So, yeah. I rewatched volume 3 again, and I realized, what would have happened if Jaune had stood guard as he was supposed to? I mean, he pretty much had to block only one arrow, and Cinder would be screwed.

So, I welcome you to read this one shot in which Jaune, by not moving one step at the right moment, changes the face of Remnant forever.

Disclaimer:- There are over six billion people on earth. What is the probability that I own RWBY? Answer- none. Because if I did, Yang would have had a much flashier battle in the volume 5 finale.

You only lose the battle when you lose one of two things-

Your Will


Your Mind.


That was the only word that Jaune Arc could use to describe the situation. Everything was moving too fast, and he was simply unable to comprehend what was going on.

First, Yang shot her opponent. A warning of sorts of things to come.

Pyrrha's battle had been going so well, but in an instant, Penny's body had somehow been torn to pieces, and if that wasn't enough, the Grimm had chosen that exact moment to launch a full scale attack. And when it seemed that things couldn't get any worse, the Atlesian robots turned their fire on the ones they were built to protect.

Scratch that, chaos was putting it lightly.

In a matter of minutes, Beacon had gone from hunter school to full-blown war zone.

And for some inexplicable reason, he was riding in an elevator with Pyrrha, his teammate, and Headmaster Ozpin, going hundreds of feet beneath the tower.

"What is going on?" Jaune asked. His confusion was understandable. After all, why were the legendary Ozpin and the four-time Mistral champion not fighting in such a time of crisis?

The elevator doors opened and Ozpin bolted forward, with Pyrrha right on his heels. Jaune saw no choice but to follow.

"What is this place?"

"It's ….. a type of vault." Pyrrha replied, hesitation evident in her voice.

"You've been here before?" Pyrrha didn't reply and continued running. "What would this school need to hide?" That's when Jaune saw the pod, with an unconscious, dark-skinned girl in it. "What? Who?" Nothing was making any sense.

"Jaune.." Pyrrha began, but was immediately cut off by Ozpin who was rapidly giving inputs into a screen.

"Pyrrha, get to the pod!" She nodded and moved in front of the empty pod. Ozpin continued talking "Mr. Arc, if you would like to help, stand guard here. The process will take a toll on my body, and I will be vulnerable."

Jaune didn't question him and turned around, sword and shield at the ready. Even if he couldn't comprehend what was going on, the headmaster most certainly would be able to. And if the Ozpin was telling him to stand guard, he was going to stand guard.

"What do we do now?" Pyrrha asked the headmaster. Ozpin sighed.

"We…. do nothing." Ozpin said as he continued typing. The pod in front of Pyrrha opened with a hiss. "You, Miss Nikos, have a choice to make."

Pyrrha didn't hesitate as she stepped into the pod, and watched it close on her. The choice had been made the moment she realized that the woman with the other half of the fall maiden powers was responsible for the attack, and most importantly, Penny's death.

The significance of such an action didn't escape her notice. It had started with Yang shooting that boy (something she suspected Cinder Fall had set up) which would create enough negativity to attract lots of Grimm, but not enough to cause a full scale attack, creating a huge swarm of Grimm. With Penny's death, enough negativity had been created to draw in all the surrounding Grimm, enough to awaken a monster the size of the tower, which no ordinary huntsman would be able handle.

And this was only at Beacon. The Vytal tournament was broadcast over all four kingdoms. Which meant that at the moment, all the kingdoms were under attack simultaneously. All because of the whim of a woman who lusted after destruction. Pyrrha was a forgiving person by nature, but even she had her limits. And killing people close to her was going too far.

While she had full confidence in her friends, she knew that it was impossible that all of her acquaintances had survived. Against the unending waves of Grimm, it was unlikely that anyone would survive without a miracle. She had to do this. For her friends, for her team, and most importantly, for Jaune, the boy she loved.

"Are you ready?" Ozpin asked. Pyrrha turned to look at him and nodded. "I…" he began, millennia of guilt weighing on his shoulders. He wanted to be sure that this would not be a mistake. "I need to hear you say it."

"Yes." Pyrrha's voice was filled with determination.

"Thank you, Miss Nikos." With that, Ozpin finished the final inputs and Amber's pod rose to a vertical position, and a rod with a handgrip emerged from the machine between the two pods. He grabbed onto it, and initiated the transfer process. Amber's eyes fluttered, and golden energy began flowing through the numerous pipes connected to the pods. Ozpin immediately began supplying his aura to the machine. Without the overwhelming power of his own aura, the maiden powers would most likely destroy the machine and escape. The machine hummed louder and began to creak. Ozpin ground his teeth together as he pumped more of his aura into the machine, and directed the supply into Pyrrha's pod.

