Summary-Abandoned by those that were supposed to be her family Fem! Harry makes a life for herself. One that she is just really starting to enjoy when the dead wake up hungry for human flesh. So, what happens when this independent Fem! Harry is faced with surviving during the walking dead?

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Chapter two

Currently Hyacinth was up in the tree, within her tent, staring down at the ground below her. Looking at her nearly empty trunk that was now just lying there at the foot of the tree she was in. Having left it there after she had emptied it of everything that she deemed important and placed all those supplies up inside her tent with her.

At the moment she was debated with herself about what to do with said trunk. It wasn't one of those muti-compartment trunks. And it didn't have much magic on it. In fact, it was pretty much a mundane trunk that was just made to be slightly lighter when in use; as well as slightly bigger on the inside then it looked. Seeing as it was the trunk she had been made to get during her first year.

Not to mention it was rather beat up from all the damage it had taken over the years, and the lock no longer fully worked since it had been broken into several times; most noticeable during her second year. Again, something she hadn't, for some reason, been able to replace. Always meet with there was no time to do so, or the fact it could still worked well enough, so why replace it. By anyone she had asked about it.

Not only that, but at the moment everything important, or magical for that matter, that Hyacinth had in there, had long since moved into her magical bottomless bags. And the only things that were now in the trunk in question, at least now that she had removed the tent and said magical bags, were her old school uniforms; as well as Dudley's old castoffs. None of which she really wanted. Not with the memories that were attached to said items; including the trunk in question.

But at the same time, she didn't think she could leave said trunk at the base of her tree; it would raise too many questions and may cause someone to look up. Besides maybe there was some use she could make out of the trunk, even if she really didn't like it all that much.

Besides if worse came to worse she could always use the clothes in it as either kindle or a base to transfigure them into something else. Costing herself less magic in the long run if she did so. Besides some overpowered repairing charms, and a little work on her part could turn the busted trunk in question into something a value; or at least hopefully it would.

Not to mention she did need something to wear besides the outfit she had now, which was some of her older clothes that she had slipped on right before her so called family had picked her up.

Older clothes that she had for years now, and older clothes that happened to be currently covered in sweat mud, and leaves. Honestly see this Hyacinth knew wearing some school clothes while going shopping for her new, true, look would be better than wearing the male cousin's castoffs; her cousin's filthy castoff as that.

At the very least it would be less attention grabbing and wouldn't get her sneers or even watched for shoplifting like the castoffs would; something Hyacinth had learned from experience when she had been younger. Plus, the school outfit, combined with everything else, really made her look harmless and dare she say it, like the golden girl the wizarding world always wanted her to be.

Knowing this was true and knowing that anything that would bring less attention to her was just what she needed at the moment. Hyacinth got her wand back out and used a levitation spell to bring the trunk up to her.

At least now she didn't have to worry about someone coming a crossed it if they ever happened to walk by it while off in the woods. Something that wasn't likely to happen but something she decide to cover for none the less.

After she had the last bit done, and now that she was reasonably sure that no one would be able to find her as easily as they would have before, Hyacinth felt it was time to finally crash. Time to at long last try and recover some of the energy she had just lost getting everything together. Hoping that maybe now that she worked herself to exhaustion, she'd be able to get more the two or three hours of sleep like she had been getting at Hogwarts.

Once she woke up, Hyacinth knew that she would work further on making this place her home; or at the very least make her new home feel safer than it did to her. Either by finding the nearest magical center, with the help of those subscription magazines she had grabbed while she was still in school, or by exploring the area around her. Either way would work.

Seeing as even before she had gone to Hogwarts in the first place, she had learned that knowing the environment around you could save your life; being in said school had only amplified that lesson. Meaning Hyacinth wouldn't be comfortable until she knew the area around her like the back of her hand and then some.

Which was something that Hyacinth was at the very least planning on starting tomorrow; seeing as it was currently starting to get dark. Or at least too dark at the moment to get all the details she would need to make herself feel more comfortable.

