The following prologue is a written adaptation of Arnold's birth sequence in 'The Journal, Part 2'. The plot and original dialogue is written by Craig Bartlett, Michelle Lamoreaux, and/or Joseph Purdy and been adapted for paper with new dialogue by DevilBoy216. This portion of the show has been adapted to this story to provide a better chronological flow for readers.

Note that this is not the kind of traditional superhero story in which one would expect many thrills and action as one would find in any recent Marvel movie. While you are definitely in for what I hope you will find to be some exciting scenes, the story has many other important aspects to focus on. The life of a superhero is not all adventure and excitement. Superheroes are still ordinary people and, as such, have ordinary lives and ordinary problems. They are people with feelings and passions, loves and hatreds, spirits and demons. Writers like Chris Claremont, Frank Miller, and Alan Moore have mastered such storytelling, and I draw influence and inspiration from each of them.

So, to Craig Bartlett, Nickelodeon and Viacom, please don't sue me. I just want to entertain people.

To everyone else, enjoy the ride.

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October 7th, a long time ago, in a jungle far, far away. This is the day in which the world as we knew it changed forever.

In the harsh jungles of San Lorenzo, South America, three friends trek across the jungle to reach the nearest town. The reason for this trek is simple.

One of these friends carries a child inside her. And on this day the child's arrival has come.

She rides atop a hammock carried by two men. One is her husband, Miles Shortman. The other is the best friend of the two, Eduardo. The woman is Stella Shortman, and she struggles to hold on with all her breath.

They group trekked across the harsh jungle, enduring viscious mosquitos, the vast humidity, and the hot South American sun.

Believing that the three had reached the end of their trek, they noticed smoke rising to the sky.

"Look, smoke! That must be the town!" Stella said.

Miles, exhausted from carrying his wife all the time, was relieved to hear the news.

"Good, we're nearly there." Miles said.

"Friends, I'm afraid that I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that the hospital is just around that mountain." Eduardo said.

"And the bad news?" Stella asked.

"The mountain... is a volcano."

The trio arrived before a towering mountain filled with deadly, boiling lava, giving off blistering heat just from the distance the group had.

"It's called Volcán Terriblé. The Terrible Volcano." Eduardo explained.

"'The Terrible Volcano'? You led us into town through the path of an active volcano?" Stella asked.

"Don't worry, we should be fine heading through here."

"But it's smoking! Doesn't that mean something?"

"Volcanoes smoke all the time, I'm sure that's all it'll do."

Despite Eduardo's sure response about the volcano, he was proven wrong instantly as a huge blast of lava erupted from the volcano, dispersing several animals and placing the group in immediate danger.

"'That's all it'll do'? It's erupting!" Miles said.

"And so am I! What do we do?" Stella shouted.

The volcano's eruption continued its harsh blast upon the Earth, its firey and deadly lava devouring everything in its path, leaving only black reminders of what once stood in their places.

Mighty fields of trees and many shades of green melted away under the destructive force of the volcano, fireballs rained from the sky, burning anything in their sights. The ground trembled and quaked with the wrath of the very Earth itself. It felt like the apocalypse. If the group did not move themselves to safety, it might just as well have been the apocalypse for them.

The two men, still carrying the woman in labor, rushed away from the wrath of the volcano, desperately and just barely dodging fireballs, feeling the intense heat singe the hairs of their arms off.

Still rushing to find safety, the group found themselves at a dead end with two rivers of lava conjoining, seemingly blocking their escape.

Needing to lighten the load, the two men dropped the portable hammock and carried Stella away, just barely in time before the lava consumed their hammock.

Trying to continue their pace on foot, the group's seemingly hasty retreat came to a halt.

"Need to lay down... Right now..." Stella said.

Despite Stella's need to deliver, a river of lava flowed down behind them and began heading straight for the group.

"Madre de dios! What do we do now?!" Eduardo exclaimed.

As Miles scanned his surroundings, trying to make the best decision with what few options he had, a new option presented itself.

In the distance, a trail of green smoke came to the sky. Miles knew in an instant who it was.

"The Green-Eyed People! That way!" He said.

Following Miles' instructions, Eduardo once again helped him carry Stella to safety. Their help from the mysterious jungle people paid off, having been led to a large temple made of brick and mortar.

As they arrived inside the temple, the group found a bed awaiting them in the center of the room. Wasting no time, the two immediately laid Stella down and hoped that their mysterious protectors' aid would pay off.

Stella, despite feeling immense pain, had no choice but to do what her body was telling her to do. It was time for the child to arrive.

Barely able to take the pain, Stella screamed.

Miles, taking a bowl of water and a washcloth, patted down Stella's forehead to keep her cool under the hot conditions of the eruption.

Stella again screamed in pain.

Eduardo, watching outside, grew weary as he saw the lava approach closer and closer to the temple. Fortunately, the lava merely flowed past the walls of the temple, having been built to withstand its destructive force. The Green-Eyed People have provided for them.

Stella again screamed in pain.

The force of the volcano erupted with even more power, knocking Eduardo back several feet and causing the ground to shake on par with the impact of a thousand bombs. This was hell, and this group was standing right in the middle of it.

Stella again screamed in pain.

Out of the dark, a cry is heard.

The child is here.

The volcano stopped its eruption in an instant and the clouds began to retract, turning the black and vengeful storm from the volcano to a peaceful and serene blue sky.

The panicking animals stop in an instant, feeling pacified after the maelstrom of the volcano.

The cry continues, and all living things come to wonder at this new child. This was not an ordinary child, this was one of great meaning and one of great power.

Inside the temple, Miles and Stella sit with their newborn child. His painful cries from entering to life turn to playful and joyful coos and babbles as he observes this new world he has entered.

"I... I do not believe it. He has silenced all of nature." Eduardo said.

"A miracle baby if I've ever seen one. A baby named Arnold." Stella said.

"Arnold? That's his name?"

"It was my dad's name. He always wanted a grandson."

Eduardo smiled.

"Arnold. He is a good-looking boy, no?" He asked.

"He is. He really is. Thank you, Eduardo." Miles said.

"Thank me?"

"We couldn't have made it without you. Thank you for everything." Stella said.

Eduardo lowered his head in gratitude.

Miles held his new son in joy and happiness, having finally started his family.

"Hey Arnold. I'm your dad, and this is your mom." He said.

Arnold gave a smile and a happy babble as his father held him high.

The group walked outside to enjoy the new peaceful serene that became the land after the eruption, appreciating the view and all its glory.

"We have a miracle baby named Arnold." Miles said.

In the bushes far away, a member of the mysterious beings known as the Green-Eyed People watched from afar as he laid eyes on not only his peoples' messiah, but the savior of the world to come.

"Arnold. We will meet in time, and soon enough, you will be ready for your sacred mission." The Green-Eyed Person said in a whisper.