Golden energy surrounded Pyrrha, and it entered her body.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAA!" Pyrrha screamed as pain flooded her body. She was used to being injured in fights, even to the point of having used up all her aura, but this was on another level entirely. The power entering her body was being opposed by her aura, but it was still passing through, and her aura was fluctuating in an unfamiliar manner, causing her intense agony as her entire body was destroyed and rebuilt cell by cell.

"Pyrrha!" Jaune yelled, and was about to rush over to her, when Ozpin interrupted.

"NO! Stand….guard. Ughhhh…" Ozpin bent over and had to use his cane for support, his other hand never leaving the device channeling his aura.

Jaune shot another look at the screaming Pyrrha, but his better judgment overrode his emotions, and he turned around to face the elevator, and just in time too.

He didn't even know how it happened, but his body had reacted instinctively and he had deflected the arrow headed for Amber's pod with his shield. He looked to the source, and saw Cinder Fall standing in front of him, another arrow at the ready.

"Insects like you should stay out of my way." Cinder said distastefully. She activated her maiden powers, and infused some energy into her arrow before letting it fly, intending to blow the boy out of the way.

She saw him raise his shield in defense and smirked. No ordinary shield would stop the arrow. It detonated on contact, creating a cloud of smoke. But her smirk dropped once the smoke dispersed. The boy was still standing with his shield completely intact, without so much as a scratch. She frowned. 'Hmmm, maybe I didn't use as much power as I thought.' She prepared another arrow, and putting all her power into it, let it fly. It collided with his shield once more, and detonated with enough force to make the earlier blast look like a small firecracker. There was the satisfying sound of cracking glass. 'Seems as though I destroyed the insect as well as that pathetic excuse of a maiden. Now, it is time to take what is ..!'

Cinder's thoughts were interrupted as she took in the sight in front of here. The smoke had cleared, and she could see the results of her attack. Jaune had been thrown back into Amber's pod, causing spider- web cracks to appear over the glass. But the fact that astonished her was that his shield was still completely intact. Even against her full power, that worthless piece of metal didn't even have a scratch on it. All the more reason to get the rest of the maiden powers.

She readied three ordinary arrows, and shot them all at once. Jaune raised his shield, and blocked two, while he swung his sword and deflected the third, narrowly missing Amber's pod.

"That all you got?" Jaune mocked. Cinder growled in fury. Her dress began to glow and she shot forward, breaking through his guard and punching Jaune in the gut. He was one again thrown into Amber's pod, the glass fracturing further. He landed on his feet and charged, not wanting to let Cinder any closer to the girl behind him. If Professor Ozpin thought that protecting her was important, then it was important. Flames blasted from Cinder's feet as she flew, an arm outstretched with the full intentions of burning his face off.

In a surprising move, Jaune dropped his sword and shield, and dodged to the side, while grabbing onto Cinder's outstretched arm as she flew by him. He then slammed her back first into the ground. Flames were still pouring from her feet, sending her flying halfway back to the elevator before she realized what had happened.

Cinder had most certainly not expected the pest to drop his weapons, let alone turn her own attack against her. She had planned everything out, and if her memory was accurate, the only thing extraordinary about the child in front of her was how extraordinarily weak he was compared to the others. Yet, he had managed to take a straight hit from her powers without dying. She would kill him, painfully.

Cinder's eyes flickered from Jaune to the pod in which Pyrrha was, who was writhing in pain. The golden energy flowing from Amber's pod had stopped, and the machine stopped making noises as the last of Amber's maiden's essence was channeled into Pyrrha's body.

'Well, I have nothing against the girl the pest was protecting. What I want is the maiden powers.' She nocked another arrow in her bow, and aimed at the pest, who raised his shield in defense. A victorious smirk manifested on Cinder's face as she changed targets in an instant, taking dead aim at Pyrrha Nikos' head. She saw the look of horror on the pest's face as she loosed the arrow.

Jaune was too far to block the arrow, too slow to do anything except watch in horror as death flew straight at his partner, too fast to stop.

Too fast to stop for an ordinary person that is.

The arrow stopped, its tip just touching the glass. Ozpin had recovered some of his strength, and in an impossible burst of speed, he had grabbed the arrow in one hand.

