A little something new I've been working on. I'm really into AvaLance at the moment and really wanted a longer fic about them on here. This takes place before any of the flirting between them took place. If you guys want to see me continue this, let me know in the review section. Also, chapter 13 of Memories, will be up by the weekend! Enjoy

The Legend's had really outdone themselves this time! Ava was fuming when the file from their latest mission came across her desk, she was just about to turn in for the evening and now she had to deal with this, more annoyingly she had to deal with Sara. The infamous Captain Sara Lance, was the pain in Ava's ass, with all the teasing and reckless behaviour. Ava couldn't for the life of her, understand why Director Hunter had given her a time ship, or how Sara could even manage to run a team.

Fixing her hair back into place, in a tightly wrapped bun, Ava flipped the switch on her Time Courier opening a portal to the main deck of the Waverider. Ava had been trained on this ship and grew to enjoy the features that it held, but nowadays any visit she made was met with sarcasm and a headache. Surveying the room, the agent saw the reminders of what looked to have been quite an eventful fight, weapon lay idly some blood-soaked, others bone dry. Ava smiled, thinking about her latest fight on the ship, Sara had been a worthy competitor, and Ava knew that if they hadn't of stopped for a break Sara would have come out on top. But she still felt a small tingle inside when she thought about how she took out the dreaded Captain Sara Lance and walked away with only a few bruises.

"Ava? To what do we owe the pleasure?" The agent tried her best not to seem startled by the sudden appearance of the smaller blonde woman.

"Bringing Zombies onto to this ship? Really Captain Lance?" Ava's face held no emotion, as her hands clasped together behind her back.

"That one wasn't on me…" Sara mumbled as she walked into her office, leaving Ava to wonder if she should follow or not. "Either the holograms are getting better or you're so stiff you can't walk properly?" Sara poked her head out of the door and winked at the agent, with an eye roll Ava moved towards the office, she could already tell that it was going to be a long night.

"Let me guess, Mr Palmer? Mr Rory?" Ava questioned as she leaned against the desk, Sara let out a hearty laugh as she fixed herself and Ava a drink.

"Amaya and Nate actually, they were having a little 'them' time and forgot to lock up the ship. That's the last time I leave them in charge…" Sara turned and handed the small glass of whiskey to the taller blonde.

"Thank you…" Ava mumbled this was the first time that Sara had been somewhat nice to her since their meeting. "Why did you leave them in charge? Clearly, Mr Palmer would have been the obvious choice." Ava commented, making Sara roll her eyes at her.

"I had business to take care of back home and Ray is working on a project for me. Anyway, I come back only to find the main deck filled with zombies that are starving for some brains, while Nate is practically crying in the corner and Rory is begging me to let him 'fry some zombie ass'...so let's just say it's been a long day and I'd much rather have a pleasant conversation about the weather with you than have you ride my ass about all the things that went wrong today!" Sara finally stopped and took a seat on the nearby chair. The air between the two women was awkward and heavy, they had never been with each other for this length of time before and neither one of them knew what to talk about, that didn't involve the Legend's screwing up.

"So…" Ava began, forcing Sara to look up from her glass and meet the blonde's eyes. "I hear we are due some snow in the next few days." Ava smiled, making Sara burst out laughing.

"Very funny Agent Sharpe, didn't know you agents were allowed a sense of humor." Sara regretted the comment as soon as it left her mouth, but it was the look on Ava's face that appeared for a split second that really made Sara was to punch herself in the face.

"I used to, before I had to start cleaning up your team's mess…" Ava joked back, reassuring Sara that she hadn't just ruined the moment between them. Sara was in serious need of a friend that wasn't a team member on this ship, and she hoped that Ava would be willing to play that role.

"We are pretty chaotic, aren't we?" Sara spoke simply, before finishing her drink and noticed that Ava was yet to touch hers. "Not a whiskey fan?" Sara asked with a raised eyebrow, forcing Ava to look down at the glass in her hands and then back up at the smirking captain.

"Not really, I tried it a few times, but it never really sat well with me." Sara stood and retrieved the glass from Ava's hands.

"Want me to get Gideon to whip up something else for you?" Sara asked quickly as Ava was about to stand, she wasn't ready for the agent to leave just yet.

"No, it's alright thank you. I should probably get back to work, I have to file the information you gave me about the mission." Ava nervously patted down her suit, swatting away the invisible crumbs.