Knowing this, Hyacinth decided that she'd sleep now, despite the slight uneasiness she was currently feeling, and explore more once she woke up. Perhaps doing so when she decided to go shopping a bit for her new look, as well as whatever she felt she would need in her new home. After all she was always good at multitasking.

Hyacinth didn't know how long she had been asleep, nor when exactly she had gone to sleep, on what she knew was the day before; consider she had seen the sun going down. But when she did wake up, she found the sun shining high in the sky; making it obvious it was a lot later then she normally woke up at. Seeing this, but feeling how rested she now felt, Hyacinth couldn't bring herself to care as she gave good long stretch before getting up.

It may be near noon, if the position of the sun meant anything, but at least she no longer felt as if she was about to collapse any second. Something she really hadn't felt since before Voldemort had been defeated for once and for all.

But at the same time Hyacinth knew that when it came to summertime around noon was one of the busiest times in the shops as well. What with it being around the time everyone working could get off for lunch; or like her when some people where finally getting up for the day.

Not to mention with all the children, teenage or otherwise, that were now out of school for the summer break; out there either working or hanging out with friends now that they were free. Which meant that if Hyacinth wanted to be there when it was the busiest, yet still have time to get everything she wanted, while not having to fight tooth and nail to get it, she needed to leave really soon.

Realizing this, and knowing she needed to be quick, Hyacinth rushed to the shower she had in her tent. Which held everything a high class two-bedroom apartment would have, before after finishing said shower spelling herself dry. So, she could as equally as quick get dressed into her school uniform, bar the Gryffindor symbol or tie; not wanting for there to be an off chance that said symbol would be noticed by anyone.

Afterword, she quickly braided her hair by hand, as the spell just made a mess of her hair for some reason, then with a flick of her wrist spelled dry the long wild dark red hair.

Before dashing out the tent door, where she jumped from branch to branch before she was low enough to jump to the ground. Doing it with such balance and speed that it was obvious she had done something similar to it multiple times before.

Once Hyacinth hit the ground below the trees, she hit it light on her feet, and running in the direction she knew Atlanta city was in. If only because that was the direction her family had come from and had taken off in after they threw her, as well as her stuff out of their car; not even fully stopping as they had done so. As she did this, Hyacinth began to call a little bit of her magic to channel through her muscles to speed herself up some.

A trick she had learned during her 'adventures' both, unknowingly before she even knew she was a witch, while being chased by his cousin and his group of thugs, and afterwards during her stay at Hogwarts; the supposed safest place in Britain. Honestly, saying that was really a laugh and a half when Hyacinth was concerned; safe Ha ha.

What this trick was, was actual several different things, but the main thing it did, and one of the main reasons she used it was, that it could make it so she was faster than she normally was. Not only that, but it also made is so that she could run a lot further then she normally would, as well as make it so she recovered a lot faster than she normally would without it.

Basically, it took her average, whatever it maybe, and gave it a large boost; meaning the more she worked with it the more it could do. However, when you consider Hyacinth had spent all her childhood running at top speed for long periods of time, not to mention working herself to utter exhaustion time and time again.

This meant that when she did use this trick in anyway, she could really run; leaving others literally eating her dust as she did so. Not only that but she found the better fit physically she was the more the boost would do for her; making Hyacinth put a lot of effort into getting as physically fit as she could.

Something most other wizards and witches that she knew didn't put a lot of effort into doing; as they seemed to rely on magic to do a lot of things. A trap Hyacinth didn't want to fall into and a trap she knew she had avoided mostly due to the trick she had learned, and the one she was currently using.

A little bit less than twenty minutes, and six miles, later a slightly panting Hyacinth reached Atlanta City. Stopping running a few yards from few of the city so as to pretend to walk in like a normal person would; plus doing so would give her time to catch her breath a bit from her running.

After all someone running at top speeds into a city would bound to attract attention. Especially given the speed she had been running at. Seeing as she knew she was going at speeds that not many humans could get to without being top athletes.

Once she was in the city, Hyacinth felt like both grinning and at the same time cheering aloud to herself. Mainly because of the good fortune she had just been given. It seemed the Atlanta, since it was a rather important part of Georgia, had its own small magical center in it.