Cinder let out a groan in exasperation and anger "Why?! Why can't you insignificant vermin just let me have what is rightfully mine?!" she screamed.

"Oh, you will be getting what is yours, alright. You deserve death, and it is coming for you." Ozpin said as he struggled to his feet, getting into a fighting stance, his left fist clenched, and his cane in his right. Jaune got into his own fighting stance.

Cinder attacked first, launching herself at Ozpin, who met her halfway. But Ozpin was still drained from the transfer, and was sent flying back. Immediately, Jaune swung his sword at her neck. The blade was stopped an inch away from her neck, at the expense of little aura. She punched Jaune, but her fist was blocked by Jaune's seemingly indestructible shield. With a yell of anger, she threw Jaune down and stood over him. She raised her hand, and sent forth a stream of fire at his exposed face. Aura would only be able to handle so much. She used enough fire to destroy an ordinary huntsman's aura twice over. Yet after she let the flames die out, he was still there. His hair was signed and there were a few rapidly healing burns on his face, but other than that, he was fine. Saying that Cinder was shocked would be an understatement.

"You… how could you have survived that?!" Cinder screamed.

A look of determination was present on Jaune's face. "Someone once told me that I have a lot of aura. And I promised her, so I can't die just yet!"

"What is this nonsense?!" Cinder yelled, readying her full power.

"I promised to have her back, and she promised to have mine." Jaune said, and he smirked.

Overpowering rage flowed through Cinder's very being. She raised her hand over her head, gathering enough energy to destroy an entire building in one shot. But just as she was about to bring her hand down, something exploded next to her, sending something flying incredibly close past her. The shockwaves knocked Cinder off her feet and away from Jaune, and the energy she had gathered was dispersed. Cinder got to her feet, slightly disoriented. There was a stinging sensation on her cheek, and she rubbed it with her had, and was shocked beyond belief.

Her hand was covered in blood.

She had been wounded! Cinder immediately looked towards where whatever had cut her cheek had flown. Amidst the smoke, she saw a kneeling figure. Slowly, it rose, and turned to face her. It held a spear in one hand and a circular shield in the other. It stood tall, with flaming red hair down to its waist, with golden armor. Flames emanated sideways from its left eye.

Pyrrha Nikos had joined the battle.

Cinder's rage spiked, but she calmed down fairly quickly. She was far more used to the maiden powers than this girl, so her victory was assured.

"I feel sorry for you." Cinder began "Being given something that was never yours, only to have it taken away from you so soon. Take solace in the knowledge that I will do greater things than you could ever imagine." Her right eye burst into flames.

Pyrrha was never the most vocally active person, no, that was Yang's department. But at that moment, it was as if Yang had whispered the perfect rebuttal in her ear.

"Talking to yourself, are you?" Pyrrha shot back.

A menacing look came over Cinder's face, and with an explosion, she leapt at Pyrrha. Pyrrha moved at blinding speeds and attacked Cinder head on. The two half-maidens clashed, equally matched. Cinder had more experience in using the maiden powers, but Pyrrha had her outmatched in terms of skill. And Pyrrha was learning how to better control her newfound powers with every blow. Both half-maidens channeled their energy into their fists and blew each other back due to the collision of their fists. Pyrrha was breathing heavily, but Cinder was only showing slight exhaustion but she had forgotten one thing.


In an instant, Cinder was blown off her feet, and skidded a hundred feet towards the elevator, melting the floor on the way. In her original spot stood Ozpin, headmaster of Beacon, in all his glory. His aura flared brightly around him, giving him the appearance of being completely engulfed in green flames. His entire body was emitting those green flames, and his cane seemed to be shifting. It was as if his cane was made of liquid magically contained in the shape of his cane.

Cinder growled, and the molten floor rose, forming deadly projectiles and shot them at Ozpin.

Neither Pyrrha nor Cinder saw him move. One moment, the shards of rock were a foot away from him, the next, nothing. All of the projectiles were gone, completely obliterated. A full second later, Pyrrha felt immense air pressure emanate from him- the after effects of moving so fast.

Pyrrha walked over to Ozpin and stood by his side, weapons at the ready. Both of them understood what needed to happen without any exchange of words.

Cinder roared in rage. Fire surrounded her and she began to levitate. Pyrrha blocked the first fireball with her shield. Ozpin charged, striking Cinder a hundred times with his cane in the span of a second, and then landing a solid punch to her gut, sending her flying closer to the elevator. By the time Cinder could regain her bearings, Pyrrha was on her, slicing at her with spear and shield alike, transforming her spear into gun form and back on a dime, and throwing in a few maiden attacks every now and then.

