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on with the story

-many years later-

-place demon Realm -time 3:45am-

-Kagome's pov-

The whole pack decided it would be best to leave in the demon realm near one another yet far enough apart not to step on one another's toes its been many years since that day, Sesshomaru and i ended up gaining three younger siblings a daughter from Lady Hinata a son and a daughter who is the youngest from my mother Lord Shirogane looked very smug, proud and happy at the fact he sired three pups with his mates to which my older brother and i simply ended up shaking our heads in disbelief at how overjoyed he was when he said he wanted more pups then five, my blood adoptive parents don't come by often maybe twice a year their still enjoying their freedom from the life stream .

Shippo ended finding out his mate was Shiori they gave Shizu, Kuronue, Youko and i two grandchildren Shippo decided to become a thief like his father and uncle while Shiori helps her mother Shizu keep their sea side village safe from threats, Rin and Hiei had one child who acts just like his grandfather much to everyone's amusement, Sango wasn't able to give my brother any children due to what happened with them monk so they adopted a young orphan snake youkai they named Kohaku in honor of Sango's first son, Kirara hasn't found her mate yet but she is traveling the realm learning doctor skills from different areas along side a teenage Hana who inherited my miko powers along with her father's power over plants.

Youko and i have our third child on the way due in winter he wants another girl and i want a boy both we both want the child to be healthily ether way, i teach the children in the area about the human world and how avoid getting seen should any of them ever go to the human world one day, Youko much to his annoyance is the best doctor in the whole demon realm which he tends to hide until he doesn't have much of a choice even when he is on jobs with Shippo and Kuronue the later of whom still teases him by calling him Doctor Youko only for it to turn into a full out street fight about five minutes later with Shippo cheering on both of them.

Every single market place in the demon is completely terrified of me and the whole market is a ghost town in seconds if any see's me or even hears my name which usually means i get free food, clothes for the pack, and other useful things as well, and here i am standing in the middle of a very large market as people of all kinds run away from me as i boldly look at my claws waiting grinning a too wide grin full of fangs as i cant help but to think how lucky i am to have such a truly happy life here in the demon realm with my pack safe and sound the sound of silence snaps me out of my thoughts using my worn yellow backpack to carry the my newest spoils of my very one sided prank war and i find that i wouldn't have my life any other way as i catch a quick flash of Kuronue, Youko and Shippo passing though the empty market on their way to another job all of whom shake their heads at the fact that i did it again, i simply stick my tongue out at the three thieves before heading back to my shopping.

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