Hidden among the leaves above the dead

Summary-Abandoned by those that were supposed to be her family Fem! Harry makes a life for herself. One that she is just really starting to enjoy when the dead wake up hungry for human flesh. So, what happens when this independent Fem! Harry is faced with surviving during the walking dead?

Disclaimer- I do not own Harry Potter or The Walking Dead

A.N- Also I Have tried something a bit different in this or at least different when it comes to magicals and Walkers. So please let me know what you think of it?

Chapter Ten

After Hyacinth mentioned giving the two a tour of the sanctuary, not to mention made sure the two also know they could take some of supplies back to their group. Or at least take back some of whatever they would need back to them. If only to make it look like that they had really been on a supply run, like they had told the others they would be, they looked eager to see everything Hyacinth had set up. Not that they hadn't been eager before just now looking a little less torn about what they should do.

Even if, at the same time, both Luna and Neville seemed to have gotten the unspoken hint that, at the moment, Hyacinth didn't seem to quite want the others to know about her tree top sanctuary.

Seeing as she was making it so the supplies they got here, were thought to come from a supply run. And was pointedly not telling the other out right where they all really came from. Which in turn meant, at least in Luna and Neville's mind, that they wouldn't be able to take as many supplies as they wanted with them. Or else it would come off as too suspicious to all the others in their little camp. As none one in that group was particularly stupid, stubborn, and hard head but stupid; not really.

As something about bringing in tons of supplies all at once would rings suspicious in the other's heads. Especially considering the fact that most place they had been able to get into had long since been pretty much emptied already.

With the other places too full of walkers for them to be able to get into to safely find out if there were supplies in it; more so than ever considering the fact neither Luna or Neville really had full control over their magic yet. Or at least that is what the two of them had thought, this is until Hyacinth seeing their conflicted faces, and guessing what they were thinking about mentioned.

"You know, you can still take good amount back to the others without worrying. I do have plenty here. And if they ask or wonder where you got all of it, well I do have full access to my magic. Not to mention I have lived in this area a lot longer than you, or the majority of the others, or at least in regards to this specific area I have. So, I would know a lot a places to get supplies and how to get them with better access than you two would."

Here Hyacinth stopped for a bit and seeing that Luna and Neville were starting to watch her and listening to her as she explained continued on; smirking slightly as she did so.

"Especially since I can do a rather powerful summoning spell and wouldn't have to be as close as you would to do said spell. Or be nearly exhausted with doing so considering how much energy summoning spells in large degree can cost; at least for you for about a little under a month more…" Here Hyacinth paused slightly as she felt the twos magic and saw that it was close to fully adapting to the area before continuing on in a much more upbeat tone.

"So, it could be said I could very easily get things in the so-called overrun stores or even had appearted to the ceiling beams of said stories and summoned everything from there." Again, there as a pause as Hyacinth took in Luna and Nevilles looks before adding on.

"Or at least that is what you could tell them until I feel a little safer in letting them know about this place. Something that will hopefully happen and happen soon if you can convince them to let me go along with them for a bit so I can really get to know them. While leading them in this direction. I feel that by the time we can get them all here, as the group would be moving at a much slower speed than we used before as from what heard you guys really only go a couple of miles at most a day…"

It was as she was saying this last bit that Hyacinth realized she was starting to ramble slightly. Something she hadn't done in a long time, and something that still embarrassed it a bit to be caught doing, so knowing this she cleared her throat slightly before starting again; being more direct in making her point.

"Anyway, by the time we could get the group here I feel that I'd trust them enough to let them in here and not feel like they could be another Hermione or Ron. Not feel like they were a betrayal just waiting to happen… Or at least feel that way about them majority of them as I don't think I would ever feel comfortable around Lori; as she reminds me way too much of my aunt…." Hyacinth said this last bit with a snort before adding on; knowing that it was a possibility.

