Chapter 1

Willow Rosenberg felt her palms getting sweaty; she was in her bathroom, about to see the results of the most important spell she had cast since learning about magic/starting to practice it. Quickly throwing the powder into the flame of the candle she had set up on the counter, Willow started incanting in Latin. As the flame winked out signifying the end of the spell, she took a deep breath and mentally crossed her fingers. If the spell worked as advertised; Xander should be hit with an overwhelming urge to kiss her when she came out of the bathroom. While part of her realized that she was cheating on her boyfriend, another part of her, which if she was of sound mind she would realize sounded like Buffy, rationalized that she'd been crushing on Xander for so long that they deserved to find out if they could work as a romantic couple. Checking how she looked in her gown in the mirror one last time and trying to summon the daring that Buffy insisted that she had inside her, Willow stepped out of the dressing room.

Xander Harris had been sitting on Willow's bed waiting for her to come out and show him her dress for homecoming for what seemed like an hour, and he was starting to get worried. He had just gotten up and was about to knock on the closed door and ask Willow if everything was alright when he heard muttered words come from the bathroom and saw the light flash under the door. Suddenly, it felt as if a foreign influence was trying to overtake him; this was due to the gem on the pendant he was wearing under his shirt which detects, protects and alerts him to these things heating up. Scowling at the closed door between him and his 'bestest' bud, Xander reformed his face into a neutral expression when the door started to open. When he had learned that Cordelia had bought him the jewelry he was currently wearing at the magic shop and heard her reasons for buying it, Xander had thought that she was being paranoid; apparently, that wasn't the case. He couldn't believe that Willow had it in her to behave like this.

Willow peeked out of the gap in her bathroom door and frowned a little, surely the spell should have taken place by now. Figuring that Xander might need total immersion to her and not just be looking at her face for it to work, Willow opened the door more and walked out into her bedroom proper.

As Xander observed his friend, the first thing that he noticed was the black dress she was wearing. Standing up to get a better look at it, Xander thought that Willow looked like she was going to a funeral, not a school dance. What Xander didn't know was that the dress was pushed on her by Buffy, who explained to Willow, while they were shopping, that Xander's brief romantic history suggested that he seemed to like females who presented themselves as older and more worldly, such as Ms. French, and Ampata. Then Buffy brought up the outfits that Cordelia wore and how much they differed from what Willow wore day by day (in reality, Buffy was mostly talking out her ass, so obsessed with getting Willow and Xander together believing that Xander's behavior towards Angel was due to his mooning over her and believing that Willow and Xander being a couple would lead to a cessation of Xander's constantly antagonizing Angel, that she would have said anything to get Willow to agree to her plot). Having complete faith in her friend on matters of gaining boy's attention, Willow completely agreed with the Slayer.

Willow's heart started to beat faster as Xander got up and walked towards her. Licking her lips, both in nervousness and to try to appear seductive, Willow's eyes fluttered closed as Xander reached out and grabbed her shoulders, he lowered his head and instead of kissing her, said something that made her heart beat in panic.

"You tried to bewitch me?" Xander hissed into Willow's ear, his grip tightening on her shoulders as he felt the redhead try to move away. With a dark chuckle, Xander started to inform Willow of how their friendship was going to go from now on.

"For quite some time I've been aware of the fact that you had a misguided crush on me. I have done my best to try to let you down easy as a way to let you know that I wasn't interested in your ideas of how our friendship should change, apparently I was being too subtle. Let me explain it as simply as I can; I don't feel anything towards you except for general friendship and perhaps something like feelings that brothers and sisters have towards each other. Although, having said that I don't even feel that towards you. As I hope I've gotten through to you, give up your stupid crush on me before one of us gets hurt due to it. Out of respect for my friendship with both of you, I'll leave it up to you to talk to Oz about this" Taking a breath, Xander added one thing, "Oh yeah, if I even think you're going to go after Cordy I will utterly ruin you."

Willow leaned her head back in order to look up into her best friend's eyes and became horrified, all thoughts of seduction leaving her mind. Xander, instead of looking like the kind, caring young man she had known and 'loved' all her life, now looked like a total stranger; his grip unrelenting, his eyes glowing with anger and, if you looked hard enough, betrayal, a frown growing on his face.

"Xander please let go of me, you're hurting me." Willow requested fearfully. Thankfully, Xander took his hands off of her and she ran into the bathroom she had just recently exited, closing and locking the door behind her.

Xander watched Willow run into her bathroom with an uncaring look on his face, Cordelia was never going to let him live this down. She had warned him that Willow had a crush on him, but until now Xander couldn't see it. Thinking about it more, Xander let out a groan as he realized how insufferable Cordy was going to be now. Realizing that there was no reason to still be in the house of his former friend, trying to bewitch him for whatever reason without his consent, unless it was to save his or others' lives, was a friendship breaker in his book, Xander walked out of Willow's bedroom, down the stairs and out the front door of the Rosenberg house, for the last time.

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