I had just walked into the bullpen when I saw Gibbs face. "Dinozzo where have you been and don't even try to make excuses or your fired." He yelled at me. I could see everyone on the floor staring at Gibbs like he was crazy. "Well boss I just got back yesterday night from visiting my mothers grave in Long Island and I am just getting used to the time difference." I said. "Well agent Dinozzo you should get used to it faster." Gibbs said. Suddenly Gibbs got a phone call and he told us to grab our gear and for me to gas up the truck. I walked down the stairs to the garage to gas the truck when I ran into fornell on the stairs. "Dinutso what a surprise are you ready to join the dark side yet." He asked. "Maybe after today depends on what happens." I said back. As I walked past I saw that fornell had a shocked look on his face.

When we got to the crime scene I saw a small boy at the edge of the scene as he tried to run to the body but was held back by a cop. "Hello my name is Special Agent Anthony Dinozzo." I said to the scared child. "What's your name." "My name is Christian but everyone calls me Chris." Chris said. "Dinozzo get over here before you lose your job." I heard Gibbs yell. I ran over to Gibbs with Chris following me all the way. "What do you need." I asked. "I need photos and sketches and for you to interview all possible witnesses." Gibbs said in a dead serious voice. As I was doing all that I saw McGee and Ziva just standing around talking while I worked my ass off.

When we got back to the office I saw Christensen waiting at my desk with fornell. "Hello Chris and Fornell." I said to the two standing at my desk. "Hello Special Agent Dinozzo." Chris said. "You can call me Tony Chris." I said to the small boy. "Ok hi Tony." He said. "Hello Dinutso." Fornell said "ready to join the dark side yet." I satred at him and said "Yes." Then we left.

We walked into the F.B.I building and everyone started clapping when they saw me. "Fornell why the hell are they clapping." I asked. "Tony they are clapping because you are a legended to all other agencies." Toby said. We walked up to chief Strauss office and knocked on the door. The director opened the door and when he saw me he got a shit eating grin on his face. "Hello Anthony Dinozzo." The director said. "Hello sir." I said. "So you finally acepted the job then." He asked and I said yeah then I realized that Chris must have followed me and Toby and we left him in the car. "Toby can you go get Chris out of the car and run a DNA test while your at it." I said to the freebie next to me. Toby ran out of the biking and to the car to get the young child while I talked to the director. He told me that one of his agents needed help and with my degrees I could help him and his team to solve the current case they were working on. That was when Toby ran in the room with Chris following like a lost puppy but when he saw me he ran and hugged my legs.