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-place unknown -time unknown-

-Unknown pov-

From my edge side veiw of the mirror lake in the Life stream i see a fool of a half breed Inu decide to make a truly terrible choice and i keep my piercing white sapphire blue ringed gaze locked on the image that the lake shows while i say "that pup of yours is going to find himself bent bare butt over my knee for some much needed diplomacy love in the form of my clawed hand spanking his tailless ass" a male chuckle greats my ears as i also hear a silken male voice says in approval "just promise me that i get a front row seat on earth for the show after all what kind Sire would i be if i didn't attend my youngest pup's first spanking and by your lovely hand too" a fox like grin graces my lips as i say "lisen here you sly dog you had best behave or i may spank your twin tailed ass with my claws".

I take this time to turn my left eye towards the Inu beside me while i keep my right eye locked on the mirror, and i see a man with almost knee length silver-white hair in a high ponytail pointed elfin ears two long twin white dog tails he has demonic markings that almost all powerful youkai do his take the form of wide jagged purple-blue stripesand are on his cheeks, wrists, ankles and hips all in the same purple-blue color, instead of the armor and clothes that he wore in life he is wearing a simple white kimono with white hakama no shoes on his clawed feet and a long golden yellow sash with the sword of Hell Sō'unga resting in it while he purrs in contentment at being his master's only sword but the two things that i seem to linger on the most are his golden eyes and the perverted grin on his face that forces a tick mark appear on my head as i say seriously "Shirogane what do you plan to do about your mate who we both know has suffered a great deal because of that human witch putting you under a unbreakable mind control spell up until your death".

Shirogane's face gains a thoughtful look as he says "if i have your okay to do so Milady Kuu, i want to go see her to show her exactly what happened that i didn't betray her freely like everyone including her and Sesshomaru think that i did" i entertain the idea before i say "alright go see Hinata while i put my plan to destroy your youngest pups life and his own plan into action however you only have until the next full moon before you must return here to the Life stream" Shirogane nods his head slowly as he turns his golden gaze back towards the mirror as we watch in silence as Inuyasha makes a very cruel choice.

-place Feudal Area time 3;23am-

-Kagome's pov-

Something terrible is gonna happen soon i can feel it deep down in my bones to the point where i can't fake sleep any longer so i carefully take my sleeping son Shippo into my arms and walk silently towards Sango and Kirara both of whom are sleeping before i gently place Shippo between them then cover the three of them with a blanket, nether of the male's who are supposed to be here with us are here leaving the two human women and their two youkai children unprotected as three of them sleep while i find myself wide awake unable to sleep because of this feeling one that i pray is wrong.

I open my brown eyes as i feel a powerful youkai coming towards the camp and i don't have to wait long as i see Sesshomaru walk towards the camp and i can tell that he is curious as to where Inuyasha is currently so i turn my gaze towards him calmly as i say softly knowing that he'll hear me clearly "He isn't here Inuyasha is never here at night time he won't be back until lunchtime nether well the Monk, is there anything that i can do to help you Lord Sesshomaru?" his golden eyes linger over Sango and both our respective children before they lock with my brown eyes as he says calmly yet i can tell he less than pleased "tell me Miko do the male's of your pack leave their mate's and two young children unprotected often?".

The now visibly dark bags over my eyes must have surprised Sesshomaru because his eyes widen ever so slightly as i say bitterly "it's been like this for a whole year now and if i told you that ether Sango or me wanted to anything to do with the alpha male of our pack or his beta male that would be a complete lie on my part" the look that i gain is one understanding from Sesshomaru as he says "But your the alpha bitch of the pack so why haven't you tryed leaving it's within your rights as alpha bitch to do so" a ghost of a smile appears on my face as i turn my gaze towards Sango and the children while i say softly "someone has to keep my beta and our children safe from those two if i leave there's no telling what could happen to the three of them Sango isn't weak by any means of the word infact she is stronger than me physically, those two don't know this but Kirara is Sango's adopted daughter who she raised along side her little brother when both their mothers died a six year old Sango raising two infants by herself it makes me think of my own mother, and that is why i stay here awake every single night because if i don't protect them who well i have no to turn too not even Kouga not with this not with them".

By the end of my words i only notice my tears when i feel Sesshomaru's clawed pointer finger catch one as he looks at me with a unknown expression as he says "your mind isn't here right now you've had your feet pointed towards the bone eaters wall since my arrival, go listen to what your instinct's are trying to tell you, this one shall watch over your beta and the two kits when you return here you'll find them at my camp or traveling with this one's pack towards my territory in the west" i smile gently as i step over a very line between life or death as i close the space between us to nuzzle Sesshomaru's out stretched clawed hand while i say softly "Thank you" and i quickly leave for the wall knowing that he'll keep them safe.

