Authors Pre-Notes: Hi! I'm writing this little mini-series since I really love Suou being infatuated with Hei. This is an unrequited love series. Read on and please REVIEW, favorite and FOLLOW for updates. I'm thinking this should be a very short story :)


..::Song of Inspiration - The Spill Canvas - Not Over You::..


I knew the stars weren't real. The real ones disappeared a long time ago, but that didn't stop me from sneaking out and stargazing on the rooftop of our apartment. Usually the door wasn't locked, and I don't think the elderly landlord knew the lock was broken. I was thankful for that though because it gave me the opportunity to sit and enjoy the night.

I used to stargaze with my brother, Shion, before he passed away. He died from leukaemia that he'd battled with for eight years. Everybody believed we had twin telepathy but to be honest, I had no idea what he was thinking most of the time. I had no idea if he was scared, or sad, because he never showed it. He rarely spoke, and with all his visits to the hospital, I rarely saw him.

There were some moments though, where I would get this...feeling that he needed me. So I would go to his room, and sure enough he was waiting with a smile. Shion didn't have to say anything, I just knew from looking into those same coloured eyes as myself. I would help him out of bed and take him to see the stars, even though they were fake.

I knew I shouldn't have because of how sick he was. He was in no condition to be out and moving around. But, I couldn't deny him. I had the chance to give him something nobody else did and, as his sister, I was happy to do it. Even if the moments were fleeting.

Before Shion died, he gave me a circular glass necklace. It was simple, but so beautiful. I remember I had always admired it when he would wear it. For some reason, Shion treasured that simple piece of jewelry.

The day of his death, Shion requested that he get the chance to speak to everyone in private. When it was my turn, I braced myself for the goodbye. It was like Shion and I knew that this was the day he was going to leave this world. Even though my parents were sure he was fineā€¦ I felt it within him. I just knew.

Shion did not speak to me, did not console me as I wept by his side. He simply took my hand, and placed a cool object into my palm. The shard glistened in the dim lights, as if winking at me.

'Keep this safe, my Suou. That way I will always be by your side.' He had said, smiling up at me.

That was nearly four years ago. Shion would be thirteen now, just like me.

I wiped away stray tears that stained my cheeks, sniffling into my baggy sweater. I pulled the shard out from beneath my clothes, and looked into the night sky.

I would always keep this safe.


I was late for school. Again.

Rushing around the house, I barely had time to stuff toast into my mouth.

"Suou, you shouldn't sleep in so much," my mother complained.

"I know, I know," I frantically put my shoes on in the doorway, checking my bag and grabbing my camera. "I'm off!"

"Have a good day!" Mom replied.

We lived on the top floor of a small apartment complex. We moved here after Shion passed away since it was now only my mother, my father and I. We also moved because papa was the manager of a new lab in this area, which took up a lot of his time. The apartment corridor was outside and had a long hallway that lead to the only set of stairs going down. As I rounded the corner to go down the stairs I bumped into the landlady who was followed by a dark haired male.

"I'm sorry," I swallowed my toast and wiped my mouth.

"Late for school again, missy?" The landlord grinned, "If you keep that up you'll end up owning a good for nothing apartment and not get anywhere in life. Like me!" She joked.

I laughed nervously, "My grades are still pretty high, despite always being late."

"Ah, well that's good. Keep a good head on your shoulders," the woman looked back at the dark-haired gentlemen. "Oh, by the way, this is Li Shengshun. He's going to be your new neighbour."

Now, I fully focused on the male standing in front of me. His short black hair gleamed like raven's feathers, offsetting his pale skin and blue eyes that were so deep, they looked violet. Those eyes shone like starlight.

Li smiled at me."Hi, it's nice to meet you." His voice was deep and sensual. Li was wearing a green cargo jacket paired with dark jeans.

I had to remember how to breath. "My name is Suou."

Nervously, I reached out to shake his hand, and when I felt a spark of electricity - of heat - I blushed.

"I-uh, I have to go." I stuttered, squeezing past the pair. "It was nice meeting you!"

I took off as fast as I could, my heart was hammering so hard in my chest from either running or, from thinking that Li was the most beautiful man I had ever seen.

Maybe it was from both.