"Hell, maybe we'll tell them about this place earlier on before they even arrive here and if they do not feel safe staying here or with me, I could help them set up another place. Maybe somewhere else close by and possible share supplies with them through trade or something like that." Hearing this lace bit, along with everything else she had said, seemed to calm down her two friends. Seeing this, Hyacinth gave a slight smile before telling them; trying to get back to what needed to be done.

"But let's first give you a tour and get some supplies that the others are going to need. Then we can think of plans on what we are going to do about everything else. As there is quite bit, we are going to have to plan for; isn't there?"

This seemed to be the right thing to say as both Luna and Neville seemed to fully relax, not to mention no longer looked so torn. Something that was really shown when Luna turned to Hyacinth and finally answered her.

"Your right, and honestly looking at all of this while knowing it is just the beginning of everything that you've set up as made it so I would really love to see what you have set up in this tree top city. As it all honestly looks like something right out of what the High elves would have done…if they were here among us anymore that is."

This last bit seemed to be added a bit sadly but still seeing Luna, as well as Neville's, curious eager filled eyes trying to take everything in Hyacinth felt a bit of pride go through her. It was time she showed her family just what she had done, and the safety she could finally offer them. Safety that because of what was going on in today's time Hyacinth had a reason to be proud of what she had done. Especially considering just how much she could now offer.

And there was quite a lot that her home could offer them, or anyone else that had the chance to call this place there home. Something that was proven with everything she made sure to point out to them. Starting with the most obvious thing there, and that was the magical tents she had.

The thirteen tents she had as homes all neatly set up in their own area, including her own, as well as the four other tents she had made herself for either storage or in one of there cases the pool and hot tub combo she had finally decided to set up after a particularly difficult hunt.

Finding out after doing so that make the tent in question was a lot more draining and difficult than she had ever thought it would be and making it something she wouldn't be willing to do again for a long while. At least not unless it was an emergency, or she had some serious help in making it.

After showing them this, and literally letting them in each tent to see what they all looked like as well as know how she had at least some sort of plan for them; like the largest on being more of half hospital meeting place than a home to help avoid any fighting. Something Neville, more than Luna seemed to get, as he had seen such fight break out over much stupider, less grand things then the tent in question was like.

Then, once that bit had been told, Hyacinth started to tell them about how the tents, and everything in her sanctuary was protected with her wards, and the netting as well as everything else she could think of when it came to protect what she deemed as hers.

Which considering she had always been the best a defending, and later on in warding, was quite a lot. More so then ever when adding in the Potter family books which apparently had a lot on warding; as warding seemed to quite literally be in her blood. Something she had taken full advantage of in the name of shielding her home.

Once she had finished ensuring the two knew that there were both plenty of both shelter as well as protection on what Hyacinth hoped they would accept as their knew home she began to give them a more in-depth tour of her place. Or to be more precise she began to show them the supplies she had set up, after keying them both into a tent they had chosen as their own, one of the other small two room apartment like tents. Seeing as both Luna and Neville had decided to stick together and share; something that might be more than that if the looks they gave each other meant anything.

Once they had been keyed into the tent in question, and reluctantly decided that now wasn't the time to get cleaned up in the shower like both of them seemed to really want to do; if only to avoid the questions doing so would rise.

And something they couldn't be blamed for considering the fact nothing felt quite a good as a nice hot shower when you were filthy and knew it. Still, knowing that they were a bit down about this fact, Hyacinth led them to one of the main supply trunks she had set up.

So, they could get some supplies for the group that was waiting for them quite a few miles away; handing each of them a magical enhanced hiking bag as she did so. Knowing if the group they had temporarily left behind knew about magic, then they most likely knew or could accept the magic that was in those bags.

Once they all got into the supply trunk, or at least the main one, Hyacinth got to watch in a pure amusement as her two sibling's eyes, which were already rather wide at everything they had seen so far, nearly popped clear out of their head in sheer shock at the amount of supplies Hyacinth had managed to gather up. And this was with the fact that she hadn't even showed them all the supplies she had altogether either.

