people just don't want to listen," Jill replied. "Thank God our source inside gave us the heads up we needed."

"Who is your source?" Bryce asked. Jill just smiled.


"Roan, you don't have to dote on me," Beckman said, grinning at him. Despite her words, she was enjoying the attention. "If you hadn't come back a few days ago, I'd say the shooting motivated you."

"You know you're the only one for me, Diane," Roan said. "Let me go get you a drink." Beckman nodded, and Roan left the room. He pulled out his phone.

We're done

He stood there for a moment, and the text came back through.

We're done when I say we're done. Now, take care of your girlfriend, I need her back on the force for my intel.

Roan looked up at the ceiling frustrated. "Roan?" Diane called.

"Just a second, Dear," Roan answered. "I had a text I had to answer." Roan walked off to get Diane her drink, wondering if he would ever get out from under Jill Roberts' thumb.

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