Which in turn meant that Hyacinth wouldn't have to actually go out and look for one now like she had previously been planning. Honestly, seeing this and thinking on what had all happened lately, it seemed that luck was on her side for once. More so then ever when you considered just how close this magical center was to her new home.

Sure, the magical center in question, wasn't nearly as large as the ones that were supposedly in New York, or Washington for that matter, and not nearly as large as the one she had come from in London.

But still rather big one all things given, one that had everything Hyacinth was looking for. Including the shops, she had grabbed the magazines from while she had still been in school. So as far as Hyacinth was concerned it was pretty much perfect where she was concerned.

Finding this out caused a little something that had been tight in her chest to loosen a bit. Because while she didn't want anything to do with the English magical world if she could help it, that didn't mean she wanted to cut herself off from magic altogether.

And, finding this alley, having this magical alley so close to her gave her the chance she really needed to do the things she hadn't been able to do in England. If only due to fear of someone finding out what she was attempting to do while she had been there. Or really the fear of them stopping what she had planned, something that wouldn't be happening here.

At the moment, Hyacinth was inwardly question herself about what she should do first. Go through her more mundane shopping, like she had originally planned when she first left her tent. Or if she should go straight for her magical shopping for some of the things she had planned put aside before because she hadn't known where the closest magical center had been.

Either way she chose she wanted to get it done quickly as she really didn't want to stay in this city too long. Not when she was already itching to get more work done on her home at any rate.

Not only that but at the moment Hyacinth felt that the longer she was in human company, especially that of the magical variety, the more chance there was of someone around her recognizing her for who she was. Something that made the Hyacinth's previable hackles rise with distaste combined with the fear of being caged once again.

Knowing this, and really not wanting it to happen, Hyacinth decided to first get her mundane shopping done. Which she felt would probably take less time than any of her other shopping would. Then she'd go to the magical zone to both check it out and see if there was anything that caught her attention there.

That way if she did get a lot of things, she could very easily place all her items in her bottomless bags without anyone question her about it. At least not while she was in the magical part of Atlanta city she wouldn't be.

Plan in mind Hyacinth quickly went toward the two places she most wanted to go to on the mundane side of things. A hairstylist and a clothing store, after all it was time to get her own sense of style into place. Not to mention it was time to side the golden girl look everyone knew she had and would be using to identify her in the first place.

Fortunately, she did have the credit card that Gringotts had given her, one that would let her purchase things in the Muggle world. Something that apparently her own mother had brought up the goblins had made a neat tidy littler profit off of it because of that.

Not to mention made it just that harder for someone to attempt to track her considering she was technically using the wizarding bank, but one the goblins had set up in the mundane world; one well known to those outside of the English wizarding world at that.

Hyacinth hesitatingly entered the nearest hairstylist; one that she found out didn't require an appointment beforehand. As she did this, she couldn't help but feel a little nervous about doing so. Both because she had never gotten a professional haircut before.

And because she was unsure if her luck would hold out. After all she had already had a lot of good things come her way, so that would mean the bad should come soon as well; seeing as that was how her luck usually worked out for her.

At the same time, she realized she was being rather ridicules as she really had nothing to fear from a haircut of all things. Knowing this, yet still nervous about it as it would be her first real attempted at expressing herself, Hyacinth steeled herself and got ready for the first professional haircut she had ever had.

One because her 'loving' aunt would never shovel out any money whatsoever to get Hyacinth's haircut done by a professional. Not when she could do it herself, the way she wanted, for free.

Which never worked as Hyacinth usually hated the hair cut her aunt chose to give her. Which usually was just wildly hacked off hair with no semblance of style, or care that she had gone the scalp drawing blood as she did so in some place, and because of this her magic grew all of said hair back over night.

Which in turned would anger Petunia, who would try to cut her hair again in an even more viscous fashion, which would result in the same thing happening once more. Making the whole thing one nasty repeating circle that would only end when Petunia got tired of trying to cut her hair and instead sent her uncle after her; which never ended well for Hyacinth.

