*Okay. Guys. Buddies. The mere mortals that have no business reading my delightful artwork in the form of writing. Basically, listen up bitches feast your eyes on some SHIDGE. *

"Matt? Matt! I'll find you, I promise. I will." Katie yells.

"Pidge! Pidge! Pi-" Matt yells before he's swept away.

"Matt!" Katie shrieks before waking up, covered in sweat.

"Pidge! Pidge! It time for training, get up!" Lance yells. Pidge groans and shoves a pillow over her head.

"Five more minutes! Jeez!" She growls.

She was so tired. She stayed up almost all night, which doesn't make sense since they were in space, hacking and re-hacking into Galra tech, that they found on one of their ships.

"Pidge, don't make me get Allura." Lance threatened. Pidge groaned, rolled her eyes, and quickly navigated her way over the piles of junk to the door. She almost opened it when she saw her state of undress. She spends the next three minutes gathering her clothes before promptly throwing on her usual outfit, pair of her cargo shorts and oversized sweatshirt.

Then she opened the door.

She glared up at Lance's face, that was too damn cheery this soon after she wakes up.

"Come on, sweet Pidgeon. We must get to training. The rest of the team is waiting."

Pidge rolled her eyes. She would never get through training if she continued to mope, so she put on a smile, which was more like a grimace and let Lance drag her to the training room.

Pidge complained in her head all the way there. She didn't even realize they arrived until Allura called on Pidge.

"What? I mean, I was listening, but Lance wasn't. I mean, he never listens, he's always spacing out and… stuff. Can you repeat what you just said? For him?" Pidge babbled, ignoring the death glares she was receiving from Lance, who actually was for once, listening.

Allura smiled brightly at Pidge and gave a disapproving look at Lance before repeating what she had just said.

"I said, we will be sparring each other. I think this will be a great exercise for everybody. No uniforms or weapons. The spar will end when someone is unable to fight or yields. Try not to seriously injure one another though. The pairs will be Keith and Lance, myself and Hunk, and Shiro and Pidge. Pidge and Shiro will go first, then Keith and Lance, followed by myself and Hunk." Allura restated, glancing at Lance.

They all nod and Pidge walks to the middle of the training mat with Shiro as the others stand around watching. Pidge smiles tiredly at Shiro but gets into a battle stance. Shiro looks at her with a concerned look and it makes her heart beat faster, but she calms herself and nods at Shiro, signaling that she was ready.

He nods back. They each spend a moment correcting their posture and stance before lunging at each other.

It is Shiro that makes the first move. He punches towards Pidge, which she blocks, but is pushed back a little. Shiro lunges for her again, this time forcing Pidge to roll away. She kicks the back of Shiro's knees and stands up, getting back into her stance. Pidge then runs forward punching and kicking at Shiro's torso before Shiro kicks her legs from under her. Pidge coughs and rolls back, barely missing Shiro's foot on her arm.

"I won't go easy on you." Pidge mocks. Before running at him. Shiro laughs and blocks Pidge's kick but realizes a little too late that it wasn't an attack, it was a boost. Pidge uses Shiro's leg to push herself up and over his shoulders to sit behind his head and lock her legs around his neck, squeezing lightly so he doesn't pass out. Shiro scratches her legs before throwing himself back and on to the floor, crushing her underneath his weight.

Pidge immediately legs go to gasp and as she does, Shiro turns and straddles her waist and uses his human hand to lightly squeeze her throat. She tries to buck, but Shiro holds firm, his Galra hand holding her wrists above her head and her legs trapped underneath his legs. She sighs and stops struggling. Then, after a moment, she realizes their position and blushes.

"I yield." She states, breathing heavily. They both stay like that for a moment calming their breathing, but before Shiro can move someone clears their throat behind them.

They both look up to see Lance and Keith with the same wry smile, Lance suggestively moving his hips in a subtle way and Keith with an eyebrow quirked. Hunk blushes and looks down at the floor. Allura is standing there beaming.

"Very good Paladins. Pidge that was a good move you pulled, just make sure that Shiro is immobile before you do so he can't knock you off of him. Shiro that was a good idea slamming Pidge to the mat and straddling her." Allura exclaims, oblivious to Shiro and Pidge's blushing faces. Shiro scrambles off Pidge and offers her a hand. She takes it and smiles, not meeting his eyes.

Pidge punches Lance in the arm giving him a dirty look and saying something along the lines of,

"I'll cut out your tongue and shove it up your a- ", but was interrupted when Shiro cleared his throat.

Keith and Lance both made it to the mat. The fight, however lasted a very short time, unlike Shiro and Pidge's five and a half doboshs (1 dobosh = 84 seconds or about 1 minute), Lance and Keith's only lasted about thirty ticks, when Keith knocked Lance over and almost broke Lance's arm and leg trying to get him to yield, which he did.

Allura and Hunk's fight lasted much longer, but still fell short of Shiro and Pidge's time at two doboshs and few ticks (Ticks is about a second only a bit longer). Allura threw some nice blows that winded Hunk, but in the end, Hunk won by accidently tripping and crushing Allura underneath him.

At the start of Hunk and Allura's fight, Pidge was already falling asleep and by the end she was knocked out, snoring loudly, against Shiro's side. When the fight finished, Allura was a bit mad and wanted to wake Pidge up, but Shiro said not to and made up an excuse for Pidge but knowing her it was probably true. He picked her up, bridal style, and began walking to her room.

Allura was annoyed but decided to cancel group training and told the remaining Paladins to just practice training by themselves as she went to get herself some Nunvill.

Shiro walked the long hallway to Pidge's room. It was the farthest from everyone's, not counting Allura's, and probably the most confusing to reach. There were many twists and turns and many dead ends before he finally made it to her room. Shiro tried to use Pidge's hand to open the door, but she was being a bit difficult, wriggling around and making noises, but he did it. He smiled victorious.

And almost landed right on his face from tripping on a pile of clothes and gadgets in front of her door which seemed to be all around her room. The door slid shut behind him sealing him into the room that smelled like metal, flowers, and Pidge.

He shook his head.

"Wow, Pidge, you really need to clean up in here." Shiro chuckled, but then heard Pidge whimper as if she were in pain. He was startled and immediately laid her on the bed.

"Pidge?" He waited a tick. No response. "Katie?" He whispered. He was starting to worry when Pidge gasped and started shaking.

"Matt?" She murmured. "Matt why-? Matt!" She stopped breathing for a moment before tears began to slide down her cheeks and she opened her eyes gasping for breath. She looked around startled, then her gaze settled on Shiro and she crumbled before his eyes.

She pulled herself into a fetal position and closing her eyes tight as sobs wracked her small body.

Shiro had no idea what to do. He was an only child growing up and he and his cousins were never close. Shiro wants to leave and not look back, but he felt something in him say that he should hold her, comfort her. So, he did what he thought was right and slid onto the bed next to Pidge and gathered her in his arms. It was a bit awkward at first when Pidge tensed up, but then she relaxed and moved in closer.

Pidge cried a little bit more before she calmed down and her breathing began to even out.

"Pidge. Katie, do you want to talk about it." Shiro tried. Katie just shook her head and started to fall asleep.

"Can you just stay with me please?" She whimpered, tired seeping into her voice.

"Sure Katie."