I should of gone with Piper. She offered me to go with her and the girl's to the shop's but I had declined as I had wanted some peace. It would have been peace fuller if I had of gone with them. Why? Well, your about to find out…

To start off with, almost as soon as I left New Rome, monsters were after me. I dealt with them fairly easily. It was kind of like a fair game, were you shoot the ducks. Except instead of ducks, it was monsters. And instead of a gun it was my sword and cloak. And instead of getting point's, I was keeping my life. Anyway, I had just finished off another Hellhound and was debating whether or not to go back, when the wall a street away came crashing down as a man with a leopard cape came crashing through. I ran to him and bent down to make sure he was ok. His pulse was steady, he was breathing. All good so far. The man was wearing a crimson suit, and his hair was in braids with garments and jewels. Their was also a pair of red tinted sunglasses and a crimson coloured hat nearby.

"Argh" he groaned as he sat up.

"Are you ok?"

"Yes mortal, I mean Miss. I'm fine. It's probably best you leave my dear." He thought for a moment, then all of a sudden he snapped his fingers under my nose and said "There is a gas leak. You should leave."

OK, something tells me he isn't mortal. {wonder what gave that away} Just as I was about to answer, a Laistrygonian came through the broken wall. He gave us what I think was meant to be a grin, but with those yellow pointed teeth, it was more of a hideous grimace. He raised his iron club up-over his shoulder. Immediately I pulled out my imperial gold gladius and called Argentum[silver] and Aurum[gold] to my side.

"Perfect. I have been wanting to meet you Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano. And now, I get to kill you and this Egyptian whelp," Said the Laistrygonian.

"You've met me, but your not the first to try to kill me. Give me your best shot." I was getting really sick of monster's trying to kill me. And there little 'speeches' are getting worse. The crimson suited man looked between us as we spoke and was watching my greyhounds carefully.

The Laistrygonian swung his club, and I dived out of the way, did a barrel role, and landed in a crouch. The club landed right where I had been. Me and the greyhounds played a dangerous game of tag around the Laistrygonian, but being 8 foot tall and the leather armour he wore under his cloths, made it hard to cause damage.

I took a quick glance at the crimson man. He had drawn a circle around his feet and their seemed to be a faint, dark red glow around him. I looked back just in time to see the club coming down on me. As fast as I could I wrapped my cloak around me, Just as it came down to crush me.

"NO!" was that the crimson man? Why would he care?

"Ha. Good bye praetor." The Laistrygonian laughed. The club lifted away and I got out from under my cloak, {{Thanking Athena again for the gift}} and stared the Laistrygonian down smugley.

"Impossible" The Laistrygonian wasn't so proud now. "You should be dead Roman filth."

The crimson man choked. "Roman?!"

"We roman's are hard to kill" I said proudly. "But you Canadians aren't." I let a small grin allow itself onto my face. My greyhounds returned to my side again. We were about to go in again when all of a sudden a storm started brewing overhead.

"Now my dear friend, say goodbye." How was the man making the storm? Even Jason and Thalia couldn't do that alone. "You should be on your way." And with that said, a single red lightning bolt came down from the storm and hit the Canadian square in the chest. He disintegrated.

"Now," The man turned to face me. The storm was still overhead so I wasn't too anxious to lower the sword. "I'm guessing by the cape and gladius that you're a Roman Demigod. Is this correct?"

What do I say to a man who still had a storm that with one bolt destroys a Laistrygonian overhead?

"I am Reyna. Praetor of the 12th legion, daughter of Bellona, and horse friend. Who are you?" If that plus my glare, plus my greyhounds, doesn't scare him, I don't know what will. He flinched. I won. Again.

"Impressive titles. I am Amos Kane. Chief lecture of Egypt, Eye of Set, and Magician for the House of Life."

This Amos guy said Egypt, and the Laistrygonian called him Egyptian. Great a third set of god's to deal with. This ought to be fun.

"I'm guessing your…" What do I say that wont get me struck by lightning, and start another war? "Not from around here. Egypt Perhaps?"

"Indeed. And how about we try not to start a war between our people." Amos said dejectedly. "We only just finished one. I do not wish for another." The storm disappeared.

"AL wright." I sheathed my sword, but I kept my dog's. they would be useful to tell if he's lying. Amos seemed easy going. But then again, So did Percy. Till you took his blue food.

"So…, What brought you all the way from Egypt to Manhattan?"

"Unusual magic readings," Amos replied. "And seeing as I didn't want other magicians knowing other god's lived here, I came myself."

My dog's didn't bite his head off, so he must have been telling the truth. We eventually started walking. It reminded me of when me and Annabeth had talked. But that hadn't ended well. My guess earlier was right. Their was another set of god's in this world, and Amos was hosting the god of desert, storms, disorder, violence, and foreigners. I did my best not to tell him to much.

"Well, it was nice meeting you Reyna" He said curtly.

"You to," I replied. We separated and went our own ways. When I got back to my preator vila in New Rome, I thought about everything that had happened today. As I closed my eyes for a rest before the war games tonight, my last thought was...

I don't want another war…

Please tell me what you think.