And for two, in the wizarding work Hyacinth was expected to have long beautiful hair; just as her mother had before her. Added to that that most other purebloods seemed to have long hair as well. Making it seem like to the wizarding world the length of a female's hair was her value or something like that, and you get a recipe for no one wanting Hyacinth to cut her hair; for the greater good or something like that.

Now while Hyacinth thought that the majority of the wizarding world, as well as the so called greater good, could go fuck themselves, she had nothing against her mother. But at the same time, she simply didn't want long hair; like her mother was rumored to have been so proud of.

Not with how wild her hair got when it was long. Something she was sure she had gotten from her own father's hair, considering how wild people told her his hair had been; hell the whole Potter side of the family had been for that matter. With the only way to really tame it, or at least with her own hair, being to braid it.

Not to mention she had long since learned to hate having her hair long or braided for that matter. It was hard not to after having said long hair grabbed and used so much like a leash while she was growing up; something that sadly seemed to continue in Hogwarts as well. Say what you want about pulling pigtails she was sick of it.

Besides considering just how hot it was here, and that really wasn't even at the hottest point of the year yet either, Hyacinth certainly didn't want the extra heat all her hair would cause her. Not to mention the fear of it getting caught in a tree or something like that; it be humiliating and likely to happen to her with how her luck was at times.

Because of this, once she was asked what haircut she wanted Hyacinth gestured to one of the styles that really caught her eye from within the magazine she was looking at. Gaining a slightly wide-eyed look from the hairstylist for such a drastic change in length; before she got right to work. Not question if the teen in front of her was sure about the haircut in question, or at least not after seeing just how serious Hyacinth's eyes were when she looked at her.

Which was how Hyacinth's below thigh length wavy hair got reduced to a slightly above the shoulder messy layered bob look. A hairstyle that was much short and extremely easy to manage; unlike what her pervious hairstyle had been.

Something Hyacinth was extremely happy with and found herself running her fingers through her now much shorter hair; being oddly amazed by how much lighter her head now felt as she did so. Seeing as she had no idea just how heavy her hair had actually been; and could feel a rather shocking difference now that it wasn't attached to her head anymore.

At the same time, after she finished examining her new haircut. Hyacinth find herself almost frozen when she was asked if she wanted to donate her hair to locks of love. Something she was reacting the way she did as she felt conflicted about how she should answer.

Hyacinth knew what someone's hair could be used for when it came to magic, hell she had used someone else hair before in a potion to take their form before. Something that was actually one of the benevolent ways other's hair could be used when it came to all the magic out there. Hell, her hair could ever easily be used similar to her blood had been near the end of her fourth year, or worse as a way to control her; if some of the rituals she had read about had been correct.

But at the same time, she really did like what locks for love stood for and knew that with all the hair she had just gotten cut off it could really help quite a few people; something Hyacinth felt herself wanted to do considers she knew that it was mostly children she would be helping.

So, after closing her eyes for a second Hyacinth reluctantly agreeing with donating her hair. Seeing as she really didn't see any of the wizards she was worried about going through all the hair locks of love regularly got to and happening to just find hers; even if her hair really was a distinctive color that wasn't seen naturally in the world often.

Besides that, Hyacinth strongly got the feeling that even if she said no about donating her hair, the hair slyest who had it would have donated them behind her back anyway. While at the same letting all the others she may know, know about how Hyacinth selfishly didn't donate her hair despite not wanting it any longer.

And while it may only be a small amount of people knowing this, as rumors often did, it would spread to other things and other people. Leaving Hyacinth to get certain looks whenever she came into town and making her stand out more than she would have otherwise; which was another thing she couldn't afford to have at the moment.

Not to mention if worse did come to worse, and anyone did come up with her hair, with a little help from the Goblins, as well as some favors that were owed to her by a couple of unspoken gentlemen, she'd be able to deal with whoever was attempting anything to her; as long as it wasn't someone too public. And she would be able to do so in a more permanent, painful, fashion then most would have considered her capable of. Which showed just how well the people around her actually knew her didn't it?

