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The short car ride was spent in a thick silence. Ava's mind raced a mile a minute. She'd been so close. They'd been so close. Had she been in a more humorous mood, she would have quipped about Annie's perfect cockblock timing. But her thoughts were plagued with worry, not humor. She hadn't pushed her into talking when she'd exited her closet in a more suitable outfit - perfect fitting jeans with a simple red sleeveless top - and playfully waved her keys. Ava had been thankful - at first - but as the silence grew, Ava wished that she'd just say something, anything.

"So, you ready to be an aunt again?" It finally happened, as Sara put the car into park outside of Star City General.

The Agent couldn't help but laugh, as the awkwardness surrounding them simply washed away, and all that remained was the two of them, Sara's playful smirk and Ava's racing heart. "Can't wait. It's just…" Her smile fell as she looked over to the entrance of the hospital. She could already picture the scene she was about to walk into. Her parents worried, Daniel bored and Poppy more hyper than ever...and then she'd walk in with Sara by her side and all eyes would be on her, on them. "I don't know how my family is going to react…"

"To me." Sara finished, as she fought back the urge to reach out and touch the blonde.

"Yeah...I told them we broke up, obviously. And well I told Daniel and Annie the truth about how we were never really dating, so you being here it's gonna raise some questions, which is fine. Questions are normal, but answering said questions could prove difficult-"

"Relax, Ava." She closed the distance between their hands, their tangled fingers becoming an increasingly soothing and frequent event. "You can tell your family whatever you want. Fact or fiction. And then later, we'll talk?" She spoke softly, calming the blonde with ease.

"We'll talk."

The second they stepped into the waiting room, Ava could feel the burning stares of her family as they approached, but she kept her eyes planted firmly on the ground. She knew her parents wouldn't be surprised, not entirely. But Annie and Daniel had branded Sara Lance as public enemy number one outside of work. Before they even had a chance to exchange a quick 'hello', Sara felt a pair of small arms latched around her thigh. "Captain Sara!" Poppy smiled excitedly at her latest idol. "Mommy is going to get my baby brother!"

"I know, that's so cool!" Sara lovingly ran her fingers through the child's messy hair, before returning the embrace as she knelt to give her a proper hug.

"Come see my drawings." Poppy's tight grip on Sara's hand acted as leverage as the small child began to try and drag the Captain away from the grownups.

"You good?" The blonde asked, resisting the urge to reach out and touch Ava, uncomfortably aware of the series of questing looks being sent their way.

"Yeah. Go." The taller woman nodded her approval enough for Sara to allow herself to be dragged by her littlest friend.

Ava smiled shyly as she watched the fierce blonde kneel down beside her niece, crayons already shoved into her waiting hands. And had there not been an audience with their eyes burning into the back of Ava's head, she could have watched the two adorable artists color for hours. Letting out a bewildering sigh, the blonde turned and headed towards the three confused Sharpe's.

"How is she?" She asked instantly, hoping to stir the conversation away from Sara and her presence.

"Seven centimeters, shouldn't be long now, dear." Pam smiled knowingly as her gaze shifted past Ava, to the blonde captain.

"Something you'd like to tell us?" Daniel butted in his attempt at playing the protective brother an amusing sight.

"No...not yet, anyway." A small smirk tugged on Ava's lips as she settled into the spare seat next to her brother, arms folded tightly around her chest as Daniel turned sidewise in his seat to continue his intrusive line of questions.

"What about-"

"Didn't make it past the first date," She interrupted with a shrug, as the embarrassing memories of that night played behind her eyes. Meg had been nice enough, but she was no Sara Lance. No one could ever fill those shoes.

"You sure about Lance?" He narrowed his eyes, trying to use his training to detect any signs of weariness or doubt on the blonde's face.

"Yes. Completely."

Daniel sighed as he slouched down in his chair, arms tightly wrapped around himself. "If you trust her, then I do too I guess." He mumbled with a shrug, a small smile trying to peek through his pout.

"I don't know what I would have done without your approval, so thank you." Ava rolled her eyes a soft chuckle escaping from her lips forcing the smile to finally break onto Daniel's face.