Pyrrha dropped her shield, and leapt over Cinder, sacrificing quite a bit of her aura to block Cinder's attack. Now, Pyrrha had her back to the elevator doors. Both of them charged each other, Cinder forming and launching several ice shards at Pyrrha. Pyrrha spun her spear, deflecting those projectiles which she could. The rest were deflected off her aura and armor.

Much to Cinder's surprise, at the last moment, Pyrrha dived to the side. Pyrrha willed it, and her polarity flung her shield into the back of Cinder's head at incredibly high speeds, sending her stumbling into the elevator. Pyrrha then lifted the floor under Cinder's feet using polarity, before Cinder melted it.

But at that instant, when Cinder was airborne, Ozpin seemingly flashed into existence right in front of Cinder, his leg drawn back. He kicked her with so much force that she was sent rocketing upwards through the elevator shaft.

Ozpin took a few deep breaths. He was getting too old for this.

"I'm …. 'huff'… too old for this… 'hah'. How are you feeling, Miss Nikos?"

"I'm fine, professor."

There was a loud crash somewhere far above them.

Ozpin sighed "Let's put a stop to her, once and for all."

Pyrrha nodded as they both stepped into the elevator shaft, and with identical, overpowered jumps, shot towards the top of the tower.

They were greeted with an open sky, the destruction of Beacon evident. Cinder stood in the center of the room, her arms spread apart.

"Admit it, you've lost. There is no way you can beat me and my little pet." Cinder gloated. In the distance, all three of them could see the enormous body of the dragon.

Ozpin chose to speak up "You destroyed my office."

Pyrrha was flabbergasted. She had expected some serious comment or an attack on Cinder. Just about anything except this.

"So what, old fool? Gonna give me a detention?"

"While the open view is very much welcome…" Ozpin took in a deep breath before continuing, his voice overflowing with killing intent "you destroyed my coffee machine. And for that alone, I can never forgive you."

Cinder's jaw dropped, which was a big mistake. Faster than she could follow, Ozpin had thrust his cane in her mouth, and now she was hanging off the edge of beacon tower, her grip on the cane being the only thing preventing her from falling. When she looked back at the man holding the cane, she found herself looking into the eyes of a monster.

Ozpin's blazing green eyes stared into Cinder's. "Hello Salem." he said in over nine thousand voices at once. He channeled his aura into his cane "Goodbye, Salem." And with that, an enormous amount of energy was let loose from the tip of his cane, completely obliterating Cinder's head, destroying a few hundred airborne Grimm, parting the clouds, before exiting the earth's atmosphere and obliterating a fragment of Remnant's shattered moon.

Ozpin stumbled back as Cinder's headless body fell to the ground, the strain of using so much power catching up to him. He fell down into his chair and looked at Pyrrha, who was staring at him in shock.

"I understand that may actions may have been brutal, but believe me, Miss Nikos, they were necessary. Had she not been stopped, she would have killed countless more."

Pyrrha shakily made her way over and sat down on the table "I understand that it was necessary, but still…."

Ozpin leaned back in his chair, and Pyrrha lay down on the table, both exhausted fighters looking up at the sky.


"Yes, Miss Nikos?"

"If I may ask, who is Salem?"

Ozpin let out a weary sigh "That, Miss Nikos, is a very long story." There was a brief period of silence. "But I suppose you could shorten it down to a single phrase and just call her 'the mother of all Grimm'. Not their actual mother, you understand, just the one who controls them all."

"So, Cinder Fall…"

"Yes. She was working for Salem, and Salem could see and hear everything that happened."

More silence.

Slowly, Pyrrha spoke "Speaking of the mother of all Grimm, are we not forgetting something?"

An instant later, they both spotted the Grimm dragon headed straight for them.

Ozpin chuckled "Ah, it seems that I have used up all of my power. Luckily, we have a fully realized maiden on our hands."

Pyrrha sat up with a start "Oh! I forgot about that entirely!" she said, rubbing the back of her head sheepishly. She got to her feet and let the full power of a maiden flow through her body. Both her eyes caught fire and she began to levitate. She raised her hand, gathering her power. The Grimm dragon was focusing entirely on her. As soon as the dragon was a foot away from her, she cut loose.

Overwhelming amounts of magic burst forth from Pyrrha's outstretched arm, completely engulfing the dragon. And in the blink of an eye, there was no trace of it left.