When i arrive at the wall i can't shake this feeling not even as i arrive in my time and the feeling only grows stronger the closer i get to the house, i open the front door to find Grandpa and Shouta torn apart into bloody pieces in familiar way almost too familiar with the words written on the kitchen wall in their blood "first the Wolf, then that bastard, now your brother and the old man, soon your pack and two children, then you'll be alone and have no other choice but become mine you useless Wench" I'm sick to my stomach and my mind is racing with thought's then everything comes to a stretching halt as i say to myself panicked "where's Mom!" i jump up from my place on the floor where i forcibly found myself while reading the message and i go to the special place that Mom always uses to leave me messages to where she is if she left the shrine for long periods of time during one of my trips to the past.

And i pray that she wasn't home during the attack just hours ago by the blood and smell, i run though the forest behind the shrine house towards the lake then i make my way towards the small mourning shrine made to honor my father which i open carefully yet quickly and i see a white note with the letter K on the front of it i read the back of the note "K I've gone to spend two to three months with my mother look after your b and gf for me okay? i love you be safe, love M" tears threaten to overflow from my eyes as i make my way towards the garage where a dark blue truck, a small purple car but also my gray and black motorcycle are located i make sure to have my motorcycle license in my pocket as i open the exit door before flying out of it without a helmet like a bat out of hell towards my grandmother's shrine hoping that my mother is still alive.

When i arrive at the foot of the mountain that the shrine is located at the top of i waste no time as i quickly make my way though the protective barrier around the mountain before heading towards the shrine on foot knowing that my bike won't make it up the very large amount of stone stairs and when i see the shrine grounds i push myself to move faster towards the front door then i knock on the door and soon to my relief my mother is the one who answers the door with grandmother not far behind her.

And the tears that I've been fighting for almost two hours now finally overflow as i fly into my mother's arms as i say weakly "Mama! their dead Grandfather and Shouta are dead! i came home a hour ago to find their remains in the hou-" my words begin to fail me as my tears grow more wild and i feel my mother's own tears hit my face as she crys while her hold me tightens almost painfully.

It's the next morning before everyone has calmed down enough to properly think and i tell both my mother and grandmother about the message to which my mother says seriously "Kagome go back to your friends while your grandmother and i well deal with the funeral and the other things, don't worry i won't stay in our shrine until the killer has been dealt with, I'll stay here with your grandmother after all now there's no one else but you who remembers this shrine exists besides your grandmother's students, now go love go back to them and I'll see you when you return next time, be safe" i hug my mother tightly afraid of losing her as well but i still do as my mother asks of me even as i soon find myself going though the wall once again.

I decide to stay near the wall hidden from view but some where that gives me a clear view of the wall because the feeling from yesterday has lessened greatly however now my instincts are telling me to keep a eye on the wall and that's what i plan to do even if there's nothing that I'll be able to do i still need to know why almost every single cell in my being is screaming at me to watch.

After three hours i finally find out why because I watch powerless as Inuyasha and the clay pot whom i know he spends every night with as they both destroy the bone eaters wall, and along with it my way back to the future my way back to my mother and i take off running in the opposite direction while tears flow wildly down my face.

And i keep on running until my legs can't carry me any farther until I pass out in a far away cave on something soft that smells of the earth, herds, flowers and spices.

-place Life Stream-time unknown-

-Shirogane's pov-

I feel my golden eyes bleed crimson at what my youngest pup has done to the young Miko yet i still feel pride for my oldest pup for behaving like a true alpha male and a proper man at that to help not one but two females and their children as well although i do think that he has a reason for his visit one that he never told the Miko when she asked him earlier.

My thoughts are broken as i turn towards Kuu only to find her gone and i quickly wave my hand over the mirror lake while i say "show me your Mistress" i see Kuu near the cave where the little Miko is sleeping as her watches silently from a distance invisible to the living including the silver kitsune male who walks into the cave that is most likely his home and i see Kuu smirk like the predatory beast that she is and i think to myself [that sly old fox she planned this from the start, i think that she influenced the miko's mother to leave the shrine before the murder came to their doorstep thus saving her life and leading the little Miko here indirectly] as i slowly begin to wonder how the hell I'm going to survive Hinata's anger and if my after life is safe in the claws of such a terrifying women and her equally terrifying mate.

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