Though she did notice, as she was pointing everything out, that besides the eye popping shocked looks they were giving Luna was getting a much more considering look in her eyes. As if she was trying to figure something out.

A look that only seemed to get stronger when it came to the more magical items Hyacinth was showing the duo. Finally coming to head when Hyacinth managed to show the magical trunk, she had set up with the animals inside it; a trunk with a very American brand on it too boot.

Seeing this look, Hyacinth knew Luna had several questions that she wanted to ask her, but at the moment seemed to be willing to wait. As Luna knew first, they needed to get supplies and then she could ask the questions that was obviously burning in her mind.

That in mind Hyacinth began to lead them through the supplies she had, all of which she had spend time as well as magic in organizing, so it would be easier to find what she needed. Because of this she watched with a bit of satisfaction in her heart as Luna and Neville began to fill their bag with things such as more food, like rice, more dried meat, pasta, and other filling but rather light things.

Knowing they couldn't fill too much on can goods as those things got rather heavy and cumbrous which would get in the way while they were on the run. Or at least they did until Hyacinth seeing what they were doing and knowing why they were doing it point blank told them the bags had featherlight charms on it and if the other in the group had problems with it or even asked her she, unlike them or at least currently unlike them, could very easily put both a featherlight charm on their own bags as well as a bottomless on if they wanted.

Something that Hyacinth felt that several of the group, besides Lori and maybe one or two others, would be very much willing to have. If only so they could carry more supplies without having to worry about it being too heavy for them.

That and she also told them not to be afraid of grabbing too much of her supplies, or whatever they felt they may need, as she brought up her early words about pretending to get everything from a shop that had been from an overrun shop via magic.

An overrun shop that supposedly would have had plenty of supplies in it, as there had been no chance for anyone to empty anything out of it because it was overrun. Or at least that is what they could be told until Hyacinth felt more comfortable telling the actual truth.

After hearing this, both Luna and Neville suddenly became a lot less weary about grabbing supplies and took Hyacinth on her offer to take as much as the felt they would need and then some. Adding things like can good, heavy as well as large bags of rice, boxes of food mix, pots, pans, knives, silverware, spices, and many other food related things. Before moving on to the next section of supplies and began to work on things from there.

Starting with grabbing a small medical kit for each member of the group as a just in case, as well as things like soap, shampoo, conditioner feminine needs. Not to mention several things like more medicine as well as Prematernal pills. Something that Hyacinth was sure was for Lori as she was currently the only on Hyacinth knew was pregnant.

Though before they left this section completely, Hyacinth noticed that Luna to her amusement and a suddenly red face Neville's embarrassed also grabbing a several boxes of condoms, she threw in her bag with a wink towards both of them.

The next section they entered was one for clothing and something that Hyacinth felt they would take the longest in. As she was sure everyone in the group needed not only new clean clothes, but cloths more geared towards the upcoming winter.

Not only that but Hyacinth had also paused to grab several more of the bags she had, to put in the two other bag. So, if the others in the group wanted, they now had bags similar to hers, Luna's, Neville's as well a Sophia's bags. Ones that wouldn't need to be spelled now to be feather light, weather resistant as well as nearly bottomless.

And at the same time bags that seemed to remind Luna of the questions she wanted to ask Hyacinth earlier. If the biting her lip as well as tugging of her lip down meant anything, as Luna quickly went into the clothing section of the supplies. Trying to finish what she was doing before bringing something else into it and if Luna moved just a bit quick in gathering everything, well that didn't matter did it.

Once Luna and Neville gather enough clothes to give each member of the group several different sets of their own clothing; including a package of undergarments and socks each. As well as several set of boots, and sneakers, not to mention thicker jackets for the closely closing in winter weather they were ready to move on.

Though Hyacinth did notice that Luna grabs several other things and throwing them in her bag before either her or Neville could see exactly what they were. Not only that but she had done so with a not so quite snicker. One that had Neville looking at Luna rather wearily as if wondering just what she had planned or what she had just grabbed for that matter.