After she had her haircut, and styled the way she wanted, Hyacinth made her way to nearest clothing store; smirk clear on her face as she did so. It was time to her to finally, once and for all, shed the goody two shoes look that she had been forced to have by the publicity that came with the being the girl-who-lived; starting with the girl school outfit she was currently wearing. Well, she had started with cutting her hair, but that was more of a comfort and safety benefit then actually changing the way she looked.

Hyacinth, after finding a clothing store that she felt would express her the way she wanted to be expressed, walked out of that store, with a good fifteen bags in hand. All holding different pairs of jeans, short and shirts with rather sarcastic sayings; as well as a good several pairs of shoes.

The assistance who had helped her had told her, that her style was a mix between, tomboy, gothic, and sporty; with a bit of sexy thrown in some of riskier outfit she got as more curiosity then wanting to wear. But all and all the style she had chosen was something Hyacinth found herself liking.

Mainly because there wasn't one dress or skirts or even worse high heeled shoes in what she now had to wear. Unlike what she had been forced to were throughout Hogwarts; as it was only lady like to dress that way.

Something Hyacinth was perfectly find with doing without, because as far as she could see it all the clothes she had gotten, be they summer or winter, or even the newer undergarments she had also purchased, were all a lot more functional then all the previously clothes she had before.

Especially when it came to doing things such as running, jumping, escaping or climbing trees; all things she would have to do in large extents now. Not to mention they could take a lot more damage and looked like they would be both easier to clean or repair at the same time. All of which were a plus considering how busy Hyacinth knew she would be in the future.

However, when you consider that before all of her clothing had all been either way too large for her or just plain out skirts that were far to constricting in her mind. Seeing as she had great difficulty actually running in them when she had to, at least not without fear of tripping or even flashing some before.

And considering just how many times she had needed to be able to run this really wasn't a good thing for her. Yet despite this, no matter how much she had put forward alternate ideas she hadn't been able to anything different to wear; at least not until now that is.

Hyacinth, at least for now, was done with her mundane shopping. Realizing this and wanting to be quick, seeing as she had spent more time than she had originally wanted shopping for her cloths, quickly pulled out her subscription magazine.

Mainly so that she could use them to find the magical shopping center a bit faster than she would otherwise have been able to. Seeing as she knew the subscription have instructions on how to find it; just as the ones leading to the shops in London did.

Though Hyacinth did have to admit the spells on the magazine in question, to ensure that no one without magic or knew about the wizarding world as a whole would see something like a basic newspaper instead; was rather ingenious.

It was also something which she wondered if she could use or copy in some way in her home; making it so those who didn't already know about it or had already been invited into it actually couldn't see it. But at the same time realized now wasn't the time to think about such a thing; not with so many other things needed to be done first. Not when she wasn't even able to do said spells in the first place.

It was by following these instructions that five minutes later Hyacinth found herself using her new wand. Standing behind a rather odd-looking antique store; where the entrance to the Atlanta Georgia magical center was, to get into said magical center.

It was called magical peach lane. And as Hyacinth entered it, she found herself rather impressed with how everything was set up. As it looked a lot neater, not to mention a lot more current, as well as leagues cleaner than how Diagon alley ever looked.

Much more up to times then any place in Magical Britain was for that matter. But considering how most of the British wizarding world seemed to be pretty much ruled by pure bloods stuck in the past Hyacinth figured it was a given.

But she did know she seriously preferred the state of things as they were in this place, then she had back in England. And yes, a small part of that like did come from the fact that they didn't seem to recognize her at all here. But the larger part was how different it was from the British magical world as a whole.

In fact, with everything being more organized and modernized as it was, Hyacinth found she could find the shops and other things she was looking for a lot easier than she ever could when she had been in England.

Seeing this, Hyacinth was once more reassured that she would like this place a lot more than she ever did back in Britain. At least in regard to how things were set up, she wasn't too sure about the actual witches or wizards in this place as she hadn't met any of them yet; something she wasn't rushing to do.