Pyrrha slowly lowered herself to the ground, and the flames around her eyes dissipated. Her legs were wobbly, and had to grip the table for support. She looked at Ozpin, who wore an approving smile.

"Congratulations, Pyrrha Nikos. You are now the Fall Maiden. Well done."

Pyrrha smiled weakly, and then collapsed on the table. "For some reason, I feel just like a cup of coffee right now."

Ozpin glared at her. "Don't even joke about that. You have been spending too much time with Miss Xiao-Long."


Ozpin's features smoothened. "There remains one thing which you have to do, Miss Nikos."

"Yes, Professor?"

"You must kill me."

Pyrrha stuck her pinky finger into her ear and wiggled it about, trying to get rid of the interfering material which must have been there.

"I'm sorry, Professor, but could you repeat that?"

"You did not mishear me, Miss Nikos. You must kill me."


"Of course, I won't actually die. My soul and memories will be reincarnated in the form of a newer, younger body. Do not ask how, that is a story which cannot be shortened."

"Professor!" Pyrrha protested "You should have mentioned the reincarnation part first! I nearly fainted!"

"You're taking the news of me being able to reincarnate quite well."

"After the events of today, I don't think anything can surprise me anymore."

"What if I told you that I was half-responsible for the condition of the moon?"

"I figured that out after that last attack of yours."

"What if I told you that I created the maidens?"



"Okay, now nothing can surprise me."

"Ruby's uncle Qrow is actually her father."

"Yang told me."

"I also gave Qrow and his sister the ability to transform into birds."



"On second thought, never mind. Now I am fully convinced that there is plenty of stuff on Remnant that I will never understand."

Ozpin chuckled to himself. "It's time." he said.

Somehow, Pyrrha knew exactly what to do. She stood in front of Ozpin, who stood as well. She placed her hand in the middle of his chest, and let her power flow. Ozpin gave her a final smile and closed his eyes, just before his body exploded into burning embers which were carried away by the wind.

Pyrrha fell back into the headmaster's chair, and pulled the coffee machine towards her using polarity. Thanks to the maiden powers, her control over her semblance had increased exponentially. Slowly, but surely, she began to fix it.

Ruby Rose raced to the top of Beacon tower. The two giant emissions of energy had caught everyone's attention. She raced across the white glyphs that Weiss was casting under her feet. She leapt over the side of the tower and landed on the floor.

She had not expected to see Pyrrha sitting in Ozpin's chair, drinking coffee.

"Oh, Ruby! Hello!"

"Pyrrha?! What happened?"

Pyrrha grinned "It's a long story."

Almost immediately, a crow flew towards them, and in a flash, transformed into a slightly drunk, scythe-wielding Qrow Branwen. He instantly set his gaze on Pyrrha.

"Where's Ozpin?"

Pyrrha glanced at the cane that stood propped against the table. She took another sip of coffee.

"Professor Ozpin is…. taking a vacation." she said, looking off into the distance.

"I see." Qrow said. "Come on, kiddo. Some of Oz's coffee will do you good."

"Pyrrha, are you okay?" Ruby asked, her voice laced with worry.

"I am just fine, Ruby." she took another sip from her (Ozpin's) cup. "I can now understand why the headmaster was so angry at having his coffee machine destroyed."

"The coffee machine was destroyed? Damn, that explains why he blew up a piece of the moon."

"He WHAT?!" Ruby yelled. Qrow quickly filled an extra cup with coffee and thrust it into Ruby's hands. Ruby took a sip and moaned "Oh man, what have I been drinking all this time? This stuff is fantastic! Weiss would go nuts!"

"Slow down, Ruby!" Pyrrha said, giggling "How is everyone else?"

Ruby's mood dropped dramatically. Pyrrha noticed.

"Ruby, what happened?"

Qrow took a long gulp from his flask, and Ruby took in a deep breath before speaking.

"Blake, Nora, and Ren are injured, but they'll be fine. And Yang…" Ruby trailed off.

"What happened to Yang?"

Qrow patted Ruby's shoulder and took over "Firecracker saved her friend's life, and lost an arm in the process."

Pyrrha gasped, and Ruby looked downcast.

"Come on, kids, time to go." Qrow said. "It's been a rough day for everyone." He picked up Ozpin's cane, which immediately shrunk until only the handle remained, and jumped off the tower and sunk his scythe into it, slowing him down. Ruby mimicked his actions with Crescent Rose, while Pyrrha used polarity to slow her fall. Within seconds, she reached the ground, where Weiss was waiting.

