I slowly pulled Chris off of my legs and set him on my lap. "Anthony we have an opening on the Jeffersonian team if your interested." Chief Statuss said. "I'll take it." Was all I said and we shook hands. I walked down to the forensics lab and saw they the DNA test was done. "Hello can who tell me who Chris belongs to." Was all I asked. "Hello you must be mister Dinozzo." The man said. "Yes." "Well he is your son mister Dinozzo." I just stared down at Chris and I finally saw it. He had my eyes and the Dinozzo pride and stubbornness.

I walked into the Hoover Buliding and up the directors office. "Hello you must be Agent Dinozzo." He said "Yes I am." I said. "I'll have someone show you to Agent Booths office. The Director then called an agent to show me to agent Booth's office. I walked up the the glass door and softly knocked. "Come in." I heard a voice say. "Hello Agent Booth I presume I'm the new member of your team." I said. Suddenly Booth got a call. "Well come on we'll meet the rest of the team out at the crime scene." Booth said. I followed after him and got in the SUV. When we pulled up I noticed a bunch of people standing around the body. I saw that one of them was Doctor Brennen. "Hello you must be the Jeffersonian workers." I said in higher tone. They all just nodded. Booth just walked up behind me and asked what they had found. I stared at the bones infront of me and I could tell everything about him. "The victim is a male early twenty's worked in a office or a job that requires them to bend down for long periods of time. They also played sports in college football or basketball should suffice for the injury to the ankle they healed awhile ago but should still cause some mild discomfort they were about five foot eleven inches and weighed apoximtly one hundred fourty pound to two hundred pounds." As I finished everyone just stared at me like I was crazy. "Bones is this all true." Booth asked Dr. Breannen. She just nodded. They all just got an even more shocked look. I just laughed. Suddenly a man with curly hair walked up to me. "Hey you must be the new member of Booth's team I'm Jack Hodgins." Was all Jack said. I walked back up to Jack and whispered in his ear "So your the Jack that is funding the Jeffersonian." And walked away. "By the way my name is Anthony Micheal Dinozzo Jr.." I called over my shoulder. And walked off

I walked into the Jeffersonian to get my badge to get onto the platform. I walked in and saw two new people next to the others I had met earlier both who were in their twenty's. Hello I said walking on to the platform. All heads turned as I entered. Suddenly a brunette came up and said "Hello I'm Angela Montenegro I'm the sketch artist and I help digitally reconstruct the way the victim was murdered." "Hi if they have said anything than you know my name is Anthony but you can call me Tony if you prefer." Was all I said. "Hello Agent Dinozzo." I heard Dr. Breannen say. "Hello ." I said in return. "You have a wonderful mind I wish to be friends so you can call me Temprence." She said. "Can I call you Tempy." I asked in a childlike tone of voice. Tempy just nodded. The others around us just looked shocked. Then the other twenty year old snapped out of his shock. "Hello I'm Dr. Zack Addy." I just stared at the man he was gorgeous. Suddenly I snapped back to reality.