But first, before she did anything else, Hyacinth needed to place all the bags of clothes she had just purchased, beside the outfit she had deicide to wear instead of the schoolgirl outfit she had been wearing, into her bottomless bag. Something she swiftly and smoothly did as she continued to walk further into Magical peach lane.

After all it wouldn't do to lose them now would it, nor would it due to stick out like a sour thumb; which carrying multiply muggle shopping bags would make her do. At least it would have in England and from what she could see around her it would most likely do the same here.

While she was walking down the street Hyacinth started to look into the shops around her, seeing if there was anything inside them that could catch her eye; or prove useful to her in some way. Basically, she was window shopping as she had no real idea as to just what she wanted at the moment; or to be truthful just where she wanted to start her shopping.

It was while doing this that Hyacinth found herself standing in front of a rather familiar store. It was a shop that looked remarkably similar to the one she had bought her magical tent, and portable cooling box/hiking bag, from; only much larger with a lot more things inside it. It seemed America, or maybe Georgia, put a lot more stock in things such as survival gear then the those in Diagon alley did.

Seeing this, Hyacinth knew she had to go into that shop, if only because one of the things in the window of said shop really drawn her eye to begin with. It was a bow and arrow set that seemed to call to her very magic. Not to mention got her brain once more whizzing around with different ideas once she set her sights on it.

One of which being it made her think of using something like that as a sort of defense for her in her little tree house. Be it from the predators she knew where in the forest, or anyone who may attempt to attack her while she was in said forest; be is magical or mundane.

A way she could defend herself better without her magic. Especially considering at the moment there wasn't much magic she could do. Not until she got better adapted to the state of the magic in the area that is.

This in mind Hyacinth walked inside the shop and went right to the owner of said shop before asking him in a tone that screamed, she was serious about what she was saying. Despite how it may have looked otherwise considering the fact she was currently wearing a pair of black capris, black combat boots, with green a t-shirt that said, 'Patience: what you have when there are too many witnesses.'

"I want to ask you about the Bow and Arrow set in the window." This got Hyacinth a look as the shop owner looked at her, flickered his eyes to the saying over her shirt once more, before grinning at her in a strained sort of way.

"Okay, you want me to tell you about that do you? I get the feeling it's something that's right up your alley…if you can afford it that is." This last bit was said with a raised eyebrow and a sneer, a look that got him a look from Hyacinth in return.

One that actually had him clearing his throat slightly in fear before launching immediately into a speech about what the Bow and arrow set in the window did. Obviously avoiding her eyes as he did this.

"This bow and arrow set, is one that used mainly by wizards….and Witches I guess, to teach how to hunt and then some. It's the newest model we have; just having come up less than a month ago."

Here the shop owner gave Hyacinth yet another critical look as if trying to warn her that he didn't think she could afford it. While again sneering at the clothing she was currently wearing and at her short hair. Before quickly getting back on track with what he had been saying as he saw Hyacinth eyes begin to narrow slightly at him.

"What it does, is there are spells and runes along the bow that are geared to helping someone learn how to use the bow and arrow. How it does this, is by magically adjusts the aim of the owner to make it, so they could get the correct shot, at the same time it is teaching them how to aim through muscle memory. Meaning eventually the magic will not have to adjust anything as the owner will already know how to do so. There are different degrees when it comes to how precise the aim is. "

Again, the shop keeper paused as he licked his lips, looked like he was going to add something else. That Hyacinth felt would have been more insulting than anything else, before deciding against it and continuing on with his explanation instead.

"Depending on how good a shot the owner wants to be depends on how long that takes, and what setting the bow and arrow set is bought in; as well as the effort they put in it. The Bow can be set at Beginner, average, expert, or master; each level costing about twice as much as the one below it. This does not include the price of the actual Bow itself as it just covers the spells needed to put it on the necessary settings." Once more there was a pause as the shop keeper once more glanced at Hyacinth before starting back up; seeing she didn't seem to care about the increasing cost he had spoken of.