"Pyrrha!" she exclaimed "Are you all right?"

"I am feeling well, thank you."

"Where's Jaune?"

Pyrrha froze at Weiss' question. In the heat of battle, she had forgotten all about Jaune, who was still in the vault.

"I completely forgot!" Pyrrha yelled uncharacteristically, before charging back towards Beacon tower and jumping down the elevator shaft.

"Pyrrha! Wait!" Weiss and Ruby shouted together as they ran after her. Qrow just groaned and dragged himself behind them.

Pyrrha felt the wind blowing through her hair as she plummeted towards the basement. Using polarity, she mentally grabbed on to the metal walls around her slowing down as she landed. Above her, Weiss used her glyphs to slow her and Ruby down. Pyrrha wasted no time and dashed into the vault, with Weiss and Ruby right behind her.

"Jaune! Jaune!" Pyrrha called out. But as she approached the pods, she could see him, sleeping lightly.

The problem was, he was not alone.

The other girl- Amber, was sitting on the floor right next to him, her head leaning on his shoulder, fast asleep. In just her underwear. The logical side of Pyrrha argued that Amber didn't have any more clothes, but there was also her other side which made her mind burn with jealousy. She was sure that if she hadn't just exhausted most of her power, she would have set the whole place ablaze. Even now, her hands were steaming.

"Jaune, wake up." Pyrrha said in a forcefully controlled voice.

"Pyrrha?" Jaune mumbled with half-lidded eyes, before completely opening them. "Pyrrha! You did it! You're alive!" Then, he thought to himself for a second. "Pyrrhaaaa….."

"Yes, Jaune?" Pyrrha said, trembling slightly in embarrassment.

"You forgot that I was down here, didn't you?"

"I'm sorry!"

"Anyway, it's been one heck of a day. Let's get out of here. Amber. Hey, Amber wake up!"

Amber fidgeted a bit before opening her eyes, her sight settling on one person in particular.


The reaper had been so quiet that no one had even noticed him until then.

"Yeah, Amber, it's me." he said softly, in a tone only reserved for Ruby and Yang.

Amber yawned and stretched, and was pulled up by Qrow. Pyrrha helped Jaune up.

"So, you're a maiden now, huh?" Jaune asked.

Pyrrha was startled "How do you even know about that?"

"Amber explained everything to me."

"Right…." Pyrrha was internally cursing herself. She had wasted time drinking coffee while Amber had been getting snuggle time with her Jaune. Stupid, stupid, stupid…

"Hey, Pyrrha? Just wanted to thank you."

"For what, Jaune?"

"For saving my life earlier."

"We're friends, Jaune. That's what we do." Pyrrha said, her voice taking on a dejected tone at the word friends, something both Ruby and Weiss picked up on.

"Yeah, I suppose so….. But still…" And with that, he pulled Pyrrha into his embrace "Thanks for having my back."

Pyrrha was fairly certain that her brain had short-circuited, or that Cinder Fall had successfully killed her and sent her to heaven. Her face turned bright red, and the most intelligent response she could come up with was "Y-y-yeah, n-no problem."

Jaune pulled away and looked at her face. "Huh? Pyrrha, your face is red."


"And your skin is burning up! Is it a side effect of the maiden powers or something?"

Ruby and Weiss were doing their best to stifle their laughter, and considering how Pyrrha's face looked, it was quite the challenge. Both girls would have agreed that initiation was far easier than not laughing at Pyrrha's embarrassed face.

"I…..I'm f-fine, Jaune." Pyrrha stuttered.

"Okay, If you say so." Jaune said. Then he proceeded to take Pyrrha's hand in his. There was an audible pop, and Ruby and Weiss could actually see smoke coming out of Pyrrha's ears. Both girls doubled over, in a final, desperate attempt to stifle their laughter. They were so going to have stomachaches later, even with aura.

Qrow was waiting near the destroyed elevator doors, with Amber in his arms, unconscious.

"Kid, I do have one thing to ask you." He said, looking at Jaune.


"How is Amber alive? Her whole aura was messed up because of what happened to her. The machine was the only thing keeping her alive." Everyone turned to look at Jaune.

"I don't know." he said "I kinda-sorta could tell there was something wrong with her aura, so I just used mine to smoothen hers out."

"Huh, aura manipulation. Rare semblance you got there, kid."

"Yeah. … Wait, that's my semblance?!"

"Go Jaune! You finally unlocked your semblance!" Ruby yelled, tackling Jaune from behind. This action had consequences.