After all the supply run was done it ended with both Luan and Neville managed get enough supplies all together to last their entire group at least a couple of months; if used carefully. And while it was a lot of supplies, especially compared to what they would have gotten otherwise, it wasn't nearly as much as they could have grabbed, but still enough to make the overrun story thing possible.

Especially considering they were planning on making it known they had managed to get as much as they had only with the help f Hyacinth's magic, and the fact she had been in a safe location to get all of it.

Even if it really didn't make a dent in the supplies Hyacinth currently had. After all she had made sure to empty several different stores from the mundane world along with a s storage center belong to a large chain of stores. Which consider the stores in question were supposed to supply an entire cities worth of people for months would last her, and anyone one she claimed as hers, a very long time; even when you do not included magic like the duplicating spells.

Hyacinth seeing that they were done gather their supplies, at least for the time being, smirked to herself as both Luna and Neville began to put the hiking bags, she had given them on. Before telling them.

"Those hiking bags are some of the best I have. I'm so glad I found a store here that had them. I honestly have no idea what I would have done if I hadn't found that store. One thing's for sure, this place wouldn't be nearly as large of fully stocked as it currently is otherwise."

Hearing this, Luna eyes seemed to suddenly zoom in on her and Hyacinth found herself being asking the question that had obviously been bugging Luna since before they had even begun the supply grabbing, they had just done.

"You know where the closest magical center is don't you? You've been there, and that were you got a lot of these magical items, isn't that right?" Then not waiting for an answer from Hyacinth Luna took a deep breath before adding on.

"Neither Neville nor I, knew the location of the nearest Magical center, or really any of them in this country. We also haven't been able to find it either; despite trying. But you do know where it is, right?" Hearing this, Hyacinth slowly nods. Slightly confused as to why she was being asked this. Or she was until Luna's eyes lit up and she answered Hyacinth unasked question of why, when she exclaimed.

"Then you can take us there. I'm sure the magical center are just like the shops here and are pretty much ripe for the picking. Especially if you consider the fact that most witches and wizard either fled to their manors or the nearest safe center once this all happened." Here there was a pause and a slight grimace before Luna added on something Hyacinth herself had no idea about.

"And the fact that most magics do not become walkers once they are bit, but literally burn to ashes as their magic fights against the virus. With only those with weaker magic actually become walkers…trust me on that I've seen it happen. Dumbledore magical outburst after he was bitten literally burned all the walkers around him including the newly formed one of Ron. While on the other hand Molly and Hermione's just burned their bodies to ashes. But either way it does make it so there wouldn't be nearly as many Walkers there to worry about."

Hearing this last bit, Hyacinth had to blink, she hadn't known that was what happened to magical when they got bitten. She had kind of assumed that they would react the same way as normal human had and just turn in to walkers when they were bit.

But she could see that happening, more so than ever when considering the fact that a magical's body did fight vampire and werewolf bites as well. Often either killing the person in question or if not that, then letting them change happen but with a weaker magic or no magic at all. Making it so only those with powerful magic where able to even have magic after they had been bitten by a vampire or a werewolf; if they even lived after the bit that is.

With Remus actually being an example of this, as while he did have magic it was only at the level of maybe a fifth-year wizard or witch; at the most. He was just very clever in how he used it, not to mention he also had a very high level of control over the amount he used so he never wasted any of his magic; like most of the more powerful witches or wizards where prone to do.

But still if that was the magical body's reaction towards a werewolf or a vampires, something that actually came from magic in the first place, how much more sever would it be for something that hadn't originally came from magic…Well, she guessed she did know now.

Shaking her head at those thoughts and knowing that she would be thinking more on it later, Hyacinth instead turned her focus back on Luna and answered what she asked earlier. Before she brought up the fact those with magic in their body more often than not combusted instead of being turned into walkers.

