Aching Heart

Truth and Mystery

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Tomoya POV

"Kato… I-I'm sorry for what I'd said back at the stop, I wasn't thinking clearly. Truth is I don't want to lose this group, with all the fun times we had, the times where we all worked together. I-I don't want to lose this"

I felt my hand grip the blanket hard, alongside the feeling of tears prickling the edges of my eye. "I'm scared Kato! I lost Eriri once already, I'm not sure if I can handle her leaving again."

I hear a rustle and the feeling of the bed sinking. Looking to my left I feel Kato bury herself into my chest.

"I'm scared too Aki-kun, I don't want this to be the end of Blessing Software, I want to laugh with all of you and experience new things together. I don't want to revert back to the person I was before. So please don't give up on our team"

Looking down, I caught a glimpse of her tear stricken face. Feeling my chest constrict, I frown, thinking about what I was about to say next.

"Kato" Feeling her turn her attention towards me "I don't have any intention on ending this early." I feel a burst of confidence coming out of the blue "S-so don't cry anymore"

I hear her burst into uncontrolled giggles 'eh?' "Y-you're telling me to stop c-crying, when you're the one who's crying?" Raising an eyebrow I go to feel my eye only to realize my arm stuck in between Kato's… 'Huh?'

Feeling blood rush to my face, I quickly cover my nose and mouth with my free hand "Ka-Ka-Kato!" she tilts her head slightly "My-your-holding-brea-breasts" the realization dawns on her

"P-P-Pervert!" feeling her pulling away, only for her to start falling from the hospital bed. Memories once forgotten starts to flash. 'Aki-kun I'm falling!' "Kato!" Reaching out I grab hold of her hand, pulling her into my chest yet again.

Kato then started to struggle in my grip, but I strengthen my grip "Don't scare me like that" I felt her cease her struggles "I don't know what I'd do if you got hurt" feeling her pull away I repeat what I did.

"Aki-kun It's alright" hearing these words brought me back into the present. Releasing her from my grip I look to see her face, only be overwhelmed by the amount of concern there.

"Aki-kun?" she says once more. 'What was that? No, who was that?' shaking my thoughts, I look to Kato "Yeah?" I reply in a nonchalant tone.

She narrows her eyes, but seems to shrug it off. "If you need to talk to me, talk to me don't push me away like you did a month ago"

"Alright I'll talk to you when something goes up." Noticing the time (7:46) I look at Kato. "Aren't you supposed to be at home?" noticing the colour draining from her face I ask her "Did you tell your parents you were at the hospital?!"

"Ahh… no" seeing her slumped shoulders and frowning face strung a chord in my heart. Shaking my head "Then go" noticing her hesitation, I strike a pose "This man will be alright" her face had deadpanned "huh, why aren't you laughing"

I hear a faint "The idiots back" then a snicker.

BADAA Finally, as Kato had said I'm back with a continuation to this story. SEE I didn't drop it, just took a break watching anime, reading manga and playing One Man's Lie Next. also coming to stop with these feeling that had surfaced these past few… months, also who's this person our protag had seen? Is it the sibling he never had? A childhood friend? Who knows. I hope y'all had a meh read, please review my new style? Dunno what to call it, look towards a new chapter maybe soon maybe later. Other than that Ciao