Hannibal walked back into the hotel room after watching the two orderlies drag the struggling, protesting Face around the corner. Still chuckling to himself, Hannibal shut the hotel door behind him just as the Hunk Man finished saying, "And quite convincingly, too I might add."

Murdock spun around to find Hannibal, minus Face, and the transformation was instantaneous. "Colonel, I was just messin' with Face. We ain't gonna let them take him to the VA, are we?" he asked anxiously, all traces of the Hunk Man gone.

BA was quick to agree, a sure sign he too, was worried. "Yeah man. They gonna figure out he ain't Murdock."

"Relax guys. Murdock, you and Ms. Fowler should get going if you're going to make the opening act." Hannibal held up his hand to halt his Captain's immediate protest. "I'll get Face. He could use to have his ego deflated a little and then he and I need to have a conversation. Besides, it's a non-emergency pick-up so I have plenty of time to beat the ambulance to the VA."

The sound of an ambulance siren started blaring outside the window and BA and Murdock glanced at each other and then directed their matching scowls to their fearless leader. Hannibal's smile faded around his cigar and he amended, "Right, so I'll go now. BA, make sure Murdock and Ms. Fowler don't miss the curtain."

As Hannibal made a quick exit, Murdock pulled off his ascot in disgust and flung it on the bed.

EG touched Murdock's sleeve in a comforting gesture. "I'm sure Templeton will be fine, but I'll understand if you don't feel like the ballet anymore."

"Yeah, you're probably right." Murdock shrugged her off. "Why don't you take those?" he asked, pointing to the ballet tickets in her hand. He shoved his hands into the pockets of his slacks and walked to the window. "Maybe you know someone else you'd like to go with?"

EG looked at BA, unsure what to do. BA's first reaction was to growl and follow Hannibal's order to send Murdock off to the ballet but he stopped himself at the way the fool was hunched over in his Hunk Man clothes, his hand nervously running over his 'new' hair.

'Fool probably searching for his ball cap', BA thought to himself. He was sure they were all more than ready for everything to go back to normal. Watching Face up and leave at the first chance he got was bad enough but having to deal with the Hunk Man had been about all BA could take. The only reason the fool still had his head attached to his body was because BA knew he was hurting over the whole situation. They had all been hurt over the 'pardon', in one way or another.

"Lady, why don't you go on to the show? We got some things to deal with here."

Murdock shot BA a grateful look over EG's shoulder and BA nodded back, almost imperceptibly. This was a team issue and they didn't need some Agency lady in the middle of it.

EG turned to talk to Murdock again but decided against it when she saw him gripping the window pane and staring after the ambulance.

"If you're sure. And you'll let me know that Templeton is alright?" the CIA agent asked, looking to BA again, this time for confirmation.

BA nodded and as soon as the door closed, he mumbled, "Sure, lady. I'll get right on that."