"Yes, I know where the nearest magical alley it. It's called magical Peach alley and it really isn't' too far from here. Do you want to go now and go through it or maybe later. We really haven't been gone that long, have we? At least not for a supply run, right?" This got Hyacinth a negative shake of the head from Luna as she began to speak; looking rather eager as she did so.

"No, we haven't been gone to long, at least not when it comes to Nevile or me. We usually end up spending a couple of hours on a supply run; usually just getting back before it gets dark. We have the time needed to go to this Alley. Besides we might find even more things we could need there."

This said Hyacinth did the normal check over she normally did on herself before she left, checking she had everything on her weapons, bags, and all. Before she gave both Luna and Neville a look and began to walk out of her sanctuary; preparing to lead them to Peach Alley. Something they both seemed to understand if how quickly they followed behind her, after checking over themselves in a similar fashion that Hyacinth had.

Once they all reached what could be called the front entrance to her tree fort, they all three began to look as see if they could see any Walkers in the area. Then after killing the few they did see, via a quick arrow to the head, they all three climbed out of the trees; one much more used to it than the other two.

After they had all hit the ground, they began to run with Hyacinth in the lead; as she began to lead them in the direction of Peach Alley. Not running at her full speed as she knew neither Luna or Neville could reach that speed but still running at a faster speed then most people could reach.

As both Luna and Neville were one of the very few she had taught her magical circulation trick to; with Sophia being the only other one she had taught it to. It was something that she hadn't even taught to Ron and Hermione back when she had thought they had actually been friends. If only because one wouldn't be able to learn it with how depended she was on books, and the other not have the control over his magic or power level to do so. So, she hadn't even mentioned the ability in question if only to avoid the demands or fighting it would have caused otherwise.

Which did turn out to be a good thing in the end, considering just how true those two had been as friends. Though at the same time, as she thought on this, Hyacinth also knew that she would have to warn those she had taught about the circulation trick about the consequences of doing it here; but that could wait for the time being.

Though knowing Luna as she did, her friend might already have an idea about that seeing as she did have a sense of knowing when it came to things like that. Still, there was no point in worry about it now as the trick in question did help increase their speed and because of that it didn't take nearly as long as it would have otherwise for the trio to reach Magical Peach Alley.

Slowing to stop as they reached the area, Hyacinth made quick work of opening the entrance to said alley. Doing so carefully as she knew that they may be some walkers still in there. What with squibs and weaker magically inclined witches or wizards still able to turn into walkers. That and trying not to bring any attention to herself or her two friends by any of the walkers that were on the mundane side of the alley in question. As while the building they were currently wasn't seen by them they could still possibly smell them.

It was lucky Hyacinth was being as cautious as she had been because as soon as the entrance was open, several different walkers came stumbling out. All of which between Luna, Neville, and Hyacinth herself, they managed to deal with rather quickly before making their way into the magical Alley.

Having the entrance closing right behind them as it seemed walkers form the outside were starting to be attracted in their direction. Giving them a solid wall at their back as the took view of the Alley now in front of them.

Letting the three see the fact that there really wasn't nearly as many walkers in the Alley as there had been in the city outside the Alley. Though still enough that they would have to be on guard and watch their back as they explored the Alley.

In fact, as Hyacinth was looking, she saw another Walker stumbling its way towards them. A very familiar and much loathed former store owner turned Walker. One that upon seeing Hyacinth would admit that she took a little bit too much pleasure in putting an arrow in the head of the former condescend pig that just wouldn't take the hint of not interested in the least bit.

Not that it really mattered all that much in the end, as after the shot had been fired and the Walker in question had fallen, the three decided started going through the stores for any supplies they may need. Choosing to do so from the roofs of the buildings in question to not only have a better view but avoid whatever Walkers there may be around them.

Starting with the shops that were closer to the exit and then moving on from there. Determined to stay together as they did so, so they could watch each other's back; despite the fact that it would take them longer to go through the stores because of this.