"Jerk." He swore, serving his sister with a weak punch to the arm for added effect.

"Jack-ass." She retorted, making sure her fist left a noticeable sting on his arm.


"Sorry Mom," The pair mumbled together, one stern glance from their mother enough to settle the pair, for now.

Sara was silently glad that Poppy had claimed her the second she walked through the door. She tried to downplay it, but being there with Ava's family - especially after what happened between them - scared the absolute crap out of the blonde. She wanted to bolt, hop onto her Captain's chair and take off to some uncomplicated place in time. And had she found herself in this situation a few months ago, she wouldn't have made it through the door without disappearing. But not anymore. Not with Ava. They were taking steps in the right direction, steps that Sara never thought would happen. So while her heart raced every time she felt Sharpe eyes land on the back of her head, she wasn't going anywhere...not that Poppy would let her escape anytime soon even if she wanted to.

With their artistic masterpieces completed and folded up in Sara's back pocket, destined to live on the ship's fridge, Poppy turned to the small box of barbies assigning them as she saw fit.

"Barbies In Space, brought to you by First-mate Poppy and Captain Sara!" The blonde announced in her best 'presenter voice', earning the sweetest of giggles from the small child. Their adventure was legendary, as the pair flew through space, defeating all of the bad Ken dolls that dared stand in their way.

"Are you and Auntie Ava in love?" Poppy asked as their adventure reached a brief standstill - even Barbies have to nap every now and again.

Sara gulped as Poppy's wondering eyes stared intensely into hers. "Huh?" Was all the blonde could manage, a quick glance thrown over her shoulder, hoping to catch Ava's attention and call her for some backup - which was thankfully successful as Ava shot a quick nod in her direction.

"Do you love each other, same as Mommy and Daddy?" Poppy asked again, her toothy grin shining as she picked up the Barbie dolls once again.

"I...I'm sure about that one yet, kid." Sara answered honestly, narrowing her eyes as she watched the child's grin turn into a screwed-up smile, her little mind searching for another - personal - question to ask her idol.

"Are you gonna have babies?" Her eyes lit up as she excitedly bounced on the plastic seat.

"Babies?" Ava's voice cracked as she reached the pair, forcing Sara to turn slowly and smile awkwardly at the questioning blonde.

"Yeah! You and Captain Sara!" Ava's heart raced as her words sunk in. That was definitely not on the table at that very moment, but she couldn't help but fantasize about how that would look. Or how amazing of a mother she knew Sara would be.

"I didn't…" A deep blush managed to creep onto Sara's face, prompting a shy smile onto her thin lips. Dropping the Barbie dolls back into the pile, the Captain stood and stretched the aches away from her sore muscles. "I'm gonna grab a coffee. You want anything?" She asked, making sure to make as little eye contact as she could, and received a small nod and smile in return.

Kneeling beside her niece, Ava gently brushed the stray hairs from her face and smiled contently as she watched her resume her latest game. "You like her huh."

"She's my best friend!" The young girl proclaimed matter-of-factly before a small frown crept onto her face. "She's not gonna go away again...is she auntie ava?"

Ava knew that Annie had mentioned seeing less of Sara to Poppy after their 'breakup' and she had heard of the tantrum that had ensued after, but seeing her niece's frowning face was enough to cause Ava's heart to shatter once again. "Not if I can help it," She mumbled into the child's soft hair as she pulled her in for a snuggle.

Two hours in, Bill came out to inform them that there'd been a few complications and that Annie was being rushed into surgery. As they waited for another update the small group sat in silence. Paul and Daniel had volunteered for the latest coffee run, while Pam tried to occupy her mind with a half-finished newspaper crossword. Poppy had finally tired herself out and was currently passed out with her head rested comfortably on Sara's lap, while Ava sat fidgety to her left.

"She'll be fine."

"I wasn't aware you had a Ph.D. in childbirth." Ava snapped. She didn't mean to, and she hated that she did. But Sara didn't think twice about it, as she gently placed her hand on top of Ava's. "Sorry. I get cranky when I haven't eaten."

"It's fine, I can handle Agent Sass for a while," Sara smirked as she gave the agent's hands a small squeeze.

