What's up demigods? Leo Valdez, son of Hephaestus & Supreme Commander of The Argo II here. I'm sure you all know how amazing I am. After all, I am the Super-Sized Mr. Schizzle. Anyway, this is the story of how I met the smoking hot [Literally] girl from Egypt.

Me and Calypso had come down from the Waystation to see my homeys again. She was having a tour of Camp Jupiter, New Rome, with Hazel wile I was at the beach, bored to death. [And I can make that referenced since I have died] I was lobbing fire balls into the ocean & making tiny machines [like the helicopter over the Grand Canyon] from drift wood & whatever I pulled out of my tool belt. So anyway, as I was walking down the beach board out of my mind, [again, this has happened to me with the Ediolians] I decided I would try to make a mini-holographic card for Calypso, which would be harder than making a holographic scroll. I sat down right where I was & started making components for the card. Just as I finished the mini-holographic projector, a fire ball the shape of a human came crashing out of the tree line and crashed into the sand, rolled a couple times, and then stopped a couple metres away from where I was. I shoved all the pieces into my tool belt and ran to the fire-ball person.

It was a girl. Smoke was curling around her like she was on fire. Her black her was trimmed along her jawline & longer in front so that it swept over her eyes. She had caramel coloured skin & pretty, Vaguely Arab features. Her eyes fluttered open & they were a strange amber colour that was either quite beautiful or quite scary; I couldn't decide which. She wore sandals & loose fitting linen cloths.

"urgh," she groaned getting up from the sand.

"You ok sweet heart?" I asked her.

If looks could kill, her dagger eyes would have killed me, again.

"Today is not my day," she said under her breath, shaking her head. I was about to ask what she meant, when there was a giant roar sounded. The girl picked up her long stick thing and the top burst into flames. Out of the tree line came a creature id never seen before. I'm pretty sure my eyes did that cartoon eyes out of head thing the first time I saw it.

Out of the tree line further down, came four men carrying a large black box, like an oversized coffin with long handles sticking out of both ends. The box was covered in a black shroud and looked big enough for at least two people to bodies'. The four men wore only skirts and sandals. Their coppery skin glinted in the light of the setting sun, as if made of metal.;

"oh, that's bad" I decided. She rolled her eyes.

The four metallic guys with the box were racing across the beach coming straight for us at an unbelievable speed.

"Come on Ra," the Arab girl said. "Anything would be useful right now."

"Hey sweet heart. Well be fine. I've faced worse than four guys in skirts and sandals." She didn't seem impressed.

She muttered something under her breath. I pulled the biggest hammer I could find out of my toolbelt & set it on fire. The Arab girl looked shocked.

"How did that fit in the belt? And the fire?" Poor Girl

"Magic" I replied, with a wink. "rundown on these LOSERS please." The creeps were nearly hear.

"Carrier's" she said. "summoned straight from the Duat."

"Take to long to explain. They'll stop at nothing to find victims, throw them in the sedan-"

"The What?" she rolled her eyes, again.

"The large box," she replied. "It's a kind of carriage. The carriers capture you, beat you senseless, throw you in, and carry you back to their master. They never lose their prey, and they never give up."

"You sound like Annabeth" I mumbled.


"Nothing," I replied. " Skip the history lesson, how do we beat them."

"Not sure." Ha, story of my life.

The four metal men carefully set down their sedan chair. They looked at us and drew golden metal clubs from their belts. 'Metal. We could electrocute them. For Hades sake were is Jason or Thalia when I need them.' I pulled my hammer up ready to swing. Arab girls stick was now fully wreathed in flames and their were small flames dancing in her hair. She was literally smoking. I grabbed the plastic whistle from my belt and blew, hoping Festus would hear it and come help.

We played a dangerous game of golden fire tag. All of a sudden a massive firer storm came from above. I was glad I was fire proof. Festus landed & blowtorched one of the metal freak's. I ran &b jumped on. Then I remembered the Arab girl & Festus's Blowtorch. I hope he didn't blowtorch her. I saw her playing tag with to of the gold men.

"Come on," I yelled. She kicked one in the face & ran. As soon as she was on we left. Let's see them track Festus. Ha. Stupid metal dudes.

"You OK sweet heart?"


"ok. 1st what's your name? I'm sick of calling you Sweet Heart and Arab Girl." A few seconds ticked by. Eventually she answered.

"Zia, Eye of Ra."

"well, Zia Eye of Ra," She laughed. "I'm Leo Valdez. Son of Hephaestus and supreme commander of the Argo II." Festus Creaked and clacked.

"oh, and this is Festus. My Celestial Bronze Dragon."

We talked as we sawed through the clouds. This is what she said, and then what I got out of it. It goes something like this.

Egyptian Gods Shit, More Problems

War with Aphosis [A giant Snake] Holly Hera

Pharaoh of Egypt A boy named Carter with a giant yellow and blue candy Kane

21st & 1st Nome My Dwarf friends from Bellona

Duat Another world of Hera dung

She had asked me to drop her off down near the ….. river. Something about those carrier's not

being able to get through the wards of Brooklyn house.

"Until next time Zia."

"Goodbye Valdez"

I'm pretty sure as I was flying away I saw a floating mansion.

When I got back to the apartment we had in new Rome, I went straight to bed and slept. I woke up when calypso came home. She told me all about her tour of Camp Jupiter and New Rome. She climbed in bed with me and we fell asleep peacefully. My last thought before I closed my eyes,

What's Zia doing Now…

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