Welcome to my first ever fanfiction. All I have been doing is lurking in the shadows gathering tips from other stories. The idea behind this fanfiction came from the top of my head, like when I saw the episode I was literately tearing at my hair because the fact that Tomoya got betrayed by her once, now she's doing it again really ticked me off. With this story I plan to release 3-5 pages worth of text so this is just a feeler for my idea.

Please review it as it would help me solidify the grounds.


"I can't work with you anymore" everything had tuned out, it was just me. Hearing the conversations of the people on the other tables, talking like everything was fine. It felt like a splash of cold water, hearing those words come from Utaha. I tried to ask why she was leaving me, why she can't stay. So I asked her "What about Eriri" but she looked at me with sad eyes and I knew without words being spoken.

Eriri was leaving me once again, I felt bile climbing the back of my throat, and sick to my stomach I told Utaha that I wasn't feeling well. She tried to stop me but I forced myself from her grasp, I wouldn't dare look at her eyes, if I did I would've crumbled then and there. Dashing from the restaurant away from Utaha, away from the pain.

Lungs aching from the run, I found myself at the place where I first met Kato. With the sun glowing in the distance, I was reminded of the first time Eriri left me. It feels horrible, losing the only friend who knows the real you, combined with fact that Utaha was also leaving me was a deadly blow to my mentality. 'I can't believe that I thought that they would've stayed in this circle to work on another game with me, I guess they got tired with dealing with a hopeless director' I thought bitterly.


I don't know how long I was walking for in fact I wouldn't have noticed until I fell of a cliff, nor did I pay attention to the weather. As I was thinking of how much the universe hates me someone had called my phone, looking at the caller ID I saw that it was Kato calling, also taking note that the time was 16:34. Answering her call I heard her voice "Aki-kun where are you? Are you alright" hearing the concern in her voice made me feel better, but the reality of the situation hit me hard, so hard that all I could make were choking noises. Tears started to sprout at the corners of my eyes, as I tried to tell her that I was alright.

"Aki-kun? What's wrong?!" breaking down I started to sob silently before I cried aloud, I found myself crashing to the ground, but I was too broken to bother catching myself. After what felt like ages I heard someone walk up to me, looking up I saw the face of Kato looking down at me with concern and what looked like affection? My eyes must've been fooling me "Aki-kun!" I felt her embrace me although I was dripping wet "Aki-kun what happened?" hearing her voice broke me out of my musings

"Oh Kato what are you doing here?" I say in what I hoped was a strong voice, but her face showed that I wasn't fooling her "what happened?" she says sternly, looking at her stern but concerned eyes, just before the tears started to fall I looked down into my lap and saw the tears slowly drip onto Kato's lap, "It's Eriri and Utaha, they're leaving again" Shock took over Kato's usually stoic face before she composed herself and asked a question "What do you mean they're leaving you?" so I responded "Eriri took another project to work on and Utaha's following, getting betrayed the first time was hard enough" he adds the last bit under his breath, but the look on Kato's face says she heard. "C'mon let's get you out of the rain" she says in her usual monotone voice, but this time there was a tinge of caring in it.