"Chief Lecture, Chief Lecture." I turned around and another magician was running down the hall.

"What is it?"

"Sir, there has been another unexplained magical disturbance on long island. Should I send someone to take a look?"

"No, I will deal with this myself." I can not let the magicians find out. "thank you for telling me." With that I turned and left.


"Egyptian welp" I turned just in time to see an eight-foot-tall cannibal giants with heavily tattooed arms, and pointed yellow teeth. Ow, and a giant iron club wit me square in the chest. I went crashing through a wall. I felt someone put their hand to my throat as if testing for a pulse. That meant a mortal was here.

As I opened my eyes I saw a girl about sixteen, with piercing black eyes and glossy black hair worn in a single braid. She had regal and beautiful face in Hispanic descent, and a gaze as if she could take on any challenge. She had the 'poise of a sword fighter' as if she was ready to spring in action at any moment. She had SPQR branded on her forearm with four bar lines and a crossed sword and torch. She was wearing a regal purple toga decorated with gold medals over her gold Armor. Her purple cloak glittered.

"Argh" I groaned as I sat up.

"Are you ok?"

"Yes mortal, I mean Miss. I'm fine. It's probably best you leave my dear." She should leave it is not safe for a mortal to be here. I snapped my fingers in front of her. Manipulating her to leave. "There is a gas leak. You should leave."

She looked confused. As she was about to answer, the Laistrygonian came through the broken wall. He gave us what I think was meant to be a grin, but with those yellow pointed teeth, it was more of a hideous grimace. He raised his iron club up-over his shoulder. Immediately, the girl pulled out a gladius and called too metal dogs to her side.

"Perfect. I have been wanting to meet you Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano. And now, I get to kill you and this Egyptian whelp," Said the Laistrygonian.

"You've met me, but your not the first to try to kill me. Give me your best shot." The girl replied. I looked between them as they spoke and kept a special eye on the greyhounds.

The Laistrygonian swung his club, and the girl dived out of the way, did a barrel role, and landed in a crouch. The club landed right where she had been. As she and the greyhounds played a dangerous game of tag around the Laistrygonian, I drew a defensive circle around me. In my old age, I could not doge like she could. I started channelling the power of set, trying to make a red storm. I looked over at the girl just in time to see the club coming down on her.


"Ha. Good bye praetor." The Laistrygonian laughed. The club lifted away and I got the shock of my life. The girl got out from under her cloak, and stared the Laistrygonian down smugley.

"Impossible" The Laistrygonian wasn't so proud now. "You should be dead Roman filth."

I choked. "Roman?!" that meant we were enemy's in the past. Maybe its good that I met her. I might be able to make peace with them after many years. I got back to trying to summon the storm.

"We roman's are hard to kill" she said proudly. "But you Canadians aren't"

All of a sudden a storm started brewing overhead. Startling fact for the day, Set actually helped.

"Now my dear friend, say goodbye. You should be on your way." And with that said, a single red lightning bolt came down from the storm and hit the Canadian square in the chest. He disintegrated.

"Now," I turned to face the girl. She was extremely weary of me now. "I'm guessing by the cape and gladius that you're a Roman Demigod. Is this correct?" A couple seconds ticked away, I was worried she was going to fight.

"I am Reyna. Praetor of the 12th legion, daughter of Bellona, and horse friend. Who are you?" I flinched. She sounded so confident, and she wasn't scared.

"Impressive titles. I am Amos Kane. Chief lecture of Egypt, Eye of Set, and Magician for the House of Life."

"I'm guessing your…" She paused. "Not from around here. Egypt Perhaps?"

"Indeed. And how about we try not to start a war between our people." I said dejectedly. "We only just finished one. I do not wish for another." The storm disappeared.

"All wright." She sheathed her sword, but kept the dog's. "So…, What brought you all the way from Egypt to Manhattan?"

"Unusual magic readings," Might as well tell the truth. "And seeing as I didn't want other magicians knowing other god's lived here, I came myself."

We eventually started walking. I told her about our Egyptian gods, hoping a show of good faith may keep us from war. Eventually we had to say our goodbyes.

"Well, it was nice meeting you Reyna" I said curtly.

"You to," She replied. We separated and went our own ways.

When I returned to Egypt I wrote down the whole day, so that if we meet, their would be good records of the Romans with Egyptians. Not just the bad. As I headed of to sleep my last thought was, I hope the Romans don't declare war again…