"Right...well for future endeavors, what do you drink Agent Sharpe?" Sara asked as she stood to face Ava.

"I'm more of a vodka martini girl myself...and Captain Lance, I don't want you to think that this is going to be a regular thing, my job isn't to drink with you after your team has screwed up." Any signs of normal Ava were gone, and the stuck-up Agent Sharpe was back once again.

"Of course, Agent Sharpe...have a good nig- "

"Captain Lance sorry to interrupt, but we are receiving a transmission from the Time Bureau." Gideon spoke up, cutting through the awkward tension momentarily.

"Put them on Gideon." Ava spoke up, before Sara even had the chance to open her mouth.

"You heard her Gideon." Sara added after Gideon had failed to respond to Ava's request.

"Right away Captain Lance."

"Hello Legend's...and Agent Sharpe...Hey!" Gary appeared on the screen, chipper as usual, while also a little confused as to why his boss was there.

"What do you want Gary?" Ava snapped at the young man.

"I was just calling to extend an invitation to the Legend's to attend our Annual Award's Ceremony, it's this Friday at seven at the Nightingale Hotel." Ava had forgotten all about the awards ceremony, and more importantly about that award that she was receiving for her study on the Legend's that she carried out the previous year. "Oh, and Agent Sharpe, while I've got you here. You forgot to check your confirmation on the plus one section. Plus, one or no plus one?" Gary asked, making Ava turn a slight shade of pink.

"I-umm. No plus one Gary…" Ava mumbled, in the background, the two women could hear the sound of males laughing, and various 'thought so' and 'who would want to anyway' comments.

"Actually Gary, Agent Sharp does have a date. I'm her date!" Sara practically skipped over and wrapped her arms right around Ava's waist, making Gary nearly fall out of this chair with surprise, and the laughing stop. "Gideon, end transmission," Sara smirked as the screen went back to the time map.

"What the hell Captain Lance!" Ava quickly broke free from Sara's embrace.

"Hey, I was doing you a favor! You know for a badass agent you sure do let those jerks walk over you!" Sara snapped, before massaging her temple.

"Yeah well, you try being one of a few female agents and then get back to me!" Ava snapped back, before sinking into a nearby seat.

"I know what it's like to feel outnumbered on a team full of men...you can't let them think that they are better than you Ava! You're one heck of an agent, better than those jerks...and with me by your side, in a sexy yet elegant dress, they'll be quick to shut up about who is keeping your bed warm at night." The shorter blonde smirked as she folded her muscular arms across her chest.

"I don't need you to lie about...keeping my bed warm at night Captain Lance." Ava's face began to redden as she unbuttoned her blazer. She was so done with this day, that she let all her normal rules that she applied when it came to dealing with Sara disappear, especially since a few of her fellow agents believed that she was bringing the blonde as her date to the most dreaded day of her year.

"From the sounds of it you needed a little help…" Sara muttered, not meaning for Ava to fully hear her, but with the training, she received at the bureau she was able to hear every word. "Look Ava, let's think of it as a fun night off that we both need and deserve, and in the process, we are able to shut up those ass-hats who think so little of you!" Sara moved closer to the seated woman, and smirked teasingly at her, forcing Ava's frown to turn into a slight smile.

"I could use a night to relax…" Ava replied as Sara nodded her head in agreement.

"You need to let that hair of yours down for once. You know I don't think I've ever seen you without that bun." Sara commented, making Ava laugh slightly, she hated having to wear her hair up all the time, but she didn't have a choice due to bureau's set dress code rules that were in place.

"Okay, I'm in... but this is a one-time thing Captain Lance, we shut those jerks up, have a good time and then things go back to normal, got it?" Ava stood and straightened her suit out.

"Of course, I've always been a one-time kind of girl," Sara smirked as Ava opened a portal to her office at the bureau.

"Be there at seven sharp, dress or trousers, it's up to you...oh and Captain Lance? Don't be late!" Ava shouted over her shoulder, as she walked into the portal.

"I have a time ship, it's near to impossible for me to be late!" Sara shouted as the portal was closing. "Goodbye to you too Agent Sharpe…"

"Sara! Mick is threatening to set me on fire again!" Ray shouted bringing Sara back to her reality.

"Mick, you can't just light Ray on fire! How many times do I have to tell you that!" Sara shouted back as she walked towards the kitchen, for Sara, Friday couldn't come quick enough.