It was while doing this that the three of them, with much fuller bags on them, began to enter the next building. Seeing as they had already emptied out a magical clothing shop, a herbology shop, as well as several different school related shops included a book shop; sadly, they hadn't run across a wand shop yet.

Though considering Hyacinth had mostly been able to go wandless, except for the more difficult controlled magic, perhaps it would be better if she didn't find a wand for Sophia, so she never became depended on one? Sure, it would take her a lot longer to even learn the more basic magics but at least it she would be depended on a very breakable piece of wood.

Or at least that was what Hyacinth told herself to cover the disappointment about not finding a wand shop. Something that seemed to be echoed by both Nevill and Luna about the lack of wand shop so far into their search. Still, this didn't stop the three as they continued on with their magical supply run.

The next shop in question was one that Hyacinth was almost ready to skip over considering just what it was. But at the same time, it was one Luna refused to do so, so they entered it. It was a magical animal shop and the first thing that hit you when you entered was the smell followed quickly by the fact that the store in question looked to be completely recked.

With Owls out of their cages making themselves clearly at home in the higher beams of the story. With the other cages being knocked over and opened, with all the food that had been stored there also knocked over and torn open. Most likely by either the owls or the other animals that had made the shop in question their territory.

Seeing this and seeing several dead and utterly destroyed walkers on the ground in said shop Hyacinth was ready to leave. It was clear the animal in question had gone rather feral and this was their territory. But then the sounds of soft mewing almost begging like cries stopped her in her track.

Wincing slightly and almost against her will Hyacinth found herself turning to where the pitiful mewing was coming from. Mostly because the cries in question reminded Hyacinth of herself when she had been younger and at her most desperate at her so-called family's house; making it all but impossible for her to ignore said cries. What she saw once she had done this had her biting her lip in pity and slowly crouching down.

As there now in front of her eyes, was a full grown half feral Kneazle. One that had been bitten by a walker, and clearly about to die. But despite this the Kneazle in question was still trying to help and nurse the few kittens she had; which was where the heart winching crying had been coming from.

Seeing this, Hyacinth bit her lip slightly, cursing the fact that despite the fact she had tried to harden her heart this sight really hit her, and she really wasn't so sure about what she should do. As she really didn't think pets where the best thing to have in the apocalypse. So, despite how much it hurt her emotionally Hyacinth was trying to force herself to turn away. Or at least she was going to until Luna spoke up.

"It'd be a good idea to take them with us, Hyacinth. After all, they aren't simple cats, they're Kneazles. And those are magical creature that are really smart, they can act as an alarm system, even unlock things, and best yet they have very keen instincts on who can be trusted and who can't. Not only that but they love to live in trees and are smart enough to know avoid the dangers that are going on. Just look what they have done here. Or if not that, think back on how Granger's half Kneazle knew that about the rat."

Hearing this and knowing that what Luna was saying was true, that the Kneazle in question could prove to be a benefit as a sort of alarm system, along with being company, made her decision. As she slowly approached the injured mother cat letting her intent project through her magic.

Something the mother seemed to feel as she gave an almost grateful sound mew before pushing her kittens towards Hyacinth. Then after doing this took her last shuttering breath; having used the last of her energy to ensue her children were safe.

Making tears build up in Hyacinth eyes as she careful took the five kittens into her arms. Before using a summoning spell to take several of the remaining unopened items for Kneazle care and put them into her bag. Knowing that she didn't need a whole bunch as she did have all those per supplies she had gotten from the other stores and had been planning on either tossing or using in her trunk farm.

One she did this, Hyacinth looked around the shop once more and seeing that there were no other creatures, animal or otherwise, that was coming out into the open decided to leave with both Luna and Neville. Noting almost absent mindedly that Luna was sending out several low-level spells in the store and that she had also left the door completely open as she left; most likely so that any animals that were in there could easily escape it they wanted to.

As they reached the exited of the building and managed to make it to the roof of the next building, so as to avoid any of the remaining walkers that may be around the area, Hyacinth turned towards her two sibling like friends and was about to question just which store they wanted to go to next, and ask Luna what she should do with the Kneazle kitten during that time when she suddenly felt a sharp pulling pain around her heart.