"And it isn't only the bow and arrows that are spelled. The Quiver that come with this weapon is also spelled, depending on which spells are purchased, the quiver can summon back unbroken arrows, have extra arrows sealed within a rune inside the quiver bag, or even have the arrows inside copied each time a certain amount of magic is pushed within the quiver; though that last one cost quite a pretty Gallon." After saying this last bit, the shop keeper seemed to have finished what he wanted to say, as all he did next was stare at Hyacinth; wondering what she'd say now.

Hyacinth after all of this felt her eyes go wide, as her mind screamed at her, that she just had to get that bow and arrow set. Not only would it teach her a rather valuable skill, one she had been rather curious about learning ever since she had seen Hagrid with one, but it could also help with protection back at her home.

Plus, if she wanted to she could, with the help of that bow and arrow, really go back to being full independent; by going full-on old-school survivalist. After all she was already leaving in the middle of the woods, in a tree, wouldn't hunting for her own food just make sense when considering that?

Not only that, but if anyone happened to see her out there she'd have a ready-made excuse to fall back on. She was simply out hunting, why'd you stop her. Now you caused her to lose the animal she had been tracking. Couldn't you just leave her alone now?

Okay, maybe it was being slightly childish, but Hyacinth figured she was due a good burst of childness here and there. Besides, it wasn't like learning how to use a bow and arrow was going to hurt her in any way, nor was the cost going to be too much. At least not to her, considering she did have at least two old family fortunes to fall back on; if worse came to worse that is.

On the other had if it did work Hyacinth could learn a skill that would prove to be unbelievably valuable in the future; as well as something that would keep her entrained for a long time coming. Not only that, but by learning this, and learning to hunt while she was at it, would only help her avoid coming to the city more often than she would have liked; or at least in the long run it would. So, it was worth a shot; at least to Hyacinth it seemed to be.

At the same time, Hyacinth knew that hunting wouldn't be that easy, if it was than a lot more people would know how to do it. She knew, without being told, that she would need more than just a bow and arrow to be able to hunt.

That she would need more skills when it came to hunting, then just being able to shoot a bow to be a successful hunter. Even if learning to shot said bow could be a good first step in learning to become a hunter none the less.

So, while gesturing that yes, she did want that bow and arrow set to the shop keeper. Witch she immediately had set to learning at to a Master level archer skill, as well as spelled to be unbreakable, and have it so she could summon the whole thing with her magic.

Not to mention protection spells on it as well. Knowing that, even with the extra amount it was going to cost her to do so, she was going to be sure to get it, so it. If only so the set in question could really take a beating and keep kicking; just like her.

In the name of doing that, and to make it so she would always have some form of protection on her, Hyacinth also had the quiver charmed with spells to make it so the arrows returned to her, as well as set up so it could make copies of the arrows she had in it, when she wanted by a simple but small burst of magic.

After getting that all set up and as the shop keeper was getting it ready for her, Hyacinth went further into the shop to see just what else she wanted. After all, if she was going to go back to a more simply life of living off the lands, she'd need to have more to be better prepared for it; even with the help of all her magic.

Seeing as she already knew that she would need more things for when it came to hunting; because she felt even the spells she had learned during the school year earlier wasn't enough for what she needed to know. And besides that, Hyacinth knew that she really wouldn't be able to use her magic a whole lot for a while either; so yes, it was best to be prepared for whatever could happen in the meantime.

Because of this feeling, what Hyacinth ended up getting altogether by the time she had finished gathering everything she felt she would need from the shop, was three different multipurpose knife that was charmed to teach her how to best gut and skin an animal; something which Hyacinth would freely admit she was incredibly weary about doing.

A magical storage box that actually acted like a smoke house; something which she could use to help store and prepare the meat she hunted down. Mainly because she really did love dried meat and figured having dried meat could be a perfect grab and go snack while she was out on a run or out hunting again.

On top of that she had also gotten another small box that could store rare meat and keep it preserved until whenever it was needed. Seeing as she knew she wouldn't always want dry meat and didn't want to waste something she had killed. Hell, if she could Hyacinth swore to find a way to use every part of any animal she killed; something in her wouldn't let her do otherwise.