Jaune was low on aura, having used most of it against Cinder and in healing Amber, and had yet to regenerate. So he was sent stumbling into Pyrrha, his face landing in her chest, knocking her down as well.

"Ugh… Ruby, calm down!" Jaune said. He placed his hands on the ground to push himself up.

Except his hands weren't on the ground.

Jaune frowned as his hands came into contact with two soft somethings. He pushed himself up, and saw exactly where his hands were. He quickly removed his hands and jumped back.

"I'm so sorry, Pyrrha! I didn't mean to….."

But his apology was never heard by the intended recipient, as Pyrrha had fainted, a goofy grin plastered on her face.

"Jaune….." Weiss said with fury in her voice "How dare you….!"

"I didn't mean to! Honest! It was Ruby's fault!" Jaune protested.

But the red reaper in question had immediately dashed fifteen feet away, and was hiding her incredibly red face in her hood. Just to make things worse, Qrow chose that exact moment to throw in his two lien.

"Now I know why Yang calls you 'Lady-Killer'. Who knows, in a few years, you may even outdo me."

Luckily for Jaune, Qrow was able to stop Weiss from killing him, and convince her to use her glyphs and get them out of there.

Half an hour later, they had reached the evacuation point, Pyrrha having woken up fifteen minutes earlier, and with Qrow carrying Ozpin's coffee machine in one arm, supporting Amber with the other, who was able to walk stumblingly, thanks to a little more aura enhancement.

"Qrow!" Glynda Goodwitch's voice cut through the air, who walked up to the group, with James Ironwood right behind her.

"Yo, Glynda. 'Sup, Jimmy?"

Ironwood saw Amber leaning on Qrow, as well as Pyrrha Nikos, who was looking a little different.

"Qrow, what happened?"

Qrow told the kids to check up on the others, and sent Amber with them as well, supported on either side by Pyrrha and Weiss.

"Eh, the transfer was successful. Cinder was destroyed, Ozpin is taking one of his breaks, and lady-killer here managed to patch Amber up."

"Stop calling me that!" Jaune said, but was ignored.

"So he's gone again, huh." Glynda said as she sighed, a little sadness in her voice at the news of the temporary passing of her boss.

"Oh." Ironwood said, before his eyes widened slightly. "That reminds me, Qrow. Hand it over."

"Huh? What're you talking about, Jimmy?"

"You know exactly what I'm talking about. Ozpin's coffee machine. I called dibs on it twenty years ago, and I also know you well enough that you wouldn't leave the tower without it."

"Sorry buddy, but Cinder destroyed it. That's why Oz nearly blew up the moon again." James Ironwood paled.

"Noooo…" He moaned. But then, his saving grace, in the form of Glynda Goodwitch, raised her riding crop, causing the coffee machine to float out from behind Qrow and into James' hands. Qrow shot Glynda a death glare.

"Glynda! Have I ever told you how much I love you?" James said.

"Too many times." Glynda said, a light blush forming on her cheeks. Qrow took a long swig from his flask. He was going to need it to deal with these two.

"Yang!" Ruby yelled, running at her sister who had regained consciousness, and was sitting with her back against a piece of metal which looked suspiciously like an arm from an Atlesian paladin. Yang's gaze met her sister's, her eyes lifeless. Pyrrha and Weiss left Amber in the care of the medical staff which immediately took her away on a special bullhead.

"Yang!" Weiss said. She took a few moments to look around, and then..

"Where's Blake?"

With that single question, Yang crumpled completely, as she burst into tears, something which no one, not even Ruby had ever seen.

"She….She…..She ran!" Yang said between sobs. "Sun we-went after he-her. Why? Why did she have to l-leave me? I sacrificed my arm for her, I would sacrifice everything for her, but she still ran! Why?! What did I do wrong?!"

Yang was screaming towards the end.

"I 'sniff' ..I want Blake back." she said quietly, before once again sobbing lightly.

Ruby, Weiss, and team JNPR said nothing, and moved closer to Yang, surrounding her, offering her the comfort that she needed.

"No matter what, Yang, I will always be there for you." Ruby said, hugging her sister. Yang lightly squeezed her sister (actually her cousin, not that Ruby knew) back.

"And don't you dare forget about us!" Nora added. Yang looked up at her friends. But then she dropped her gaze.

"But now I'm useless." she said, waving her stump around "I'll never be as strong as I used to be."