A pain that nearly had her doubling over, causing both Neville and Luna to close in on her in worry. That is until Luna's eyes went wide as she figured out just why Hyacinth was in pain, that seemed to be coming from directly from her chest if the way she clutched it meant anything, and quickly grabbed to kittens from Hyacinth's slackened grip before seriously telling her.


Hyacinth hearing, this instinctively reached out to where the pull was coming from and let her magic take control as she Apperated away. What she saw when she arrived after doing so let Hyacinth know just why she had gotten such a painful tugging around her heart. It was the Godmother bond she had with Teddy, and the scene in front of her let her now just why it had been pulling her so desperately as it had been.

As there in front of her was something she never really want to see and was going to be in nightmares for a while to comes. As there, still barely holding on to life shielding their only child from the Walkers surrounding them were both Remus and Tonks; the latter being someone Hyacinth had met and gotten along quite well with during her fourth year.

Both with several visible bit marks on them and look desperate for anything that could be used to safe their only child. Who was both behind and underneath them crying as his hair rapidly circulated in colors; obviously terrified about what was going on. And obviously the one her magic was still trying to pull her towards.

Seeing this, Hyacinth brought the attention of everyone in the clearing, walker or otherwise, as she began to blast her way towards what her very magic was screaming at her to protect. Something that caused both Remus and Tonks to call out her name as they all but begged her to safe their son, to get him away. Obviously recognizing her despite the changes she had undergone, most likely due to the fact her magic was obviously tied to their son in some way.

Though they didn't need to beg Hyacinth to do anything as save Teddy, or really any child, as it was something she had already been planning on doing. But at the same time hearing this Hyacinth still couldn't help but wince slightly, as she was reminded of something similar happening with her parents. A similarity that was only made worse by the fact that she could tell from the wounds alone on both Remus and Tonks that it'd be ending similarly as well; with little Teddy being orphaned with no one but his Godparent to count on.

However, unlike her Godfather Hyacinth swore she'd be there for the godson. As even with how much she loved Sirius, it always hurt that he wasn't there, and she didn't want the same for her godson; even if she hadn't exactly been aware of him until really recently. Something in her very being wouldn't let her choose otherwise.

Besides Teddy was only about two years old at most, how could she ever abandon him? Especially when she could very easily help him and give him the safety the child in question obviously needed.

That in mind Hyacinth continued to fight her way through the walkers around her. Using both her magic and the weapons she had on her to destroy them all in blurring speeds as she used her former Animagus speed to her full advantage until all the walker around them were truly dead on the ground.

Only then did Hyacinth full approach the trio in front of her. Tears pooling out of her eyes as she everything that was happening truly hit her. As she realized that both Remus and Tonks were about to die, with nothing she could do being able to help them.

Choking back her sobs, Hyacinth careful picked up the nearly silently crying, now blue-haired green-eyed child. A child that quickly began to cling to her desperately weeping as hard as he could as she tried to comfort him.

Looking with devastated eyes as both Remus and Tonks began to choke on their blood. Seeing this, and getting the feeling about what it could mean Hyacinth began to back away, and then as both parents choked out a blood-filled thanks.

Hearing this, Hyacinth gave slight nod before she Apparated away with Teddy tightly clutched in her arms. With the last thing she saw of the last link to her family being the couple holding each other as they both burst into flames.

Hyacinth after she did this Apparation, with the only thought being somewhere safe for her and Teddy, she found herself back in her tree sanctuary; holding the still softly crying Teddy. Which upon hearing his cries, she instinctively began to sooth him. Trying to calm him down by using both her magic as well as singing him a soft lullaby she couldn't quite recall where she had heard it.

