He keeps to himself, does master Agreste

Except when bothered by Chloe, that pest

See Marinette growl

When the inevitable howl

Of 'Adrikins' clamps him to the blonde's chest.

He finds occasional work as a model

You might think this sounds like a doddle

But all day grinning like a fool

He wishes he were at school

As on the catwalk he's forced to toddle.

Nino is his best friend and bud

Though their first meeting was a dud

A change in opinion came to pass

After a chewing gum farce

When the DJ saw he was a power for good.

He looks great in a cat suit and tail

But his kwami will always, without fail

Ask for stinky cheese

To put it at ease

Even the smell will turn you quite pale.

A master of flirting and the bad pun

Nothing can stop him on the run

With his extendible stick

He'll be with you in a tick

But first, won't you let him have fun?

He protects his Lady with his life

He'd even take a bullet or a knife

Though he's up to the task

He wants to see under her mask

Because one day, she might be his wife.

Cataclysm will destroy everything around

Better back off when he makes that sound

With just a simple tap

They'll be nothing but a gap

Where just moments ago there was solid ground.

He loves his father with all his heart

But they seem to be drifting further apart

Of course, the biggest shock

Once everyone has taken stock

Are the alter-egos they've kept hidden from the start.

Seeing his mom again would fill him with cheer

She's been gone for just over a year

He thinks of her every day

Missing her more than he can say

Especially as Mother's Day draws near.

So let's sum up this handsome lad

He has looks that'll drive any girl mad

But his most valuable stature

Is his loving nature

Let's hope some of it rubs off on his Dad.