"Agent Sass?" The taller woman snorted, unhooking her hand from the other so that Sara's fingers could weave through her own. "Why do I have a feeling there's more of these little nicknames I'm not aware of?"

"Because there is." The blonde shrugged, smiling softly as Ava absentmindedly traced circles on the back of her hand.

"Spill!" Ava half turned in her seat, enjoying what she assumed to be Sara's attempt at distracting her.

"Now, Agent smartypants, that would be telling." Sara winked as a soft chuckle escaped from Ava's lips.

"Maybe one day, then." She mumbled contently, as she shifted uncomfortably in her seat, the hard metal causing her back some major discomfort.

"I've got a shoulder free if you want it." The Captain whispered, watching carefully as Ava scanned the waiting room, before gingerly laying her head on the blonde's shoulder. "She's adorable," Sara mumbled after a few content minutes, softly running her fingers through Poppy's messy hair.

"I think she likes you more than…" The sleepy woman trailed off, afraid that admission would ruin the perfect moment they had created.

"Than?" Sara bit her lip as she waited for Ava to speak, fully convinced that the blonde could feel her heart racing from where she lay.

"Bill!" Pam exclaimed, forcing the two sleeping Sharpe's to spring to life almost instantly and move away from their Sara Lance pillow. "How is she?"

"They're both perfect!" He smiled wildly, his eyes sparkling with tears ready to breakthrough. "Hey, princess. Are you ready to meet your little brother?" A set of over-excited arms were quickly wrapped around his neck as he scooped Poppy into his arms, Pam following quickly behind the pair, Paul already on the phone with orders to meet them at Annie's room.

Turning to face Sara, Ava smiled excitedly and held out her hand for the blonde. "You coming?"

"Maybe next time, I wouldn't want to intrude." Sara squeezed Ava's hand reassuringly, before letting it drop.

"I'll walk you out." She nodded shyly, waving to her Mother and mumbling a quick 'I'll meet you guys there,' before heading towards the exit with Sara, her hands clasped behind her back and she fought back the urge to reach out for the blondes once again. "Thanks...for staying tonight. It meant a lot," She said nervously as they stood outside of the hospital, the evening sky now turned dark.

Sara rolled her eyes, finding Ava's sudden nervousness extremely adorable. Taking a step towards the blonde, Sara tried her luck and slowly leaned up to brush her lips against Ava's cheek. "Anytime, Agent gorgeous…" She whispered her lips millimeters from Ava's skin. "Goodnight," She mumbled with a final peck on the corner of the blonde's lips. Moving away from the taller woman, Sara headed towards her car, a noticeable pep in her step as she walked.

"Me! I'm the one that likes you," Ava shouted after the blonde, forcing the blonde to freeze, a giant smile plastered onto her face as she slowly turned to see Ava heading towards her, her cheeks beet red as she awkwardly smiled at noisy onlookers.

"You don't say," Sara teased as Ava reached her.

"No need for Captain cocky to make an appearance."

"Touché." The blonde swayed on her heels, her soft gaze firmly planted on the nervous agent.

"I was afraid too, Sara. That night." She mumbled, her eyes darting between Sara's eyes and the ground. "I'm still afraid," She whispered, biting her lip as she dared to fully meet Sara's gaze.

Smiling contently, Sara took a small step towards the blonde. "Me too...maybe being afraid doesn't have to be a bad thing," She whispered as her fingers danced along Ava's arm, stopping as she laced their hands together.

"Maybe...maybe we could try again?" She blushed, biting her lip as she searched Sara's face for any sign of refusal. "Properly this time...what do you say? Coffee, tomorrow?"

Leaning in closely, Sara captured Ava's lips in a soft kiss, before she whispered, "It's a date."

"Promise?" Her voice quivered as Sara pulled away, her eyes still fluttering as she blinked back into reality. Her entire body screamed to be touched once again by the blonde, to be held in her strong arms, devoured by the womanizing Captain.

"Goodnight, Ava…" Sara chuckled as they let their joined hands drop. With a quick wave over her shoulder, the blonde Captain swaggered towards her car, her entire body buzzing with excitement as she replayed the events of the night over and over.