"Now the sun is sleeping
And the moon shines overhead
Come magic creatures creeping
Around your little bed
But be not afraid my child
For you are their creator
Out of your dreams they're styled
As beautiful as their maker
They dance about on silent feet
As lightly as a feather
In rhythm with the unheard beat
Then bowing all together

And all the while I watch you
Amazed by your perfection
No length I wouldn't go to
To give you my protection
I wonder if you know
How much you mean to me?
This love that through me flows
Is deeper than the sea
I soar every time you smile
And worry whenever you cry
So here I shall stay awhile
Just to be by your side

But all too soon the dawn arrives
And hence the spell is breaking
Your creature friends must say goodbye
Before you are awaking
One final dance and then they're gone
Beyond this world once more
The echo of their parting song
Now fades out through the door
Yet in their wake, birds start to sing
To ease you from sleep
So delay no more my young sweetling
The world is at your feet"

This song, when combined with the slight rocking and soothing sensation her magic was giving off, was enough to cause Teddy to stop crying and start to drift off to sleep. Or at least he was until Hyacinth heard a very slight commotion coming from outside her Sanctuary cause her to jerk into attention. Waking him up and causing him to sob lightly as he clutched tighter to her; as if he was afraid he was going to lose her.

Feeling more than seeing this, and oddly at the same time getting the feeling he had also learned how dangerous loud noises were despite his obvious young age, Hyacinth winced slightly and ran a soothing hand down his back causing him to calm slightly as she looked out her door to see just what was causing the noise from before.

Only for the early guilt she was feeling to intensify as she saw that it was both Neville and Luna making there way back towards her camp. Seeing this, Hyacinth quickly realized that she had left them behind and was about to go down and to apologize while help them up. Only for Luna to wave her off gently as the two in question made their way back up into Hyacinth trees, and then before Hyacinth could even begin to apologize Luna cut her off.

"Don't even try to apologize for that. It was instinct and if you hadn't had left when you did, there is a very good chance that Teddy would have died. Which in itself is a horrible thought only made worse by the fact we also have no idea how it could have effect you, considering the magical bond you have with him." Here Luna paused and gave Hyacinth a look that screamed she was being serious before continuing on in a much lighter tone, Neville nodded in agreement beside as she did so.

"Besides I am sure that once you had calmed Teddy down and got him somewhere you knew he was safe. You would have immediately been out there trying to come back to us. Luckly for you, you didn't have to do that, both Neville and I managed to get the rest of the things in the alley, and make our way back her. I managed to memorize the way back earlier with the help of my magic. Don't worry so much. You only did what you had to."

Hyacinth almost felt like choking up, glad to have such good friends. Ones that didn't blame her for what she did or as it had happened commonly back in England blamed her for every negative thing that had happened. When back then others went out of their way to make her feel like she had to change, to fix, or otherwise do something when something went wrong. Yet, nothing like that was happening now and Hyacinth honestly couldn't feel happy about that. Even at the same time she knew that the was some work she needed to do.

Work which nearly ten minutes later left Hyacinth where she currently was. A softly sleeping Teddy tied to her chest with a toddler sized charrier; with several different protection spells and ward tied around him. While Hyacinth herself was sitting at a table with Luna and Neville on the other side of her as they all began to make several plans; savoring the hot drink in front of her.

Neville and Luna drinking some warm tea with relish while Hyacinth herself was drinking a strong cup of coffee, because as she told the other two that she needed the caffeine in the coffee to maintain her do not kill idiots mindset. Especially if she is going to have to deal with Lori when they get back.

Something that caused Luna to snort softly before they went back to their planning. After all the had been gone for a couple of hours now and needed to really get back to the rest of the group. Not only that but Hyacinth needed to figure out how exactly she was going to explain Teddy to the others as there was no way she would ever leave him behind.

It was bad enough she had to place the kittens she had rescued under both a sleeping and status spells until she got back. That is when one of the thoughts she had before she even found out Luna and Neville were in Georgia came back to her, and before she knew it Hyacinth found herself asking either Luna or Neville.

"Do either of you know what has happened to the house elves? And if perhaps we can find one to help us here?"