"But we don't need you to be as strong as you used to be." Pyrrha said. During her time at Beacon, Yang had been a great friend, and she was determined to be just as good a friend to her. "We only need you to be as strong as you can be. That is more than enough."

"Pyrrha…." Yang's voice trailed off.

"Besides, if your arm bothers you that much, I could probably do something about it."

"What?!" came the collective response of everyone except Yang, who just stared at her as if she had grown a second head.

"I mean, I'm not sure it would work, but it's worth a try."

"Do it." Yang said, her voice unwavering.

Pyrrha moved forward and everyone else stepped back. She moved her hands around Yang's stump, and magic sparked from her hands. Burning rock formed in her hands, and she molded it into the shape of Yang's original arm. The flaming rock connected itself to Yang's stump. Yang gasped in pain, and it felt as if her arm was on fire. (which was actually pretty accurate) Pyrrha let out a long breath, and the flames disappeared, and ice grew over it, forming intricate designs which looked like multicolored flames.

"Jaune, can you match their auras?"

"On it." he said immediately, and white streams of energy left his hands, linking with Yang and her arm. After a few seconds, the light faded.

"What was that?" Nora asked.

"My semblance." Jaune replied "Aura manipulation."

"Awwww, yeahhh! Our fearless leader unlocked his semblance! Isn't that great, Ren?" Nora said as she ran forwards and enveloped Jaune in one of her famous bone-crushing hugs. Ren shot Jaune a smile and a thumbs-up.

Yang, oblivious to Jaune's plight, stared open-mouthed at her new arm. It moved at her command, as if it war her real one. Sure, it was a little heavier, as well as being black and light blue in color, but it was amazing. She fed her aura into it, and the ice designs began to glow, and actual flames burst from her arm.

"Wow…." she breathed "This is amazing, Pyrrha. Thank you. Thank you so much!" Yang said with tears in her eyes.

"It was no problem." Pyrrha said kindly.

Yang tested her arm out on the atlesian paladin behind her. (Or what was left of it, anyway.) The metal melted at her touch, and her hand cleanly passed through it without much obstruction. She channeled her aura differently, and ice began to coat the previously molten metal.

"Wow, Pyrrha. This'll really come in 'handy'! Eh?"

There was a prolonged silence, and it seemed as if even the Grimm had gone silent in horror.

"Boooooo!" said Ruby, Jaune, Nora and Ren.

"Yang, it's too soon! Even for us!" This was Weiss.

"Awwww, come on, guys! It was just an 'off-hand' comment!"


"Yang, if you don't stop, I will dis'arm' you."


"What?" said Weiss "Was I too soon?"

"Huh." said Yang "I'll have to 'hand' that one to you, Weiss Queen."


"Hey! My jokes aren't that bad! Ask Pyrrha!" Yang protested. Everyone's eyes focused on Pyrrha, and Nora face palmed, already well aware of what would happen.

Pyrrha was in two minds, and it was giving her a headache.

Finish her! One voice yelled.

Must……. nice! The other said.

Disarm her for real!

NO! You are Pyrrha Nikos, and you must be nice!

You are the Fall Maiden! Make her suffer!

What would your parents say?

What they don't know won't hurt them.

Jaune is here! I have to be nice!

So what if he is? It's not like he notices you anyway.

He does! Earlier for instance! Oh, his hands felt so nice there…

His hands may be nice, but Yang's puns are not!


"Uhhhhhh" Pyrrha said, her choice harder than the battle she had just fought "That was a… good attempt?"

Everyone let out a groan, and Yang smirked.

"See, I told you so!" she proclaimed triumphantly, curling and uncurling her glowing right fist in front of her "This is amazing, 'hands'-down."

"Stop it!" Everyone save for Pyrrha and Yang yelled.

"All right, all right! Geez, you people just can't 'hand'le me."

Nora fainted, Weiss shot ice dust at her own face, Ruby was banging her head against the ground, and Jaune fell flat on his back.

"Wow, these guys sure are a 'hand'ful." That was enough to snap Nora out of her sleep, and the ice dust encasing the whole of Weiss' face shattered, and everyone let out groans, which more closely resembled sounds made by people seconds away from death.

"But, seriously, Pyrrha. Thanks for this." Yang said, her voice filled with sincerity.

"Anytime, Yang."

They all bathed in silence (and lack of painful puns) for a while, before Ren spoke up.

"By the way, Pyrrha, how did you do that?"

Pyrrha felt several pairs of eyes looking at her. She shifted her gaze to the sky, full of Grimm and the occasional star.

"It's a long story."

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