That and she honestly didn't want to put something like raw freshly bleeding meat in either her hiking bag or her bottomless bag. It just seemed a lot safer in her mind to have a separate area for meat at least until she got a bit more settled into her new area and gained a good bit more knowledge on how things should be done.

To do this, or to help with this, Hyacinth also got several books on different ways to survive in the wild. Two books on hunting and different ways to use the animals hunted. A book on how to use animal skinning's. A book on plants, as well as a book on animals and their habitats; the last of which Hyacinth felt would come the most helpful when it came to hunting. And of course, the bow and arrow set that had first brought her into the shop.

This ended up costing Hyacinth more than even all her bottomless bags had, and it had left her eyes slightly wide at the cost, seeing as she had never spent that much all at once. Hell, she wasn't sure she had spent that much in a year; even on her latest year when she had gone on a bit of a shopping spree.

But in the end, Hyacinth quickly paid for everything, figuring it was still worth it none the less; especially if it ended up helping her as much as she felt it would. Even if it did add up to what could have been a down payment for a small apartment in the wizarding world or even in the mundane world.

After paying for all of this, Hyacinth once more stored all her purchase in one of her bottomless bags, and after getting a little bit to eat at a nearby restaurant to restore her energy, began to rapidly make her way back to her home. Suddenly incredibly eager to try out the bow and arrow set she had just purchased.

Unknowingly pushing even more magic than she normally did into body as she rushed back to her home; something she seemed to be doing more and more often. Unaware of the effect that this could and would cause her later on. Especially when the wild magic around her seemed to react more as she did this.

As soon as she arrived back to where she had set up her home, Hyacinth quickly scaled up the tree and went into her tent. Where she began to take care of everything she had just purchased; starting first with the clothes and moving on from there.

Until the only thing she still had out, was the bow and arrow set she had just gotten. Seeing this, Hyacinth bit her lip to stop the grin from forming on her face; it was time to try this out. And yes, she knew that at the moment she knew she sounded similar to a child with a new toy. Sue her, she wasn't even sixteen yet she was bound to have some childish moments no matter how mature she maybe otherwise.

Once she stepped out of her tent Hyacinth moved to stand on one of the other stands, she had made in the trees around her, and waited to see if anything was coming her way. She stood there, as quite as she could, until five minute later a small rabbit hopped its way from out of a bush; sniffing around, ear perked up from any danger that maybe around it.

Seeing this Hyacinth lifted up her bow, grabbed an arrow and placed it in place before she felt the magic in the bow take action. She could feel her finger flex in a certain way, she could feel the muscles in her arms pull in a certain direction and she could even feel as her eyes focused right where the rabbit was at, before it was all released. As the arrow she had been holding went flying piercing the rabbit straight through its head. Directly at where her eyes had been focused on just moments ago.

Seeing this, Hyacinth had two thoughts one that was completely awesome, and then two she was going to have some rabbit stew tonight; just as soon as she figured out how to make it. At the same time, Hyacinth felt slightly odd about how the spells had controlled her to make her fire the arrow the way she had.

She wasn't quite sure she liked it, and at that moment became determined to keep practicing with her new bow until she wouldn't need the spell to hit a shot like that. Until the spells on the arrow wouldn't feel it was necessary to control her movement like it had before. But until then she would have to grit her teeth and deal with. As honestly, she had no other choice but to deal with it if she wanted to use the Bow and Arrow she had gotten,

Knowing this, Hyacinth quickly climbed down the tree to retrieve the rabbit she had just shot. As she did this, and as she returned the arrow she had just shot back into its case, Hyacinth couldn't help but think that she was really going to enjoy her new life here.

Even with all the challenges she was going to have to face because of what she had planned. Despite everything she knew was going to be thrown in her way because of what she decided, Hyacinth honestly felt that it would all be worth it. Because at long last Hyacinth got the first taste of the freedom she had been denied for so long; had finally escaped the golden cage that had been her life.