The adrenaline must be wearing off. I have been running for what seems like hours. All of a sudden I felt a blow square in the chest and I went flying. I crashed on the beach line. I heard some scuffling nearby and when I opened my eyes a boy was standing over me.

He had this Latino Santa's elf look to him. With the curly black hair, dark brown eyes, pointy ears, a cheerful, elf-like face, with a mischievous and impish smile on his face, and a diminutive stature with a slim and relatively scrawny build. He had a look in his eyes that made him look like he had taken much more caffeine then the normal limit. He was kind of 'cute in a scrawny way'.

"urgh," I groaned getting up from the sand.

"You ok sweet heart?" he asked. I glared at him. I am most definitely not a sweet heart.

"Today is not my day," I said under my breath, shaking my head. The carriers roar sounded. I picked up my was staff and the top burst into flames.

Out of the tree line further down, came the carriers, carrying a large black box, like an oversized coffin with long handles sticking out of both ends. The box was covered in a black shroud and looked big enough for at least two people to bodies'. The four carriers wore only skirts and sandals. Their coppery skin glinted in the light of the setting sun, as if made of metal.

"oh, that's bad" The Latino elf man said. I rolled my eyes. 'because the carriers coming after you is such a blessing,' I thought sarcastically. They were racing across the beach coming straight for us at an unbelievable speed.

"Come on Ra," I asked. "Anything would be useful right now."

"Hey sweet heart. We'll be fine. I've faced worse than four guys in skirts and sandals."

"Stupid mortal, if you don't stop calling me sweet heart I am going to hurt you." I muttered. The elf boy pulled the biggest hammer I'd ever seen out of a toolbelt & set it on fire.

"How did that fit in the belt? And the fire?"

"Magic" he replied, with a wink. "rundown on these LOSERS please." The creeps were nearly hear.

"Carrier's" I replied. "summoned straight from the Duat."

"Take too long to explain. They'll stop at nothing to find victims, throw them in the sedan-"

"The What?" I rolled my eyes, again.

"The large box. It's a kind of carriage. The carriers capture you, beat you senseless, throw you in, and carry you back to their master. They never lose their prey, and they never give up."

"You sound like Annabeth" he mumbled.


"Nothing," he replied. " Skip the history lesson, how do we beat them."

"Not sure." That sounded like my hole life in those two words.

The carrier carefully set down their sedan chair. They looked at us and drew golden metal clubs from their belts. The Latino boy pulled his hammer up ready to swing. My was staff was now fully wreathed in flames and I'm pretty sure there were small flames dancing in my hair. The Latino boy grabbed a plastic whistle from his belt and blew. What was he up to?

We played a dangerous game of golden fire tag. All of a sudden a massive fire storm came from above. I was glad I was fire proof. A dragon made of some kind of metal was above. It landed & blowtorched one of the carriers. I turn my attention to the problem in front of me which now had doubled. Two of the carriers were in front of me.

"Come on," the Latino boy yelled from atop the dragon. I kicked one in the face & ran. As soon as I was on we left.

"you ok sweet heart?"

"Fine" I grumbled. He really need's to stop calling me that.

"ok. 1st what's your name? I'm sick of calling you Sweet Heart and Arab Girl." I thought for a moment. We had only just met.

"Zia, Eye of Ra."

"well, Zia Eye of Ra," I laughed. "I'm Leo Valdez. Son of Hephaestus and supreme commander of the Argo II." The dragon creaked.

"oh, and this is Festus. My Celestial Bronze Dragon."

We talked as we sawed through the clouds. I had asked him to drop me off down near the ….. river. The wards of Brooklyn house would be able to keep the carriers away. And if they did get in, well it would be fun for the kids to have four piñatas. We landed a little away from the mansion.

"Until next time Zia." Leo said

"Goodbye Valdez". He had told me that was what everyone called him. He flew away and I headed for Brooklyn house.

When I got inside carter was fusing over me. You see, me and him had been on a date when the carriers had come. We had separated hoping to split them up but they had come after me. He had probably been worried sick about me since then. And when Sadie and Walt found out I was home they were fussing to. Eventually they all headed of and left me alone. I went to my room and sat on my bed with a book and pen. I wrote down some of the things I remembered from talking with Leo. Eventually, I started to feel sleepy. I looked at the clock and it was 1 in the morning. I put the book down, turned out the light and went to bed. My last thought before I drifted of for what would most likely be a ba dream,

What's Leo up to now…